BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
0824200408/24/200410013097Bearing growl or rattle type noise while depressing or releasing the clutch pedal. *tt04/07/2005
03073003107/01/200310012566Transmission leaks, slips, vehicle will not move. *tt03/07/2005
04073100101/01/200410011131Revised clutch pressure plate adjustment. *tt01/03/2005
04073100612/01/2004040731006A10011070Excessive shifter and/or engine vibration, bearing growl and/or rattle type noise while depressing or releasing clutch pedal. *tt12/28/2004
320510010861Allison lct1000 pump separator plate change disregard additional valve. *tt12/15/2004
31563156A10010292261 transfer case drivelines growl 1100-1200 rpm. *tt11/09/2004
309201/01/200410010222Allison lct 1000 buzz noise feel on tcc apply. *sc11/04/2004
313001/01/20043130A10010079Allison lct 1000 prndl flash and/or will not move. *tc11/04/2004
305401/01/200410009665Replacement flexplate may have larger bolt holes than the original flexplate. *tt10/14/2004
1029200210/29/200210009574Delayed transmission engagement from park to drive or reverse, malfunction indicator lamp, range inhibit and blinking prindel, multiple diagnostic trouble codes. *tt10/07/2004
30833083B10009506M74 allison lct1000 pto gear applications. *tt10/04/2004
30023002D100088024l60e/4l65e intermittent neutral condition while accelerating from a stop or while driving. *tt 1999-2006 gm cars, light duty trucks and utilities. *tt08/23/2004
030730011B04/01/2005030730011C10008638Transmission slips, delayed engagement, cold hesitation, intermittent, poor performance, power, shift, dtcs p0701, p1709, p1711, p1713, p0841, p0843, p0847, p0870, p0872, or p0875. *tt08/11/2004
990730016A10/01/2002990730016B10007838Diagnostic information for intermittent transmission downshift, slip, busy/cycling tcc or noisy cooling fan. *tt07/12/2004
0208601/01/2004100077824l60e, 4l65e intermittent neutral from a stop or steady speed. *tt07/12/2004
0002901/01/200400029A10007579Allison lct1000 may experience a neutral feeling when coming to a stop. *tt07/01/2004
0197701/01/200401977A10007580Allison lct1000 prndl flash and/or will not move. *tt07/01/2004
0211301/01/200410007455Intermittent no forward or reverse with possibly either a flashing prndl display or a range shift inhibited message. *tt06/23/2004
0159901/01/2004100072374l60e, 4l65e forward and low reverse waved steel clutch plate appearance change. *tt06/04/2004
00822B01/01/200400822C10005474No 2nd, no 4th and no reverse. to include 2004 light duty automobiles and trucks equipped with 4l60e or 4l65e automatic transmission. *tt02/27/2004
03073005411/01/200310004744Transmission fluid leaks out of vent when truck is started after a cold soak. *tt01/05/2004
0141011/18/200310004214Poor performance from a stop in 2wd, auto or 4wd hi. 2003, 2003 cadillac ext also included. *tt11/21/2003
01129A11/18/200310004170Allison lct1000 serviceability. *tt11/20/2003
08040308/04/200310003869This vme message applies to the valve body for the allison series 1000 transmission revised for the 2004 model year to add modulated main pressure control. this revision will provide additional transmission oil cooler flow and reduce pump11/05/2003
05210305/21/200310003656Essential tools for servicing the allison transmission. these tools include a four-wheel drive spanner nut wrench, rear bearing puller legs, digital depth micrometer and a rear bearing installer. these tools are required to replace a cr10/27/2003
03042100405/01/200310002374Design change of rear output shaft and oil pump replacement parts. *tt08/26/2003
020421005A02/01/200302042100510001110Slips in 4-wheel drive, noise, vibration, leaks, hot odor. *tt04/15/2003
02042100506/01/2002634905Some vehicles will not move when 4-wheel drive is requested, noise, shudder, poor performance, transmission / transfer case slips, transmission will not upshift, slips in 4-wheel drive. *tt10/10/2002
02009000204/01/2002634226Subject regarding lubrication of propeller shaft double cardan cv type u-joint centering ball and seat.*nlm09/28/2002
22010201/22/2002629716Some four-wheel drive extended cab short bed models may exhibit a bump/clunk on stop or acceleration. *tt04/05/2002
02073001106/01/200410012151Slow or no engagement of automatic transmission no start blank prndl display flashing prndl diagnostic trouble code p0708 p0872 p0847 p0875 p1711 p1713 or u1000 set. this service bulletin replaces 020730011. *eh02/15/2005
316110010546Allison lct1000 clunk noise on start in park. *eh12/01/2004
304701/01/20043047A1001018500-01 4l80-e automatic transmission may experience a harsh tcc apply and/or diagnostic trouble code p1870 or p074. *tc11/04/2004
3055901/01/200410009674Allison lct1000 diagnostic trouble code p1711, p0872 after completing repairs. *tt10/14/2004
30573057A10009668Allison lct1000 pump whine noise. *tt10/14/2004
