BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
425210/05/200610021237Buck while driving, stall, ses light, flash door locks cycle, cd player skip, clock reset. *kb03/23/2007
PI-0011A02/01/201110038344Gm: the front or rear door may not open from the inside or outside handle, the door will not unlock with any method. the probably cause an incorrect installation of a handle component. *rm06/15/2011
PIC-4336B06/01/200810026668Gmc: power door locks cycling or inoperative from the switches when driving. *pe11/25/2008

Consumer Complaints

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 Unable to open driver side door from the inside or the outside. i can unlock the door with no issues, but the door itself will not open. have to climb in and out the passenger side of the car. have seen a lot of complaints about this same issue on townhall-talk.edmunds.com. *tr
 I arrived at work yesterday only to find i couldn't exit my car through the driver's door. i manually tried unlocking it, but it still did not open. i proceeded to climb out of the passenger seat. that door would not close all the way. i thought the seat belt was stuck in the door. it turns out the latch didn't allow enough space to catch the door. after 5 minutes of pushing the latch and trying to get the door closed, it finally was able to close. i just purchased this car (used) 2 weeks ago. my first car!! i wish i had bought a honda! today i was going to run errands on my day off. this time the passenger door wouldn't latch. i have no way of securing the door closed since it is a 2 door vehicle. the car is sitting in my parking lot, unable to be driven due to the safety feature (or lack there of!) of the passenger door potentially flying open on me while i'm driving. have seen many complaints on this vehicle. looks/rides nice but not worth the money or headache. still haven't discovered a recall regarding this issue. might be trading this in on a new car, different model/make! *tr
 Driver side door will not open from the inside or out. the door lock will go up and down but will not open
 I have had constant issues with the lock mechanism on my door. a couple of times when opening my rear passenger door it does not close. i've been able to find a way to get the latch to go back to it's original position and then close and lock the door. on 04/02/11 however, while driving, the back door opened up on itself. some things fell out of the car and were slightly damaged and my friend riding in the back injured themselves when the door opened on its own and slammed against them. we closed it again with success and then my friend moved to the front of the car and we took any items out of the back seat area. again the car door opened on its own however, this time, the door will not close. i have never been in an accident, the mechanism that keeps the door closed and locked just seems to be faulty. i've looked online and it seems many people have had this issue. i don't understand why this has not been recalled. now i'm forced to find rides until i have the money to repair an important safety issue on my car that should have never been an issue. i found that many of the parts on my car used for safety are made of plastic. this infuriates me. luckily my friend is only sore and my personal items damaged were more of personal value than actual financial value but this is still not acceptable. i just keep thinking if this happens to someone while on the highway this could be fatal and chevy will have deaths on their hands because they have sacrificed quality for cost effectiveness.
 Door latch failure
 The drivers side door will not open. both the inside and outside door handle do not work. for 2 days, i had to climb out of the passenger door. after 2 days, i unlocked my door and heard a popping sound from the door. whatever is jamming up finally released. it's a safety danger because of the risk for an accident. the driver/occupants could be trapped in the car. this has occurred 2 separate times, both lasting for about 2 days.
 Door latch failure
 The drivers side door will not open. both the inside and outside door handle do not work. for 2 days, i had to climb out of the passenger door. after 2 days, i unlocked my door and heard a popping sound from the door. whatever is jamming up finally released. it's a safety danger because of the risk for an accident. the driver/occupants could be trapped in the car. this has occurred 2 separate times, both lasting for about 2 days.
 Failure of door to open. for 2 days the driver's door did not open from the insider or outside.
 Tl- the contact owns a 2006 chevy cobalt. the vehicle was parked when the contact tried to open the driver side door from the outside and it did not open. the contact also tried to open the door from the inside and it did not open. the vehicle was not taken to a dealer for repair. the failure mileage was 52,000. ds
 The driver side door lock of my 2006 chevrolet cobalt failed while i was driving the car. i was unable to open the door from the inside and had to exit the vehicle through the front passenger door. although i was not injured, if there had been an accident or a fire in the car, i would not have been able to get out of the car in a timely manner. very dangerous!! i am unable to open the door from the outside as well. my dealership will probably have to replace the entire door because they cannot open the door without damaging it. i have driven this vehicle less than 31,000 miles since purchasing it new in june of 2006. it has never been in an accident. i have read of similar driver side door lock failures in the 2006 cobalt, so i feel that this is a manufacturer's defect and not a user issue.
 Tl-the contact owns 2006 chevrolet cobalt. the contact stated while driving at 35mph and varies speed the door locks and unlocks on its own. the key does not have to be in the ignition while it lock and unlock. the vehicle has not been taken to the dealer. the manufacturer was not contacted. the failure mileage was 47,000....mw
 I have owned my 2006 chevy cobalt since june 2006 and have had numerous problems out of this car. i have had to pay out of pocket for every repair because they seem to all happen before a recall is issued and the dealerships will not refund money on the repairs. 1) a/c leaks water in passenger side floor board. i have had it in the shop 3 times and it is still leaking. no one can figure out why the water is leaking into the car. 2) gas tank had to be replaced due to fule lines cracking. 3) power steering went out while my husband was driving on the interstate and was about 130 miles from home. 4) the car would die if the rpm's got too low, this was caused by a carbon build up on the idler. 5) there is no way to check the transmission fluid and it is starting to slip and take forever to upshit. 6) the key gets stuck in the ignition and will not come out. 7) the drivers side door gets stuck and will not open. 8) the door latch sometimes messes up and the door does not close. 9) the stereo display and buttons no longer work. i can not use the cd player for fear of losing the cd for ever since the eject button doesn't work. i can not see the clock or what station the radio is on. the car lost its value so fast that even after 4 yrs of having it i still can not trade it in due to the amt. i still owe on it. so i am stuck driving this piece of crap until it is paid for. i have already invested several thousands of dollars into this car for these problems. i believe that the car is a lemon and i should be reimbursed for the car and all of the out of pocket repairs i have had to make.
