Consumer Complaints

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 2004 chevrolet silverado extended cab, poor braking. replaced brakes and rotors and still have poor braking. have to bear down on pedal to stop. speedometer reading goes up and down on it's own. had a speed sensor replaced but didn't correct the problem had the dealership replace steering coupling in steering column because of clunking in the steering. the clunking, loose feeling has started again. *tr
 The speedometer on my 2004 silverado z71 extended cab either doesn't work or shows incorrect speeds. gm has issued a recall on this up to 70,000 miles and while i have 106,000 miles currently, the problem started at 67,000 miles. i was over 100,000 miles when the recall letter arrived by mail. i did not previously fix the problem for the same reason i still haven't, lack of funds. if this is a known problem and safety issue due to faulty equipment gm should be required to remove the mileage requirement. i should not have to pay for a known faulty part simply because my work entails extensive driving. *tr
 I own a 2004 chevrolet silverado. while i was going through deployment, my wife received a recall notice for the gauges because they go all over the place, as mine does. when she went to have the vehicle fixed, they told her that it had too many miles on it to be covered under the recall and i would have to pay over $400 if i wanted it fixed. i thought a recall was a recall. what difference does it make how much it was used the problem is still the same? *tr
 I own a 2004 chevy had only 59,000 miles at the time of the defect. the defect is the speedometer on the truck. i was returning from an out of state trip when i noticed i was passing everyone on the interstate. my wife told me to slow down but i told her i was doing the speed limit. at least i thought i was about ten minutes later i looked down at the speedometer and it said i was going 30 miles per hour and i must have been doing 65-75. i slow down to what looked like a safe speed because i did not want to get a ticket or cause an accident. later we stopped for gas and when i returned on the highway i had no reading at all. i had 800 more mile to go and could not tell how fast i was driving on the interstate. as we made our way back home over the next two days the speedometer read anywhere from 70,40,25 or nothing while on the interstate.i contacted the chevy dealer only to be told they was nothing can could do since the warranty expire. i looked for a recall but could not find anything.what i did find was over 40 complaints on the website called auto beef where owners of 2004 silverado was having the same unfixed issue. updated 01/25/10 *bf as of today i have not fixed the problem due to financial problems due to the holiday and lack of fund thereafter{like everyone else!}i feel this is a safety issue and i feel that chevorlet should issue a recall on this problem since there are so many with this serious issue with such low mileage on their vehicles.they are probably more out there that just paid to have theirs fixed after being told by the dealers that they could not help them with this default. please look into for the safety of our drivers. thanks for your time on this concern. *tr updated 01/25/10 *bf updated 01/26/10.*jb
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado 1500. while driving 65 mph the instrument panel displayed the incorrect speed and amount of fuel in the vehicle. the vehicle was taken to the dealer and the warranty was valid up to 80,000; however, his vehicle's mileage exceeded the warranty. the contact is responsible for the repair cost. the manufacturer advised the contact to take the vehicle to the dealer. the failure mileage was 171,000.
 Noticed that the speedometer freezes up when the weather gets cold. it's been happening for at least 2 winters now and if i don't get a speeding ticket soon, i'm hoping not to get into and accident cause i have no idea how fast i'm really going. my understanding is that there is a whole forum about faulty chevy speedometer. *tr
 I have a 2004 chevy silverado and a 2004 trailblazer both of them had the speedometer go out after 80,000 miles. *tr updated 12/15/09
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado 1500. while driving 65 mph the speedometer registered the speed at 120 mph. whenever he reduced the speed, the speedometer reset itself to 55 mph. the failure will be diagnosed by the dealer. the failure and the current mileages were 53,000. updated 01/05/10 *bf updated 01/07/10.*jb
 Speedometer started working erratically giving incorrect speeds. sometimes stuck at zero and other times stuck at different speed. many other people are complaining of same problems. please make chevy recall and fix no matter what mileage is on vehicle. *tr
 Without warning of any sort my 2004 z71's speedometer has quit working. it stays below the 0 mph mark and if it decides to come alive while i'm driving it is completely off. i can be driving 20 and it will say i'm going 50 mph. this is my primary vehicle....i have 3 little girls and this is our main source of transportation. why won't gm recall this? i'm also hearing the clunking sound that so many other people have reported it is accompanied by a wobbling sensation in the steering column. i can't afford to keep having these issues serviced just for them to stop working again. recall or lemon law. *tr
 Speedometer and gas gauge defective. speedometer will not work at all. gas gauge will not show proper fuel level. alot of 2005 gm owners are having this problem, this should be a recall. speedometer, can't tell how fast we are going. if the gas gauge is not working could cause an accident if the vehicle stalls on the highway, especially if you are over a hill or curve. very dangerous. there are so many people complaining about this why isn't it a recall? please help to get this recalled no matter the mileage, we need to be safe while operating our vehicle. i hope it does not have to take a lawsuit to make this a recall item. *tr
 Initally, the speedometer gradually started displaying incorrect speeds without alerting me to a failure in the system. there were no significant enough changes in behavior at around 95,000 - 100,000 miles on the odometer to cause me to notice the problem. it wasn't until one day while i was going much faster than the slower lane traffic on the highway that i noticed a serious deviation in the reading ( i finally figured it out while starting to drive much faster than regular traffic flow while the speedometer kept gradually dropping any time i slowed even slightly until it registered around 40 mph when i was passing middle-lane trafiic in a 65 mph zone). i stick pretty close to the speed limits and observe recommended speeds (e.g. yellow signs on curved highway) especially while towing trailers. had this happened to someone else while pulling a trailer around the mountains of colorado and wyoming, there could've been a serious injury/death level accident. i didn't see a recall on the instrument cluster or speedometer using this sites database search. *tr