304701/01/200410009392Harsh tcc apply and or a diagnostic trouble code p1870. 4l80e automatic transmission. *tt09/27/2004
0085601/01/200400856A10007815Allison lct1000 oil pump whine, buzz on cold start. *tt07/12/2004
01932325410006495Allison lct1000 dark or discolored transmission fluid with no loss of performance. *mr05/04/2004
03073005711/01/200310005581Transmission fluid leak from front of transmission - torque converter housing/pump area. 2500/3500 series models. *tt03/04/2004
03073005611/01/2003100055664l60-e automatic transmission oil pump first and second design identification. *tt03/04/2004
030730307A11/01/200303073003710005580Transmission oil leak, abnormal knocking noise heard at idle. 2500/3500 series pickup models. *tt03/04/2004
020730030A11/01/200302073003010005536Some customers may comment that the transmission slips, a shudder, chuggle, or vibration is felt when the transmission shifts from first to second gear. *tt03/02/2004
3259C3259E100055144l80e, 4l85e whine noise in first and second gear. *tt03/01/2004
0149301/01/200410005508Allison lct1000 prndl flash and/or will not move with p0721, p0731, p0732, p0733, p0734, p0743, p0746, p0747, p0776, p0777, p1720, p1721, p1723 and p1724. *tt03/01/2004
030730037B12/01/2003030730037A10005169Transmission oil leak, abnormal knocking noise heard at idle. *tt02/10/2004
010730038B10/01/2005010730038C10005162The service engine soon lamp is illuminated, no 3rd and 4th gear, the transmission does not shift correctly, the transmission feels like it shifts to neutral or a loss of drive occurs. *tt02/09/2004
03073005310/01/200310004747Allison automatic transmission valve body hardware changes. *tt01/05/2004
030730031D02/01/2006030730031E10004379Transmission leaks, slips, vehicle will not move. *tt12/04/2003
03073003810/01/2005030730038A10004323Transmission oil leak, abnormal knocking noise heard at idle. 2500/3500 series pickup models. *tt12/02/2003
03073003709/01/200310004322Transmission oil leak, abnormal knocking noise heard at idle. 2500/3500 series pickup models. *tt12/02/2003
03073004408/01/2004030730044A10004326Information on allison transmission service repairs - full service of internal components. *tt12/02/2003
00557B11/18/200310004190The allison lct1000 transmissions may experience a leak from oil pump area. *tt11/21/2003
020730051A02/01/200302073005110001116Transmission shifting in and out of 4th and 5th gear (hunting) when pulling/carrying a load, unable to manually select 4th gear. *tt04/15/2003
02073005112/01/200210000761Transmission shifting in and out of 4th and 5th gear (hunting) when pulling / carrying a load, unable to manually select 4th gear. hd2500/hd3500 series. *tt03/28/2003
020730011A05/01/2002020730011634961Diagnostic information for possible gear indicator (prndl) concerns for vehicles with allison lct1000 automatic transmission. *tt10/10/2002
02073003008/01/2002634947Some customers may comment that the transmission slips, a shudder, chuggle, or vibration is felt when the transmission shifts from first to second gear. *tt10/10/2002
02073002005/01/2002634959Some customers may comment of harsh or delayed 2-1 downshift, neutral feel at a stop, shift busyness, diagnostic trouble codes p0708, p0847, p0872, p0875, p1711, p1713 from 3/4 and 1 ton pickup models. *tt10/10/2002
020417001A07/01/2002020417001634895Concerns with launch shudder / vibration on acceleration. *tt10/10/2002
02073000409/01/2006020730004C631800New product information, grade brake feature of allison 1000 series transmission. *slc this bulletin replaces 02-07-30-004. *tt06/20/2002
02073001103/01/2002631670Subject regarding, 2001-2002 chevrolet and gmc c/k pickup and utility models, diagnostics for possible gear indicator concerns. *jg06/10/2002
02073001103/01/2002631259Subject regarding, 2001-2002 chevrolet and gmc c/k pickup and utility models, diagnostics for possible gear indicator concerns. *slc05/21/2002
02041700102/01/2002629369Some owners of c1500 series extended cab pickup models may comment on a vibration/launch shudder when accelerating from a stop. *tt04/02/2002
01073003812/01/2001010730038D628934Some customers may comment that the service engine soon lamp is illuminated, no 3rd and 4th gear, the transmission does not shift correctly, the transmission feels like it shifts to neutral or a loss of drive occurs. *tt03/25/2002
01073004312/01/2001628815Subject regarding diagnostic tips for slipping or missing second, third and/or fourth gear. *tt03/21/2002
03100110/03/2001627870Information regarding a 1-2 shift shutter, which may occur on light throttle acceleration, usually when the vehicle is thoroughly warmed up. *yh02/25/2002
01073003411/01/2001627632Information regarding 5-4 shift busyness (excessive shifting) while using cruise control and towing. (c/k 2500/3500 series pickup models) *yh02/13/2002
20080108/20/2001625114Information regarding revised transmission calibration to address driveline growl or prop shaft ring noise. *jg11/16/2001
