Boat Trailer Boat Trailer 1974-1975

Model Boat Trailer made by Boat Trailer got 6 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to tires, trailer hitches and wheels.

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Boat Trailer Boat Trailer 1974 1 5
Boat Trailer Boat Trailer 1975 1 0

Model 9999

Consumer Complaints

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 Dot dbhhh124000 dot 111251 consumer states while traveling at normal speeds the left rear tire blew out. three hours later the right rear tire blew. consumer feels that the boat tires are defected. please provide any further information.
 1987 boat trailer road runner, road range c, while traveling at 65 mph the tire tread completely came off the tire. the tire blew at 2000 miles. *ak the consumer purchased a replacement tire and that tire also blew out. *jb
 Blew tire going approx 40mph, blew second tire going approx 60mph, resulting in damage. the make of the boat trailer is elete.
 Gentlemen: in march, 99, a local firestone branch sold me 4 nanco caravan tires for my boat trailer. the boat and trailer weigh less than 6,000 lbs. which is far less than 4x the 2,540 rating for these tires. our primary usage of the trailer is to tow 150-250 miles to the coast and return. on our third trip on the tires, in june, 2000, about a 4 bubble appeared on the front right tire while driving on i-26 south, with only about 1,000 miles on the tires. this necessitated changing the tire on the shoulder of the interstate at some risk to ourselves and passersby. the firestone store manager attributed this failure to a road hazard for which coverage was not available at the time of purchase, and charged $77.55 for a replacement. in september, 2000 after one interim trip, and with only about 1,500 total miles on the original tires, the left rear blew out suddenly while driving on i-95, causing us to swerve quickly to the shoulder where the tire was changed. it had about a 4-5 hole in the sidewall, the identical problem as the prior failure. yet the firestone store manager attributed this one to a puncture and required substantial convincing before replacing it at no charge. at this point, we are concerned to use these tires again, and firestone will not replace them with anything else. we have been unable to determine the manufacturer's address and so would appreciate any help you can provide, either in requiring replacement with another brand, or a refund so that we can purchase another brand ourselves. thank you for any assistance you can provide. mike duffy. make magic tilt 1995 (dot number: st225 175d tiresize: h78-15st)
 Hitch broke while pulling a 3500lb boat.
 Due to the paint on the wheel hub, the lug nuts were not tightened properly. scc. *jb