Big Dog Chopper Dt

Model Chopper Dt made by Big Dog got 1 consumer complain. Consumer complaints with reference to engine and engine cooling. .

Model 2005

Consumer Complaints

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 Dt: 2005 big dog motorcycles. the consumer bought a motorcycle and when he picked it up and drove it less than one hour there was a massive amount of white smoke that was coming out of the engine. took motorcycle to dealer, and they could not duplicate the smoking problem. drove it home, and the smoke was coming out of the engine again. called manufacturer, and they said to bring vehicle back again, this was the second time. the dealership wanted to re-out the oil hose that came out of the heads. they checked the hose, and that was where the oil was leaking out, and it was going through the air breather underneath the motorcycle to the back tire, drive belt. it did not fix the problem. *ak

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