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337310013523Sir light on steady after bulb test and no diagnostic trouble codes (dtcs). *tt04/20/2005
01094100304/01/2001619416Subject regarding procedures to initialize the sir (supplemental inflatable restraint) systemd uring pre-delivery inspection. *tt05/30/2001

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 My father, who is a mechanic, had a 2001 chevrolet silverado hd in perfect condition. on a sunday afternoon with clear conditions, he was traveling to an apple orchard in connecticut. traveling about 30 m.p.h., he noticed a large vehicle backing out of a driveway. as a dump truck operator, he is well aware of the limited visibility in this particular vehicle and how difficult it would be for the vehicle to stop. so, he pushed the brakes in his vehicle and the brakes went all the way to the floor without any response. realizing his brakes had failed, he immediately realized he needed to avoid colliding with the second vehicle. his quick response and experience behind the wheel allowed him to miss the second vehicle. he didn't want to hit the vehicle because he would have impacted the drivers side. instead, his truck bolted into a stone wall, flipped and ended up in between two trees. his air bags never deployed. he landed in the yard of someone's home and the homeowner called the police. the police sited in his police report that the air bag failed and the brakes appeared to fail as well. my father ended up with a few scrapes and bruises and he is just glad everyone involved was alright. chevrolet never took responsibility for this matter. his insurance company indicated that they would pursue legal action but it would be a long, difficult process. on the consumer protection website, it does indicate that chevrolet had recalled a few of their vehicles because of anti-lock problems. however, the incident involving my father is due to entire brake failure. my fathers main mission now is to get the word out to prevent this from occurring to anyone else. as a mechanic, he always kept his vehicles in tip-top shape making sure everything was in good working order and free of dirt, debris or salt in the winter. it would be appreciated if you could look into this matter to prevent this unfortunate incident from happening to someone else. *jb
 Dt: the contact owns a 2001 chevrolet silverado. the air bags did not deploy. the crash was a rollover and the bumper was bent in. contact thought that if the bumper got bent in the air bags were suppose to deploy. her husband was not wearing seat belt. they do know that speed was a factor in the accident. police report and photographs are available. *ak
 Air bags failed to deploy in a 45 mph front end collision on my 2001 chevrolet silverado. *nm
 While driving consumer was towing a trailerthe driver's side rear tire treads separated from the trailer. consumer was not able to maintain control of the vehicle, and collided into a concrete barrier. upon impact, both frontal air bags did not deploy. passenger sustained head injuries, and was transported to a hospital by an ambulance. vehicle and trailer were totaled. *ak *nm
 Lawyer representing consumer who was injured when the driver's side airbag failed to deploy. *la (lawyer clyde jackson on behalf of client)* jb
 Problem with airbag system on 2001 chevrolet pick up truck. *mr the vehicle collided with a moving animal and the airbag(s) didn't deploy. (the animal was about six hundred pounds and the consumer had driven the vehicle at a normal speed) *scc *jb
 While traveling at 65 mph, consumer states' another driver pulled infront and consumer hit that vehicle on its side. none of the vehicles are bags deployed. consumer feels that this collision was a hard impact and airbags should have deployed.
