Aero Cub Cb160-10

Model Cb160-10 made by Aero Cub got 1 consumer complain. Consumer complaints with reference to trailer hitches. .

Model 2010

Consumer Complaints

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 The uni-go is a trailer designed to be pulled by a motorcycle. it is a small cylindrical like trailer with one wheel an a hitch. ideally, the uni-go is designed to trail in center line with the motorcycle when being towed. the hitches being fabricated by the company appears not to have strict standards and cause the trailer to lean and prevents the hitch from centering the motorcycle. under weight, i felt that the trailer caused my bike to lean to the right. because the trailers are not centered and straight, this could affect safe operations for motorcyclist towing this trailer. contact with the factory revealed they were aware the hitches did not center the bike but the company fails to provide a fix. due to safety concerns, i refused to tow my trailer until i could get the hitch modified. this was at my cost since the company refused to fix the problem. please note that your menu does not list this type of trailer. please disregard the input trailer information. the trailer is a uni-go touring trailer sold by uni-go international of monroe, ohio - 513-539-8339. log onto the web at: the defective hitch received was designed for my suzuki burgman 650 an