01-60106/01/2001619762Subject regarding investigation of harsh shifts on 4l60e automatic transmission. *tt06/28/2001
01060106/01/2001619765Subject regarding an investigation of 2-4 band or 3-4 clutch damage on 4l60e automatic transmission. *tt06/28/2001
02040104/02/2001619402Some customers have commented that when in four-wheel drive and in reverse gear engine speed will not go over 1,000 to 1,300 rpms. *tt05/29/2001
429012/01/200710023751Engine surge or stall at stop and/or dtc p0742 possible tcc applied. equipped with allison lct1000 transmission rpo m74 or mw7. *nj01/30/2008
00938B11/18/200310004179Allison lct1000 repeat transmission control module (tcm) failures with possible multiple diagnostic trouble codes (dtcs). *tt11/20/2003
PIT-472210/01/200810026804Gmc: fluid leak from transmission oil cooler lines due to corrosion. all 2000-2006 light duty trucks equipped with the light duty automatic transmission. *pe12/18/2008
314301/01/200410010247Transmission oil cooler line fitting clarification. *tc11/08/2004
0185601/01/200410006712Allison lct1000 will not shift from park due to ice, snow or mud build-up on shift linkage. *mr05/11/2004
020730024A08/01/2005020730024B634999Diagnosis of cracked or broken transmission case. *tt 2006 and prior cars and light duty trucks. *tt10/11/2002
00252B01/01/200410005507Allison lct1000 knock noise and possible leak from the torque converter area. sit bulletin 1401124. *tt03/01/2004
40304030A10021676New design front axle side bearing adjusters. *kb06/15/2007
336410014953Rear axle retainer button breakage. *eh05/12/2005
30013001A10008872The service information and owners manual do not show a service interval for the 8.6, 9.5, 9.75, 10.5, and 11.5 inch rear axles with or without g80 (locking differential). *tt 2006 all general motors light duty trucks, vans and utilitie08/25/2004
03041800306/01/200310002854Revised wheel drive shaft inner joint and seal replacement. *tt09/26/2003
01222A01/01/200401222B10007278Repeat rear axle hub seal leak. *tt06/09/2004
387010020238Clutch pedal fade or clutch will not disengage typically when towing. *tt08/21/2006
302101/01/20043021B10008770Clutch pedal assembly squeak noise. the condition typically occurs during hot ambient temperature. *tt08/23/2004
33003300A100135724wd models with noise, vibration on dry pavement. *eh04/21/2005
990421003C08/01/2003990421003B10004401Front wheels slipping with vehicle in four wheel drive. *tt12/05/2003
990421003B04/01/2001990421003A619378Some owners may comment on a slipping type condition at the front wheels while the vehicle is in four wheel drive (4wd). *tt05/24/2001
04049500103/01/200410008653Revised wheel drive shaft nut torque specification. *tt08/12/2004
414410022360Allison lct1000 harsh 3-2, 2-1 downshift, and abs may activate. *kb08/03/2007
60909/01/200410016217Clutch pedal squeak. *sc09/02/2005
0925200209/25/200210008627This message is about hydraulic fluid usage for the hydraulic clutch system. *mj08/10/2004
00908D01/01/200400908E100054416.6l and manual transmission growl noise while engaging or disengaging clutch. *tt *mj02/27/2004
00908C01/01/2003100044096.6l and manual transmission growl noise while engaging or disengaging clutch. these are c/k models. *tt12/05/2003
4101/01/2002637387Some vehicles equipped with the allison lct1000 transmission may experience a very harsh 2-1 downshift at a stop or on throttle reapply. *tt11/25/2002
01110111/01/2001628081This message covers trucks with four-wheel drive extended cab short bed with a bump or clunk on stop or acceleration in reference to bulletin number 01-04-17-004. *tt03/05/2002
13110111/13/2001628117Information on 4-wheel drive extended cab, short bed vehicles with 4-wheel drive extended cab, short bed with a bump or clunk on stop or acceleration. *tt03/05/2002
25100110/25/2001628027Some extended cab short bed vehicles with four-wheel drive may exhibit a bump or clunk on stop or acceleration from a stop. *tt03/01/2002
01073003611/01/2001627912Service engine soon lamp illuminated, incorrect transmission shifts, poor performance of engine, transmission slipping. *yh02/26/2002
0103205/01/2001619383Some vehicles equipped with 6-speed manual transmission may exhibit a condition in which the clutch fluid is contaminated by water that has been introduced through the reservoir cap. *tt05/24/2001
34243424A10017299Electronic transfer case unable to complete shift. *tt11/02/2005
338910016707Four wheel drive inoperative and the 4wd service light will illuminate. diagnosis may reveal that the atc fuse could be open, possible dtc c0308, or various u codes may be set. the encoder motor may also be shorted or the tccm may be dama09/28/2005
352610016558Intermittent service 4wd light comes on with diagnostic trouble code (dtc) c0306 or c0308 stored in tccm. *tt09/22/2005
