BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
30713071A10009620Fluid leak between transfer case and transmission adapter. *tt10/13/2004
0159901/01/2004100072374l60e, 4l65e forward and low reverse waved steel clutch plate appearance change. *tt06/04/2004
PIP-3366-B11/01/201110043185Cadillac/chevrolet/gmc/hummer: some suvs and trucks are exhibiting a condition where by grinding/ratcheting type noise coming from automatic transmission when shifting into park while in 4wd low (4lo) range. *pe02/29/2012
1118200311/18/200310013259Four wheel drive system operation. *eh04/13/2005
0709200407/09/200410013186Programming the pcm. *eh04/12/2005
04042100201/01/2006040421002A10012181Noise and bump clunk felt when transfer case shifted into four low. *eh02/16/2005
3182100106053-2 and 4-2 wot down shift inormation. *eh12/02/2004
31703170C10010577Harsh 1-2 shift. *eh12/01/2004
31363136A10010080The 4l60e/4l65e automatic transmission slip condition in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th gear. also to include the pontiac gto 2005. *tc11/04/2004
0165401/01/200401654A10007233Squawk or grunt noise that occurs on the 2-3 upshift on vehicles with 4l60e - m30, 4l60e m32 transmission. *tt06/04/2004
03073005611/01/2003100055664l60-e automatic transmission oil pump first and second design identification. *tt03/04/2004
0070201/01/200400702B10005476Slip condition in 2nd, 3rd or 4th damaged 2-4 band 3-4 clutch on the 4l60e/4l65e automatic transmission. *tt *mj03/01/2004
010730038B10/01/2005010730038C10005162The service engine soon lamp is illuminated, no 3rd and 4th gear, the transmission does not shift correctly, the transmission feels like it shifts to neutral or a loss of drive occurs. *tt02/09/2004
308210010362Pcm programming concerns. gmt355. *tt11/17/2004
0150901/01/200410005490Power train control module p12 replacement. sit bulletin 1406647. *tt03/01/2004
020730024A08/01/2005020730024B634999Diagnosis of cracked or broken transmission case. *tt 2006 and prior cars and light duty trucks. *tt10/11/2002
0303200503/03/200510014872Axle grinding or similar concern after using spare tire. *eh05/10/2005
322410010642Rub or scrape noise from rear axle area on turns. *eh12/03/2004
01735B01/01/200401735C10007290Front axle growl noise in 2wd may not occur in 4wd. *tt06/09/2004
0173501/01/200410006352Front axle growl noise in 2wd may not occur in 4wd. sit bulletin 1459942. *tt04/29/2004
03042100710/01/200310004720Driveline characteristics for four-wheel drive (4wd) system. *tt01/02/2004
333210/20/20063332A10017170Right rear wheel appears to extend out further than the left side. *sc10/26/2005
31363136K10021019Slip condition in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. damaged 2-4 or 3-4 clutch. *kb updated 10/31/07. *nj02/22/2007
326410017166Gm powertrain would like to receive product feedback on vehicles with the ma5 5-speed manual transmission, for any leak or noise condition, prior to any repair attempts. *tt10/26/2005
61111/01/200410016263Manual transmission shifting-some owners may comment on difficulty shifting into reverse. *sc09/06/2005
0197401/01/200410006949Manual transmission stuck in 3rd gear. *mr05/20/2004
34243424A10017299Electronic transfer case unable to complete shift. *tt11/02/2005
3308A10017189Possible no 4wd shift concern diagnostic trouble code c0327. *tt10/27/2005

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 On sat oct 1st 2011 i was traveling east on the interstate at about 75 mph when all of a sudden it felt like i had blown a tire. the steering became rather sluggish and i pulled over to the side of the road. i got out checked all the tires and they all looked ok, so i got back in the vehicle.my grandson and his friend were in the back seat it was a crew cab.i noticed that the 4wd indicator on the dash was on but i had not switched it from 2wd it had done it on it's own . i tried to switch it back into 2wd but upon moving the vehicle it still felt like it was in 4wd. i decided to get the vehicle off the freeway so i could go slower and get the vehicle home, so i exited the fwy about a mile later and got on the old hwy where i could go 35 mph. my daughter was behind me in her car. about 5 miles down the road my daughter starts flashing her lights so i pulled over and she cam4e running up and told me my vehicle was on fire , i ordered my grandson and his friend out of the truck we left immediately , and backed off about 200 feet, you could see smoke coming from under the vehicle and fire dripping from just above the transfer case below the front passengers floorboard area. the fire spread and the vehicle became fully engulfed the tire melted the leather interior was completely vaporised needless to say it was a total loss. my theory is that the switching mechanism for the transfer case is defective it should not have switched on it's own at 75mph. i almost lost control of the vehicle when it did. that caused some kind of damage internally in the transfer case. when i drove the veihicle it heated up until it was red hot and caught the fuel filter on fire which eventually ruptered spread the fire and destroyed the vehicle.
