BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
08-07-30-00201/01/200810025561Information on 4t65-e mn7, m15 and m76 front wheel drive automatic transmission valve body reconditioning, dtcs p0741, p0742, p0757, p842, harsh shifts or slips. *pe update 6/11/10. *pe08/21/2008
08073000203/01/2008080730002A10025065Informational on 4t65-e mn7, m15 and m76 front wheel drive automatic transmission valve body reconditioning, dtcs p0741, p0742, p0757, p842, harsh shifts or slips. *pe07/08/2008
06073002309/01/2006100207664t65e transmission 1-2 shift shudder at light to moderate acceleration. replace complete second clutch assembly. *kb01/08/2007
020730013D05/01/2005020720013E10012152Incorrect transmission shifts poor engine performance harsh 1-2 upshifts slips 1st and reverse torque converter clutch stuck off on diagnostic trouble code p0730, p0756, p0757, p0741, p0742. *eh *tt02/15/2005
31023102B10010237Service vme 01-04 vehicle equipped with 4t65e automatic transmission 4t65e transmission valve body inspection procedure. (to include 2004 pontiac aztec) *sc all 2001 - 2006 passenger vehicles with 4t65e transaxle. *tt11/05/2004
0143201/01/200310004412Automatic transmission poor acceleration, performance. *tt12/05/2003
00704A11/18/200310004213The 4t65e automatic transmission may exhibit a condition of a harsh garage shift into reverse or drive on a cold start. *tt11/21/2003
03073001705/01/200310002394Grind noise or no vehicle movement when shifting into drive or reverse. *tt08/27/2003
010730032B11/01/2004010730032A628928Some owners may comment on a transmission oil leak. *tt updated *eh03/25/2002
04060106/04/2001623749Some vehicles may experience no forward, delayed forward, or the transmission may lock up in reverse intermittently, some vehicles will not move when placed in reverse intermittently. *slc10/30/2001
4T65E06/20/2001623439Information regarding certain models including the 2001 buick rendezvous automatic transmission input sun gear thrust bearing. *slc10/29/2001
01073001404/01/2001619376Some onwers may comment on one or several delayed shifts, slips, flares or extended shifts during cold operation. *tt05/24/2001
26020102/26/2001619245Some vehicles equipped with the 4t65e transmission may experience a condition where the fourth clutch is burnt up. *tt05/21/2001
01010101/01/2001617760Gm powertrain is currently seeking information regarding codes p0716 / p0717 on the 4t65e transmission. *tt03/26/2001
01010101/01/2001617761Gm powertrain is currently seeking information regarding 4t65e transmissions with a whine noise in park and neutral. *tt03/26/2001
0160901/01/200410007138Diagnostic trouble code (dtc) p0650 set after pcm (powertrain control module) replacement. *tt05/27/2004
4T65E02/17/2001618105Subject regarding automatic transmission codes p0741, p0742 - third reuest for info. *jb04/04/2001
020730024A08/01/2005020730024B634999Diagnosis of cracked or broken transmission case. *tt 2006 and prior cars and light duty trucks. *tt10/11/2002
4T65E01/01/2001623474Information regarding automatic transmission torque converter oil seal, a request for information. *slc10/29/2001
02073004811/02/200210006166Pressure control solenoid replacement for 4t65-e, 4t40-e, and 4t45-e transaxle/transmission.*mr04/23/2004
990730030A04/01/2001990730030619370Owners of some vehicles equipped with hydra-matic 3t40, 4t60, 4t60-e or 4t65-e transaxles may comment on a grinding and / or growling noise that is noticeable when standing in park on a hill or slope with the engine running and the parking05/24/2001
000730002B07/01/2002000730002A634985Concerns with slips, harsh upshift or garage shifts, launch shudders, flares, erratic shifts and intermittent concerns, diagnostic trouble code p1811 or p0748 set. *tt10/11/2002
02073001302/01/2004020730013A631267Incorrect transmission shifts, poor performance of engine, transmission slipping, ses lamp illuminated, diagnostic trouble codes p0756 and p0757. *slc update. *tt05/21/2002

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 While driving at highway speeds engine just cuts out. when at a complete stop at a light the engine would just cut out without any warning. there is no engine codes, engine just dies. sometimes it is a pain trying to star the engine while at highway speed.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2001 chevrolet impala. the contact stated that the vehicle was not receiving enough power. the dealer replaced the spark plugs and the starter, but the failure continued. while driving more than 60 mph, the vehicle would shake violently. the dealer was unable to correct the failures. the vin was unknown. the failure and current mileages were less than 100,000.