3349100148094wd inoperative and diagnostic trouble code (dtc) u1026 atc fuse open. *tt05/10/2005
3012B3012A10008806The nvg 136 all wheel drive (awd) transfer case and the 236 and 246 nvg selectable transfer cases operating in the auto mode may exhibit a condition of a vibration/shudder during low speed turns such as a parking lot maneuver, up to approxi08/23/2004
0140911/18/200310004212The nvg 136 all wheel drive (awd) transfer case and the 236 and 246 nvg selectable transfer case shudder on turns. *tt11/21/2003
02042100404/01/2002634899Some customers may comment on the service 4wd indicator illuminating with diagnostic trouble code b2725 set. *tt10/10/2002

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 2001 silverado.....my only problem with my truck is the service 4wd light. the problem is the electronic transfer case shift motor. the part runs a little over $100. i can't afford the part right now, but it doesn't affect my daily driving, just when i need 4x4 which isn't often living in oklahoma. still runs and drives like a brand new truck. *tr
 While driving, seat belt becomes very tight, giving a feeling of clostraphobia. took vehicle to dealer.*ak consumer stated tires vibrated at a speed of 45-50, consumer was informed that the tires were out of round, also when the vehicle is driven for awhile, it seems to miss speeds, when making hard turns in either direction, there is a whining noise coming from the steering, and in cool weather the steering is hard to turn, also the service engine soon light illuminated and the vehicle would stall while driving.*jb
 The odometer was malfunctioning. *yh
 Tl*the contact owns a 2001 chevrolet silverado. while driving 30 mph, the vehicle lost speed and the gears began to spin. the vehicle came to a complete stop. the contact attempted to switch gears, but the vehicle failed to move. the transmission was diagnosed as the cause of failure and was replaced. the contact stated that a transmission should not fail at 40,000 miles. the current mileage was 42,692 and failure mileage was 40,000.
 Tl* - the contact owns a 2001 silverado pickup. the contact stated that every 2000 to 3000 miles while driving at 50 mph the engine would lose power momentarily, and then start back up. the contact would sometimes have to pull over on the road and restart the vehicle. the failure became more and more frequent. he took the vehicle to three or four different dealers, and they could not duplicate or diagnose the failure. the contact determined that the failure was due to the ignition and had it repaired, after being told he would be reimbursed the contact has not received the reimbursement. also the brake light and abs lights turn on intermittently when driving without applying the brakes. this failure had occurred ten times.*ak the transmission, fuel gauge sending unit, the right power window all had to be replaced. the engine light illuminated. updated 03/07/07. *jb
 Since ownership of vehicle, reverse has not worked properly. complete failure 9/28. vehicle when put into reverse, does not move. vehicle has been to the dealer 4 times. i am being told they will not cover the fix. vehicle has 52,000 miles on it. *jb
 To: subject: owner assistance: p. adams subject: customer has serious issues mossy chevrolet date: monday, september 19, 2005 4:59 pm to chevrolet: management and customer relations:from: webmaster.fss@gsa.gov sent: saturday, september 17, 2005 10:14 pm subject: gm 2001 firestone steeltex a/t custom alloy wheels w/a/t tires. that makes 8 rims but end result was the tires where firestone lt245/75-16 steeltex a/t. 50psi.load range c spec. or numbers on tires 108/104rm/s tpc spec.2313 (00 8008) (08162 0r5) (lt245/75-r16) firestone steeltex a/t tires on customers truck where defective and sight of sidewall deformations customer given incorrect response to request before warranty expired it was brought to mossy chevrolet that customer advising service writer of continuous problems with vehicle tires [peeling] gm in their 'commitment to safety' warranties such defects i will be filing for 'reimbursement' claim, along those grounds. may i suggest that you familiarize yourselves with what and how you sell. denying or misrepresenting any terms of those agreements are fraud. my time was mis-used and wasted along with me and any passengers in vehicle where in unnecessary jeopardy from these practices. [plus the general public] if a serious accident would have occurred. the price of your actions [should have] anything more serious happened (you can't put a price on life) other than me losing the front tire and grinding to a stop on rim is not worth it. learn this know it. *jb
