American Lafrance Condor 2003

Model Condor made in 2003 by American Lafrance got 2 recalls as well as 1 service bulletin. Technical service bulletines regarding equipment. There was one recall concerning structure .

Model 2003


CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
08V609000AMERICAN LAFRANCE LLCfrom 02/24/2000 to 08/31/2007V (Vehicle)125102/15/2009MFRAMERICAN LAFRANCE LLC11/24/200811/24/2008
Defect SummaryAmerican lafrance is recalling 1,251 my 2000-2007 condor trucks. the bracket that attaches the hydraulic cylinder to the cab used to raise and lower the vehicle cab for maintenance activities can fail.
Consequence SummaryIf the bracket fails due to the forces encountered when the cab passes the break over point and reaches the end of the cylinder travel, the cab will continue its forward movement until it reaches the ground. if the bracket fails during the lifting segment of raising the cab, the cab could fall unrestrained back down onto the chassis, increasing the risk of injury.
Corrective SummaryAmerican lafrance will repair these vehicles free of charge. the safety recall began on may 13, 2010. owners may contact american lafrance at 1-888-253-8725.
NotesAmerican lafrance recall no. alf-0308.customers may contact the national highway traffic safety administration's vehicle safety hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (tty: 1-800-424-9153); or go to
09V128000DAIMLER TRUCKS NORTH AMERICAfrom 05/12/2000 to 12/14/2005V (Vehicle)281109/19/2009MFRDAIMLER TRUCKS NORTH AMERICA04/17/200904/17/2009
Defect SummaryDaimler trucks is recalling 2,811 my 2001-2007 condor trucks built by american lafrance, freightliner and sterling. the cab mounted bracket attached to the hydraulic cylinder used to raise and lower the cab for maintenance may wear leading to inadequate restraint, allowing the cab to fall forward onto the ground.
Consequence SummaryA cab falling forward to the ground unexpectedly may result in personal injury.
Corrective SummaryDaimler trucks will notify owners and the vehicles will be repaired free of charge. the recall began on september 18, 2009. owners may contact daimler trucks at 1-800-547-0712.
NotesDaimler trucks recall no. fl-547.owners may also contact the national highway traffic safety administration's vehicle safety hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (tty 1-800-424-9153), or go to .


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
ICI-08-00101/11/200810032355Daimler truck: effective 5/1/07, american lafrance assumed responsibility for the maintenance of all models of american lafrance vehicles and for all makes of condor vehicles. all recall and field service campaign work for these units mus03/10/2010