BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
02013900203/01/2002631232Some customers may comment on the time it takes the right side door glass to defog. *slc05/21/2002
02013900102/01/2002629522Subject regarding hvac temperature difference side to side and/or diagnostic trouble codes b0361, b0441 set. *tt04/02/2002
030844005B01/01/2005030844005C10005588Poor radio reception or radio static/ increased interference with rear window defogger on or some rear window defogger grids may be inoperative. *tt03/04/2004
0165001/01/200410007236Manual dual zone fan and mode knob replacement. service vme. *tt06/04/2004
01086400107/01/2001624068Some customers may comment that the power window does not work or operates slowly. *tt11/01/2001
83960710/01/1998602985Comments on switching between local stations or cross talk in metropolitan areas with several strong am stations. *yc01/25/1999
11100110/11/2001627977Information on diagnosing wind noise from the outside rearview mirror area. *tt03/01/2002
00085100109/01/20006092333Some customers may comment that the black plastic housing around the outside rear view mirror turns chalky or is dull in color. *tt12/05/2000
03086700406/01/200310002878Parts availability for sunroof repairs. *tt09/30/2003

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 The window regulator just failed yesterday on my 1999 buick regal- only 47k miles- we have replaced 3 other window regulators on pontiac grand am vehicles in the last 3 years. this is not a cheap repair- over $500 for each window! i see there are lots of people online complaining about the same thing. buick and gm should be held accountable for faulty mechanisms and there should be some compensation for repeated failues such as these. i will not buy american made cars again with a history of failures like these. *tr
 The hvac (temperature control panel) started fading in and out, and then eventually went blank. seems to work fine. but cannot tell wether the defrost etc. is set at and what temperature the heat or air is set at. took to dealer, was told would cost $600.00 to fix. i also have trouble with water coming into the car on the front passenger side on floor. have been told that it may be draining in from up under windshield washers. also, had to replace all four eagle ls tires. i had terrible vibration, took into shop and were told that they were unsafe to drive.*ak
 I have had five or six failures on this part on my two 1999 regal gs. would of been mor but i wait until display fades more until i replace. dealer is aware. factory is aware. i have extended warranty, so it is free. people on youe site had to pay $600.00. this will cause an accident because you can not tell what is set in the hvac. if you need a constant heat and defog you can not tell. no display. have to put hand to tell on vents. gm ignoring the problem! not being able to tell if you are in defog is a safety issue! mr
 1999 buick regal abs light and check engine light come on when you press on brake and intermittently all dash warning lights will come on. *ts the brake module, connector, heat/air control display would become bright and then go dark. the dealer replaced the control head. the ignition switch was replaced. *jb
 (12-06-05) 1999 buick regal check engine and anti lock light came on. consumer had to replace brake module. *ts ***no answer required*** the heating and air condition display would light up and then become dark. the mechanic replaced the control head. the consumer experience starting problems which resulted in a new ignition switch being installed. *jb
 Buick regal..99 electric winows failing 3 now....very expensive fix 600 each time for a very minor plastic part..gm makes you buy 300 dollar assembly and a 200 to 300 dollar installation because a very common plastic rainier failure....they should be made to do a fix as described on websites.... *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 1999 buick regal. the current and failure mileage were 89000 miles. the contact stated that both the driver and rear side window regulators have failed on the vehicle. the dealer will repair the vehicle on 5/15/07 for this failure.
 I purchased a 1999 buick regal ls new. i have had to replace the front driver side and rear driver side power door locks in the past. my biggest concern is that i currently have the front drivers side as well as the rear passenger windows falling down with the power windows not working at all. i also have the front passenger window not working but at least that one window stays up. i fear for our safety due to the windows falling down at any given time. this has happened to my wife several times while driving. my wife and i are over age 57 with no children in the home. we hardly use the windows. these parts are prematurely falling apart and we are requesting a survey and safety investigation on the 1999 buick regal and any other gm vehicles containing the same or similar mechanism and power units used to secure and move windows up and down. the window can drop down at high speeds causing serious injury depending on weather conditions or as a reaction by the driver to a sudden loss of pressure. please help us. sincerely, robert and penny amrine. cary, nc *tr
 End of february 2006, the left rear window fell down for no apparent reason. took car on march 1, 2006 to a mechanic to fix and also to fix right front passenger window which had been malfunctioning(failure to roll down). this cost me $800 to repair both windows as the rear and front window regulators are over $300 a piece. now on april 2, 2006 the right rear passenger window fell down without any apparent reason. a loud pop was heard and the window fell. 3 windows failing within a month does not sound reasonable. *nm
 Dt*: the contact stated the rear passenger's side power window fell down without warning and will not go back up. the vehicle was taken to the dealership were the problem was found to be the electrical motor in the power window. during a period of time the front passenger's side window and the rear drivers side windows have also malfunctioned. the manufacturer has been alerted however, no repairs have been made.
 3 out of 4 power windows have failed. one was covered by extended warranty. the parts to fix the window yourself from dealer is over $300.00. the cost to have fixed at the dealer is over $500.00. windows have failed for no apparent reason. normal use only. the design/motors of these windows must be faulty. *jb
 The electric motor for all 4 windows malfunctioned, and completely died. the windows will not come down. the motors burned out at different times. consumer took the vehicle into the dealer. consumer was told that these motors were a problem. *ak
 Simultaneous failure of both motors in power windows in driver and front seat passenger of 1999 buick regal, causing sudden drop of windows. both were replaced by dealer at cost to owner of $1,100. no explanation was provided by dealer as to reason for this extraordinary occurence other than stating that replacement was not under expired warranty. the sudden drop of the windows was highly dangerous due to its distraction factor, inability to repel inclement elements, etc.*ak
 Passenger side roller is marking the glass. nlm
 Exterior mirror glass vibrates while driving causing blurred vision. had one side replaced under warranty. 6 months later, both sides do it. impossible to see clearly!!! chrome coating on wheels peeling off. pieces will stick to the abs sensor causing fault. one occasion it made brakes fail almost causing accident. *la
 While driving vehicle at various speeds, the outside mirror on driver's side would flicker or vibrates. had no clear vision of other vehicles in mirror. been to dealer to replace side mirrors. not satisfied. having the same problem with replacement mirrors. customer service representative said all 99 buicks mirrors are like that. *ak
 Letter from congressman on behalf of constituent regarding a defective inside mirror from his 1999 buick regal. *kb the consumer stated a liquid crystal had dripped down from the inside rear view mirror that caused damage to the trim and shift console below the mirror. it also caused the inside rear view mirror not to operate properly. *jb
 1999 buick regal with a defective inside rear view mirror. customer states something melted inside the rearview mirror causing it to drip onto the console. consumer would like to be reimbursed for the damages. the contact has the parts available as proof if nhtsa would like to review them. *kb the dealer stated a liquid crystal inside the mirror could have possibly leaked out. *jb as a result of the liquid crystal leaking, it caused the rear view mirror not to operate properly. updated 06/16/09.*jb
 The nut that secures the drivers side wiper arm to the drive shaft came loose during a driving rain storm while traveling on the pa turnpike. the wipers were operating on the highest speed. the wiper arm flew off from the drive shaft and came to rest against the drivers side view mirror. drivers vision immediately and severely impaired due to the heavy downpour and only with great difficulty and caution (negotiating through other truck/car traffic) was able to pull off to the side off the road. you would expect a nut, securing such a critical item, would be designed not to come loose. turnpike service reattached the wiper arm and nut at no charge.*ak
 The windshield wipers do not work properly, merely covering half the window. nlm