 [5] major problems chevrolet silverado z71 extended cab 4 door lt 350cu.in 5.7 liter. this truck came with the tow haul equip. and was sold with improper tires for the use described. tires where firestone 245/75-16. steeltex a/t #108/104r m/s new vehicle sticker also. to me. this fraud #2) next failure: lost all braking going down a slight grade. brake pedal went flat to the floor. i released pressure. pushed again. down to the floor but with pulsing felt through pedal. released again same ...used both legs on one brake pedal other on parking brake. engine shaking during this. approx. stopping distance 600-700-yards.! informed dealer when next service due at 15.000mi. no comment no issue #3) next failure: gm crap exhaust system manifold cracked in two@17.156mi. and converter blockage due to breakage of manifold fragments. #4) next failure: same as #2 above. breaking loss for brief 90-200 seconds. enough time to be seriously injured or cause one. 17,982.47 mi #5) 20 mi round trip on way home on freeway sudden decrease in speed and the rpm gauge is at 6,000 rpm it does not go any higher. then it grabbed and sped way up. let off gas and sling shot type erratic speeds with same pressure on gas next pedal. same damn time. i will never reach that space in time or miles before this unreliable defect laiden poorly designed piece of shody merchandise kills me or someone else. the service dept wants me to authorize take down of transmission and dissemble the unit and said needed to notify gm. also they mentioned 66790. is this a form or a charge?. i called them back only to get a recording . i said (my exact words) i authorize gm/ dealer to repair this vehicle now at their cost and deliver it asap. come monday this will be 4 days no truck. this will force me to use very harsh civil complaints for these interruptions. *nm
 Parking brake will not stay adjusted, leading pickup to only be held by the automatic transmission park pawl when stopped.*ak
 Received letter from gm regarding possible engine light coming on. when it did come on several times, went to dealer, and they replaced fuel pressure regulator on gm. a month later, at freeway speeds transmission failed and went to neutral, almost causing an accident with several trucks. limped home after several occurrences of same thing by stopping and totally restarting and moving on until another failure. (approx. 15 times) went to dealer and gm now replaced the injector pump assembly. brought the vehicle home, parked it for 5 days and then started it up the transmission wouldn't engage and then suddenly clanked into gear and then disengaged into neutral. stopped engine, restarted and then drove to dealer, who said gm wouldn't participate, saying it was now transmission problem and no longer warranted. the dealer installed a drain back kit in the transmission at my expense. the dealer had a bulletin from gm regarding this very problem. it is my contention that the engine (fuel pump regulator, injector pump assembly) problem put exsessive pressure upon the transmission and the computer kicked it into neutral causing the failure of the drain back, requiring a modification kit. i contacted gm, explained the situation and they flatly refused to participate in the repair.*ak
 Universal joint broke. it was taken for repair since it was under warranty. three weeks later the transfer case broke, and transmission went out preventing the vehicle from moving. gmc sent an appraiser to check vehicle.*ak
 Emergency brake on, vehicle gear in park, vehicle began to roll down hill. * bf council for consumer stated that injuries were sustained as a result of the failed brake. consumer placed the vehicle in park and exited the vehicle leaving two minor children inside. the consumer noticed that the vehicle was rolling and attempted to catch the vehicle. the consumer fell and the vehicle rolled over her body. the consumer sustain severe bodily injuries. the vehicle struck a tree causing injuries and damages. *tc
 While driving the vehicle it failed to shift gears. consumer was able to maintain control of the vehicle, and pulled over. vehicle was taken to the dealer for inspection, and mechanic determined that the cable assembly needed to be replaced, and replaced it. *ak consumer still having trouble with transmission. *tc
 While driving at high speeds vehicle stalled. consumer was able to restart vehicle, and drove it to dealer for inspection. however, mechanic could not duplicate or resolve the problem. *ak
 While driving at 50 mph consumer pressed the gas pedal, but vehicle would not accelerate. consumer could hear a whistling sound coming from the engine. dealer examined the vehicle, and informed the consumer that a new transmission was needed. on another occasion vehicle would not go into 2nd gear or reverse. another transmission was replaced. on yet another occasion the solenoid and wiring harness were replaced, and the computer was reprogrammed. finally, another transmission was replaced. *ak
 The transmission failed. the manufacturer shared the cost of the bill.
