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07085000905/01/200710021849Front driver or passenger power seat inoperative/binds when moving forward or rearward. *kb06/22/2007

Consumer Complaints

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 During a auto rearend accident i was injured, i feel the built in lumbar support failed to protect me form the lumbar displacement and other injury i received to my shoulder and cervical spine. during the auto accident the inner workings of the seat broke on my back upon impact, this was never fixed during the collision repair nor the bumper spring it also broke in the rear end crash, the collision repair company lied about the repairs made and the damage received to the car. *tr
 Consumer's 2007 chevy impala has many issues with battery, motor mount, air conditioning and heating. electronic component. *nj the cd changer and driver side seat motor failed as well. *jb
 Tl*the contact owns a 2007 chevrolet impala. the contact stated that the brakes would squeak very loudly when the brake pedal was depressed. the dealer stated that the brakes were lubricated and should be fine. two months later, the tire pressure sensor illuminated on the instrument panel. the dealer placed air into the tire and the sensor warning light illuminated again. the dealer stated that the sensor malfunctioned; therefore, it was replaced and recalibrated. the contact then began to hear a rattling noise coming from the rear passenger side. the dealer stated that the bracket for the exhaust manifold malfunctioned and was repaired. the latch mechanism on the driver's side door malfunctioned and caused the door to shake rapidly while in motion. the dealer replaced the door latch. while driving 40 mph, he suddenly depressed the brake pedal to avoid a crash on the interstate. the driver's seat bracket snapped and threw the contact backwards into the rear seat. the passenger in the vehicle grabbed the steering wheel to avoid a crash. the contact was completely displaced from the normal driving position. the vehicle was towed to the dealer and was unable to be driven. the dealer stated that the seat needed to be replaced, but made the necessary repairs in order for the vehicle to be driven again. the failure mileage was 100 and current mileage was 21,932.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2007 chevrolet impala. while driving 30 mph, the driver seat completely detached and threw the contact into the back seat. his spouse was able to grab the steering wheel to prevent a crash. the vehicle was towed to the dealer and they repaired it under warranty. the contact spoke with the manufacturer and was informed that they would investigate the failure and call him back. the current mileage was 21,924 and failure mileage was 21,900. updated 10/03/08 *bf the front brakes squeaked irregulary whenever the consumer tried to stop, the tire pressure montioring system would informt he cosumer one or more of the tire were low, the consumer was told the tire sensors were bad after having returned for a second time for the same roblem. the bracket on the rear muffler had broken, the latch in the front drivers door had broken and needed to be replaced. updated 10/07/08. *jb
 Tl*the contact owns a 2007 chevrolet impala. occasionally, the seat recliner fails. when the failure occurs, the seat back would not move in either direction. the seat recliner is manually used and currently does not recline at all. the dealer and manufacturer have not been notified. the current and failure mileages were 41,000.
 When buying the car notice that the driver seat heater would go off after a short time on the road and would slightly warm up and would not come back on. acts like there is a short some where. the dealer said they would fix it, so i ended up buying the car. after numerous trips to the dealer to fix the problem. they came to a decision to replace the part that is under the drivers seat. (this was after we had to talk to the service manager). this did not fix the problem its doing the same thing. have not took the car back in as of yet because i don't feel like getting the run around again because the service department doesn't know how to troubleshoot a wiring problem. did send in their service satisfaction card with the comments that it did not fix the problem. as of today i have not gotten a response to this card. its been at least a month since mailing the card. *tr