Bendix Master Cylinder

Model Master Cylinder made by Bendix got 2 consumer complains as well as 2 service bulletins. Consumer complaints with reference to equipment. . Technical service bulletines regarding engine and engine cooling and service brakes, air.

Model 9999


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
TCH-001-04010/25/201110042849Bendix: information pertaining to the compressors installation of safety valve to prevent excessive cylinder head pressure damaging the engine. *pe01/18/2012
IK-040007109/09/201010036647Navistar: air compressor service data and tr0ubleshooting for the bendix 360cc single cylinder air compressor used on maxxforce 11 and 13 engines. no model years listed. *pe04/06/2011

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Bendix anti-lock brake system failure. *on six (6) different occasions the brakes have locked up while driving. i press the brake and it doesn't move (hard brake/no brakes) in the following list this occurrence will be stated as *abs malfunction. this has resulted in one accident and several close calls. may 2004: *abs malfunction, brake fluid added $89.00. oct 2004: accident and resulting damage, body work $2704.00 dec. 2004: *abs malfunction (repair following accident), low fluid drb test accumulator and pressure tests all pass. new front/back brake pads/shoes, brake fluid. $476.34 feb. 2005: *abs malfunction, abs pump shorted, replace abs pump, brake fluid, replace battery. $229.12 aug. 2006: *abs malfunction, replace faulty abs pump relay, low accumulator voltage.$312.24 oct. 2007: * abs malfunction (while going 70mph on a freeway, luckily no resulting accident) high pressure brake line leaking hose -abs high pressure, brake fluid added. $528.83. july 2008: *abs malfunction, abs pump would not turn off, even after the jeep was turned off, the battery was drained of power and i finally disconnected the battery. brake fluid overflowed (cost and diagnostic yet to be determined). ****everytime this happens there is a $90 to $100 fee just to have a dealer look at it. i'm fortunate i haven't injured or caused the death of anyone else. i have injured myself during the accident in 2004, but i didn't have health insurance so i didn't go to a hospital. this jeep is a lemon, and if i could afford another car i would. the only repair covered by the recall was in feb. 2005 when the actual abs pump was replaced for no charge. there are always additional charges though for parts that are not included in the recall. something has to be done about this before someone is killed. *tr
 My 1992 plymouth grand voyager minivan has experienced recurring failure of the anti-lock braking system. the brake system warning light and abs warning light both illuminated. on occasion the system resumed operation if the vehicle was turned off or not driven for 2 or more hours. in march of 2003 a local garage diagnosed the abs relay was not providing power to the abs pump. the relay was replaced - cost $100. days later the system failed again. the pump would only operate if connected to direct battery voltage to start it running. in late april the abs pump was replaced by another local garage  cost over $500. the system operated another 3 weeks, and then failed again, completely failing during in mid-june. the van was towed to the same garage. the technician identified that the abs relay coil had failed. the van is un-drivable because the abs pump also supplies power brake pressure. the van was towed to chris leith dodge in wake forest, nc on july 3, 2003 and inspected. on july 11, 2003 the service department let me know that they needed the district manager to make determination of recall warranty repair of the system. july 15, 2003, the service manager and district manager determined that the part the technician identified as malfunctioning (hydraulic assembly r-4683398) was not a part of recall 96v-099 # 685. the abs pump is part of the recall and was to be warranted for life. the recall also states that repairs done earlier to this part were to be reimbursed as a part of this recall. i await information on how long it will take to obtain and install repair parts. the repair estimate is $999.84. the van was purchased used for $1800. repairs are nearing that value. according to complaints and the engineering evaluation this is a recurring problem. i know the van is not new, but at least it can be safe, or the public should be warned not to keep these vehicles in operation if chrysler will not honor the terms and spirit of the recall.

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