 Rebuilt transmission still slipping now also is geared wrong and clunking when shifting from p/r/n/d was not happening befor rebuilding it. handed bulleten stating it was normal. engine has knocking and pinging all the time. gm will not do anything about it is normal. they gave us a 100,000 mile 6 yr warranty except there is a clause that states it does not cover pre existing conditions and they refuse to send us something stating this is not considered a pre exisiting condition it's in our file and said they would do notthing more for me said good bye and hung up. engine is also losing gas mileage, power and is missing. we are concerned that it may cause problems while we are towing our boat based on your service bulletin number 01058 builetin sequence number 620. we are concerened that it may cause serious injury or loss of life. dt
 The problem was brought to the attention of the dealer. gmc responded that there were not enough complaints and would not fix the problem. no safety defect mentioned. *ak
 While placing vehicle in drive transmission will slip. this problem has occurred on several occasions. consumer will contact dealer.*ak
 When shifting from first to second and second to third, feels like going over bumps. took to dealer, and they replaced transmission, but problem got worse. consumer can hardly shift.*jb.*jg
 The problem is when coming to a stop (under braking) if you don't come to a complete and total stop and you decide to switch back to the accelerator, the truck free revs for about half a second and then dumps the transmission in gear. while this has yet to cause me any dangerous problems, i believe it very well could in the rain or ice/snow. if you're not prepared for it, sometimes it hits hard enough that for a moment you're somewhat disoriented, representing a dangerous situation if there's other traffic around. *ak
 When stopping, brake pedal was down to the floor. abs brakes locked up and vehicle slid before coming to a stop. took vehicle to dealer who could not duplicate the problem.*ak dealer replaced leaking master cylinder and deglazed the rotors. transmission experienced slipping, clunking and would not shift into 1st gear, dealer replaced transmission. rear end is noisy, u-joints have been replaced, however noise reoccured, consumer states chevrolet has a u-joint and bearing problem. *slc
 Consumer had raised vehicle with bigger rims and tires, then, had experienced transmission low power. often there was low fluid. dealer said they could not determine what was causing leakage. in time, transmission could not be engaged. please provide more information.*ak
 There is a problem with transmission. vehicle has trouble moving at times. also, a loud noise comes from transimission when consumer is driving. contacted dealer, and dealer was not willing to do anything.*ak
 While driving and without warning automatic transmission is shifting gears, stalling results, and vehicle stops. *ak
 Vehicle accelerates from a stop, at times, vehicle jumps from drive into neutral. this problem occurs when the vehicle is cold. dealer has been contacted. *ak consumer states that can be dangerous in traffic or with a load on hills. *tt
 Truck sat idle for 4 days. started truck and tried to put it into reverse several times. transmission wouldn't shift. had to start truck several times before shifting took place. chevrolet dealer says allison is aware of the problem and attempting to find a fix. allison has not advised us or the dealer of this problem! *ak
 When putting vehicle into any gear it will move no where. this is an intermittent problem. contacted dealer. *ak
 Tires cupped before 8000 mile rotation, transmission- feels like clutch is slipping, has times in nuetral from a stop then slams into gear... motor sounds like a diesel at start up quiets some, yet all this is suppose to be normal. *ak (tiresize: 235/75/r16)
 I purchased my vehicle and 1 week after purchase the engine began making a knocking noise which proceeded to get louder. i phoned my dealership and they made an appt to bring in the vehicle for inspection. i was told at that time that the vortec engine made that sound and there was nothing they could do. i disagreed as it didnt knock when i purchased it. they did a top engine clean and returned the vehicle. i drove it to wyoming and the same day i picked it up it was knocking and missing. i phoned the dealership and they said to bring it in when i got home and gave me gm cares number in case it broke down. i took the vehicle back in and they have now had it for 16 days. nothing has been done to repair it . i phoned gm they said 1 out of 4 vortec engines have this problem..they have no fix for it but i should get at least 36 thousand miles from the engine. i told them that was not acceptable i paid 28 thousand dollars for the truck and was told i should get at least 200 thousand miles on the engine. they were aware of this problem before i purchased the vehicle but never disclosed this to me. the transmission is also spinning in gear. i was at a stoplight and at the green light accelerated but the transmission spun then jumped into gear and almost threw the truck into the vehicle in front of me. also towing my horse trailer the transmission doesnt shift properly.*ak
