Arctic Fox 30u

Model 30u made by Arctic Fox got 3 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference to wheels. .

Model 2005

Consumer Complaints

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 Tl* the contact owns a 2005 optic fox 30u rv. the contact was driving 10 mph when the driver side wheel of the rv detached. the contact mentioned that after he inspected the vehicle he realized that the studs were stuck to the brake drums and the wheel had suffered extensive damage. the contact mentioned that after he replaced the wheel with a new one the log nuts continue to come loose and he had to continuously stop to re-tighten them. the vehicle was not taken to the dealer. the manufacturer was made aware of the failure who offered to send a new wheel as a replacement. the wheel was replaced. the vin was not available. the failure mileage was 29 and the current mileage was 58.