Consumer Complaints

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 While pulling into the driveway vehicle commenced to accelerate and lurched forward. consumer was able to slam on the brakes, and turn the ignition switch off before any other damage could have occurred. dealer was notified. *ak
 As the gear lever was pulled from park to drive the vehicle suddenly accelerated although the drivers foot was still on the brake pedal, the vehicle traveled 20 feet before rashing into a parked forklift truck causing damage to the left bumper and wheel well. nlm
 Consumer was at aparking lot with gravel pavement, and vehicle was turned off. he turned vehicle on, put foot on brake, and shifted gear into drive. vehicle took off with speed, and vehicle went into office machinery. then it came with a complete stop. *ak a mechanic looked over vehicle and found no problems with the throttle body, however did notice that the cruise control set was in the on position and felt that may have caused the problem. *slc
 Engine stalled intermittently, and on four occasions vehicle has surged forward in heavy traffic. vehicle been in dealer shop on two occasions, and had fuel injector replaced, but problem would reoccur. feel free to provide any further details on this matter. *ak
 Once the engine has warmed up with the air conditioning compressor off, cruise control off and driving with the engine rpm between 1500-2000 rpm(regardless of which gear is selected)and you let your foot off the accelerator pedal the engine remains at the rpm it was at when you let off the accelerator pedal. the accelerator pedal is returning completely up and i inspected the truck per nhtsa campaign id # 96v057000 and the pedal is not sticking. i have taken it in to the dealer once and they could not find a fault codes on the computer but they reset the computer anyway and the problem went away for a few days and then got progressively worse again. a felloew coworker has a 1997 version of the same truck and has the same problem. it is very dangerous in heavy traffic when you let off the accelerator expecting the vehicle to slow down, but it does not! *ak