Arctic Fox 19b

Model 19b made by Arctic Fox got 3 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference to tires. .

Model 2004

Consumer Complaints

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 Tl-the contact owns a 2004 arctic fox 29v trailer equipped with sutong, hi run highway trailer tub-less tires size p235-85r-16/14. the tires were replacement, purchased in august 13, 2008. while driving approximately 55-60 mph the left rear tire on the trailer blew up and caused damage to the left wheel well and the side of the trailer. he stated he went back to the tire company and he was advised to write to the manufacturer. the manufacturer responded and advised him that his tires were out of warranty. he stated the tires were only two years and 1 month old. the tire company stated that there was 67% tire life left on the tire. the contact stated he replaced the tire at his expense. the dot number was unknown. the failure mileage on the tire was 6,000. the failure mileage for the trailer was unknown. vwb