 The engine would turn off while driving. (this happened on september 20, 2002 the car had to be towed because the transmission had failed while driving it on a main thoroughfare. as on highway). *jb ****dimsii ivoq entry posted after 12/12/02 cut-over to artemis****768328
 The were no events leading up to the failure. one day we were driving in town at 45 mph and the transmission developed a high pitched sound and two seconds later it dropped to 25 mph. the transmission will have to be replaced at a cost for than the car is worth. the transmission shop stated it is a very common problem with the car due to a large gap between the clutch and the gears. *tr
 2001 chevy impala engine, radiator and battery replaced. consumer had the vehicle fixed at her own expense because gm would not help her out. she stated that the transmission went 3 months after the engine. *kb the power switch and side mirror was replaced. *jb
 2001 chevy impala with transmission problems customer states that the transmission had to be rebuilt and gm is less than reasonable**cc the consumer stated in october 2006 the transmission blew with only 48,000 miles on it. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2001 chevrolet impala. while driving at an unknown speed, the contact heard a loud noise coming from the engine compartment. the gears failed and the vehicle suddenly stopped moving. no warning indicators were present. the vehicle was towed to her residence and taken to a transmission shop the following day. the mechanic stated that the cause of failure was the transmission. the current and failure mileages were 67,000.
 The traction system was activating for no reason. service abs light came on in vehicle. dealer replaced left wheel hub, including sensor. problem recurred the day after and the wrong assembly was installed, the correct assembly was installed. one month later problem recurred. dealer claimed it was a loose connection on wheel hub assembly. seven months later problem recurred. dealer now says the right hub assembly needed replacing, as well as the transmission solenoid. repairs have not been done for the latter because we want dealership to repair free of charge.*ak
 My vehicle has a problem with the transmission running rough, nearly stalling, and a 0742 code being activated. the car has 123,000 miles on it, so it is well out of warranty. a local transmission shop stated that the transmission needed to be rebuilt and quoted a price of $1400 to rebuild the transmission. i know that the car has a great deal of mileage on it, but i expect a little bit more for the money i paid for the car. after looking on this web site at the number of complaints and problems people are having with this car/transmission, and seeing that the 4t65e transmission is used in over 20 gm cars, when are you going to do something about gm taking advantage of this before it costs the american public thousands of dollars? anything you can do to push gm to make this problem right would be appreciated. if you cannot the only thing i will do is buy japanese.*jb
 Transmission failure. *nm
 Power train failure: first sign of problem was harsh shifting, had the transmission fluid and filter changed, still had same problem. before i found the service bulletins on this problem the planetary gears got chewed up by a broken piece of metal, had to rebuild the transmission $1800. filed complaint with gm, since i did not have it repaired at a dealer (for twice the price) they would not help. now i have a 2001 monte carlo showing the same harsh shifting. the transmission has be flushed by the dealer and they put an additive into the transmission fluid to help the sticky value problem, did not work. there is a pattern here and gm will not stand behind their product. *nm
 Dt: the caller said that while accelerating to get back on the highway lost forward motion. he said the transmission failed. he was able to get the vehicle pushed off the road. vehicle was towed. dealer has not done anything yet. manufacturer said they were contacting the dealer and will get back to the caller. they were holding off until an inspector looked at the vehicle. inspector was not a gmc employee.*ak
 2001 chevrolet impala was involved in a minor accident and afterwards the transmission would no longer function.*mr the transmission had no reverse and had shifting problems. the technician determined that the thrust bearings broke and damaged the sun gear, input carrier and reaction sun gear. the technician indicated the this is a common problem with this transmission and that it's failure was not related to the accident. the manufacturer issued service bulletins referencing transmission problems. *nm
 Problems to get gear in - delayed with some noise. a day later the transmission failed. the planetary system broke - after only 44000 miles. ransmission type 4t65e. repair was necessary - costs $2300. *ak
 Purchase - may 2003 transmission - may 2003 transmission (electrical wire) october 2003 the car continued to run irregular. on an intermittent basis it would be extremely hesitant taking off from a stop sign or red light. february 2004 - nothing was found wrong with the car although it continued to run improperly. september 2004 - catalytic converter october 2004 - undiagnosed due to chevy's refusal to diagnosis the car for free after just replacing the catalytic converter six (6) days ago. *nm
