Alfa Leisure See Ya

Model See Ya made by Alfa Leisure got 1 consumer complain. Consumer complaints with reference to engine and engine cooling. .

Model 2002

Consumer Complaints

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 We own a 2002 motor home on a freightliner chasis. all of the freightliner chasis built in 2001 were manufactured with a crankcase breather pipe that was to short and allowed oil fumes to collect on the radiator which allows dirt to accumulate and plug up the radiator causing an overheating problem. they issued a technical bulletin to their service facilities in sept. of 2001, bulletin #01-7, instructing them to extend the breather pipe. they did not notify owners of their vehicles at that time, which could have prevented a later problem to the vehicle owners. i have been trying to get them to cover this problem since it was their poor design that caused the problem but they refuse to do so. this is an ongoing problem and i cannot give you a specific incident date. *tr

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