Consumer Complaints

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 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 chevrolet cavalier. while driving 60 mph the instrumental panel suddenly failed not allowing the contact to see the speed he was driving. the dealer was contacted and informed the contact that there were no recalls related to his vin and that the vehicle could be repaired at his expense. no repairs were made when the complaint was filed. the failure mileage was 51000 and the current mileage was 54300.
 I own a 2005 chevy cavalier. within a year of my purchasing the car, used, the speedometer has stopped functioning. a mechanic not affiliated with any dealership repaired the item and again it has stopped working. there are several complaints of a similar nature on shouldn't something be done about this? *tr
 2005 chevrolet cavalier instrument panel has serious problems temperature gauge shows the car is over heating and interferes with the speedometer also the speedometer will show 110mph while sitting in park or while doing 65mph drop and show no speed. also the front of the dash cracks out and can produce sharp pieces that can cut through the skin easily. also the steering has the same problem as the 2005 cobalts at low speeds sometimes the car is very hard to turn. *tr
 2005 chevrolet cavalier speedometer inaccurate and does not function properly after 60,000 miles. sometimes it does not work at all and other times its saying you're going 110mph when you are going at a snails pace. still researching how to fix it and affordable. search 2005 cavalier and numerous complaints with the same issue pop up. it failed on me while driving down the highway and had no ideal how fast i was going. *tr
 I own a 2005 chevy cavalier and the speedo and temp. gauge stopped working. this problem is always. no repairs had been made do to the cost of the part being $300+. *tr
 I own a 2005 chevrolet cavalier and the speedometer has not worked for quite some time now. now the gas gauge and the tachometer is malfunctioning, only to return to normal sporadically. the car is 5 years old and i don't believe i should be experiencing these problems. there are no recalls on the car, but i googled the problem and it seems that there are a handful of folks that are having the same problem with their cavaliers (between 2004 and 2005 models). this safety feature on the car should not malfunction. chevrolet should have a recall on these cars. *tr
 I purchased a 2005 cavalier used with 19,000 miles one it. within a couple of months the speedometer, gas gauge, and the thermostat gauges all started to go crazy. i took the vehicle in for repair and was told it would cost about $300 to $500 to fix. i asked if there were any recalls on this defect and was told no. i can never tell how fast i am going, how much fuel i have, or the temperature of my engine. there should be a massive recall and the manufacturer should fix this free of charge. *tr
 2005 chevrolet cavalier ls sport coupe, speedometer does not work (does not show correct m.p.h.). i don't know how fast i'm going and based off of what i have been reading online about this model vehicle the rest of the instrument panel might also fail. there are thousands of other cavaliers that have this safety issue and needs to be recalled as soon as possible. *tr
 Speedometer is inoperative. started by being intermittent with a random zero speed (50 mph when car stopped). would go up from there when car moved. intermittently it would work ok. now it is completely inoperative. been out of order for several months. apparently if this is fixed by a dealer it is $500-800. *tr
 There are numerous complaints online concerning the 2005 chevrolet cavalier. specifically, the gauges (tach, speedometer, temperature and gas) often quit working, either all at once or one-by-one. the loss of the gauges is a danger not only to the motorists, but also to everyone else on the road. i bought my 2005 cavalier brand new. at approximately 60,000 miles, my temp, tach and speedometer stopped working. often, the temp gauge will swing in the wrong direction and interfere with the speedometer. many days, my speedometer will not work at all; on other days, it will show a reading of 80 mph - even though the car is not moving. i do not feel this problem is a matter of normal wear and tear, which is what the dealerships tell those of us with these problems. too many of us have these issues, which happen on both low mileage and high-mileage cars. *tr
 Defective speedometer instrument cluster, speedometer malfunctioning when vehicle is in operation , speedometer will indicate various speeds like 110, 100. 70, mph or stuck in a mph position when vehicle is not in operation with engine off. *tr
 The speedometer has stopped functioning on my 2005 chevy cavalier. it occasionally will work, but only sporadically, if ever. *tr
 My 2005 chevrolet cavalier fuel and temperature gauges quit working now the tech is going haywire. i use a gps so i know my speed. this is a major problem. cost is over $500. to replace all the gauges. lost gauges one at a time. *tr
 2005 chevrolet cavalier. about a month ago my fuel and speedometer gauges started to fail. i have read other complaints from owners of the similar make and model. i feel that this is a safety issue and it must be addressed. i know this is costly to repair and i do not think it is due to the age or wear and tear of the vehicle. *tr
 2005 chevrolet cavalier. about a month ago my fuel and odometer gauges started to fail. i have read other complaints from owners of the similar make and model. i feel that this is a safety issue and it must be addressed. i know this is costly to repair and i do not think it is due to the age or wear and tear of the vehicle. *tr
 The gauge cluster went out. started with the temp though my car was over heating then after i took in and looked like an idiot they told me my car was over heating. then a week later it did it again then the gas gauge messed then the rpm, 2005 chevy cavalier. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 chevrolet cavalier. while driving approximately 35 to 55 mph on normal road conditions; pressure was applied to the accelerator pedal and there was an unintended increase in the acceleration. the engine revved extremely high which caused the abs, engine, and traction control warning light indicators to illuminate on the instrument control panel intermittently. immediately after applying pressure to the brake pedal, the vehicle began driving normally. an independent mechanic was unable to duplicate the failure. the front driver and passenger power window mechanism also failed without warning. the window motor was replaced; however, when the window was activated the response time was slow which may have caused the window shield wipers to malfunction. the speed odometer and rpm gauges displayed inaccurate readings which could be related to the vehicle intermittently exhibiting reduce engine power. the contact had concerns of the safety risk involved. the vehicle has not been repaired. the contact had concerns of the safety risk involved. the vin was unavailable. the failure mileage was 49,000 and the current mileage was 74,400.