 Steering column is faulty in two of my 2004 chevrolet silverados. had it repaired by gm but it keeps messing up and causing vibrations, clunking and altering the steering . also both of my trucks the speedometer has completely quit working at 40,000 miles. how safe is this????? please please do a recall on these two items. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado 1500. while driving at any speed, the speedometer would always indicate that the speed was 55 mph faster than what the vehicle was actually traveling. the vehicle has not been diagnosed by the dealer. the current and failure mileages were 83,000. updated 08/04/09 *bf updated 05/08/09.*jb
 2004 chevrolet silverado speedometer not working. when stopped it reads 70mph and up!!!!!!! *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado 1500. the contact stated that the gauges on the instrument control panel were inoperative. the dealer has not yet inspected the vehicle to determine the cause of the failure. the failure and current mileages were 86,000. updated 05/27/09. *lj updated 05/28/09.*jb
 2004 silverado truck has a failure of oil pressure, temperature, tachometer, and speedometer gauges. unable to gauge speed or possible engine problems due to intermittent failure of gauges. am not covered due to mileage of vehicle. *tr
 The speedometer on my vehicle has gone haywire. i'll be driving 60mph and it shows that i am going 110mph. very distracting and unsafe. *tr
 Speedometer some times does not register correctly. *tr
 2004 chevy silverado speedometer i hear they recalled them but only up to 70,000 miles. we are over that but didn't start messing up until reached about 85,000 if you read any forums on the internet there are alot of people having this problem and costing 500.00 to get fixed, and alot of speeding tickets. it will work for a bit then you stop and it will read 30 or something stop the next time read 95 then wont work. then work fine for a day for so then mess up again. the other clusters are now messing up to at 95000 miles. *tr
 Speedometer not working. *tr
 I have a 2004 chevy silverado z71. at 40,000 mi, the speedometer started to lag and move in fits and starts (very jumpy). it finally stopped working and now only reads 60 mph regardless of actual speed. all other instruments work fine. only the speedometer exhibits this behavior. *tr
 I had the same type of problem with my '04 silverado. the entire instrument panel went down. spedometer, gas, oil, temp gauges all were inoperative. there is an entire bunch of silverados, gmc and other chevy vehicles with this problem. the dealer fixed mine for free. call your chevy or gm district managers and complain like hell! this is a big problem for chevy and gmc. i believe it included 02 through 05 vehicles. frank *tr
 The speedometer needle on my 2004 chevrolet silverado pick up sticks part of the time in all different spots. it dose not matter i am accelerating or decelerating. an some times it dose not even leave the 0 mark. this problem can result if drivers getting pulled over for speeding when there speedometer is telling them that they are going the proper speed limit. *tr
 I own a 2004 chevy silverado and the speedometer has stopped working just over 70,000 miles. i brought my truck in for service, and the dealer says it will cost about $600.00 for a repair. i looked this up online, and have found out that many other trucks have this same problem, and since this is a safety issue, i believe that there should be a recall on the dash cluster. if gm produced a faulty, unsafe part, they should stand behind the product. feel free to contact me. *tr
 The speedometer in my 2004 silverado is starting to stick. two days ago it was reading 20mph when i was doing 55. i have noticed that it does not move smoothly when i increase or decrease my speed. *tr
 Speedometer not working properly and displaying incorrect speed. misleading anywhere from 10 to 50 miles per hour. works sometime and not others. went through school zone when i noticed the problem speedometer displayed 25 but luckily realized i was doing closer to 50. *tr
 Speedometer in my 2004 chevy, silverado quit working properly. not recording proper speed high or low and sticking in one position. *tr
 My speedometer cluster needs to be replaced it works when it wants to i received a speeding ticket because of this it is totally unsafe. *tr
 It started on august 24th the speedometer stopped working. then it started to register at 40 mph standing still. when placed into drive it maxs at 120 mph while moving. *tr
 Speedometer inop.*tr
 The speedometer in my '04 chevrolet silverado will work part of the time, and display incorrect speeds or stay at zero at times. i know of many other owners with the same problem. when will gm issue a recall? it is a safety defect. *tr
 Speedometer does not read anywhere near correct. *tr
 Speedometer will just stop working for no reason, going along down highway and look down, and the speedometer has quite. *tr
 Speedometer in my 2004 chevrolet silverado hangs up showing the wrong speeds. have to reset by continually turning ignition on and off so it will fall back to 0. *tr
 Gauges not working. first the temp gage would bottom out in either direction or start in between; checked all cooling devices/fluids. then fuel gage would sit anywhere regardless of actual fuel; no leaks or stoppages, airways clear. then speedometer sticks; at a stop would sit anywhere from 20-65 and start off from this point. i'm doing the math while driving to maintain speed limit. *tr
 Tl*the contact's father owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado 1500. everytime the vehicle is driven, the air conditioning changes from hot to cold, the speedometer displays inaccurate readings, and the tachometer does not work at all. the contact had to constantly restart the vehicle in order for the components to work properly. he received a recall letter regarding the instrument cluster, but it was not repaired due to the mileage on the vehicle. the recall number was unknown. the current mileage was 91,400 and failure mileage was 75,000.