 2001 chev impala --transmission failure after 40,000 miles due to a pressure pump being bad. is this the cause to many reported roll backs ? did gm put inferior pumps in their transmissions to cut costs and at the consumers expense ?*ak
 Transmission failure--2001 chevy impala with 45,000 miles--basically no advance notice--stopped at a traffic light, depressed accelerator and transmission took awhile to engage before moving forward. happened again at the next two (2) lights. got car home intending to take to dealer in morning. backed car out of garage--went 5 ft and it would not move further. pulled forward and able to put in reverse to back out of driveway. managed to get to dealer. going to teardown transmission tomorrow. should not happen on a vehicle with 45,000 miles---90,000 maybe, 45,000 no. this is my 3rd transmission failure with a gm product since 1980. like their styling but don't know if i can continue to purchase their products.*ak
 2001 chevyrolet impala, 64,000 miles, purchased may 2001, no problems until 8/3/2004-- vehicle made grinding/metal sound, quit moving on busy 4-lane road in rush hour traffic. towed to dealership. they said transmission is shot and must be replaced, it is out of warranty and they quoted me $3500 to replace it. now it is at a transmission shop to be rebuilt. no word yet on how extensive the repair will be. *ak
 Transmission blew from the inside out. *jb
 My husband said that his car was driving poorly for about a month or so before it broke down on a busy road. since this is the third chevrolet transmission to break down on both my husband and i we knew that was the problem. as a result we were without a car for about a week. luckily there was no accident but there very well could have been. the car just died at a red light. chevrolet replaced this transmission with a rebuilt transmission,because it was still under the original factory warranty. the warranty on the rebuilt part was for only 90 days. last year when we had to pay for the transmission to be replaced on my 1997 venture after only 52,000 miles the warranty given was for one year. *ak
 Car rolls backward while in drive on incline. dealer claimed that it is normal. seems to me that it is a safety problem. also when shifting from reverse to drive the trans will shift but when i accelerate the trans slams into gear. i have not been able to take car in to dealer as this does not happen every day. after reading other complaints about the transmissions it seems that there is a real safety issue. *jb
 I currently own a 2001 chevrolet impala ls, 3.8l v6. before 36,000 miles i took my car to the dealership. the vehicle was running poorly and when it was cold the transmission would slam into gear. dealer made some repairs and told me the fuel system needed to be serviced. i declined the fuel service at the time and the transmission slamming into gear from a cold start continued. the problem worsened at 47,000 miles. i took the car back to the dealer and after 2 days i was told that the problem was the fuel system service. at 50,000 miles the transmission began slipping severely. i tried to get the car home and it failed to engage while pulling into traffic. i got the car home to perform the 50,000 mile service to the transmission and found a handful of metal in the pan. had the car towed to the dealership and found out that the transmission was completely totalled. gm only offered to pay for half the repair costs. there is no recommended service before 50,000 miles and i don't feel i should be responsible for the repairs on this vehicle. i have owned it less than 3 years. *ak
 While accelerating from a stop sign, car shook all over and i heard a loud bang. the car would not move at all. i coasted to the edge of the road where i waited for a tow truck. the dealerships service manager informed me after about a week, that my planetary gear had exploded. he also stated that the fluid filter was full of metal shavings. he stated to us that there was nothing that i could have done to prevent this from happening. my new transmission cost me $2200. this car has just 55000 miles on it. it is absolutely insane that i am paying all of this money to repair this car, that is practically new. i have contacted gm's corporate customer service people and they will offer no assistance in this matter. the service i received from them was poor. the case was actually lost once therefore i had to start all over again. the woman who then took over the case bold face lied to my fiance and then back pedaled by saying that there was another case just like mine and the woman just happened to have the same name as me. what a coincidence. in addition to this, just 10 days prior to the transmission's death, i had to replace a catalytic converter in the vehicle. *ak
