BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
08089-B11/01/200808089-C10027804General motors corp: special coverage adjustment; analog onstar deactivation. *pe updated 2/17/09. *pe02/09/2009
393710019442Instrument cluster intermittently inoperative at start up. *tt03/15/2006
04031600109/01/200410016208Tire pressure sensor learn-service tire monitor message being displayed through the dic. *sc09/02/2005
335710013543Unwanted alarm activation, trunk key cylinder hard to open, trunk ajar lamp on, fuel gauge inoperative, rke inoperative, interior lamps inoperative and/or no communication with the rear integration module (rim). *tt04/21/2005
1121200211/21/200210013177Service engine light on to soon. *eh04/11/2005
0918200209/18/200210009468Poor grounds at either end of the ground strap from the frame to the alternator may be the cause of no crank and no start conditions and are probably accompanied by several u diagnostic trouble codes. *tt10/01/2004
301501/01/200410008897Multiple stabilitrak/precision control codes such as c1282, c1283, c1284, c1285, c1287, and c1288 exist on delphi bosch 5.0 or 5.3 systems. *tt08/25/2004
0203801/01/200410006946Diagnostic trouble code b1000. *mr05/20/2004
0301706/13/200310003326Driver door lock cylinder and engine wire harness chafing - product safety recall #03016. *tt10/16/2003
02060300708/01/2002634288Subject regarding no start, no crank, i/p lamps, illuminated (battery, batteries, generator, alternator, gauges, ses, sir, brake, security, theft, abs, hot, light, lamp), dic messages repair loose generator to engine mounting bolts and/or w09/28/2002
27020202/27/2002629846Some vehcles may exhibit a no start condition, with multiple codes and poor grounds at g104 and g105. *tt04/09/2002
340910017241Service vme - floor pan corrosion in the battery compartment. *tt10/28/2005
02084600505/01/2002634678Subject regardng the addition of diagnostic trouble code u1500 for generation 4 onstar. *tt10/04/2002
02086400603/01/2002631303Subject regarding diagnostic trouble code i1713 and/or u1715. *slc05/22/2002
09010201/09/2002629674Concerns with diagnostic codes p0420, converter efficiency, p0121 tps performance and p0133 and p0153, o2 sensor slow response. *tt04/04/2002
17120112/17/2001629627Subject concerning intermittent diagnostic trouble code p0443, of rapid of purge solenoid. *tt04/04/2002
08110111/08/2001628104Some vehicles may exhibit a diagnostic trouble code after installing a replacement abs ebcm. *tt03/05/2002
01060300911/01/2001627688Information regarding service electrical system message displayed. *yh02/13/2002
08089-B11/01/200808089-C10027804General motors corp: special coverage adjustment; analog onstar deactivation. *pe updated 2/17/09. *pe02/09/2009

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Acidic order within car. 2002 cadillac deville, battery leaked and ate a hole in the floor. service bulletin issued but no notice sent to owners. a rubber or plastic tray should have been installed through a recall. the battery in this model and year automobile is located under the rear seat and is not readily accessible for checking by the owner. cost to repair exceeded $1800.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2002 cadillac deville. while driving 55 mph, the vehicle suddenly shut off without warning. the vehicle has not been diagnosed by the dealer and there were no prior warnings. the current and failure mileages were 55000. updated 10/13/09. *lj updated 10/13/09
 Engine fire. *nm
 1. (a) my cadillac (dhs-2002) operates in a dangerous and defective manner that could cause accidents. i have had the vehicle serviced no less than 16 times to fix equipment failures, including those which could be major safety issues, to no avail. (b) the airbag warning light has come on two separate occasions, though the bag never deployed. (c) the vehicle suddenly stalled when making turns. 2. (a) my vehicle contains automatic rain sensors for its windshield wipers. the wipers come on violently (highest level), even when not turned on, and though it is not raining. the danger is sudden distraction, which could easily cause an accident when merging with traffic and in other dangerous driving situations. they also come on suddenly when passing radio towers. the date set forth below is the first incident; it continues to happen. (b) the airbag warning light creates fear in the driver, as we are unsure as to if and when the airbag will deploy. if it where to deploy erroneously while we were driving, the results could be catastrophic. (c) on two occasions, while making turns in traffic, the vehicle stalled, which could have led to a serious accident. 3. (a) i have returned the vehicle to my dealer for service on numerous occasions. no parts have been replaced, nor has any repair been effected. it appears that this is a systemic issue, and i suspect that it affects all cadillacs similarly equipped. (b) the airbags where replaced on two occasions which has, as least temporarily, solved the problem. (c) on two occasions, sensors were replaced which where allegedly the cause of the problem (last time this occurred was 5/25/05) the foregoing represent critical electronic system failures that could result in fatal accidents. the inability of gm to resolve the automatic wiper issue, together with multiple repairs of other sensors that caused major system failures requires investigation into the safety of this vehicle.
 Car will not start/crank. 7,200 miles on odometer! dash lights/gauges intermittent, no accessories at all. had to have towed to my home area. later in evening, manually pushed vehicle to front of my home, tried to start using spare no. 2 key then valet key. no response. tried accessories again while ignition on - tried opening sunroof - no response but then car started and deck lid popped open!*jb
 Consumer complaining about the design of the accelerator pedal being close to the brake pedal. mr the consumer states that it causes additional seconds to get his foot on the brake pedal from the accelerator pedal. the consumer also states that the same maneuver happens when his right foot hits the end of the side vertical panel. scc when looking in the rear view mirror, consumer can only see one quarter of the bottom horizontal view. on a sunny day, the illuminated numbers on the dash are not visible and requires repeated glances to obtain an accurate reading. the passenger door handle is difficult to reach for closing once it has been opened. *jg
 2002 deville stalls at low speed without warning. loss of steering and hard braking. *jb
 Ltr fm consumer (fl) re his 2002 dts cadillac deville, battery leaked and ate a hole in the floor, feel leaking batteries should be recalled. *ts the battery in this model and year automobile is located under the rear seat and is not accessible for checking by the owner. *nm
 While driving and without prior warning vehicle shuts down, causing loss of all power. this problem has been noted 18 times in the last 8000 miles. vehicle has been taken to the dealer, dealer was unable to duplicate the problem. *ak *ts
 Dt: the contact stated the dashboard lights kept going out. the vehicle had to be restarted for the lights to come back on. two separate dealerships inspected the vehicle for this defect since may 27, 2005. he contacted cadillac, but the dealership could not diagnose the problem. the dealership replaced the dash cluster two or three times. it worked for a while, and then it went out again. this has been happening since purchase of the vehicle. *ak