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90010109/28/2001627063Subject regarding instrument cluster, whistling/buzzing noise. *jg02/05/2002

Consumer Complaints

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 Clock keeps resetting itself and so does the mileage indicator.
 2001 audi tt convertible: the horn just stopped working one day, the instrument cluster display started to not display clearly then the car seem to lack power when starts up, car then would not start in the mornings, then the car would not start after being left for more than 20 minutes, and the car would often totally shut off while stopped at a red light then automatically turn back on again all by itself. the brake lights also stayed on at all times even when the car was completely shut off. ignition coils also caught on fire after check engine light was on for only a few hours. the convertible top warning light is flashing on the instrument cluster, and there is a rattling noise coming from the convertible top latch area while driving. consequences: dangerous life threatening situations, fear, stress, financial burden/hardship, time consuming, and extreme inconvenience. repairs: horn was repaired, instrument cluster was replaced, convertible top rattle and warning light not repaired, brake system was replaced, and coils all replaced.
 On our audi tt 2001 convertible, the electrical outlets underneath the dashboard caught on fire. the fire department was called and after an investigation, found no known cause of fire. also, prior to this fire, the tip of the spark plug fell into the engine cylinder block, causing us the owners to pay in full for a new engine head to be replaced....lots of money (approximately $8000). we replaced it through a well known professional audi shop auto haus munich in san diego. hazardous lights needed to be replaced professionally because it interfered with the signal lights. much money & time spent, and many headaches experienced while owning this beautiful yet troublesome car.
 Audi tt instrument cluster shows abnormal temperature reading, when actual temperature is fine (reported through air conditioning diagnostic code 49c). dealer repaired dead cluster in 2002, and installed a still defective cluster that shows wrong temperature. i later became aware that the new cluster is also faulty. dealer quotes approx $1000 for repair. audi corp refuses free repair. *tr
 Instrument cluster failure on 2001 audi tt roadster. *tr
 Check engine light is on, power door lock button sometimes does not work, driver side window sometimes does not fully close, button to put the convertible top down sometimes does not work, button for motion sensor alarm does not light up when pressed, lcd display turns fully red and next day is back to normal, rear defrost lines not fully operable, water leaks in between window and door seal on both doors. i have just purchased my car with about 19000 miles, a few days later the check engine light turned on. took it to toyota grossinger dealer and said that it was the fuel gage and that i should wait a few months for it to turn itself off. i called audi dealership and said that my car had no recalls. then, i went to a mechanic and said that computer showed that solenoid sensors had failed, so it was replaced. check engine light came back on again and after complaining with first mechanic i went to a turbo performance specialist and said that the secondary air pump had failed. changed it and week later light came back on showing the same code. all throughout, the car has lost power and a fluttering noise is heard from front driver side every time i change gears. when power locks don't work, i have to use the remote to unlock doors to get out of car. sometimes i hear sparks and clicking from dashboard display. *tr
 My instrument cluster on my low mileage 2001 audi tt 6 weeks outside of the closing date of a class action lawsuit. u.s. district court of california northern district case no. c 06 6801 mjj. *tr
 My car has had a low oil pressure light coming on for the last three months, and it's occurring with more frequency. the light only comes on when i take my car out of gear and put it in neutral while slowing down or while waiting at a stop light. after taking it to three different audi dealers, i have had multiple answers as to the problem. several hundred dollars later, my light still comes on and nothing has been fixed. even more recently and just to top it off, my instrument panel cluster has blown. so far, it's just the temperature gauge, fuel gauge, led display, and a warning light that triggers one of my headlights to turn off, but from what i've read online, the speedometer is soon to follow. there has been a recall in the uk for this, but audi usa won't do anything about it. i have spoken with them on the phone and they only refer me to the local audi dealer, which is just a viscous cycle. i will be very upset when i'm driving and can't tell how fast i'm going. this seems a danger to be on the road. since the problem costs $1000 to fix, i guess i will just have to drive without a speedometer for a while ... *tr
 2001 audi tt roadster with gauge cluster problems**nar**cc the vehicle's gauge cluster failed just after the warranty period ended in 2004. audi has been aware of the gauge cluster failure for years. audi has refused to extend the warranty. audi uk chose to replace all identically failed clusters free of charge in the uk. the consumer is requesting that audi replaced his cluster free of charge. *nm
 This car has stalled 3 times this year while driving when all lights went off , motor died , power steering died and i could not maneuver the car anymore. *nm 1. jan 23,2005 i was driving when the car all of a sudden died. luckily i was just approaching a stop light so i was able to get to the side of the road safely. i had the car towed . the service told me that it was a bad battery and the car is fine now. 2. nov 10, 2005 i was driving at night on a windy country road when the same happened this time at a speed of about 50 mph. lights off, motor died, no steering power, no emergency lights. i do not know how i survived this incident since within a second i didn't know where i was nor where i was going. i ended up in the middle of the road trying to get the car off the street asap since i was just behind a sharp curve. i had the car towed the next day. 3. on dec 3 they called and told me the car is fixed and i can pick it up. i asked if someone could give me a ride to another location where i wanted to drop off the car i came with. the service manager himself took the car to drop it off and while he was driving the same happened to him. the car died in the middle of the street. 4. he called me and told me now it
 Lower ball joint noise. previously adjusted and previously replaced entire lower control arm. electrical ghost obstructs several functions. noisy a/c clutch. unidentified thump while downshifting. secondary actuator valve. seat back adjustment. blower motor failure. *nlm
 Instrument cluster failure for 2nd time. nothing works in dash and audi will not cover. no odometer, tach, fuel gauge, oil sensors, nothing. left wife stranded because it showed a half tank of gas when it was actually empty. she had to walk 2 miles to get home. what if she had been raped, killed, etc. there are over 2600 complaints on audiforum where people have replaced up to 3 clusters for the same reason.*ak