Aprilia Rsv 1000 R

Model Rsv 1000 R made by Aprilia got 7 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to fuel system, gasoline, fuel system, other.

Model 2001

Consumer Complaints

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 Gas tank leaks from bottom and could have blown my house up but luckily the charger next to it was not plugged in. the plastic tank is warped from engine heat and it is a engineering defect they should pay for a new tank. *tr
 Motorcycle. aprilia. futura. 2001. model: rst 1000. fuel system. under-tank quick disconnect. upon lifting fuel tank for service, plastic fittings cracked allowing fuel to spew out uncontrollably! i ordered fittings of metal from an aftermarket source. i paid over $50. aprilia customer service couldn't care less about this extreme hazardous potential problem! someone needs to prod them to take some action: warning, recall and new, suitable parts! i am in communication with numerous other owners and many have reported similar concerns... leaks, breakage, etc. aprilia maintains there is no problem! your choice of models is lacking several! aprilia makes more than the one you have listed! the problem seems to be unique to rst 1000- futura. all years. bmw and triumph have issued recalls for similar problems. why not aprilia?*ak
 2001 sl 1000 was parked in garage - unmoving. large fuel spill occured without warning. fuel leak at fuel pump mounting plate and and plastic fuel tank junction. replaced existing o-ring seal; new o-ring unable to seal large gap created by warped plastic gas tank. fuel leak due to tank warping along lower edge between fuel pump mounting plate screws.*ak
 The fuel tank leak gas. *jb
 I have an aprilia falco motorcycle. in the fuel line is a colder made plastic disconnect equitment that has been splitting apart on many of the owners vehicles. the failure releases all the gas fuel onto the rider, rear tire and road. a recall should be required of the manufacturer. please require a recall of the manufacturer aprilia. a recall for the part has been made by triumph and others. thank you, david
 I have a 2001 aprilia futura motorcycle. when lifting up the tank for regular maintenance, the quick disconnect fuel fitting under the tank broke, causing the entire tank of fuel to leak out all over the floor. i have several friends who have this bike and almost all had had a similar failure. this could have been catastrophic if a fire had resulted. the quick disconnected did not appear to have been stressed in any way while raising the tank. it just cracked as the rubber fuel line was slightly moved. i am currently searching for metal quick disconnects to replace the broken plastic ones. the plastic part looks very flimsy. i think there should be a recall.
 I own a 2001 aprilia futura motorcycle. it was purchased in 2003 as a dealer demo leftover. the motorcycle currently has 16,000 miles. no sign of anything wrong until last week (july 29th). while riding my bike uphill on the route 9 bridge in perth amboy, nj, i hit a pothole. i immediately felt my left leg getting cooled by something and noticed that there was fuel spilling from underneath the tank. i immediately pulled off the road and lifted the tank. fuel was spilling out from a quick release fitting in the main fuel line. the fittings on both ends of the fuel line is made to easily disconnect the tank if it needed to be replaced. the failure occurred within the fuel coupler and could not be resealed. i had a friend come by with vice grips to clamp the hose down. we then took the bike and i called the nearest apriia dealer. they ordered the replacement parts for me for no charge since my bike was under warrantee. i repaired the failed parts with oem plastic replacements but i do not feel comfortable with the fix. i am a member of an online owner's forum and have since found out that there are numerous instances of this failure occurring to these motorcycles. i do not have my old parts available, but many of the other members have kept theirs. the manufacturer of the parts is colder manufacturing. they have brass fittings available in the same size for oem replacement, but aprilia seems to be only shipping the plastic versions. other owners are opting to proactively replace their plastic fittings with the brass versions. i believe this is a serious issue that must be investigated. i am not aware of any fires or other related accidents as a result of these failures, but i am sure it is just a matter of time. i look forward to your response.*ak

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