Consumer Complaints

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 Tl-the contact owns a 2006 cadillac srx. while turning left at approximately 2 mph the traction control system light illuminated on the dashboard and the vehicle stopped accelerating. he removed his foot from the accelerator pedal momentarily and the light went off. he was then able to continue accelerating. the vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer where they were unable to diagnose the failure. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure has since recurred intermittently with more frequency. the vehicle was not taken back to be examined for the cause of failure and was not repaired. the failure mileage was 31,000 and the current mileage was 38,500. sm.
 We own a 2006 cadillac srx awd that is having a problem with the traction control. pretty regularly, when you are driving at a low rate of speed, the traction control will engage without warning. you can be turning in an intersection when it happens or just pulling out of a parking lot but when it happens, the radio alert will read traction control engaged. you have to reach over and hit the clear button to get it to stop. when it happens, you lose power. if you are in an intersection, you have to be very careful & fast or you will get hit. it's very scary. we had a mechanic check the codes in the computer and it had these codes: c0046: left rear wheel speed circuit, c0228: left rear abs channel in release too long and a transmission code: p1793- wheel speed signal malfunction. because of these codes, the mechanic couldn't tell what is going on. when he called the cadillac dealership, he was told that we needed a rear driver hub assembly. which has nothing to do with the traction control engaging. i found several complaints on this site about the same problem w/2006 & 2007 model srx's. then i searched online & their are hundereds of complaints about this issue. some as early as feb. 2006. this is a safety issue that could result in death if not repaired. the dealers should know what it is & should recall all of the affected vehicles to repair them because they were faulty from the start. i hope something is done before someone gets hurt. please look into this. just search online & you will find hundreds of complaints. that's just the people that have taken the time to complain. thank you
 When pressing the accelerator pedal on my 2006 cadillac srx the traction control engages and the radio displays traction control engaged. you never know when it is going to happen. it happens on take off from a red light, when turning, going over speed bumps and always at low speed. i have had the car to the dealership multiple times but thay are not able to duplicate the problem. they say can only fix the problem if the can dublicate it. i have had 2 instances where is i was attempting to turn at an intersection and the traction control engaged for no reason and i almost was broadsided by another car. i longer feel safe drving this car. i concerned with the safety of me and my family.
 When pressing on the accelerator of my 2006 cadillac srx, there is no response. the traction control monitor lights up on the radio suggesting an issue. upon letting off the gas pedal and depressing again the engine is very sluggish and puts all driving and in the car at potential risk for a collision. the radio also lights up showing that the cars speed is limited to 80mph. the condition occurs in all seasons and all weather and is very random. the vehicle has been taken to the dealer mulitple times and the dealer has no idea what the issue is. this time, again the dealer cannot duplicate the situation and is attempting to fix the reported condition by using a dielectric lubricant on the wiring connections. the issue seems to go away for an unknown period of time by turning off the vehicle and restarting it. i feel as if every time i drive the vehicle i'm putting my family and myself at risk in the event the issue happens while in the middle of an intersection or turn.
 When stopping, then starting up (with the engine running, like at a stop sign) the 2006 cadillac srx will often fail to move when the accelerator is pressed and the