BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
70909/01/200510018126Oil life system reset procedures - cars. gm tech link. *tt12/15/2005
05060401503/01/2006050604015A10014994Engine hard to start cold. *tt05/13/2005
05060401605/01/2005050604016A10014995Engine will not crank. *tt05/13/2005
0310200503/10/200510014848Engine control module ecm reprogram. *eh05/10/2005
329810013559Ecm replacement with ntf. *eh04/21/2005
31583158A10010878Oil leaks on front of the engine. *eh the make,model and year are unknown. this refers to gm engines 4.6l lh2 engines. *eh update. *tt12/15/2004
318410010608Ratcheting noise on hard acceleration. *eh12/02/2004
312801/01/200410009994Whine noise from front of engine. *tc11/03/2004
312701/01/200410009967Engine whine noise. tc11/02/2004
136603/17/200510015050Engine cooling fan bracket fastener. *eh05/17/2005
2005000303/13/200510014968Engine cooling fan bracket fastener. *eh05/12/2005
PI-0090B03/01/201110038345Gm: there may be an intermittent engine hesitation or flutter. the camshaft sensor terminals likely have poor connections. *rm06/15/2011
PIP-454206/01/200910032870Cadillac: ses light due to dtc p1101; updated ecm calibration for sts. some customers may experience a ses light on cold start with no engine performance concerns. upon inspection, a p1101 dtc will be found with the tech 2. *pe06/04/2010
457110022483No crank / gauges inoperative / cannot remove key / radio turns off. *kb08/15/2007
342309/30/20083423B100206913.6 ly7 with cam actuator dtc. dtc codes, p0016, p0017, p0018, p0019, p0008, or p0009. *kb the reluctor for the crankshaft sensor pressed on the crankshaft may have moved. *pe12/22/2006
36583658A10019193Tcc surge, chuggle, or fishbite 5l40e with v6 engine. *tt02/16/2006
05060101505/01/200510017408Engine oil leak from front of vehicle. *tt11/07/2005
05060101308/01/2006050601013C10017386Whine, whistle, ringing type noise heard from front of engine. *tt11/04/2005
345310017150Engine whine noise from 0 30 mph at 1000 2500 rpm. *sc10/25/2005
3250A10016949Bulletin-sit-bulletin-1704148: 3.6 ly7 rough idle. *sc10/18/2005
335010014810Programming a 2005 cadillac with lh2 engine. *tt05/10/2005
080408/01/200410014346Oil life system reset procedures - cars. *nm04/29/2005
04060301401/01/2005040603014A10013436Diagnosing a no crank and no start condition due to discharged battery. *tt04/19/2005
04060301110/01/200410012713No start, discharged battery (replace remote control door lock receiver assembly (antenna module)). *tt03/11/2005
3640100185363.6 ly7 misfire dtc p0300 p0301 p0302 p0303 p0304 p0305 p0306. *tt01/05/2006
367910019236Service vme - diagnostic trouble code p0420 or p0430. *ak02/22/2006
SB-1012710/01/201010037213Gm: some 2004-2005 cadillac may complain of a check engine light, rattle under body, and a lack of engine power. this may be caused by a failed catalytic converter. *rm05/11/2011

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Tl- the contact owns a 2005 cadillac srx. the contact stated that the check engine light was illuminated and the vehicle was taken to the dealer for diagnostic testing. the test results showed determined that the fuel tank cap and the tire traction sensors on the rear tires needed replacing. the dealer replaced the fuel tank cap and tire traction sensors. the contact stated that after the repairs, the check engine and tire traction warning lights illuminated. the contact took the vehicle back to the dealer and the dealer stated that the catalytic converter malfunctioned. in addition, the contact stated that the vehicle would rattle abnormally when driving various speeds. the failure mileage was 148,665. kmj
 Tl-the contact owns a 2005 cadillac srx. the contact stated the check engine light was illuminated on the instrument cluster so the contact took the vehicle to the dealer for a diagnostic test. the test result shown the vehicle needed a new fuel tank cap and a two tire traction sensors on the rear tires. the dealer changed the fuel tank cap and tire traction sensors. the contact stated after the repairs the check engine light and tire traction light illuminated on the instrument cluster. the contact took the vehicle back to the dealer. the dealer stated the catalytic converter malfunctioned. the contact stated the vehicle rattles while driving. the failure mileage was 148,665. jo
 My wife was backing out of the drive way when she saw smoke coming off the cracks of the drivers side in the front of the vehicle. the hood was closed and had lots of black smoke gushing out of the cracks and it smelled like burning plastic. i tried starting the vehicle and to my surprise the vehicle started but most of the electronic controls were showing errors in the dash. i was able to drive it carefully to the nearest cadillac dealer (lavery auto) in alliance, oh. when i stopped the car i was unable to take off the keys from the ignition because the security system also had an error. they diagnosed the problem and found that the electrical system in the ac compressor had caught fire and also melted the wiring. this had also destroyed the computer ecm of the vehicle. they repaired it and i brought the srx back home in the evening of 10/14/11 and parked it in my drive way. the next morning i found the battery was dead and had to use my wife's car to jump start. the same thing happened the next day morning and had to call up a tow truck to jump start the srx. i took it back to the same dealer (lavery automotive) and they found that another relay was bad due to the fire and they replaced this too. i spent over $1,500 to repair this vehicle. i have the receipts with full explanations. i would like for you to investigate the reason for this fire that had the potential to injure me and my family and also provide assistance if possible in having general motors reimburse me for these charges because of poor safety and quality in this vehicle. thank you.