 The first and ongoing problem grinding in front left, driver, side wheel area. many attempts have been made to fix this problem, they started out changing the whole front end, along with alignments, after some adjusting the problem will seem to go away only to return with in 2 months second, tires worn from inside out alignment, new tires, i was told one reason was the truck was dirty. i do not feel this is a reason for tire wear. new tires same problem. third, truck not engaging when shifted into gear. this is on going, we have taken it in many times, the modular for the 2-4h-4l drive was changed, still have problem, they claim can not fix if it does not happen with them,, i video taped it, they will not look at video. problem is intermittently, and have been asked to do different things to the truck when it happens, the problem is happening more often now, the problem seems to be growing. and still no answer to this or other problems, the dealer should have took back the truck and replaced it, if they can not be fixed. *tr
 Tl* - the contact stated that on 01/10/07 while driving his 2004 chevrolet colorado at 55 mph, his passenger side rear tire locked up. the contact stated that he felt a vibration and heard a squeaking noise and lost control of the steering. the contact stated he was able to pull over to the side of the road. the vehicle had to be towed to the dealership. the dealership service mechanic told the contact that he had a spare tire on the vehicle and that it caused the vehicle to lock up because it smaller than the other tires. the contact stated that the tire on his vehicle was a spare that came with the vehicle when he purchased it. the contact stated that this was a full size spare that came with the vehicle. *nm
 2004 chevrolet colorado does not have acceleration when pulling out into traffic from a stop.*mr the consumer stated he discovered water in the floorboard. *jb
 Odi 10150645, odi 10150645: 3rd recurring problem. customer invoice: drivers window inoperative, screws backed out of window motor causing it to bind r & r window motor and reinstalled bolts. noise gone after repairs. upon engage driver's side turn signal, failure to operate visible turn indication. daytime running light also inoperable, bulb not working. customer invoice: driver side daytime run light inoperative. lf turn signal bulb burnt out. replaced bulb upon engaging brake system, brakes exhibit high frequency squeaking, more on left than right. extreme tire wear is apparent on the insides of both front tires. customer invoice: brakes noisy at stops all the time. unable to verify customer concern at this time. vehicle has a lot of mud underneath. engaging 4wd high, vehicle became stuck in 4wd. continued to drive vehicle in condition until service department opened for the week. four wheel drive became operational intermittently. customer invoice: axle/differential, vehicle stuck in four wheel drive once. unable to verify customer concern at this time. no codes & working as designed. engaging a/c & heating operation the ac diminishes blower power and begins blowing smoke-like coolant from dash vents. dashboard condensates extensively. condensation must be wiped dry to deter interior damage. after running a/c at maximum power for 20 minutes or longer, operational problems discontinue until vehicle is started 'cold'. customer invoice: a/c cuts off and blows smoke out of vents all the time. while driving. unable to verify customer concern. checked pressures. all ok, working as designed. *nm
 As i was driving my 2004 chevrolet colorado, my transmission would not shift into over-drive. the check engine light flashed, but no message was shown on the message center. i took my truck to the local dealer. after talking to the service department yesterday, they informed me that there was a small recall for this type of problem (which from what they told me, involves some gaskets and pins of some type). my truck is being repaired at no cost. but in checking your recall list, i found no colorado. is this something that everyone with this type of drive train should be made aware of? or is this such a minor issue, that a major notification is not warranted? *jb
 While shifting a loud grinding noise came from front. the steering wheel failed to turn on its own. driver took vehicle to the dealer for inspection, and mechanic determined that the problem could not be duplicated. *ak
 The vehicle tends not slow down when the vehicle is going down hill and the driver is down shifting and braking. owner will contact manufacturer.*ak the engine and transmission doesn't provide braking when shifting to a lower gear when going down a hill. *eh