 Consumer states: while driving at the speed of 45mph was involved in a frontal collision neither air bag deployed. dealer has been notified. please provided any additional in formation. ts
 No summary listed for above vehicle. *ak
 Consumer states while driving 30-35 mph without warning occurred in a frontal collision the air bags not deploy causing minor injuries. nlm
 Airbag light stayed on at all times. front sensors were replaced twice, once in march, and again on the 2nd of may. light was back on, and consumer was concerned if it will deploy if needed. *ak
 To whom it may concern. my name is conrad duval and am employed at auburn metal fabrication as a shop supervisor .the company recently purchased this new vehicle which i use to go back and forth to work .well to get to the matter at hand the air bag light was staying on so we brought it in for service .a small mouse or rodent found a way into the fuse box and nauyed all the wiring and made a nest .i would think this compartment should be made less accessible to a mouse.damage is estimated at 2 to 3 thousand $ something is not right here.whats to say this won't happen again after its repaired.i would think this would not be safe if it wen't undetected.*ak
 There was an accident on june 1, 2005. upon impact, the driver's side frontal airbag failed to deploy. the passenger side airbag had been turned off. the driver sustained minor injuries. the consumer rear ended a trailer.. a police report was taken. no airbag warning light came on.*ak updated 11/02/05. *jb
 Dt: contact's vehicle was involved in accident while going 15-35 mph. the impact was focused on the middle left of the vehicle. upon impact, front air bags did not deploy. she had not taken vehicle to a service dealer yet. she tried to call, but she did not talk to anyone.*ak updated 11/16/2006 - the consumer explained that she may have been going anywhere from 15-35 mph. the brakes were not applied prior to the accident. *nm
 While traveling at 55 mph consumer left the freeway and struck a large pile of dirt. upon impact, the air bags did not deploy. consumer sustained head and back injuries. was taken to the emergency room. the vehicle was totaled.*ak *ak
 Consumer's, vehicle was rear ended while driving 50 mph. the vehicle was force into a spin and then, it hit a concrete road divider. upon impact, neither frontal air bags deployed. driver sustained injuries, and had to be transported to a local hospital. dealer and manufacturer were notified. *ak the consumer stated that the seat belt did not keep her from hitting her chest on the steering wheel. after the front and the back of the vehicle hit the concrete divider the air bags did not deploy. *tc
 I was driving east on f.m. 356 at about noon. i was travelling about 50 mph. a car turned in front of me and i attempted to pass the car. i was unable to due to oncoming traffic, so i quickly returned to my lane. one of my tires went off onto the unpaved shoulder and i went down a small embankment. it was muddy so i could not stop. i hit a large pine tree head on and stopped. both of us were wearing our seatbelts. my airbag failed to deploy causing my head and torso to strike the steering wheel. i suffered 6th nerve paulsey and an anuerism developed on my aorta. the aorta had to be surgically repaired. my granddaughter's airbag had been turned off due to her small size. she suffered a broken leg and a slight concussion. the truck was totalled. *ak
 While driving at 55 mph consumer lost control of vehicle while traveling up a hill. then vehicle struck a wooden fence. one beam of the fence came through the windshield, striking the consumer in the head, eventually killing him. also, two passengers sustained injuries. in the confusion, consumer depressed the gas pedal instead of the brakes and struck a fire hydrant. all passengers and the consumer were wearing seat belts. however, the air bags did not deploy. police arrived on the scene and made a report. manufacturer and dealer had been notified of the incident. *ak
 A 2001 chevy silverado was struck on the side and sent into a tree at between 30-35 mph. there was significant front end damage and the air bags did not deploy. *la
 Frontal impact on freeway at 45 mph chevrolet, silverado 4x4 totaled. airbags did not deploy upon imact.*ak
 In a frontal collision none of the air bags deployed on impact, causing injuries to driver.*ak. also the passenger was injured.*jb
 No airbags deployed during frontal collision at 40 mph crash. occupant of other vehicle had to be extracated from her vehicle and life flighted to medical facility.*ak
 In a frontal collison while driving at 60mph none of the air bags deployed. vehicle had major damage. *ak
 While driving truck at 40 mph vehicle involved in a frontal collision with another speeding vehicle. upon impact, air bags failed to deploy. truck was taken to dealership ,and they informed owner that there was no reason for air bags not to deploy. please describe details. *ak
