BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
05030900103/01/200510014978Rattle noise in rear end over bumps. *tt05/13/2005
04031001310/01/200410011058Driving characteristics of rear-wheel drive and available winter tires. also includes the 2004-2005 cadillac cts-v. *tt12/27/2004
02031000712/01/200210000722Tire sidewall marking change for speed rating and tpc number. *tt03/27/2003
02052500408/01/2002634843Some customer may comment about the appearance of the service stability system message on the driver information center (dic) with diagnostic trouble code c1286 set. *tt10/09/2002
0203408/05/2002634225Vehicle stability enhancement system (vses) pump assembly misbuild. *tt09/28/2002
0203408/08/2002634195Vehicle stability enhancement system (vses) pump assembly build. *tt09/28/2002
380210018909Creak noise from front end when braking or turning. *tt01/24/2006
07042000111/01/2007070420001A10023979Axle fluid seeping or leaking from rear axle vent (install rear differential hose and vent). *nj02/26/2008

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 2003 cadilac cts. consumer writes in regards to problems with brake system *tgw the consumer stated the metal brake line had to be replaced, due to severe corrosion. the consumer stated he received a recall letter two days later. also, the struts, three wheel bearings, radiator, transmission cooler line also had to be replaced due to corrosion. the cruise control and gas tank, which was leaking had to replaced. *jb
 I am and have been experiencing numerous failures with my vehicle. i have contacted gm numerous times beginning approximately a few months after i purchased the vehicle to inform them that the vehicle is defective, only to be told my vehicle is out of warranty, so they refuse to fix it or give my one that is not defective. my vehicle is still defective to this date. *tr
 Brakes pulsate when they are being applied, causing delay in stopping time. air conditioning compressor is gone out and has metal going through the system. have to get compressor replaced already and it is going to cost an additional $2300. car pulls violently to left or right, which almost caused a couple of accidents, the steering system sensor is gone out and is going to cost $500 to get replaced. fm radio has a mind of its own and works when it feels like working. this is the newest car i've had and the worst car. i have never owned a car with this many problems, i think this car is a total defect and needs to be recalled. i was at 51000 miles when the air compressor went out and i called the manufacturer and they refused to fix it because the warranty was up. that is clearly faulty equipment that was used in this car it is a 2003 cadillac cts, and it has many problems which i feel needs to be recalled. *jb
 Consumer complained about all kinds of suspension problems. she could not drive vehicle on an open road because it was all over the place. also, tires wobbled. dealer replaced several items on the vehicle, but it was still doing the same thing. *ak
 While driving 30 mph, the vehicle stalled. the consumer managed to restart the vehicle. *ak there was a loud noise inside of the vehicle, rough jerks at shifts, vibration at mid to high speeds, loud noise from back tires when riding over bumps, burning smell from under the hood along with smoking, water in the tail light, black exhaust dust/dirt in the tail pipe, the engine would shake. the jerking was as if the brakes were applied while in drive. *sc *jb
 Steering mechanism failed on 2003 cadillac cts. *mr the power steering mechanism failed, which made the vehicle difficult to turn, which was replaced. both front struts were replaced due to leakage and the intermediate steering shaft bolt was under torqued. the left front shock leaked, the intake manifold leaked. the consumer was unable to pump gas due to a defective gas line. a rubbing sound was heard coming from the rear of the vehicle, squeaking from the front end, and a hollow sound when passing over bumps. the consumer requested that the dealer/manufacturer repair the vehicle in accordance to the lemon law bill. (lawyer, joseph ardito on behalf of client robert genovese)*scc *jb
 Steering wheel vibration. *ak
 Dt*: the contact stated while driving at 70 mph, the stability control malfunctioned, deactivated the cruise control and jerked the vehicle to the left and right. this has occurred on 30 separate occasions at various speeds and intermittently without the cruise control activated. the service dealer was unable to recreate the malfunction. the manufacturer was notified. the dealership was able to duplicate the problem, however the problem returned several days later. updated 09/19/06. *jb
 The 2003 cts is equipped with stability system. seems that the stability system can fail whereas it engages at high speed and momentarly applies braking to one wheel. dealer (mcginnis cadillac) stated it wasn't possible, bit discovered during atest drive that it was indeed. after a week of trial and error they discovered a bad sensor in the wheel. imagine traveling at 70mph and having one wheel momentarly lock up due to an onboard system. has the potential of dragging the car out of it's lane, perhaps even under a large freight truck. perhaps flipping the car as well.*ak
 There needs to be an in-depth investigation regarding the number of cts and cts-v rear differentials that have been replaced. i have now been through 2 personally, and an online poll of 65 cts-v owners showed this: 26% have had 1 replacement, 5% have had 2 or more replaced, and 8% have had 3 or more replaced. the link for this poll is: http://cadillacforums.com/forums/showthread.php?p=305662&posted=1#post305662. please contact me regarding any information learned. thank you. *ak!
 I have a 2003 cadillac cts. the rear axle assembly seized while driving appx 55mph causing the rear of the car to lock up and skid off of the road.... this vehicle also has a reoccuring body control module failure which renders the airbags useless....cannot be cleared by myself or dealers..