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020525006A12/01/200202052500610000749Antilock brake (abs) activation at low speeds on various models including the 1995 and 1996 envoy. *tt03/28/2003
02052500601/01/2006020525006B10000062Antilock brake (abs) activation at low speeds. *tt02/10/2003

Consumer Complaints

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 Whenever a panic stop is required the brakes take almost a second after application before they respond. it is like pushing on an air cylinder with a small orifice - a second is too long to wait for the brakes. the pedal travel is correct and the dealer says it must be normal. i say it is unsafe after narrowly avoiding a crash that should have not even been close if the brake would grab as soon as i step on them. no matter how hard i push there is a time delay while i push air through the orifice.*ak
 I was involved in an injury accident. i had to make a panic stop in heavy traffic. there was no resistance to the brake pedal. the officers asked, if i had applied the brakes, beacause there were no skid marks. i feel the brakes failed because no skid mark and the seat belts didn't lock. i work for the statehighway patrol. we have several 1998 and 1999 full size chevrolet silverdo trucks. several officers operating these vehicle have experience brake failure in a "panic stop situation. i'm asking to see,if your organization has information about the brakes and to send the complaint
 1996 chevy 4x4 truck (silverado) abs engaging at low speeds on dry pavement. very difficult stopping the vehicle when approaching a 4-way stop. kids in the truck caused a very unnerving experience. *jb
 The brakes on our 1996 chevy silverado 4x4 pick up fail to work properly. there is a delay between applying pressure on the brake & the truck actually braking. this problem seems to happen more often when braking & turning. i first noticed it when pulling into a parking space. the truck makes the same sound & vibration that happens when the anti lock brakes kick in if you're sliding on a slippery surface. this makes it impossible for us to trust that the vehicle will stop completely when needed. caution is required to operate this vehicle. we don't dare tow anything or even load the bed of the truck with anything to heavy since we're worried that the brakes will not handle the extra weight. we're also worried about operating it in inclement weather which is fast approaching in the northeast. a mechanic told us that alot of chevy pick-ups have this same problem. we investigated this on the internet & found that gm did a recall for this problem on vehicles in canada but hasn't done one in the us yet. we also found out that the federal government is investigating this complaint, but it's in the early stages of it's investigation. we would like to see immediate action taken before this problem causes an accident which would result in serious property damage and/or bodily injury. *nm
 Vehicle was taken to bradshaw chevrolet on 03/06/2002. service manager stated there was no campaign currently under way to repair my vehicle under warranty. the problem is in the wiring, as i can wiggle the connection and the wipers will begin working. the brakes seem to take an inordinate amount of pedal pressure to stop, especially under emergency situations. i was told by the service writer @ kevin whittaker that there was no campaing for recall due to defects. *ak
 Injection pump has failed twice, causing consumer to push vehicle out of traffic. first time gmc put a new part on and vehicle lost brakes when pulling out into a intersection. gmc is not considering assisting consumer because there are too many miles, and money will not be spent to investigate. new part is failing faster than the old. *ak
 Brake system has always been mushy on application - downhill at any speed very slow to stop vehicle. carr chevrolet did a complete brake overhaul, but there is still excessive pedal play - goes almost to the floor on downhill braking. on more than one occasion downhill stopping is almost nil at even speeds below 20 mph - there has to be a serious defect in this brake system.*ak
 When applying brakes pedal goes to floor due to rear brakes not functioning. rear brakes are still like new, and front brakes have been replaced 4 times. dealer says it's normal for that year and model.*ak brakes never woeked properly and act as if no vacuum. the dealer and the manufacturer could not help. *yh
 Intermittently when brakes are applied pedal goes to the floor, resulting in extended stopping distance. dealer has inspected vehicle and determined that the brakes are operating properly. *ak
 After starting vehicle when it has been sitting for a long time & the brakes are applied lightly, they would lock up. vehicle would come to screeching halt. it's more severe when weater is cool & damp. havs not been to dealer, but will be going to mechanic. *ak
 Whenever the brakes are applied, they would make loud grinding noises. been to dealer. mechanic had cut rotors & replaced brake pads. *ak
 When the brakes were applied pedal went to the floor, resulting in extended stopping distance. the dealer has been notified. *ak
 When applying the brakes during an emergency situation, brakes locked up. the road surface was dry and leveled when this happened. the dealer will be notified about this problem. please provide any further information. *ak
 While traveling on snow or on gravel brakes will lock up at the tap of the pedal, causing the vehicle to slide. dealer has been contacted. *ak
 The abs braking system malfunctioned, causing extended stopping distance which may result in a crash. please provide further information and vin#. *ak
 Whenever the brakes are applied, they would either pull to right or left. sometimes the brakes would grab when applied. an intermittent problem. took to dealer & mechanic could not locate what causes the problem. *ak
 Brakes failed. when stopping brakes made a hissing ( like air releasing ).