 2004 chevrolet colorado, new purchase, drove 568 miles engine idle eratically, engine light appeared and then engine stalled. took to dealer and they reprogrammed computer, since that i lost 1.6 mpg and engine will not idle until vehicle came to complete stop. engine rpms do not drop between shifts like it did before reprogramming and vehicle lunges when clutch is released if not carefull or give it extra time for the rpms to drop for a smooth engagement. and when you need to let off the gas pedal the car keeps going like you are still accelerating, especially in fourth gear, which can throw off timing and cause you to hit brakes to slow down or push clutch in to keep from going ahead at same speed until rpms fall, when i bought the vehicle, it did no of this , the dealer has made several attempts to correct but says the problem is with the gm program. and they can not do anything else for me.*ak
 Transmission failure while driving. lost of power almost causing a wreck on the highway.*ak
 Transmission failure while driving. *jb
 -transmission will go out while driving the vehicle -bad smell coming from the a/c unit -water leaks. *ak
 After putting the truck in park yet still leaving on i got out of the truck. the truck started to roll backward because it was still engaged in reverse. the gear indication showed it was park but the transmition was in reverse. in order to start the truck it had to be swich into netural first. this was taken to the dealer and they replaced the shift cable assembly stating it was binding up to fix problem.*ak
 Dt: contact stated vehicle came off of the assembly line misaligned. she had to replace one tire at her expense. the first tire to blow out was the rear driver's side tire on 6-11-05 while driving 20 mph, going uphill. the second time tire blew out while driving on the highway at 65 mph. she said the car felt as if it was floating. consumer took vehicle to the garage and they told her the car came off of the assembly line misaligned. they replaced another tire at their expense. the dealership told consumer they would reimburse her for the first tire. the manufacturer offered her an extended warranty. she is still was concerned with safety. they told her they may have to replace the other two tires at the dealership's expense. also on 6-6-05 the check engine light kept coming on. the dealership replaced valve springs, per bulletin. the front axle seals and front shocks were defective, and they replaced the front and rear shocks. this service was performed on 6-23 and 6-24-05. on 6-29-05 the check engine light came back on. she says the car felt like it was floating. she took it back in 7-7-05 and they had to replace a bracket for the squealing belt. on 7-13-05 she took it for a six mile round trip and the check engine light came on and the truck smelled like it was burning. she took it back on 7-14-05. they said they did not know what was wrong, and they would have to consult with the gm engineers. *ak
 I bought a 2004 colorado in march of that year,on dec. 31st 2004 i had to replace the two front tires at my expense. they had worn from the inside out the tires had 23,000 +miles on them. i complained to the dealer and they told me that there was not anything wrong. in march 2005 i had to bring it in for the same thing with less miles on those tires 17,000 miles and they still insist that there is nothing wrong. i soon will have to replace these tires before winter. the dealer tells me tires need to be rotated more often. i've owned other s-10 models with over 250,000 and haven't had the problems i've had with this type of problems. i did have other problems with this vehicle from door wiring, replacement of o2 sensor,front axle seal driver side replace,headlights,fog lights and tail lights all have been replaced within the first 20,000 miles. *jb
 Took my truck in for tire rotation and check alignment on 3/12/2005. maintenance is current. turns out both front tires (general tire 235-75r15) were worn down to the steel belts on the inside edges only, with the steel belts actually sticking out in there. i do no off-road driving- only to and from work 2 miles daily on the highway and an occasional trip on the highway to fort collins (260 miles round trip once per month) - and these tires only have 15,000 miles on them. was told by mechanic we were very lucky that these didn't blow on us on the highway. also, mechanic reported that there is a left front axle seal leak. took the truck into dealer on march 18 for repair, but dealer did not preorder parts, so i must return this week. i went ahead and had the tires replaced in spite of the bumper-to-bumper warranty because i didn't dare wait. i also had an alignment. (my first alignment check showed no problems in october.) the tire thing really disturbs me because, in 36 years of driving both new and used cars and trucks, i've never had this happen. i've never had an axle seal leak in a reasonably new vehicle either.*ak