 My speedometer just stopped working i have 72,000 miles on it. i was told it will cost 500 to fix . alot of people are having problems this should be a recall. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado 1500. the contact stated that the speedometer displays inaccurate speeds and the fuel gauge does not display the correct amount of gasoline. the failures occur intermittently. the manufacturer has an extended warranty regarding these failures; however, the parts are unavailable. the current mileage was 67,250 and failure mileage was 50,000.
 Speedometer began sticking on acceleration and deceleration at approximately 47000 miles. eventually, it began to register up to 70 mph while stopped at stop signs. now, the only reliable way to tell my speed is with hand held gps. i'm at approximately 54,000 miles and speedometer registers between -10 mph and 120 mph. according to the speedometer, i regularly do 100 mph through school zones. *tr
 Electrical panel gauges (speedometer) quit working at 68,000 miles. i filed a complaint. chevrolet notified me by letter they would replace the defective part if my vehicle had less than 70,000 miles. by the time i got the letter my vehicle had over 70,000 miles. now chevrolet will not repair the defective part. *tr
 Speedometer and other gauges failure on 2004 chevrolet silverado. started approximately fall last year. now speedometer is inoperable. causing me to have to guess my approximate speed. g m finally sent notices to owners of affected vehicles but mine is out of warranty. this seems to be a serious problem posing possible danger to the owners and other drivers. a lot of folks will probably not be able to get this repaired soon enough or at all due to high repair costs. *tr
 Started suddenly.. speedometer registering much greater speed than actual speed. even off/parked registering in excess of 120 mph. all other gauges as of now seem to be functioning properly. *tr
 I have had trouble with my speedometer, heat, and gas gauges. the speedometer will set at 60mph or it will not work at all. than it will start working when it feels like it. my temp. gage will go to the red line or it won't move at all. my gas gage will set on empty when it full or it will work when it feels like it. this is very important to me and can cause problems with on how fast your going or not going, and with the other gauges you don't know if you have gas or don't, and with the head gauges that can scare you. *tr
 Instrument panel gauge needles stick, flutter and have become inoperative at times. this has caused inaccurate readings to the speedometer and fuel gauge. *tr
 Manufacturer sent out a letter stating major gauge problems. one of which is a safety recall problem where the speed is not properly registered. they deny responsibility due to vehicle mileage. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado 1500. while driving at all speeds, the speedometer malfunctioned and the dial would not move at all. the contact received a notice from the manufacturer stating that they would replace the speedometer if the vehicle had less than 70,000 miles. the manufacturer would not repair the vehicle because it exceeded 70,000 miles when the notice was received. the failure mileage was 69,000 and current mileage was 79,000.
 Speedometer on 2004 chevy silverado z71 showing incorrect speed. worked fine one day and the next day was messed up. now am unable to tell what is my accurate speed. it will sometimes work and then goes back to incorrect speed. numerous complaints on web sites for this issue on these trucks. *tr
 Purchased the truck and one week later, the gas gauge started sticking & going crazy. next went tachometer followed by the amp hand. have a 126,000 miles on the truck - everything else is in excellent condition and has been well maintained. this is a very common problem that needs to be addressed by the manufacturer. *tr
 The instrumental panel gauges are not working, speed odometer, oil gauge, water temp etc.. the gauges stop operation around mileage reading 95000 and presently at 101000. vehicle presently just parked at home. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado 1500. the contact stated that the speedometer displays incorrect speeds or just fails completely. he notified general motors and they authorized a special service notice, offering to cover the defect for up to 70,000 miles. additional mileage would not be covered. the failure and current mileages were 77,000.
 Speedometer failure. *tr
 Instrument panel. *tr
 2004 chevrolet silverado with defective instrument panel. consumer states that he feels his vehicle should be included in the special coverage warranty, even if the odometer is over 100,000 miles. *kb the consumer stated the instrument panel was erratic. there were many times the consumer had to pull over, and shut the vehicle off and bump the ignition key several times until the speedometer reset itself back to zero. the consumer believed that the 2004 silverado stepper motors were defective at installation. the dealer considered the speedometer problem as a malfunction and not a complete failure. *jb
 2004 chevy silverado speedometer began to malfunction . it would occasionally work but now it has quit working altogether. this is a known defect in the instrument cluster panel. the company refuses to replace due to mileage, even though this is a known defect. *tr
 Tl*contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado 1500. while driving (mph unknown) the speedometer would not provide an accurate reading. as of january 7, 2008, the dealer had not repaired the vehicle. the current and failure mileages were 95,470.updated 01/29/08. *lj the consumer stated the gauge was sticking and was not giving accurate readings. there was also occassionaly problems with the tachometer not moving when the consumer was accelerating.