 Brakes: when driving and needing to stop, applied the brakes,they locked up but the vehicle continued to roll. have to put pedal completely to the floor, and it takes a while for the vehicle to stop. *ak
 Abs brake problems; intermittently, while driving on regular road conditions, during normal braking, there is a metal to metal sound and the brakes will lock up. dealer is not able to find the problem with the brake system. *ak
 When applying the brakes the truck would shake. dealer says there is no problem. *ak
 Brake system failed. mjs
 Brakes fail upon hitting a bump or a hole in the street.
 Excessive wear of front brakes rotors, causing vehicle to vibrate when brakes were applied. dealer notified, and problem still occurring. asking nhtsa to look into these matters.*ak
 Front brakes were replaced a few times. dealer was contacted, and the problem was the fornt brakes. took effect before the back brakes which caused the car to drop in the front when applying the brakes. rust was inside the hub where the brake was suppose to be. *ak
 Whenever the brakes are applied, they would make loud grinding noises. been to dealer. mechanic had cut rotors & replaced brake pads. *ak
 Front brake rotors were resurfaced every 20,000 miles on three occasions. currently, at 90,000 rotors need replacement again. dealer notified, and informed consumer that it would be done at the expense of consumer. also, lower end of steering column gear replaced with a rebuilt part under warranty. *ak *ml
 Since purchase of vehicle continual costs to keep vehicle running has almost exceed the value of the vehicle. repair costs from $3,200.00-$3,900.00 and continue to increase. any future repairs will now exceed the purchase value of the vehicle. due to the incapacity of the truck my lost wages have exceeded or will exceed $10,000.00. being a single parent of two young children and having lost my job due to the vehicles incapacitate has caused insurmountable pain and suffering to the necessary day to day functions to my family. my once fair credit report has been ruined. one of my main reasons for agreeing to take out a auto loan was to help achieve a favorable credit rating to obtain a mortgage loan in the near future which is no longer an option. there is currently a investigation and class action suite pending by the vermont state attorney's generals office against william dydo jr. (dydo auto sales. although i hope to be part of this suit i will not be compensated for pain and suffering. thank you
 Metal hydraulic brake fluid line rusts, degrading to the leaking of fluid and total loss of braking ability. metal line to be replaced with stainless-steel. fuel line is in same condition, though not leaking fuel. fuel line to be replaced with stainless steel. *nm
 Dt: while the caller was driving at 30 mph the brake failed, resulting in an accident. another vehicle stopped in front of the caller's vehicle, and when he applied the brakes they did not work. the insurance adjuster said the main brake line to the back brakes was rusted through and caller said it was leaking fluid. the brake pedal went to the floor. there was a crash. one passenger w in callers vehicle sustained injuries. upon impact, the air bags did not deploy. there were no warning lights on the dashboard. the police came and a report was taken. dealer has not been contacted yet. manufacturer was called, but they have not called him back. the other vehicle had some damage to the rear, but caller's vehicle was totaled. *ak
 Vehicle experienced loss of brakes while towing a trailer. consumer inspected the vehicle, and replaced two front brake hoses that erupted. also, vehicle stalled while in motion. vehicle had been to dealer on two occasions, and they were unable to duplicate or resolve the problem. *ak
 When the brakes were applied pedal went to the floor, resulting in extended stopping distance due vacum booster leakage. dealer and manufacturer have been notified. *ak
 Windshield wipers malfunctioned, causing the wipers to fail, affecting visibility. there is a recall for this problem, but this vehicle is not included in the recall due to vin. also problems with the brake booster failing, which may cause extended stopping distance. also chevrolet tahoe 1996 is having the same problem with the brake booster malfunctioning. please provide further information and vin#'s.)ak