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AWA-08-0503/18/200810026101Audi: limited new vehicle warranty for original equipment manufacturer instrument clusters for 2000-2005 model year tt vehicles up to and including vin tru_8n_51017389 is extended to six (6) years from the vehicle's original in service da09/30/2008
AWA-08-0503/18/200810025082Limited warranty extension on original instrument clusters for 2000-2005 audi tt vehicles. *pe07/09/2008

Consumer Complaints

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 Instrument cluster digital display has faded out and is not displaying top two sections of the digital readout. tachometer has failed. failure causes inability to read the warning lights, such as low oil, high temperature, etc. i have purchased an instrument cluster at a cost of $650, and will soon be paying $225 to get it installed. i am frustrated with audi for not issuing a recall on this unit. *tr
 2001 audi tt roadster 1.8t. the tachometer in the instrument cluster does not function, the needle is stuck on zero and does not gauge rpm when vehicle is in use. the audi dealer in san antonio tx (cavender audi) states that the entire instrument cluster panel needs to be replaced...total cost 700 dollars for parts and 150 dollars labor. the car had a total of 38,800 miles on the odometer when this problem occurred. currently it has 39,350 miles. *tr
 Car shows 1/4 of fuel in tank when tank is completely empty causing me to run out of gas multiple times in hazardous situations. i can not read the lcd screen so i can not see any warning lights (gas, oil change, trunk open, etc). my instrument cluster tells me that my vehicle is constantly overheating, which is false. sometimes when i turn my lights on the dashboard will not light up, nor will it register my rpms or even my speed. if i can not read my speed or even see if i have gas, then i am not safe driving this vehicle. the cluster has now failed completely, which prevented my car from even starting so i had to get it towed to the dealership. further more, audi has refused to fully pay for this item to be replaced even though it has been recalled! outrageous. *tr
 Car ran out of gas and rolled to stop in mid-traffic - gas gauge read 1/4 tank remaining. further research found that audi tt model year 2001 and later have instrument clusters giving wrong gas content, speedometer and rpm indications. poses hazard as vehicle may become suddenly inoperable. *tr
 Failure of gas gauge and ultimate failure of instrument cluster in 2001 audi tt. lost power on very busy highway in a heavy snowstorm, luckily was able to get to shoulder. had to be towed. gas gauge indicated one-half tank of gas, but turns out tank was empty. gauge never operated properly after that. several weeks later, received notice of class action noting similar instrument cluster failures in this type of car, and extension of warranty to 6 years. unfortunately my car has been in service 7.5 years and is not covered by the extension so i will be personally liable for the $1,000 cost for repair for this known problem. *tr
 My car has had a low oil pressure light coming on for the last three months, and it's occurring with more frequency. the light only comes on when i take my car out of gear and put it in neutral while slowing down or while waiting at a stop light. after taking it to three different audi dealers, i have had multiple answers as to the problem. several hundred dollars later, my light still comes on and nothing has been fixed. even more recently and just to top it off, my instrument panel cluster has blown. so far, it's just the temperature gauge, fuel gauge, led display, and a warning light that triggers one of my headlights to turn off, but from what i've read online, the speedometer is soon to follow. there has been a recall in the uk for this, but audi usa won't do anything about it. i have spoken with them on the phone and they only refer me to the local audi dealer, which is just a viscous cycle. i will be very upset when i'm driving and can't tell how fast i'm going. this seems a danger to be on the road. since the problem costs $1000 to fix, i guess i will just have to drive without a speedometer for a while ... *tr
