Consumer Complaints

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 My 2003 buick rendezvous has a abs problem where it engages completely on its own whenever the outside temp is more than 50 degrees. while driving, i hear a humming noise at various time during my drive and when i push the brakes the abs system is activated and the petal pulses and a grinding noise is heard. although, the abs light does not light up on my instrument panel. this is constant throughout the months of may through october since the temp is above 50 degrees during the day. i have had both front hub assemblies and wire harness replaced with no avail. then, during the winter months, the awd system disables anytime i have tire(s) spinning. i have talked to several mechanics and not one seem to have any idea what can be wrong. i have researched online finding an alarming amount of people with the same problem concerning their rendezvous, but no solution.
 This has occurred on and off since purchasing my 2003 buick rendezvous in january 2005. usually occurs when outside temps are warmer, spring thru fall, not in the winter. at slow speeds ( 10 to 20 miles/hour) when braking and/or turning steering wheel while applying the brakes, a grinding/crunching noise is heard and depressing the brakes feels like you are crushing something with your feet. brakes do not work immediately. anti-lock brake light, service traction system light, and anti-lock brake off indicator lights all come on and stay on after the braking and noise stops. warning lights sometimes stay on for several minutes afterwards. just backing out of the garage can even cause this to occur. recently i had an instance when driving at 10 to 15 miles/hour and could not stop at an intersection. car finally came to a stop in the middle of the four-way stop after i slammed brakes to the floor. dealership repair shop cannot never find anything wrong. have had in for service for this three times and only error showing up was right front speed sensor malfunction but unable to duplicate problem while in for service. i left dealership and within a mile it started again. i keep driving the car but am frustrated because they cannot fix it, and pray i don't have an accident or hit a pedestrian because i cannot stop. brakes do not have a problem at driving speeds above 40 mph.