 I see there are issues on the fuel module on the 2006 chevy cobalts, and i took it to get replaced however when i take my car to get diagnosed it continues to say there is something with a misfire, and my fuel evaporating. i am having multiple problems with my 06 cobalts and has i have done extenous research and every problem ive found online over 1000 complaints and blogs, and sites where customers are all complaing about the same issue. i am a working college student and drive to work and school everyday. my car stopped on the freeway the other day, and almost caused an accident however the vehicle slammed on their brakes. not only the fuel line but also my car key does not come out the ignition. all these issues are ongoing and i have found over 10,0000 unsatisfied consumers all with the same issues with the cobalts. this is a big issue, and i am tired of dealing with chevrolet as this is there product and they are only trying to get the money and make you pay for all the services. these are major issues all going out at the same time.
 My vehicle is a chevy cobalt, 2006. the power steering has been going out randomly since i first bought the car. this is very dangerous, especially if i am in the middle of a turn and it goes out, takes me by surprise and have to use more strength to go into the turns. this happens every time i drive it. daily. i was told it would cost me over $2000 to have the power steering replaced, and i don't have the funds to pay for that and pay for my car, so nothing has been fixed on it. this seems to me to be a very serious problem that needs to be taken care of in a recall. i have seen thousands of posts by other owners on the internet relating to this same issue i am having. i also am having problems with the locks, they lock and unlock at will. i can be in or out of the car, and it can be running or not. no rhyme or reason. *tr
 Tried to unlock door using the remote keyless entry. the passenger door unlocked, however the driver's door remained locked. i then tried unlocking the driver's door with the key. the key turned, however the door remained locked. i entered the car via the passenger door and tried unlocking the driver's door using the power lock button, however the driver's door remained locked. i then tried unlocking the door by manually pulling up on the popup lock and pulling on the handle, however the driver's door remained locked. i took the cobalt to a dealer, and they determined the latch was faulty. they replaced the driver's door latch at a cost of 264.04. *tr
 My husband and i purchased to 2006 chevy cobalt in september of 06. since the purchase of my , brand new car the air conditioning, power locks, and power steering have all ceased to work. my air conditioning only worked for one summer. the power locks went out about 6 months ago. now, the most concerning is that my power steering has now failed. i turn the car on and have power steering for approximately 2-3 minutes, then the cars power steering fails. i will never have the money to replace any parts because of the high payments and insurance. my poor husband is a pizza delivery person! this is the worst thing to happen. i tried to buy an american made car hoping that i would at least get to drive it for a few years without having it break down. now gm is getting my paycheck and the taxes they took out of it!! this is plain wrong! i will never buy gm again. *tr
 Driver side interior door opener is peeling the metal coating from the polymer substrate. i have been cutting my fingers causing bleeding when i try to open the door. car has less than 35k miles. *tr
 Gear shift breaks so ignition key gets stuck in the ignition. have to replace the whole shift assembly. this should be a recall on gm's part. *tr
 The doors on my 4 door car have not been securing when shut. i have had to tie them shut with clothesline so i could get home. i have had the drivers side door mechanism replaced but cannot afford the other 3 right now. therefore i am unable to use 3 of my doors. *tr
 1) when purchasing this used vehicle from the dealer, we were informed the previous owner had broken his key in the ignition switch, hence the broken ignition lock mechanism. lie 2) car began making a front end noise or so i thought, the next day as my daughter in law and my grandkids were driving home the power steering indicator light turned on, she applied her brakes to slow down and all the lights on the panel turned on and her steering locked. the truck behind us was forced off the road to avoid slamming in to us. after getting online to see if there was going to be an easy and inexpensive way to repair this problem i was appalled to read all the complaint regarding these same issues. i lost my oldest child to faulty seat belts on the 01 ford ranger edge. this is indeed a safety issued that needs to be resolved immediately before someone is seriously hurt or killed. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2006 chevrolet cobalt. while entering the front driver's side of the vehicle, the exterior door handle disengaged without warning. the failure enabled the door to open due to broken support bolts. the vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer and they replaced the door handle under warranty. on a separate occasion, the failure recurred. the vehicle has not been repaired. the failure mileage was 25,000 and current mileage was 49,000.
 Driver side door intermittently will not close and remain closed (latch). then would not open for door handle from outside as well as from inside. door failure to work on 3/31/08 - 3x. return car to dealer (webb chevy in oak lawn, il) and called chevy customer service 866-790-5600. vehicle out of warranty by 1,804 miles. sheri lane (x32034) from chevy customer service and webb chevy found this to be a safely problem but wouldn't paid for service or assist with the cost. the claim number with chevy service service is #71-616076350. i will be picking up the vehicle and asked to for the part that was repaired and was told the part would be available for me to pick-up. *tr