 Speedometer defective, needle sticking at various speeds when vehicle is moving. ( 100 , 70, 64, 59 mph) really don't know what the actual speed of vehicle is when vehicle is begin driven. needle moves at anything and sticks in position even after vehicle engine is turned off. vehicle was taken to general motors repair shop on 10/06/09 , the diagnosis was a defective speedometer cluster. checked with general mirrors corporation , they have not issued a safety recall on this vehicle. *tr
 I purchased a new 2005 chevy cavalier, and around 60,000 miles i started having problems with the speedometer sticking going down the highway, i would look down and speedometer is reading over 110 mph, when i turned the car off the speedometer would read 70 mph, this happened every once in a while. this is dangerous as you never know what your actual speed is. it would go back to zero after a few days. after dealing with this for a few months, i noticed the other day that my fuel gauge is doing the same thing, when the fuel needle went clear to the right of full, it had my temp gauge needle hung up. knowing that none of my gauges now appear to be working correctly i took it to our local dealership yesterday to be put on the computer to see what the problem was(told to do so by gm, to see if there was anything they could do to help with the repair cost). they told me that it was the programming in the dash cluster had been knocked out of whack, and that they had reprogrammed the dash cluster and everything was fine, said a high voltage surge had caused the disruption. i drove the car out of town today and when i parked the car in the driveway my speedometer is reading 70mph and my fuel gauge is stuck at 3/4 of a tank. cost me $113 for nothing yesterday. it is a wonder that no one has been in a wreck or injured from having to pull to the side of a highway because they ran out of fuel or realized something is wrong with their gauges. general motors has known about this issue for along time and refuses to do a recall on these bad cluster panels. i am being told to replace the cluster panel will cost me at least $550. i will call gm tomorrow and tell them reprogramming did not fix the problem, but they already know this, because the representative from gm called today to see what the problem was and my husband told him, he said that reprogramming doesn't fix the cluster problem. gm needs to fix this problem, it is defective parts. *tr
 Instrument cluster failure. initially the temperature gauge only failed, now the fuel gauge has failed also, the only gauges remaining functional are the speedometer and tachometer. local dealer says instrument failure is common problem. 2005 chevy cavalier. *tr
 After only approximately 60,000 miles, the speedometer on my 2005 chevrolet cavalier is not reading correctly. sometimes is sticks on any given speed, while other times it will just read about 10 miles an hour faster or slower than i am actually going. i researched the issue online and found that this is a very very common problem with cavalier owners. while the problem has not been the cause of an accident for me, it certainly has the potential to cause accidents for other owners of this vehicle. to view other complaints of the same issue for the chevrolet cavalier please visit the following link. fortunately for me, my instrument panel will be covered under my extended warranty at a cost of only $100 to me. others will be charged up to about $300 to correct the problem...or they will continue to drive their vehicles with a broken speedometer. thank you for taking the time to look into this issue. *tr
 The speedometer has gone haywire. it gets stuck at the far right end showing over 110 mph when i'm driving only 20 mph. when completely stopped, it will show 60 to 70 mph as the speed. once in a great while, it will work for a few minutes or so. i do not know how fast i am actually going and this is a very real safety hazard. i've been told i might have to replace my dash and this could be very costly- i have only 26,000 miles on my 2005 cavalier, have owned for less than 4 years, and have 2 years yet to pay on my loan. *tr
 Malfunctioning speedometer!!!! i have a 2005 chevrolet cavalier purchased brand new from gm. the spedometer is often putting out faulty readings and sometimes getting stuck where it will not read at all. several people are out there with malfunctioning spedometers put out by gm between 05 and 07 and gm will not do anything about it. *tr
 I own a 2005 chevy cavalier, it has approximately 53,752 miles and the speedometer quit working. it is stuck on 80 mph and when i drive it goes up to 110 mph. this is very dangerous because i don't know exactly how fast i am driving. this should be recalled because i have done a bit of research and have found there are many people experiencing this same problem. if there wasn't something wrong with the way the car is made then why would just about everyone have the same problem at approximately the same mileage on this make and model of car. *tr
 My gauges on my 2005 cavalier don't work at all and want to see if be fixed for free. *tr
 2005 cavalier speedometer started displaying incorrect speed and will not reset to 0. this is a dangerous problem which requires immediate attention. research on the internet reveals this to be a common problem and should be recalled by the manufacturer (there is even an online petition for recall). *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 chevrolet cavalier. the speedometer became erratic and then failed. the contact was informed that the failure and repair were her responsibility. she paid $346.00 for the repair. the current mileage was 67,900 and failure mileage was 60,000. updated 01/17/08 *bf updated 01/17/08 *tr