Chevrolet P-30

Model P-30 made by Chevrolet got 5 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to electrical system, parking brake.

Model 1996

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Electrical system shorted out, causing complete loss of engine power/fire.
 Auto park system on my 1996 rexhall motorhome has applied itself when the system is hot after a number of hours of driving. it has happened to me when backing, but i have read and heard of numerous occasions when it has happened to motorhomes when moving forward at highway speed. *nm
 I put my 1996 class a motor home in auto-park at a dump site. i got out of the seat to dump my tanks and my wife warned me we were rolling. i was able to stop the vehicle before it hit any thing. the auto park light was on and when i put the vehicle in gear i could hear the auto park disengaging, but it was never on. vehicle rolls away when it should be in park and the dash states it is in park. i have to have my wife keep her foot on the brake while i put blocks in front and behind the wheels to keep the vehicle from rolling away. *la
 Automatic park brake came on by itself four time, while driving, twice at 10mph, once at 20mph, once at 45mph.
 I have a 1997 rexhall motorhome on a 1996 p-30 chevrolet chassis. the auto park brake, at times, comes on when in reverse or drive stopping the vehicle very abruptly. i am very concerned that this is going to happen at highway speeds and someone in the motorhome or following to close will be injured and/or killed!! i have tried to have this situation taken care of but the dealers i have spoken with don't seem to have the knowledge or information they needed to remedy the problem. i have seen this situation mentioned on rv forums and it appears there are many p-30 chassis with this same problem and cannot get it resolved. i pray that you get enough complaints on this problem to investigate it before things get serious which might result to injury or death. i am at the point that i hesitate to drive this vehicle in this condition. thanks for listening. *la