 The instrument panel cluster (including the speedometer and tachometer) on my 2004 chevrolet silverado sticks. i first noticed the problem in april 2006 when the speedometer stuck. i was driving on the interstate and passing people very easily, yet my speedometer said i was driving approximately 35 mph. the problem has progressed since that time and the speedometer works only infrequently at this time. over the past 21 months, i have used the tachometer to determine my approximate speed, yet it began sticking in january 2008. i received a letter from gm in december 2007 notifying me of this potential defect, and extending the warranty on this part to seven years or 70,000 miles. i, however, have approximately 95,000 miles on my vehicle as of january 7, 2008. chevrolet and gm appear unwilling at this time to issue a recall for this significant safety hazard, and they appear unwilling to work with me because i apparently drive too much. i was forced to purchase the new instrument panel and pay for the cost of the part and labor in spite of gm's acknowledgement of the safety hazard apparently common to 2004 silverados. to be honest, the instrument panel (notably the speedometer) has failed more times than i care to count. *tr
 The only gauges working on my 04 chevrolet z71 are the temperature and battery gauge. the other gauges went out around 40,000 miles. *tr
 Speedometer stopped working while traveling. it failed completely. it created a dangerous situation. *cn
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado 1500. while driving 65 mph, the speedometer gauge descended to zero. the contact stated that he shut the vehicle off then restarted and the failure ceased to occur. the manufacturer offered an extended 7 year, 70,000 mile-warranty on the instrument panel in november of 2007 however, the vehicle has exceeded the mileage requirements. as of january 4, 2008, the dealer had not repaired the vehicle. the current mileage was 81,000 and failure mileage was 79,000. updated02-14-08 *bf updated 02/14/08 *tr
 Chevy silverado speedometer malfunction on 2004 model. *tr
 Speedometer stopped working. *tr
 2004 chevrolet silverado intermittent speedometer failure at 44,500 miles while out of warranty. occasionally resets itself, flutters, sticks, etc. hence an intermittent problem. was told there were so many owners with same problem and should wait for recall letter. while waiting, mileage accumulated. unfair gm only taking responsibility for vehicles with less than 70,000 miles.....ours has just over 100,000 miles since 4 years old and in california we have to rely heavily on our vehicles. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado 1500. the contact received a letter from the manufacturer advising him to bring the vehicle in for a speedometer repair. if the mileage was under 70,000 miles, the repair would be free. the contact's vehicle has exceeded the mileage requirement, but it is experiencing the same failure as stated in the letter. the dealer would not repair the vehicle because of the mileage. while driving at various speeds, the speedometer displays the incorrect speed, causing him to not know how fast he is driving. the current and failure mileages were 108,124.
 I have two 2004 chevrolet pickup trucks that have faulty factory installed speedometers. chevrolet is aware of the problem and has sent letters regarding warranty repair of these vehicles, but only if the mileage is less than 70,000 miles. both my vehicles have right at 100,000 miles each. this is a definite safety issue. being unable to determine at what speed you are driving causes unsafe conditions for the occupants of the vehicles as well as the general public. when i talked to jennifer camacho at chevrolet today (1-800-630-2438) she originally told me that each dealer had the discretion to warranty these vehicles for their good. loyal customers even if the mileage was over the 70,000 figure. i believe that chevrolet, in the interest of public safety, should warranty all the vehices they have sold with these faulty gauges. tom nicholson *tr
 2004 chevrolet silverado intermittent speedometer failure began at around 44,500 miles when out of warranty. occasionally resets itself, most times flutters or sticks. gm recalling for this condition but only if vehicle less than 70,000 miles; mine exceeds their limit. unfair....if parts are defective, all should be fixed no matter what the mileage and considering mine began problem at less than 45,000 miles. date began estimated below. *tr
 I received a letter from gm saying that my 2004 silverado could have a faulty odometer but if the vehicle has more than 75,000 miles it would not be covered. i then saw a news story on a local dallas news station covering the same issue. below is the information i sent to the news station. thank you for your segment last night in regards to the gm speed odometer issue. i have a 2004 gm truck and have a problem with both the tachometer and the speedometer. i contacted my local gm dealer about a year ago asking if there was any recall information and they told me no. i just assumed my case was isolated and would have to pay for the repair or live with it. then about three weeks ago i received a letter from gm stating a known issue with my model year. but unless my truck had less than 70,000 miles it was not covered. i can not believe gm is not willing to issue a recall or that the nhtsa does not view this as a safety concern. in almost every auto collision story or statistic i can find, it names speed as the number one cause of the accident. a possible different angle on this topic is gm owner loyalty. the problem affects 2003 and 2004 model years. based on 80% to 90% of all cars on the road are financed and most people only keep a vehicle 4 1/2 years, there will be many people that are affected by this problem that will be looking to trade in very soon. if most consumers are like me they will perceive this issue as very negative toward gm. it seams like a very large gamble on gm's part for such an inexpensive repair. i know when i go to purchase my new truck this coming spring i will not be looking at the gm products. thanks, michael fulkerson *tr