 In october of 08 my 05 caddillac srx began to buck and hesitate extensively. i had it towed to the dealer and was told it had no oil in it. i produced my reciept that i had the oil changed 730 miles previous. car had 53,000 miles on it and out of warranty! i have since had to replace the fuel injectors (6 at $800) each and was told that this car is known for burning oil...which leads th this problem!. i now use three quarts of oil evry 6000 miles between oil changes! car has 81,000 miles and costs me about 2000 every 6 months in repairs!
 Tl-the contact owns a 2005 cadillac srx. while the contact was driving at various speeds the engine began to buck and hesitate without warning. the engine leaked a substantial amount of oil. the vehicle was not equipped with a low oil warning indicator to alert of the engine's low consumption of oil. the vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer where they informed that the problem was contributed to a manufacturer's design flaw within the engine. the failure mileage was approximately 25,000. js
 Timing chains stretched out with very low miles. front engine noise to total idle issues and acceleration issues. repaired at cadillac dealer for $$$$$ replaced both chains.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 cadillac srx. while driving 20 mph, the vehicle began to hesitate with a stop and go motion. the check engine indicator illuminated on the instrument panel. the contact did not notice any warnings prior to the failures. the vehicle was taken to the dealer for inspection and they stated that the timing chain, two valves, and a cam actuator failed. the vehicle was repaired, but the failures continued. the vehicle is currently at the dealer being inspected by a cadillac engineer. multiple parts have been replaced, but the failures are still occurring. the contact called the manufacturer and was advised to take the vehicle to the dealer for inspection. the failure and current mileages were 56,000.
 We have a noise around the wheel area and the engine area of the vehicle we have had it checked out but the dealship tells us its something that comes with the vehicle .. to me it sounds like lifters.. the sound started around a month after we brought it .. it seems to be getting louder... *tr
 Tl - the contact owns a 2005 cadillac xrs. the contact stated that while driving and depressing the accelerator pedal the vehicle jerks violently and the check engine light illuminated. the vehicle was taken to a local shop who diagnosed that there was a oil leakage in the engine, as a result the the catalytic converter and solenoid needed to be replaced. the manufacturer was made aware of the failure who did not offered any assistance and referred her to nhtsa. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure and current mileage was 74,000. pm
 Tl- the contact owns a 2005 cadillac srx. while driving, the contact stated that the vehicle would make a rattling noise and would also hesitate. a local mechanic diagnosed that the vehicle would need to replace the cadalitic converter; the failure was not repaired. the dealer was notified, but did not assist with the failure. the failure mileage was 70,000 and the current mileage was 74,000. nw
 Our 2005 cadillac srx suffered a timing belt defect at 62,000 miles - just outside the factory warranty. i was told by a technician and assistant svc. manager that they have had 4-8 of these defects in the past year and a bulletin has been released by gm with instructions on how to fix it. they kept our car for over 30 days trying to fix it, and it turns out that it requires a redesigned timing chain that is nothing like the current chain that is breaking. however, they refuse to acknowledge that it is a defect and should be subject to recall, and they are charging the car's owners full price to fix what should be replaced free of charge. it is a serious safety hazard and they only half-heartedly acknowledge that it's even an issue - yet they readily admit that the new design fixes problems that they say don't exist. *tr
 I am the owner of a cadillac srx 2005. this had approx 59,000 miles at time of engine failure. prior to the failure on two occasions the engine warning light came on at which time i took it to the dealership. they ran diagnostic and nothing wrong. on sept. '08 the engine failed while driving and it was towed to the dealership and they determined that the timing belt failed. this is a 3 year old vehicle with less than 60k miles and the timing belt fails. this to me is very rare and i believe it to be a factory defect. i have had many vehicles with alot more miles and not one of them had a timing belt failure. *tr