 Consumer states while driving at 55-60 mph, consumer t-boned another vehicle and none of the front air bags deployed. contacted dealer and dealer is not willing to do anything.*jb *jg
 While driving at 39mph vehicle was involved in a rear end collision, and none ofthe airbags deployed.*ak
 While traveling on higway hit another vehicle/ vehicle in another lande to ovoid car he hit and ran into meridian strip. upon impact, dual airbags didn't deploy. dealership wasaware of problem.*ak
 While driving 40 mph involved in a side collision, and air bags did not deploy.*ak
 Vehicle was involved in a frontal collision of approximately 50 mph, and neither frontal air bag deployed. dealer / manufacurer were notified. feel free to provide any further information.*ak
 While driving at 55 mph consumer's vehicle ran into another vehicle head-on, but none of air bags deployed. has not contacted dealer.*ak
 Consumer had a head-on collision at 55 mph and neither airbag deployed. driver and passenger suffered chest/neck and leg injuries. vehicle was totalled.*ak consumer states that a person from the other vehicle was killed in the accident. *slc
 Driver's side airbag did not deploy during a frontal impact crash at approximately 40 mph.*ak
 Frontal impact at 65mph totalled vehicle; upon impact, air bags didn't deploy. delaer was notified.*ak
 Vehicle was involved in 20-25 mph frontal collision in which drivers and passengers air bags did not deploy, cause unknown, dealer has been notified. *ak*slc
 While operating vehicle in wet road conditions, and traveling approximately 50 to 55 mph vehicle hydroplaned and crashed into a cement barrier. both frontal air bags failed to deploy. no examination of the vehicle has taken place to determine a cause for this problem. *note: driver received severe facial injuries. please provide any additional information / documentation. *ak
 A two impact wreck ,with the second at 55 mph hit head on,no airbag or onstar deployment. *ak
 I was traveling westbound on state route 262 at approximately 32 miles per hour when i encountered a stopped vehicle. i applied the brakes and the vehicle began an initial brake and then lurched forward without my releasing my foot from the brake pedal. this caused me to strike the vehicle in front of me. the air bags did not deploy nor did the seat belt properly restrain me. this caused me to strike the steering wheel with my chest and stomach. the hamilton county police office documented that the air bags and the seatbelt did not properly function. i was sited for following to close even though i feel that the brakes failed. i plan to appeal the ticket due to this reasoning in court on november 29, 2001. the safey of other owners/drivers of these vehicles is what prompted me to write. i would like to know if there have been other failures. please send them to my e-mail address: mbrusman@cinergy.com thanks for your time and attention with this matter.*ak
 While traveling approximately 67 mph vehicle was involved in a vault rollover crash. vehicle went off pavement and in coming back onto road vehicle began to roll over. both frontal air bags failed to deploy. vehicle has not been examined to determine if there was a failure in this system. driver sustained two broken ribs/ broken left foot/ broken right ankle, and neck soreness. please provide any additional information / attachments.*ak
 Consumer's vehicle had a front impact crash when vehicle accelerated, speed unknown, airbags did not deploy. consumer sustained back inury. damage to vehicle unknown at this time.*ak
 Crashed into 14foot uhaul going about 65mph air bags never worked. please advise! *ak
 While traveling approximately 55 mph, vehicle rear ended a u-haul truck that was also in motion. approximately $4600.00 damage was done to the front end of vehicle, and air bags failed to deploy. dealership stated that air bags failed to deploy because both vehicles were in motion. please provide any additional information / attachments. *note: driver of vehicle suffered arm, wrist, and leg injuries.*ak
 Consumer was in a accident and hit a wall and the air bags didn't deploy upon contact. ph
 Involved in a motor vehicle accident on 04/04/06 striking a concrete light pole, rendered unconscious, vehicle traveled across a roadway striking a tree. air bags in the vehicle never deployed. vehicle came in contact with both the tree and light pole at 90 degree angle. air bag switch was in the on position. vehicle was totaled as a result of the accident. *nm
 Vehicle was involved in a low speed frontal collision in which driver's side and passenger side air bags deployed. please give any further details.*ak
 Consumer's vehicle rear ended a big weight truck at apporximately 65 mph, and neither driver's side nor passenger's side airbags deployed. dealer has been examining the vehicle.*ak