Big Dog Boxer

Model Boxer made by Big Dog got 1 investigation. The car had one investigation (electrical system).

Model 2004


NHTSA IDManufacturerDate openDate closeSubjectRecall campaign
RQ10002BIG DOG MOTORCYCLES, LLC01/27/201005/10/2010Motorcycle Stalling10V180000
 This rq was opened based on seemingly related owner complaints involving motorcycles outside the scope of 06v-301.during the course of subsequent discussions with the company, we learned that the earlier model year big dogs had a problem with the electronic harness control module connector that they'd previously addressed with a tsb.since the tsb addressed a safety-related issue (stalling), big dog agreed to recall the motorcycles subject to the tsb (10v-180).with that decision, odi agreed to waive requiring a response to its information request and is now closing this rq.