BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
36143614A10018577P0300 due to random misfires not felt - possible accessory pulley. *tt01/06/2006
05060102609/01/200510017818Information on use of bolt extractor tool kit part number en-47702 for removing broken cylinder head or main bearing cap bolts on inline truck engines. *tt12/02/2005
335810014876Service engine soon (ses) light and reduced engine power due to a p0507 diagnostic trouble code. *tt05/11/2005
0309200503/09/200510014842Ses light. *eh05/10/2005
0802200408/02/200410013329Rpm being to low may cause vibration at idle and or a rough idle. *eh04/14/2005
0907200409/07/200410013193Possible leak in the air induction system. *eh04/12/2005
1105200311/05/200310013139Pcm control placement. *eh04/08/2005
04060500504/01/200410012602Exhaust system popping snapping noise when vehicle is hot at idle or immediately after vehicle is shut off. *eh03/08/2005
303910011688Flashing service engine soon light with possible misfire and p0300-p0304 diagnostic trouble code. *eh engine exchange program. *tt01/28/2005
326210011632Temperature coolant gauge low or inoperative. *eh01/27/2005
3221C3221D10011666Service engine soon light due to a p0171 diagnostic trouble code. *eh 3221a not yet received. *tt update. *tt01/27/2005
0916200409/16/200410011260Exhaust buzz at approximately 2100 rpm wirh a possible cause of the heat shield contact with exhaust manifold. *eh01/12/2005
30083008A10010876Engine control concerns due to intermittent power control module connection loss. *eh12/15/2004
315010010547Cylinder liner replacement information - inline truck engines. *eh12/01/2004
3039E01/01/20043029F10010050Misfire and possible p0300-p0305 diagnostic trouble codes. service engine soon light on too. *sc11/03/2004
313101/01/200410010015Engine vibration/moan. *tc11/03/2004
0186501/01/200410006617Temperature coolant gauge low or inoperative. *mr05/07/2004
0175701/01/200410006364Engine coolant gauge drop on acceleration. *mr04/30/2004
0174201/01/2004100062822.8 lk5 3.5 l52 engine - coolant temperature gauge drops on acceleration. sit bulletin 1460312. *tt04/27/2004
0712309/01/200807123A10022722Special coverage adjustment - engine intake valve seat may wear, such that combustion leakage occurs. equipped with either a 2.8l (rpo lk5) 4 cylinder or 3.5l (rpo l52) 5 cylinder engine. *nj csc letter was received. updated 3/909/25/2007
369410019455A rough idle / running concern may be encountered with a p0014 and / or p0017 dtc. *tt03/15/2006
3694A10019427Rough idle with dtc p0014 and/or p0017 - inspect cam actuator solenoid screens and crankshaft end play. *tt03/14/2006
366810019180Service engine soon light after internal engine repairs due to diagnostic trouble code p0017. *tt02/16/2006
326210017156Engine vibration after engine or crankshaft replacement. *sc10/26/2005
04060102207/01/200410012109New cylinder bore liner/piston sleeve replacement procedure. *tt02/14/2005
323110011942Supplement to 04-06-04-081 - part number information - 2004 and 2005 3.5l l52 5 cylinder engines. *tt02/07/2005
31453221A10010251Service engine soon light due to a p0171 diagnostic trouble code. *tt11/08/2004
311201/01/200410010131Vibration at idle and/or rough idle. (extended crew cabs only). *jb11/04/2004
314201/01/20043142A10010194Broken head bolt repair. *tc11/04/2004
303701/01/200410009646End of engine exchange program for 3.5 l52 and 2.8 lk5 engines. *tt10/14/2004
0419200404/19/200410009225Service engine soon lamp being illuminated. with diagnostic trouble codes p0507, p0621 or p0622. gm voicemail express. *tt09/17/2004
04060101606/01/200410008470Underhood whine or rattle type noise. *tt08/02/2004
0198001/01/200410006897Whine or rattle noise from engine. *mr05/19/2004
0185101/01/200410006590Crank no start or start stall; may set one or more of the following codes: b1373 b1442 b2957 b3031. *mr05/06/2004
0193901/01/2004100065654.3 4.8 5.3 6.0 lr4 lu3 lm7 l59 lq4 lq9 engines- evap code p0442. *mr05/06/2004
0154201/01/200410005381Vacuum type hissing noise from engine. this noise is more noticeable when the vehicle is parked in an enclosed area with the hood up. 3.5 l52 engine. sit bulletin 1409740. *tt02/24/2004
0155301/01/200401553A10005392Whine type noise from engine. 3.5l l52. *tt02/24/2004
03060403003/01/2007030604030C10002166Multiple driveability symptoms of long or hard starts, chuggle, rough idle and light or intermittent misfire due to clogged fuel injectors. *tt08/14/2003
3338A3338D10017089Drive belt noise - adjust or replace idler pulley bracket. *tt potential alignment and belt issues. *tt10/24/2005
33111001722104-06-04-081a exhaust valve seal and spring replacement supplement. *tt10/28/2005
313101/01/20043131A10010277Exhaust moan at 1,500 to 1,800 rpm. *tt11/09/2004
314701/01/200410010271Exhaust buzz noise. *tt11/09/2004
0210601/01/200410007732Oil consumption and/or black smoke from exhaust. *tt07/09/2004

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Tl-the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet colorado. the contact stated that while driving at various speeds he noticed that the check engine light had illuminated. the vehicle was taken to a dealer and they advised him that the o2 sensor needed to be replaced. the vehicle was repaired for the o2 sensor. the failure mileage was approximately 82,000. tb