 My grandfather started experiencing speedometer problems with his 2004 silverado at about 68,000 miles. he was terminally ill when this happened and unable to afford the repair, not to mention he was never notified by gm. the speedo failed countless times and eventually the tachometer failed, before his death on 29 december 2006, i have inherited this vehicle and the problem. i received a speeding ticket and so has my wife. my wife had an accident with my two small children while driving on interstate 10 in louisiana because she did not know how fast she was driving and hit water on the road. we have contacted gm who have told us they will pay for the repair up to 70,000 miles. it is unreasonable to believe that a vehicle of this age will have less than 70,000 miles after three years. this is ridiculous. this defect is the responsibility of gm. someone is going to get hurt or worse. we can not afford the cost of the repair, we have been quoted between $500 - $700. i am furious that my wife and children could have been seriously injured, due to her unknowing speed. it would appear the the dot and gm have been aware of this safety hazard for some time. what are you going to do? *tr
 Speedometer does not work. *tr
 The speedometer on my 2004 silverado with only 16,000 miles stopped working. it has went all the way over past 120 mph and has stuck there. seems this is a not so rare problem with a lot of gm vehicles. see internet. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado 1500. while driving 55-60 mph, the speedometer failed. the dial moves, but displays inaccurate speeds. the current and failure mileages were 37,000.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado 1500. it is a salvaged vehicle. both the speedometer and alternator failed. the contact received a notice from gm, but because he owns a salvaged vehicle, the repair was refused. gm stated that they were only responsible for smog regarding his vehicle. the purchase date was unavailable. the current mileage is 28,000 and failure mileage was 26,000. updated 01/14/08 *bf
 I have a 2004 silverado z71 it has about 73,000 miles and the speedometer has stoped working properly somedays it works and some it does not. this is a saftey issue and i am wondering if there is a recall on this issue since there are a lot of owners with the same issue. *tr
 Speedometer no longer work on my 2004 chevy silverado 1500. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado 1500. while driving 50 mph, the speedometer failed. the contact restarted the vehicle and, when he depressed the accelerator pedal, the speedometer moved from 50 to 120 mph. the vehicle is 900 miles over the 70,000 mile or seven year special order. the contact also stated that there is a class action law suit, of which he would like to be included. the current and failure mileages were 79,300.
 Odometer is marking 120 miles went the truck is on parking gear. *jb
 Speedometer needle is buried past 120mph does not function. where is the recall i have seen alot of complaints online of the speedo not functioning. *tr
 Speedometer is no longer accurate, does not work properly. *tr
 The speedometer needle has been malfunctioning--not moving from a specific speed, not calibrating to zero mph and making a clicking noise when starting the engine. *jb
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado 1500. the contact stated that the speedometer stopped working approximately 14 months after he purchased the vehicle. the dealer stated that the instrument cluster should be replaced. the manufacturer stated there is a policy that stated the failure could be repaired if the vehicle was less than seven years or had less than 70,000 miles. the manufacturer refused to repair because the vehicle had more than 70,000 miles. the failure mileage was 66,500 and the current mileage was 164,000. updated 12/27/07 *lj updated 12/12/07 *tr
 Speedometer goes to 120 mph after driving more than half hour. to get back to 0 mph i have to turn ignition off & on 8 to 9 times. this happens every day. *jb
 The speedometer on my 2004 chevrolet silverado quit working. i was driving 75 mph on the freeway when it started to drop. i drove about 80 miles. by the time i got home , it had quit working completely. now it sits at zero and bounces a little. *jb
 Speedometer failure. speedometer gives no, erratic or false readings such as 60 mph while standing still. online boards indicate this is a common complaint with 2003-2004 chevy trucks. *jb
 Ignition cylinder got stuck. got it replaced. after about a week or so the speedometer started acting up. speedometer has since been stuck at 120 mph. *jb
 While driving home my speedometer dropped to zero and stayed there. it started working the next day. this past saturday it went haywire again, freezing up at 49 mph. not good when you are driving through multiple speed limit zones. this morning i started out at 54 mph before i put it in drive. upon reaching the stop sign, i shut it off and restarted. it dropped 10 mph. i continued to stop and restart dropping another 10 mph with each effort until it reached zero. froze up again when i went to lunch. what should i tell the cops if i get stopped for speeding? i know, i'll just let them look at my dash to see how fast it says i'm going sitting still. *jb
 (2004 silverado extended cab ls 5.3l with 54k miles) i was driving to work this morning (cruising about 70mi) but i noticed that when i slowed down in traffic, the speedometer was stuck at 70mi. once i got off the freeway, i pulled into the gas station to fill-up, and noticed that the needle on the speedometer was still stuck @ 70mi. as i drove away, i noticed that now, the new 70mi. mark was 0mi, and as i drove down the street, the car was reading 100mi. it continued to move back to 70 as i came to a complete stop. i understand there is a class-action law suit for this issue. i will not pay to repair this problem as i feel it's gm's problem to resolve. my next vehicle will be a toyota...and they wonder why imports are flooding the needs to step up and be responsible for this stuff! i fear that when i take it in to the dealer ship, they are going to charge me an arm and a leg, despite that fact that i purchased an extended warranty package from them at the time of purchase (truck). now that this issue is there, i can't really drive my truck until it's repaired since i don't want to have an accident or get a ticket. *tr
 Speedometer quit working. oil gauge is starting to act up. *ak.