 While driving transmission slipped gears and lurched forward. dealer replaced the original transmission with a rebuilt transmission. the rebuilt transmission also slipped gears and lurched forward. *ak when vehicle was brought to the dealer on first failure of transmission, consumer noticed that the color of the fluid in the trans axle was different from the one in the bottle. consumer decided to replace the transaxle and fluid after vehicle was driven for a number of miles because the fluid color gets darker. after repair, just after warranty period, transmission blew up then vehicle quit driving forward; transmission technician and could not tell the cause of failure. consumer spoke to the service department manager and said there was a possibility of an axle bearing or bearing failure. *la
 While driving uphill vehicle slipped out of drive. the driver was able to get the vehicle to the side of the road and put it back into drive. *ak
 I have a chevrolet impala 2001. just last week the transmission completely went. i just received word from the transmission shop i took it to. the estimate is $1700.00. which is ridiculous for a car with 38,500 miles. gm stated that since it is over warranty there is nothing they could do. second they stated that the impala would need to be at a gm dealer for them to even open a complaint with the issue. why would i take it to a gm dealer to have them tell me sorry out of warranty and then charge me double the quote of a transmission shop. fool me once shame on you. but fool me twice shame on me. any advise you could offer would be appreciated.*ak
 At 39,000 miles the transmission malfunctioned while shifting into gear, which caused a lurching movement every time. *jb initially, the transmission problem started at 26k miles. the dealer stated stated that the steering wheel rod needed replacing and lubrication. the difficulty returned. the dealer stated that nothing was wrong. the vehicle had begun to lurch into gear when stopped, skipped gears in reverse, and sometimes would not drop into proper gear. *sc
 Car won't move at times.removed transmission, inspected internal parts all okay except valve body replaced, sticking valve body and gaskets. *ak
 Car lurches, also makes grinding noise code-op-730 loosing communication with pcm replace pcm. *ak
 Customer states transmission slips, no shift, won't move forward or backwards,diagnosis found input carrier broken metal fragments all over transmission, replace parts and recon and clean case. *ak
 Car running rough, wanted to stall, dealer found no problem. *ak
 Purchased 2001 chevrolet impala base model. i have 51,000 miles and my transmission went out on me. i had a diagnostic test which showed that there was an electrical problem within the the transmission. a new transmission had to be installed. this cost $2500. there is no reason for a car this age with this many miles to have such a problem, granted the warranty goes to 36,000 miles or 3 years whichever occurs first. i am very upset, and it basically solidified that i will never buy a gm car again. *ak
 My 2001 impala began having loss of power/slipping during acceleration at low speeds around 30,000 miles, dealer looked at car and could not duplicat 2 times. car scontiued to have the problem and dealer felt that the valve body should be replaced and toe set. at 37,400 miles i was driving along and suddenly loss operation of vehicle whil going through intersection, coasted into gas station tried all gears of car and was unable to move car forward or reverse. had car towed to dealership. transmission repair of planetaries and bands was performed that was august 25, 2003. on september 10 check engine light came on and i had it diagnosed at independent mechanic shop and was told that 2 transmission codes were coming up they were 742 and 748. gm extended warranty would not allow repair to be done by any one else but chevrolet dealership, i took the vehicle into dealership on october 6 and was told on the 9th that they could not duplicate the problem. i will be picking up my car tomorrow and waiting for the next time that the check engine light comes on to take it back to the dealer.
 We heard a low rumbling noise while accelerating from a stop, we barely made it through the next major intersection as the car was hardly moving forward any more and coasted to a boulevard off of a major road. the car jumped forward in park when we restarted it and then it would not respond whether we tried to put the car in drive or reverse. this is a 2001 vehicle now in need of a refabbed transmission for a whopping $2700! the dealer never opened the transmission to find out exactly what went wrong (they guess it's the gear set) and they refuse to let us get a 3rd party to examine it. they will charge us a $700 non-refundable core fee even if we return the core to them in a timely manner. also, the time table for them to return the part to gm just went to 24 hours. originally they said it usually takes around a week for them to send the part back!*ak
 Transmission failure in 2001 chevy impala. only 59k miles, transmission needs rebuild. technical service bulliten 00-07-30-002b july 2002 lists problems that my car developed.*ak
 Transmission died today. coasted into a parking spot. 6-30-03 car was in for third 'low coolant' light. a costly correction was made by the dealer. previously in 4-03 and 8-02, installed new sensor both times.