 Tl-the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet colorado. while the contact was driving approximately between 45-65 mph, a total loss of engine power occurred with the illumination of the engine warning indicator. the vehicle restarted after waiting a few moments and resetting the codes. the vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer and repaired. the failures were continuous, and the vehicle was taken to the dealer on four different times which there were no resolutions. in addition, the battery had been replaced. the vehicle had not been repaired at the time of the complaint. the failure mileage was 12. the vin was unavailable. js
 Tl* the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet colorado. the contact stated when driving at a speed of at least 50 mph, the engine would idle roughly and the check engine light would illuminate on the warning panel. the dealer advised the engine intake valves were straining and all five cylinders were leaky due to the defective intake valves. the vin was not available. the failure mileage was 90,000 and the current mileage was 110,000.
 While driving the vech. once it goes under 10mph it will stall out. i then have to put it in n and restart. this has been going on for a while. ever since it about 40-45,000 miles...i have not been able to afford to pay to have it fixed. i was told by a chevy dealer service manager that it has a faulty coil system and chevy does know about it but when they choose to issue a recall notice is there choice. *tr
 Vehicles check engine light came on then went off after a couple of days. vehicle idle dropped to 500 rpms. the truck started to act sluggish and acted as if it would shut off at idle. during acceleration the vehicle was again sluggish. took the truck to a local shop and had the codes run. it came back as an engine low rpm code. i don't recall the actual code number. had them do a motor vacuum to clean the fuel system and reset code. the check engine light has gone away and has not come back on. vehicle does from time to time act as it is going to bog down. i thought that i should submit this complaint because it seems there are several others with the same problem.*ak
 Odi 10150645, odi 10150645: 3rd recurring problem. customer invoice: drivers window inoperative, screws backed out of window motor causing it to bind r & r window motor and reinstalled bolts. noise gone after repairs. upon engage driver's side turn signal, failure to operate visible turn indication. daytime running light also inoperable, bulb not working. customer invoice: driver side daytime run light inoperative. lf turn signal bulb burnt out. replaced bulb upon engaging brake system, brakes exhibit high frequency squeaking, more on left than right. extreme tire wear is apparent on the insides of both front tires. customer invoice: brakes noisy at stops all the time. unable to verify customer concern at this time. vehicle has a lot of mud underneath. engaging 4wd high, vehicle became stuck in 4wd. continued to drive vehicle in condition until service department opened for the week. four wheel drive became operational intermittently. customer invoice: axle/differential, vehicle stuck in four wheel drive once. unable to verify customer concern at this time. no codes & working as designed. engaging a/c & heating operation the ac diminishes blower power and begins blowing smoke-like coolant from dash vents. dashboard condensates extensively. condensation must be wiped dry to deter interior damage. after running a/c at maximum power for 20 minutes or longer, operational problems discontinue until vehicle is started 'cold'. customer invoice: a/c cuts off and blows smoke out of vents all the time. while driving. unable to verify customer concern. checked pressures. all ok, working as designed. *nm
 Vehicle stopped running dealer put a monitor on, and the vehicle had no defect, according to the dealer. consumer stated that the dealer wanted to sell him another vehicle. *ak
 2004 colorado pickup 2.8 four cyl. leak on lower radiator hose caused by poor design, hose rubs on sharp edge of frame in current routing. *tr
 Truck wil stall and loose power to steering and brakes at low rpm (in turns or when stopping ) have recived letter from manufactuer about problem. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet colorado. the vehicle misfired and the service engine warning light illuminated intermittently. there was a safety recall for the engine intake valve, however; no nhtsa campaign id was found. the dealer wanted to charge him $75.00 for the repair. the current and failure mileages were 65,000. the consumer provided documentation from gm corp stating no cost for the defect. updated 09/12/07 *tr
 My 2004 chevrolet colorado has had repeated a recurring problem where it will not respond to the throttle at all while driving. in all cases this has happened when the engine is warming up from a complete cold start in the morning. while driving at 45-50 miles per hour the engine will drop to idle speed and there is no response to throttle input. the dealer has had the vehicle in for service on this issue 5 times now and can nothing wrong. there are no codes set in the computer and the check engine light never comes on. the problem will clear itself after 20 to 30 seconds and may not occur again for weeks. *tr
