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05031001111/01/2006050310011B1001736418 inch accessory wheels available through gmspo. *tt11/04/2005
050310001A09/01/2005050310001B1001497916 inch accessory wheels available through gmspo. *tt05/13/2005

Consumer Complaints

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 I started driving my car and within ten minutes the wheel of my chevy cobalt 2005 was very hard to steer. and i could not turn and almost caused a accident. it was very stiff and very hard to turn. there was a blinking sign that stated power steering. this has been happening for three days now and i have visited a mechanic and he told us that he could not do anything about it. it has caused me many problems. i do not want to put myself in danger and it can cause life threatening problems.
 I am not able to get my key out of the ignition of my 2005 chevy cobalt ls. this has been a persistent problem since i bought the car in 2006 (was a rental). up until today (2/27/10) i've always been able to get it out eventually. now however, my car will not start - it just clicks, and my shifter won't move. the car doesn't recognize that it's in park. after doing some research online, it appears many people have had this problem. the conclusion is that there is a defect in the transmission shift cable. please see this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfb6y7_zkx0 this is not the only problem i've had with this car: power steering failure after about 45,000 bad wheel bearing after about 50,000 cd player replaced because it wouldn't eject cds (this is still a problem even though the dealer replaced it with the same manufacturer's model) faulty glove compartment. i feel this model of car is dangerous and should be recalled after all the problems people are experiencing with it. *tr
 I purchased a 2005 cobalt in april 2008, started having violent shaking in front of car while trying to find the problem my mechanic discovered a defective strut which chevy replaced even though warranty had just run out. this did not correct violent shaking occurring on a regular basis. had front end, tires, wheels, rotors, axle checked with no outcome of finding the problem. when the shaking occurs unable to steer and have to reduce speed and pull to shoulder of road, after complete stop normally can resume driving. since my daughter does not do any long distance travel i hoped that it would not occur as often as it does while i was driving it to work, however in january of 2009 while my daughter was driving car around a curve t/c light came on shaking and inability to control the car left her straightening the curve out spinning around and after weeks in a body shop and 5000 dollars in repairs, several trips back and more money, high insurance rates we still have a car that has a serious defect with no answers to what causes it and what can be done to correct it. now that she is venturing further from home i am in fear for her life but i have no funds to replace this car or it would have already been gone although i am sure that nobody else would want it due to the publicity that these cars have been getting. luckily my daughter was not killed in this accident but does someone have to die before chevrolet steps up to the plate and fixes these cars. i have been constantly been researching trying to find the problem even though i can find other people with the problem nobody seems to have the solution. the cars or in warranty or just out of warranty and we couldn't get answers and as the autos get older they don't feel it is there problem. our car gets regular maintenance with the same mechanic each time so therefore he has firsthand knowledge of every step it has had,and now that it has hit the news i am seeing some direction to take to get help. *tr
 Dt: the consumer stated that he heard a snapping noise in steering column and could feel it in the steering wheel. this happened all of the time and would occur with no warning. the steering column shaft was replaced. the ignition switch was replaced because of the flashing that held the tumbler and the s had collapsed. the manufacturer told the dealer not to replace the steering column shaft but the dealer made the repairs because they had already ordered the part. *ak (12/01/05) after the column was replaced, the vehicle was taken back to the dealer twice. the wheel cover did not have enough rings to hold the rims tight and would rattle when going over light bumps, the vehicle pulled to the right and the passenger side front pillar was loose. *sc