 I have a faulty instrument cluster on my audi tt 2001 roaster. this part controls the tachometer, odometer, speedometer, fuel gauge, temperature gauge and all the warning lights for oil pressure, coolant levels, etc. this is one of the most important parts for the safety of the vehicle. this is the second instrument cluster that has had to be replaced in the vehicle. the initial cluster was faulty and displayed inaccurate gas gauge readings, it was replaced in 2002/3. my current instrument cluster is displaying inaccurate temperature readings. i have reviewed information on websites (edmunds care space at edmunds.com; audi tt car club at audittcca.com, etc.), and understand that this is a very common problem. audi uk recalled this component on the 2001 audi tt and have agreed to cover all previous costs of repair. a class action lawsuit has been filed in california regarding this problem (www.classcounsel.com/news/audi.html). i have spoken with audi usa and the dealer and they are not willing to completely pay for this repetitive repair. this is a major problem with the audi tt and this needs to be addressed with audi usa. the consumer stated this will be his third instrument cluster. updated*jb
 2001 audi tt roadster instrument cluster problems. consumer states that the problems have progressed since 2005 when they originated. he also states that the vehicle now has performance problems due to the instrument panel. *kb the temperature gauge immediately went to the far right and stayed there; the indicator light for the passenger air bag came on, the oil alert light came on randomly and the engine light came on continuously. *jb
 Normal operation of the vehicle, including start up, running vehicle on fairly hot or cold days leads to a failure of the central digital of the display. furthermore, the analog gauge cluster is not accurate, coolant gauge reads very hot erroneously at all times (though actually coolant temps determined by other means show that vehicle is at normal operating temperatures). fuel gauge responds erratically, fails to accurately register amount of fuel left. tachometer readings seem to fluxate occasionally in err. *tr
 The gas gauge has not worked properly since the vehicle was new. the entire instrument cluster was repaired by audi while the vehicle was under warranty and in the shop on 3 other occasions for the same thing. now the car is out of warranty and audi will not cove the problem. audi is covering a like problem out of warranty in the uk, but will not honor out of warranty problems in the us. it is very well know that there is a problem with the fuel gauge in this vehicle which is a serious safety issue. *tr
 Progressive failure of instrument cluster. gas gage reading 3/4 of a tank higher than reality. i ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere. tachometer and speedometer no longer work. makes it tough to predict turbo lag. low power before turbo kicks in around 2200 rpm makes it tough to predict acceleration of car from standing start (such as left turn across a busy road). temperature gage reading higher than actual engine temperature. unable to determine if engine may truly be overheating. *tr
 2001 audi tt roadster with gauge cluster problems customer states that the problem started just after the warranty period ended**cc the consumer stated the fuel and temperature gauges no longer functioned and the multi-function liquid crystal display did not indicate readable information. there was no way to tell how much fuel was in the vehicle. the speedometer and tachometer functioned sporadically providing no way to know the correct speed of the vehicle. *jb
 1.) no significant events leading to failure. parked car outside but i live in southern california, thus no extreme temperatures. 2.) gauge cluster did not turn on. cannot see mileage, trip meter, rpm , or speed! 3.)sometimes restarting the car will fix it. sometimes it takes 10 minutes for the gauges to turn itself on. *jb
 2001 audi tt roadster with gauge cluster problems customer states that the problem started just after the warranty period ended**cc the consumer stated there is no way to know the level of fuel in the vehicle, or the engine's operating temperature. the speedometer and tachometer functioned intermittently. *tr
 2001 audi tt roadster customer states that it developed problems with gauge cluster after the warranty period ended**nar**cc the consumer stated that he wants to be compensated with a replacement gauge cluster for the vehicle. *tr
 Audi tt roadster customer states after 40,000 miles the car developed instrument cluster problems**nar**cc the consumer stated his headlights and all instruments lights went out and the vehicle was stalling intermittently. *jb
 Car had 37,000 miles on it. instrument cluster failure resulted in an inability to read vehicle speed, engine speed, engine temperature and fuel level. replacement cluster was acquired at my expense and installed at my expense. old cluster is available, however i do not want to give it up. this is such a common problem that a repair industry for these instrument clusters has cropped up. i intend to have the old one repaired for the next time the failure occurs. *jb