 Speedometerquit working. problems started in april 2006. sometimes it was working and others it was not. failure was inexplicable, and a call to the dealer said that they had to replace the cluster for $600. finally repaired the problem in may, 2007 for nearly $600. it seems that a lot of people are having the same problem with this same truck. obviously something in the speedometerwas defective. *ak
 Speedometer started acting erratically, showed over 100 mph when really going 30 mph, now has totally stopped working? no repairs have been done at this point, using tachometer to get my speed.*ak
 Instument cluster in speedometer stopped working. 2004 chevy silverado 1500. *ak
 2004 chevrolet silverado safety issue. speedometer does not read correctly it will jump around or read to low or to high. since i don't know how fast i am going this could lead to an accident if i am going to fast and do not know it.*ak
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado 1500. the contact stated that the windshield molding had to be replaced on the front of the vehicle. the speedometer failed, the steering column was loose, and the rear axle seal was replaced. the dashboard lights failed to illuminate and were replaced as well. the vehicle has undergone numerous electrical failures which were still occurring. the vehicle had sixteen failures, and had been taken to the dealer on nine occasions. the current mileage is 31,000, and failure mileage was 22.*ak
 I was on internet and decided to do some checking on a problem i've had for sometime now with my truck. my-o-my i'm not alone! speedometer went from 0 to above 120 mph several times then just quit. i called dealer they said warranty had expired, month wise, not mileage (22,000 miles!). this is nuts, the more sophisticated vehicles become the more problems there are! i was told entire cluster needed to be changed. i didn't inquire about price because a dealer will rape me for cost of repairs. now i drive using my tack would be nice to have gm fess up to their high tech failure and fix it!! *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado 1500. while driving 55 mph the speedometer automatically increased to 120 mph without warning. the dealer stated that the instrument cluster panel needed to be replaced. the vehicle has not been repaired. the current and failure mileages were 45,000. *ak the consumer stated the dealer contacted gm and informed them of the problem and gm stated that they are not going cover the repair of the vehicle. update 05/04/07*tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado 1500. the speedometer operates intermittently. the dealer stated that the instrument cluster panel failed. the current mileage was 52,000 and failure mileage was 49,000.*ak update 04/30/07*tr
 My speedometer started acting erratically at about 35,800 miles. at first it stuck at a speed and wouldn't go down when the vehicle slowed down. then it simply stayed at zero mph. the problem went away for a few weeks, and because i couldn't reproduce it, i allowed the vehicle to roll over my warranty mileage of 36,000 miles. ever since then, the problem has gotten more common and more erratic, until finally today during a 200 mile drive, the speedometer went totally dead. it now reads 60 mph when i'm standing still and it is buried at 120+mph at highway speeds. no luck yet from gm about a recall or anything else. this is a dangerous situation and needs to be resolved. *jb
 Speedometer quit working at 61071 miles 500.oo to fix this is ridiculas
 The speedometer in my 2004 chevrolet silverado truck is non functional. at times it pegs out past the 120 mph mark. at other times it pegs below the 0 mph mark and will not move. it has come to my attention (via internet searches on the problem) that this is a common malfunction in chevrolet trucks, yet gm has issued no recall. i feel this is a very dangerous situation and should be remedied by gm. *jb
 Speedometer quit working. my speedmeter won't register any speeds. baseline now starts at 30 mph *jb
 The speedometer stopped working at 40,000 miles. it make a clicking sound and sometimes works but then drops to 0 miles per hour. i looked online and found hundreds of other people complaining about the same problem. the dealer said there was nothing they could do except take the entire instrument cluster out and send it away for a $500.00 repair. general motors refuses to do anything about the problem even though it is only out of warranty 4,000 miles. it is a safety hazard because it works sometimes but is way off under the real speed. *jb
 Speedometer locks at times, unpredictable. high low, at zero. poses problems controlling this 2.5 ton truck. *nm
 What dose it take to get a recall on a vehicle since there are a lot of people having the same problem with their vehicle just out of warranty the speedometer is broke, i can be parked and it reads 120 mph or driving down the highway and it reads 0 mph. why is there not a recall on this part? i am told that the consumer cost is around $500 to fix it, that gmac dealerships will not pick up the cost because there is not a recall on it. this is a very unsafe issue not knowing the real speed that you are driving and just trying to figure out your speed and hope you don't get a ticket because you don't have the cash flow to fix it because it is a gmac defect. i have a 2004 chevy silverado pick-up with around 44,500 miles on it, it is very unsafe when you drive with small children in this vehicle around all the time. what can be done to get gmac to recall theses vehicle? i have brought 1 gmc truck and 3 silverado trucks all new and this is the 1st one that i have had this problem with. i think i will rethink the next time i buy a new vehicle as to another model other then gmac if a recall is not done and i as a consumer have to pay for a gmac defect problem.*jb
