Consumer Complaints

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 Getting back onto the interstate the door locks started clicking and the speedometer hand starts going haywire. in the weeks and months to come now the awd, traction control, service engine soon lights come on. the steering wheel jerks, weird noise goes through the speakers and all gauges and door locks go haywire. has been put on a machine but no codes come up for the mechanic.
 We have a 2007 equinox that the power steering quit working. prior to the power steering going out, the service stabilitrak light would come on at random times for no apparent reason. i contacted a dealership and they told me it was possible that there could be corrosion on the connectors for the sensors for the stabilitrak. when the power steering quit working, i did some research and found that others were having similar issues, so i contacted gm who wanted me to have the vehicle diagnosed to see if there was anything they could do. the diagnosis was the power steering control module. after a week and a half of talking to gm they said, due to the age and milage on the vehicle there was nothing they could do. due to the number of customer complaints, we then asked them have they done anything to fix the problem with the control module. they couldn't give us an answer. we aren't going to continue to pay for control modules because they can't fix the issue. thank god my 7 month old child was not in the vehicle with me at the time of the failure.
 I was coming upon a stop sign, it was snowing outside so i was driving quite cautiously. as i came to the stop sign i slid a bit and then the suv lost all traction and the brake light, abs light, service stability control, and service traction control lights all came on. i then pulled over to the side of the road restarted the suv and all lights came back on and i had no antilock brakes, stability control, or traction the rest of the way home. it was terrible. i have never felt like i had no control of a vehicle like that before. i parked it in the garage at home and the next day started it again. all lights went off and it was fine until snowfall today. the same thing happened when my husband was driving it. we have tried starting it again but the lights have not yet went out. i will be bringing this to the dealership first thing monday morning with hopes it doesnt cost me too much to get it fix. i fear for others that will have this same problem. i have always bought chevrolets but this has definately made me think twice about buying yet another vehicle from them. i would definately consider this an incident that should have been recalled. i have researched it online and many people have had this same problem.
 I have had several issues with my vehicle. the service stabilitrak light will come on and it will also say service tracrion control. within seconds the check engine will come and the the car says engine power reduced. i have to pull over let the car sit for a few minutes and then the stabiltrak will reset itself butthe check engine light still stays on for awhile. i was driving on the freeway and this happened and it is a safety issue. i have taken it to a gm dealer and they cant seem to find the problem. they recommended trying to fix something and it could possibly work but no gaurantees because they couldnt find any errors at the time. now the vehicle is out of warranty and they wont help with the issue. it is documented and has been in the shop for this while under warranty.i feel they need to help in this matter.
 I went to leave for work in the early morning , and started my car to warm up , and then i started to pull out of the drive way and my car would not turn .i also noticed that the servise stabilitrak message was on . the steering felt like it was locked up . so i pulled back into the drive , which was very hard to do , and waited till that morning for the deal ship to open to take it in . i took it to the deal and they said it was the power steering control module . there was a recall om the power steering motor at this time but not on the module at this time .after having to pay 678.00 dollar ro repair this , then i see more and more problems of the same thing on this problem , why is chevy not looking in to this for there costumer . this is a very serious problem and the car can lock up on you when you are driving , and i keep see it recurring more .
 Have had my 2007 equinox since 2009 with a few problems. stabilitrac light coming on....a/c not turning on....window washer fluid not spraying. but today, out of nowhere, a gas smell. no visible leak, just the smell. after seaching on line and seeing numerous complaints about the same problem, i wonder, do i try and find out the problem through a mechanic and probably spend a fortune or wait to see if a gm realizes there is a problem and wait for a recall.
 Vehicle has temporary loss of power for things like dash board lights, radio, power locks and additionally i hear popping noises from front end of car and to add to this frustration on sunday the power steering completely failed with no previous warning indicators. forutnately, i was in a parking space and simply could not steer my car to exit. i have had it repaired at the cost of over $700.00.
 The awd on my 2007 equinox has been exceptionally loud ever since i bought the car. i just figured it was supposed to be like that and didn't worry about it since it came on whenever we had a heavy rain. this past winter, i go stuck in a snowstorm and my awd never came on, which led to me losing control of my vehicle. luckliy, i didn't crash but hated the entire experience since i had my two small children with me. anyway, over the weekend (9/10/2010), my stabilitrak service light came on. since i was also having problems getting the key out of the ignition, i took it to a dealership who told me the main computer (bcm) needs to be replaced. this computer is the reason why my awd doesn't operate properly and the reason why my key cannot be pulled out of the ignition.
 2007 chevrolet equinox service stabilitrak, service traction control, engine power reduced,recieved these faults numerous times all at once, car has been in shop ( dealer ) now going on 5 times, main concern being engine power reduced and has almost caused an accident on several occassions while merging into traffic, this has been going on now since feb 2010
 Stabilitrack on the 2007 chevy equinox will reduce the power to the engine and the engine will cut off while driving, sometimes, leaving no breaks to completely stop. i was driving out to lunch the first time when i approached a railroad track whose barrier was coming down, as i was only going 25 mph, i started slowing down. my engine cut out but the car continued to go forward. the breaks wouldn't work and finally got it to come to a complete stop before hitting the car in front of me (who was right in front of the barrier). took it to the dealership and had them clean out the area around the throttle sensor. apr 08, 2010, i had my car die on my twice in less than 12 hours while driving it. the second time was right in the middle of a busy 4 way stop. luckily, it continued to roll until it stopped a few feet away on the side of the road. steering was difficult enough when upset that you might cause an accident. now the dealership won't see me until monday (this is my only mode of transportation) and i will probably have to pay them again to fix a problem that should have been solved less than 2 months ago!
 The stabilitrac comes on it seems every 4-6 months and each time i take to the dealer (twice since purchase) they make adjustments but the light/issue comes back. when the light is on and it rains the traction on the surface is terrible! the vehicle pulls and presents an issue of safety for the driver. *tr
 2007 chevy equinox, with 43,717 miles, stabilitrak light came on and car would not start. had to be jump started and then while trying to drive, the entire steering column was very difficult to drive or turn. car would want to turn off every once in a while. turned into mckinney chevy dealership, and they replaced electronic power steering (eps) fuse. *tr
 I had 2 chevy equinox 2007 model, loaded. first vehicle repurchased due to multiple episodes of stabilitrak failure, turn signals quit working, radio problems, passenger system airbag not working, and finally failure of main airbag system. given exact twin of first car, as thought that car was just a lemon. 2nd equinox had 2 episodes of stabilitrak failure, and a new steering column placed, and then had total system failure of the steering, brakes, gas, stabilitrak, and airbag system while driving the vehicle. i had absolutely no control over any of these systems! you could turn my steering wheel 360 degrees, and the wheels never moved, the brakes didn't work, the gas didn't work, and all alarms were going off that the systems, including the airbags were not working. luckily, no one was injured as i had just begun making a turn into roadway and all vehicles coming at me both ways were able to swerve, and the car was going slow enough and over a slight incline that it rolled to a stop just before hitting a steel light post. this car was also repurchased. something is very wrong in the engineering of this vehicle and i am concerned for all the other people owning/driving this vehicle. *tr