 While driving at any speed transmission jerked. dealer inspected and stated the was the code-po742. consumer stated this vehicle was no longer on warranty.*ak
 Automatic transmission failed when i was accelerating onto highway from light. transmission did not respond to gas pedal application. one other vehicles almost collided with my vehicle from behind. *nlm
 Ever since they rebuilt the transmission i roll backwards while waiting at traffic lights and am i in danger of hitting the cars behind me. if i go forward by putting my foot on the gas i am in danger of hitting the car in front of me. *ph *nlm **dimsii ivoq entry posted after 12/12/02 cut over to artemis**768330
 Ever since they rebuilt the transmission i roll backwards while waiting at traffic lights and i am in danger of hitting the cars behind me and if i go forward by putting my foot on the gas i am in danger of hitting the car in front of me. *ph *nlm **dimsii ivoq entry posted after 12/12/02 cut over to artemis**768329
 Transmission went out, have to be completely rebuilt. metal pieces were found in fluid. vehicle previously in for service due to the pressure modulator in transmission went out. felt like you were driving and shifting without a clutch if the car was a stick shift. prior to that, the computer module went out, causing the battery to drain over night and having to jump start it. before that, the automatic traction control system went out. found out it was a faulty sensor in the back brake area. before that, the front rotors were severely wrapped and had to be replaced. *jb
 Automatic transmission failed. the dealership indicated that the transmission had disintegrated and needed to be replaced. please provide more details. ph
 When stopped on a moderate incline, the driver removed his foot from the brake and the car immediately began to roll down the grade. *ts *nlm
 Consumer states that when vehicle is on a slight incline, with vehicle in drive gear it will roll backwards, when foot is removed from the brake pad. ts
 Consumer states vehicle has excessive rollback on inclines when accelerating from a stopped position. nlm
 Automatic transmission failed when driver was accelerating onto highway from ramp. transmission did not respond to gas pedal application. two other vehicles almost collided with consumer's vehicle from behind. this is was second time that transmission has failed. please describe details.*ak
 No summary listed for above vehicle. *ak
 Consumer got into vehicle and cranked it up, and vehicle popped. consumer turned engine off,then cranked it up again. vehicle was idling. but when consumer put vehicle in reverse, vehicle accelerated backwards. vehicle went backwards, across main street, and quit in a field. state police wrote it up as a mechanical defect, and would not let anyone move vehicle. vehicle been sitting for 10 days. contacted dealer and got no response.*ak
 Traction control light is lit when car is put in reverse.. there is no wheel spin when this happens. also vehicle stalls at idle, whining noise on acceleration dealer says could be intake gasket leaking.. will not replace . dealer says computer test shows no problem. smell of anti-freeze in cabin at intermittent times. cannot locate leak. *ak
 The vehicle stalled out while the consumer was traveling at speed of 35 mph. the dealer stated that intermittant internal failure in pcm and installed the pcm. *yh
 The vehicle was involved in a frontal collision of 55 - 60 mph and none of the air bags deployed. before the impact the car fishtailed and skidded on loose pavement and the abs/ traction control was never activated.*ak
 Driver's left vehicle in park with engine running. consumer got out, ran in house for a minute, and vehicle jumped out of park into reverse, and rolled backwards into a tree. dealer has been contacted. *ak
 When vehicle is in drive and you take your foot off of the brake it will start to roll backwards. this happens when you are sitting at a red light or sitting in your driveway. when this occurs you hit the gas and might hit the car in front of you. or roll back and hit the car behind you. the salesman at the dealership were i got the car has had a number of complaints about this same problem, his name is john murphy. i have called the chevrolet company to voice my problem. i am waiting to hear back from them, if you have any question feel free to call or email me and i will answer any other questions thankyou for looking into this matter.*ak
 When key was in accessary position and without applying brakes shift lever can be moved out of park positon which was done by a 2 year old, causing vehicle to roll. manufacturer stated that vehicles did not have a safety feature to prevent this from occurring.*ak
 While driving transmission slipped gears and lurched forward. dealer replaced the original transmission with a rebuilt transmission. the rebuilt transmission also slipped gears and lurched forward. *ak when vehicle was brought to the dealer on first failure of transmission, consumer noticed that the color of the fluid in the trans axle was different from the one in the bottle. consumer decided to replace the transaxle and fluid after vehicle was driven for a number of miles because the fluid color gets darker. after repair, just after warranty period, transmission blew up then vehicle quit driving forward; transmission technician and could not tell the cause of failure. consumer spoke to the service department manager and said there was a possibility of an axle bearing or bearing failure. *la