 After only having this new truck for 2 days the transmission was taken out of it due to a ticking noise in the engine. the mechanic was advised by gm to take out the transmission and replace a flywheel. after 2 weeks of waiting for a part i picked up my truck. the next day the noise was back. i have had 2 gm reps listen to the noise. the secound rep told me that it was entrained gasses and that there was nothing they could do about it. i did not purchase this truck making the noise and do not want it anymore after the transmission has been taken out.*ak
 Transmission shifts from 5th to 3rd, over revving the engine, also it will for no reason shift all the way down to second gear at interstate speeds nearly causing an accident. *ak
 On a slight incline vehicle will roll backward and hesitate when accelerating. dealer has been notified, and said that this was normal operation for this particular transmission. *ak consumer stated, vehicle will hesitate on flat ground. when trying to get on hwy or exits this can be very dangerous. *yh
 Transmission shifts from 5th to 3rd, over revving the engine, also it will for no reason shift all the way down to second gear at interstate speeds nearly causing an accident. *ak
 Transmission seemed to be in neutral after stopping and applying brake then accelerating. dealer picked up with wrecker. when wrecker arrived, condition could not be duplicated. dealer has valve body ordered to replace in transmission. second problem: rear leaf springs shift causeing a knock when going up uneven grades or speed bumps. third problem: looseness in transfer case and rear axle cause a clunk when downshifting to stop and sometimes when transmission shifts. dealer claims normal. large aluminum driveshaft transfer sound. just excuse for poor quality product. this clunk or knock also sounds when rear axle moves on uneven grade with axle shifting and driveshaft stationary. *ak
 Engine stalled without prior warning in stop and go traffic, and engine misfired several time daily. also, transmission clunked on straight away, a torque converter lock up. dealership was aware of problem. . vehicle was there for four times, vehicle is there currently. *ak
 Automatic transmission violently jumps while changing from first to second gears. dealership has examined vehicle, but has not informed consumer as to cause or reason of problem. *ak *slc
 The problem is an intermittant neutral condition. this happens when stopped at a light for a few minutes. after releasing the brakes and applying the accelerator the engine revs, but the vehicle does not move. then all of a sudden the transmission engages with a large bang and the rear tires break traction. this has happened six times. the dealer says there is no problem. the manufacture says they have had many calls for the same problem, however they don't have a fix. on the internet, there are several people that have had this problem and gm has fixed it with a new valve body for the transmission, as well as, a new front pump assembly. i feel that this is unsafe and should be fixed. thank you.
 Consumer had bought vehicle brand new. could be driving and transmission would be jumping out of gear. had to be taken back to dealer for transmission problem.*ak it was determined that the valve body was defective and was repaired. *yh
 While vehicle was left in park, it went into reverse, and ran into the side of a barn . contacted dealer, and the dealer was taking a look at vehicle.*ak *slc
 Engine stalled without prior warning in stop and go traffic, and engine misfired several time daily. also, transmission clunked on straight away, a torque converter lock up. dealership was aware of problem. . vehicle was there for four times, vehicle is there currently. *ak
 While traveling at normal speed heard a noise, and suddenly the rear of the truck dropped. dealer stated that left rear axle housing cracked in half. *ak consumer experienced numerous problems and manufacturing defects including weak welding resulted in recurrent loosening of both bedsides, metal fatigue resulting in the shearing of axle housing, and general malfunction of factory assembled components resulting in misalignment of the bed of the vehicle and malfunction of the tailgate. also, vehicle seemed to loose power and road stability when turning right at low speed. due to the problems experienced by consumer, vehicle was taken to dealership for repairs and replacement of defective components. *la
 Rear axle seals kept leaking, causing park brake to fail. seals have been replaced 4 times on drivers side, and 3 times on passengers side.*akconsumer states that vehicle was taken to the dealership and they said they will not repair. *scc
 While driving at 25 mph consumer noticed the abs motor was continuously running, and the brake pedal was getting hard while applying the brakes. this caused extended stopping distance. mechanic drove the vehicle to the repair shop. also informed mechanic determined that the abs control module, and both front wheel hubs needed to replaced. dealer was notified.*ak the consumer stated that the left front wheel hub assembly needed to be replaced. the consumer stated that he almost had 2 accidents because abs brakes failed and will not stop the vehicle. front wheel hub assembly was replaced by k r auto repair. new abs control unit installed.