 Vehicle has excessive vibration 45-50mph and above on smooth roads, when driving over a bumpy road the rear end is very unstable and feels like it is going to hop. dealer stated that some vibration is normal. it seems like there is a driveshaft related problem but nobody will do anything about it.*ak
 2004 chevrolet colorado driveshaft and rear differential failed. consumer states that the driveshaft fell out while backing out of his driveway and then the rear differential failed. he also stated that gm denied the claim. *kb the consumer stated after the repairs were made, there was a loud noise coming from the vehicle when the gear was in reverse. the dealer stated the transmission failed as a result of the drivetrain failure. *jb
 Axle/differential failure. engaging reverse, vehicle will lunge forward with power and then jumps in reverse as if transmission is slipping or missing reverse gear. vehicle strains to switch gears to reverse when vehicle is at a complete stop. cstmer invoice: at time vehicle lunges and jumps in reverse. reprogrammed pcm with update. start vehicle idle 5 minutes or more, engaging d gear, engage a/c operation and then accelerating in 80-95 degree f enviromental conditions, vehicle will loose torque, rpms redline while appling normal accelrator pedal pressure. vehicle stalls but never dies, coasted to nearby parking lot and called dealership for a wrecker, towed back to dealership for repairs. dealer customer invoice: at times vehicle will not accelerate. unable to verify customer concern. operating as designed. no codes. *nm
 2004 chevrolet colorado driveshaft and rear differential failed. consumer states that the driveshaft fell out while backing out of his driveway and then the rear differential failed. he also stated that gm denied the claim. *kb the consumer stated after the repairs were made, there was a loud noise coming from the vehicle when the gear was in reverse. the dealer stated the transmission failed as a result of the drivetrain failure. *jb
 The rear end of my 2004 chevrolet colorado jammed while i was backing out of my driveway, causing the gears to shatter, the rear axle to crack, and the driveshaft to drop out of my truck. since i bought the truck, i noticed vibrations and instability in the back of my truck, and sometimes the engine stays in 4wd when i shift out of it. the entire rear end of my truck has to be replaced, and gm is refusing to cover the repairs, even though the truck is under warranty. this was a very dangerous incident, and would have been worse if it had happened on the highway. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet colorado. while driving and/or accelerating, the contact heard a clicking sound. he stated that the vehicle drove and stopped normally. the dealer was notified of the failure and they could not find anything wrong. there is no recall on the vehicle and it has not been repaired. the speed was unknown. the current mileage was 41,000 and failure mileage was 39,000. updated 12/27/07 *lj updated 12/12/07 *tr
 I have a 2004 chevrolet colorado 4wd extended cab truck that constantly vibrates at speeds of 30mph and 55-60mph. the truck shakes as if it is out of alignment or tires are unbalanced. i had the truck to the dealer a total of four times - twice for re-balancing the tires and once for a set of new tires. the dealership said that the tires were recalled because of cupping. but, the problem of vibrating or oscillating still exists. the dealership has been actually very helpful, but frustrated. i was told that this may be a defective driveshaft, which tells me this could be a dangerous situation. *jb
 Immediately after purchasing a 2004 chevy colorado reg cab 5 cyl, i have experienced a noticeable vibration and rough ride. dealership balanced my tires and tried temporarily swapping tires but the problem still exist. i also test drove another truck at the dealership that had the same vibration problem. it is very noticeable on rough pavement regardless of speed, and at speeds around 45-55 intermittently on the highway. feels like the rear end is not balanced. back end shimmy's from side to side sending vibrations thriugh the truck my dealership told me it is just the way the truck is designed and has been delaying fixing the problem now for two months. others are also having problems with this truck, see the following forum to read their stories. it seems there might be a drive shaft design problem? http://www.automotiveforums.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?p=2159504. *jb