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PIP-4583G08/01/201110041504Buick/cadillac/chevrolet/gmc: valve, control solenoid will be placed on restriction. *pe10/04/2011

Consumer Complaints

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 After much research i found there is no compact spare tire and wheels for the grand sport version of the 2012 buick regal anywhere i could find. they only provide an inflator kit. my last 3 flats could not be repaired with the inflator because of the type damange. no written documentation that i have obtained stated this fact. the problem is that we have family in the middle of pennslyvania and have to travel through the mountains where there is no cell phone conductivity (that eliminates the roadside assitance) a regular trip is for thanksging and we have exprianced some extreme weather during some off these trips with minimalal traffic due to the weather. therefore we could have a flat and be stranded during a snow storm. i believe this is an unsafe condition..
 We purchased this vehicle on 7 march 2012 and shortly afterwards i was checking it over and saw that the back of the headliner was hanging down about an inch or so. i took it into the the garage where i purchased the car and they had their repair person check it out. they first tried to use double sided sticky tape and it did not work so they went to the head office of buick to try to solve the problem. on 10 april i took the car back in and their fix was to stick small magnets to the roof and also to the headliner and then snap the magnets together. i don't know how many magnets they used but the headliner is looking ok for now. i don't know how long this fix will last or if the headliner should have been replaced. guess we will need to wait and see.