 My 2004 chevy silverado 1500 speedometer stopped working on feb 13th, 2007 on the way home one night. it only has 62,000 miles on it. it's been working intermittently since then. i've researched on the internet where this is becoming a common problem. it needs to get fixed, but i don't think it should be my responsibility to fix it since i am not the only one who is having this problem. *nm
 1. driving down highway and speedometer started reading 35 mph while traveling aprox 65 mph also 2 days prior to this amp meter quit functioning 2. could cause accident 3 dealership wants 600 to 700 dollars to repair service tech told me this is a problem that gm should address and recall to repair. *jb
 Faulty speedometer 2004 chevy silverado. either registers incorrect or not at all. speedometer registered 56 mph on a 50 mph corner. however tach read 3000 rpm. translates to 70+ mph. almost losing control and causing injury and/or damage to property. g.m. refuses to fix or replace as vehicle was 2000 mi over warranty. *jb
 Speedometer and tachometer randomly stopped working on my 2004 chevy silverado k1500 more than a year ago. this equipment failure generates a safety concern because i can not know how quickly i am going. this has not been replaced due to the high cost of repair by gm. *jb
 Speedometer failed after 38,000 miles. needle sticks at 80 mph and up, and will eventually go back to zero, but will usually give wrong speed and not move.*jb
 While driving on hwy 278 towards hamilton, al my speedometer failed it worked partially for the rest of the trip but now does not work at all. *nm
 Speedometer frequently registers the incorrect speed or on occasions, no speed at all. speed indicated may be significantly higher or lower than actual speed. i frequently have had to rely on a gps to determine actual speeds. relying on the speedometer i have seen the speed indicated at 55 mph when actual speed was about 80 mph. shutting off the vehicle and restarting it will cause the speedometer to reset approximately 5 mph slower. this will have to be repeated until the needle reaches 0 mph. once reset the speedometer will typically operate normally for some random period of time. *nm
 Speedometer does not indicate correct speed, it is currently parked and the speedometer is reading over 100. it was reading 20 to 30 mph whilst i was going down the interstate at approximately 70. *jb
 The speedometer registers in accurately and randomly does not work at all. this could lead to a driving hazard and affects the safety of all on the road. *jb
 Nothing led up to the problem. i left the house on feb. 3rd, halfway to the grocery store i noticed my speedometer was reading 120 mph and knew i wasn't going that fast. nothing has been done to correct the issue yet. *jb
 Speedometer started acting erratically, showed 90 mph when really going 50 mph, now has totally stopped working, peg at over 120 mph very unsafe not knowing your speed. no repairs have been done at this point, using tach to get my speed. *nm
 Same as everyone else. speedometer pegged out at 120 when 1 was going 65 mph. dealer said $400 to fix since i am 1200 miles out of warranty. chevrolet is going to cover half of the amount for repair hopefully since this is such a common problem. maybe there is hope for a full recall. *nm
 2004 chevrolet silverado 4wd speedometer malfunction at 45,000 miles. meter just pegs out at 120 mph and doesn't work anymore. after talking to dealer, this seems to be a regular occurrence. but they want 500-700 dollars to fix. they tell the odometer probably will be next. now i have no working speedometer. seems like chevy should fix this for free. *nm
 Speedometer stuck on the 120 mph. *jb
 Event leading to failure: normal driving conditions failure: speedometer fails to report proper speed of vehicle. the speedometer will lower to 35 mph when the vehicle is traveling at any speed. other variations exist such as the vehicle traveling at 10 mph and the speedometer registers 120 mph. multiple chevy 2004 silverado owners report the same failure. *jb
 Speedometer stuck on 50 while parked. do not know correct speed while driving. *nm
 Tl*- the contact stated that he owns a 2004 chevrolet silverado. he stated that on 01/13/06 while driving 60 mph on a clear day his speedometer dropped to zero for about 200 miles with an odometer reading of 54,200 miles on the vehicle. the contact stated that later that evening he started his vehicle and the speedometer went to 95 mph and was stuck there for about 400 miles. the contact stated that the speedometer is now stuck on 85 mph. he took the vehicle to the dealership and was told he needed to have the speedometer cluster replaced at a cost of $500.00. the contact stated that he feels this vehicle is too new to have this type of problem. *jb
 My 2004 chevy silverado speedometer is malfunctioning. some days it won't work at all and some days it fluctuates between 0-120 mph. this very dangerous and makes it difficult to obey the speed limit. i have researched this problem and have found it to be a nationwide problem on a variety of chevrolet and gmc vehicles ranging from 2003-2006. why isn't there a recall on this problem? *jb
 I have a 2004 chevrolet silverado 2wd and discovered today that my speedometer is 15 mph under where its supposed to be! i am seeing lots and lots of complaints about this where is the recall for this??!! *nm