 The check engine light comes on accompanied by an engine misfire due to weak exhaust valve springs which must be replaced. recently gmc issued a bulletin to their service departments advising mechanics on the issue, and recognizing the problem with the valve springs and how to fix it, but will not acknowledge a manufacturer's defect. according to the bulletin this problem occurs in all chevrolet colorados 2004-2006, gmc canyons 2004-2006, and the hummer h3. the estimated cost of repair is about $2000, quoted by the dealer mechanic. not only does the check engine light come on and stay on, it also causes the vehicle to stall while in operation. the truck shut down in the middle of the intersection while driving. additionally you will have difficulty when you start your car, it will misfire and you may have to restart again. this will begin to happen regularly until you diagnose the problem. i went to different dealers to diagnose the problems because different mechanics could not find the problem with the check engine light. the last step was a dealer mechanic that had just received the above mentioned bulletin. they did not fix the problem with the valve springs, instead they reset the computer to stop the check engine light from occurring. the misfiring and stalling continued to happen.*ak
 Rattle or vibration at 2000 rpm. dealer replaced part(s) but did not fix problem. *jb
 Dt*: the contact stated that while waiting at the traffic light, the engine raced and accelerated as if it was engaging to 50 mph. in an attempt to prohibit the vehicle from accelerating, the clutch was engaged while depressing the brake pedal. there was also a sulphur smell inside the vehicle. the vehicle was taken to a service dealer who was unwilling to repair the vehicle without a fee. the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic shop who discovered two trouble codes on the diagnostic computer system. the first was a po300 random misfire code. the second was a p1133 front oxygen sensor slow and switching code. the check engine light from the panel was also constantly illuminated. the issues have gradually worsened since the vehicle was purchased.
 Dt*: the contact stated while driving 65mph up an incline the vehicle began to loose power. the next day the check engine light illuminated. after inspecting the vehicle the independent repair shop reset the check engine light. the problem has not returned.
 2004 colorado truck stalled without warning at 70 mph while going up a steep incline. *ts the vehicle's speed dropped from 70 to 15 mph within seconds. the consumer was unable to pull over because there was no shoulder. the consumer looks at the instrument panel and noticed that the dic was flashing reduce power. the consumer later found out that if the vehicle encounters a little emission problem it shuts down. the consumer's vehicle didn't have an emission problem but a computer glitch. *nm
 Axle/differential failure. engaging reverse, vehicle will lunge forward with power and then jumps in reverse as if transmission is slipping or missing reverse gear. vehicle strains to switch gears to reverse when vehicle is at a complete stop. cstmer invoice: at time vehicle lunges and jumps in reverse. reprogrammed pcm with update. start vehicle idle 5 minutes or more, engaging d gear, engage a/c operation and then accelerating in 80-95 degree f enviromental conditions, vehicle will loose torque, rpms redline while appling normal accelrator pedal pressure. vehicle stalls but never dies, coasted to nearby parking lot and called dealership for a wrecker, towed back to dealership for repairs. dealer customer invoice: at times vehicle will not accelerate. unable to verify customer concern. operating as designed. no codes. *nm
 2004 chevrolet colorado z71 - randon stalling causing loss of steering and braking. *nm
 Engine & cooling systems, check engine light stays on while vehicle in use.engine misses or vibrates slightly.valves springs are bad @ 15,000 miles. *ak
 While driving the air bag light warning light turned on, taken to dealership to be fixed, problem persisted even after the dealership said air bag connectors were cleaned and/or replaced, currently unaware if air bags will deploy in the event of an accident. vehicle rpm's fluctuate down to 500 while vehicle is slowing to a stop during cold weather. dealership was issued service bulletin and problem was addressed but returned within driving approximately 50 miles, during severely cold weather vehicle is able to stall the engine while in motion. *nm
 I bought a 2004 colorado in march of that year,on dec. 31st 2004 i had to replace the two front tires at my expense. they had worn from the inside out the tires had 23,000 +miles on them. i complained to the dealer and they told me that there was not anything wrong. in march 2005 i had to bring it in for the same thing with less miles on those tires 17,000 miles and they still insist that there is nothing wrong. i soon will have to replace these tires before winter. the dealer tells me tires need to be rotated more often. i've owned other s-10 models with over 250,000 and haven't had the problems i've had with this type of problems. i did have other problems with this vehicle from door wiring, replacement of o2 sensor,front axle seal driver side replace,headlights,fog lights and tail lights all have been replaced within the first 20,000 miles. *jb
 Exhaust manifold completely cracked. at the cylinder closet to the firewall, the manifold completely cracked all around and all the way through. strange because relatively new and the manifold was steel. *ak