 Dt consumer stated there is a grinding and vibration in the clutch of the vehicle. the vehicle was taken to a service dealer and they stated that it was normal for the clutch. *jb
 When driving at any speed consumer heard a popping noise coming from the driveline. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. *ak
 Consumer stated that a leak in the transfer case after 36,000 miles caused driveline to lock up.this happened at 49,000 miles.*ak
 Universal joint broke. it was taken for repair since it was under warranty. three weeks later the transfer case broke, and transmission went out preventing the vehicle from moving. gmc sent an appraiser to check vehicle.*ak
 2001 z71 1500 silverado chevy. the gears in the rear end shattered as i crossed a busy commercial street into on coming traffic. no crash incurred. this truck is just off ext. warrt. 4year/100,000 mile. the truck has 82,800 miles on it. i have had this truck to the dealer 3 times complaining of a load noise coming from the rear end. this truck has had over 6,000 dollars of warrt. work. not to mention what i have put out of my own pocket. i am a self employed person, and without a truck i can not make a living. it has been at a repair shop now for 6 days!! i know i am not the only person out there with the same problem. gm fix my truck. *nm
 The tranamission had mechanical problems, and was serviced five times for the same problem and there was an oil leak at the rear differential pinion seal as well. *yh
 Knocking noise from beginning-dealer stated cold startup-wrong! manufacturer said not detrimental to engine-they had to replace my engine @ 25,000 miles-still knocking. grinding in rear end at take off-had to replace my driveshaft-still grinding. my truck has been in 4 times for engine knocking and 5 times for rear end grinding. i'm now fighting with gm and bbb for a buy back-my truck qualifies under the lemon law-33 total days in shop so far. will never buy another!!!*ak
 Abs brakes, do not stop. i was going 40mph and a flock of turkey was in the road, i put on my brakes and they went to the floor. thank god that there was no oncoming traffic. your brakes are there to stop you, not to go to the floor and travel about another 100 feet. i know there has been alot of complaints about these brakes, and my dealer said my brakes are fine. i guess it will take people getting killed in order for someone to adress this problem. another problem>>> i have this clucking nosie in the rear of my truck, it sounds like the rear of the truck is going to fall off. a dealer stated that the drive-shaft yolk was dry, they removed drive-shaft and lubed yolk. problem is worse than it was before. this is a 2001 brand new truck, i should not be having all these problems. *ak
 While vehicle is being driven driveshaft makes a very loud noise, cause unknown. consumer fears that driveshaft may fall from vehicle. dealer can not identify problem. *ak *slc
 The transmission failed and was repalced, however the second transmission had problems as well. *jb
 Two times in one month transmission went bad
 Consumer stated transmission fluid was leaking, dealer could not duplicate the problem.*jb
 Consumer states shifter cable broke. *tt
 The tranamission had mechanical problems, and was serviced five times for the same problem and there was an oil leak at the rear differential pinion seal as well. *yh
 Emergency brake gave way on flat ground, and subsequently ran over driver's legs. *ak emergency brake goes to the floor. the rear brakes lock up. it was hard to shift into first gear and sometimes pops out of first gear. *yh
 Universal joint broke. it was taken for repair since it was under warranty. three weeks later the transfer case broke, and transmission went out preventing the vehicle from moving. gmc sent an appraiser to check vehicle.*ak
 Consumer purchased a brand new chevrolet siverado. after about 1500 miles vehicle developed a popping noise in the transfer case. consumer took the vehicle back to the dealer, and was informed that vehicle had a history of this problem ranging from the 1998 to 2004 models. however, this vehicle was out of warranty, and dealer and manufacturer were not willing to assist consumer with this defect. *ak
 Theconsumer noticed fluid leaking underneath the vehicle. the vehicle was taken to the dealer. the dealer informed the consumer that the problem was a crack in the transfer case and it was not covered under a recall. *jb *sc
 The vehicle's transfer case failed. upon further inspection the dealer located a hole in the aluminum case. *nm the hole allowed fluid to be discharged which meant the transfer case could not be rebuilt. *jb
 4 wheel drive makes a grinding/growling noise and binds the vehicle to a stop with only a slight turn of the wheel. this did not happen until 17,000 miles on the vehicle and continues to worsen as time goes by. chev 2001 silverado 1500 4wd. *ak
 Consumer stated that a leak in the transfer case after 36,000 miles caused driveline to lock up.this happened at 49,000 miles.*ak
 I have 2001 chevrolet 2500 hd 4x4 crew cab short box, with a 5 speed allison automatic with push button 4 wheel drive on the dash. at 117,000 miles my transfer case went out leaving me stranded luckily only 30 miles from home. now at 279,000 miles my transfer case goes out again this time leaving me stranded on the wv turnpike. i realize the vechile has high miles on it mostly from towing campers and mostly all highway miles. the total 4 wheel drive miles can't be over 200 miles. i have a friend in indiana who has a 3500 with about 175,000 miles on his and he just replaced transfer case this past week. my question is are we the only two to have transfer case problems? no where can i find any bulletins or anything relating to gm on transfer case problems. maybe you could let me know if there are any.*ak
 2001 chevrolet silverado 2500 hd 4 wheel drive. the truck makes a loud banging noise when shifting into 4 wheel drive (on the fly). this happens almost every time when going into 4 wheel drive. *jb