Chevrolet P30 Chassis

Model P30 Chassis made by Chevrolet got 5 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to parking brake, service brakes, air and steering.

Model 1996

Consumer Complaints

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 The automatic park brakeon my 1996 chevy p30 chassie motorhome locked up on me when i was driving. luckly i was only going slow in reverse. i was in the middle of a road way when it happened. i could not get the motorhome to move in reverse. everytime i put it in reverse after the intially lock up it would engage the auto park and would not move. it was extremlly nerve racking and unsafe. i have not had it happen yet when i was going forward but i see an unsafe situation., i contacted chevy and they had no information for me. please help . *ak
 P 30 chassis auto park brakes locks when shifting from drive to reverse, this happen after driving for some distance and unit being up to normal temperature.first time ths happen 300 plus miles from home and five days in the shop and with a charge of $880.08 and then left the shop with the same problem i had when going there ,had to leave for home cutting our trip short because no one seem to know what to do to correct our problem.i contacted g. m. customer service several times without any support or concern what so ever.after return home i went to several g. m. truck service centers and only one would attempt to guess the cause and stated they would have to start by replacing parts which amounts to 13 , after the $1880.08 already spents and problem not fixed i was not eager to let them start replacing parts again and having a unknown cost without assurance of correcting problem. this is the 2th time within 34,000 with auto park brakes problems. ( 1st time to be filed on another complaint form ) i know of a number of other p 30 owners who has experience auto park brakes problems and are very unhappy with general motors because they dont seem to care about our safety or cost. hope you will review all complaints and consider our request. thank you.
 While vehicle was parked on a slight incline it rolled forward and collided into another vehicle because parking brake failed. dealer has inspected vehicle.*ak
 Consumer states that auto park system fails when you are driving. it makes the brakes to apply and the vehicle stops by it has been contacted. mr consumer states that the failure is due to the pressure switch. this is the second time the switch has failed. ph 09-dec-2002
 While steering consumer heard a loud noise. after inspecting vehicle consumer noticed that bolts that attach steering to linkage sheared off. please provide additional information. *ak