BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
10-00-89-017C02/01/201110038295Gm: information on fixing multiple situations right the first time. *rm06/14/2011
0551311/01/200610020903Special coverage adjustment - catalytic converter extended warranty. *kb01/29/2007
311001/01/200410009940Muffler paint peeling supplement to tsb 33-17-01a. *sc11/02/2004
25020202/25/2002629826Customers may complain that the service vehicle soon (svs) lamp is on with diagnostic trouble code b0670 set. *tt04/09/2002

Consumer Complaints

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 My complaint is with a gm product..a 2002 chevrolet camaro. not long after purchase (apprx) less than a few months of taking possession of my new vehicle the drivers side window regulator(power assisted ) was having problems...the regulator would stick in any position up/down and would not operate correctly . the vehicle was under warranty and was repaired..the regulator on the passenger side then went out the same way not long after...again it was repaired.this problem has re-occurred several times since 2002 to the present date as of 03/02/2010.i have spoken to many camaro owners and the response is exactly the same...we all know that our vehicle (camaros) do that . first of all the cars are now out of warranty and the financial responsibility falls on us ! these repairs can exceed $500.00 dollars. there is no doubt gm knows of this. i have spoken to many other camaro owners and all say that an aftermarket window regulator solved their problem,its obviously defective window regulators permiated there stock and gm replaced them with the same defective parts. these problems occurred without incident ie; accidents,misuse etc. failure of these components are very dangerous, if a driver becomes trapped inside his/her vehicle and cannot exit through the door normally and has to depend on the window as an exit they will become trapped inside that vehicle and could be seriously injured or killed. not being able to roll the windows up or down when needed can be very dangerous (ie. floods,fire,,submerged vehicle or assailant.) *tr