 I have an '04 chevy silverado that has a speedometer that does not work. it shows 15 mph when i am at a stop sign, than it moves up when i start to drive. however it just jumps around and usually falls back down to 15 or 20 mph after driving a few miles and never moves again until i restart the car. i have contacted gm and the dealer and they refuse to repair it except at my cost. i feel this is a major safety issue and gm needs to recall it. i am not sure how many other vehicle years this effects but i have heard from numerous people that is has happened to them in the '03 and '05 gm vehicles. this needs to be addressed soon before someone gets into and accident. i have no way of gauging my speed and i don't have the $700 right now to get it repaired. what should i do? *jb
 Vehicle speedometer stopped working at around 38,000 miles right after warranty expired. talking to other customers when i dropped off vehicle, i found that this was not a rare occurrence. two other customers at dealer had same problem on similar models. *jb
 The speedometer on my 2004 silverado will read 30 mph sitting might not work at all,has read over 120.mph. this seems to be a big problem that chevrolet has failed to address with any kind of recall. *nm
 The speedometer failed on my 2004 chevy silverado pickup, when i took in to the dealership where i purchased the vehicle the service manager stated that he new what the problem was and that he had fixed several of the defective speedometers. the vehicle has approximately 69,000 miles on it. i am concerned that this could cause an accident when another failure occurs. fortunately i was not involved in an accident. *nm
 Speedometer either does not work at all, or shows an incorrect speed. *nm
 My 2004 1500 silverado pegged 120 mph and will not 53k i think this is a safety matter..for it read 20 miles less than what i was doing for awhile then starting climbing till it pegged 120 and stayed there..if it was not for that i was already noticing the trucks speedometer was messed up i might have thought i could have done 55 could have been really 75 mph,..and so on.. i think this should be a recall i've seen many others that have had this happen...if not for my safety maybe for the safety of others....*jb
 My vehicle is a 2004 chevy slivered 4 x 4 ex. cab. first, at around june or july of 2006 the spider gears had to be replaced in rear differential ($1,100 bill...about 53,000 miles). now, on december 8, 2006, the speedometer stop working (61,000 miles). dealer stated that they would have to look at it to see what the problem is. i know there would be labor cost concerning this inspection ($60-$80 per hour). just yesterday i searched the internet and found, literally, hundreds of other owners of chevy silverados and other gm products with the same speedometer problem that i have. the cost for a dealer repair is anywhere from $450 up to $1100. from what i've found, the speedometer problem involves a stepper motor not working properly or a plastic covered gear that cracks, making the speedometer needle move erratically. if this speedometer problem is as prevalent as it seems, gm should be forced to own up to it's responsibility because this is a safety issue! someone in your organization should take a few minutes and read the complaints on the following internet forum: these are real people with valid concerns. there are 11 pages of complaints there! it may surprise you, or it may not, as to how poorly gm products are constructed and the outrageous cost concerning the repair bills to fix their mistakes. the initial cost of the vehicle should cover any and all repairs concerning poor construction and/or any safety issues. any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
 Speedometer began showing wrong speed. started with displaying 50 mph while i was actually traveling 85 mph or faster. now it displays 45 mph while parked in driveway and 110 mph or more while traveling down highway. *jb
 2004 silverado speedometer not working. stuck passed 120 mph. this is a safety matter that gm needs to recall and repair. after little research, i have found thousands of people with the same problem. *jb
 The speedometer on my 2004 silverado k1500 is pegged right now and is not working at all. this happened shortly after the warranty expired. i have seen many similar complaints online at this is unsafe and apparently fairly common with gm vehicles, yet there has been no recall issued as of yet. *jb
 Total failure of the speedometer. search on the net finds this is a common problem. recommended solution is to replace entire ip cluster. *nm
 Speedometer failed. i now have no way of knowing my speed. i looked at various forums on the internet and found this is a very common problem. why haven't these vehicles been recalled? haven't repaired yet told this would cost $500. ridiculous!!!*jb
 My 2004 chevrolet silverado 1500's speedometer functions erratically sometimes stating that i am going 120 mph or 0 mph. i took it to my mechanic who stated that they just replaced an instrument cluster on a tahoe. was told that the instrument cluster would have to be sent to gm for repair and cost about $350 or $400. i have been reading here and on the internet and it seems that a lot of folks are having the same problem. can a recall be forced or suggested by the government?*jb
 Speedometer on 2004 chevy silverado 1500 malfunctioned and is now stuck on 120 mph. dealer says it will cost $500 to repair. chevy forum boards on the internet indicate many failures from 2003 to present for all chevy and gmc trucks. lack of a properly functioning speedometer is an obvious safety hazard and should be recalled and repaired at the manufacturers expense. *jb
 Speedometer sometimes reads 30 mph more then actual vehicle speed and sometimes reads less then actual vehicle speed. speedometer sometimes never gets above zero though vehicle is in motion.