Consumer Complaints

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 Tl- the contact owns a 2002 chevrolet suburban 1500. the contact stated that the vehicle stalls while driving. the vehicle had been stalling for a few months without warning and now the service engine light is staying on. the contact stated that when this happens the vehicle will restart after a few minutes. the vehicle had not been inspected at the time of the complaint. the vin was unknown. the failure mileage was 120000 and the current mileage was 121988.rl
 2002 chevrolet suburban 1500 loses acceleration power on highway. vehicle does not respond to acceleration attempts. once brake is applied vehicle completely stalls and has no power steering or brakes. this has occurred in highway driving at 70 mph in heavy traffic areas. there is no consistency in occurrences. happened august 2007 , and dec. 2007, sept. 2009 and november 2009. check engine light does not come on. can not be diagnosed on computer. gm mechanics can not figure out problem unless it happens to them. gm refers us to dealership for diagnosing and repairs under these conditions. don't have the money to put in repairs that may or may not correct problem. have found many complaints on internet detailing this problem but gm denies any knowledge of this problem. noticed that 2001 chevy suburbans have had a recall of crankshaft position sensor and that symptoms are similar to my vehicle. this problem poses a tremendous life and death safety concern for me and my family especially when we are traveling in high traffic areas or in mountain areas. *tr
 On multiple occasions my 2002 chevrolet suburban stalled while driving on the freeway. after several minutes the truck would restart. the chevy dealer said there was nothing they could do since they would not be able to duplicate the condition. it does not trigger a check engine signal. it usually happens after long periods of freeway driving with no warning. this is not a low fuel issue. i suspect it is a crank position sensor failing after researching the issue on the internet. *jb
 Tl-the contact owns a 2002 chevrolet suburban 1500 lt. while driving 35 mph the vehicle stalls. the vehicle was pull to the side of the road as he waited for a few minutes to restart the engine. neither the dealer nor the manufacturer was notified. the failure mileage was 114,346..-mw
 While driving on the freeway my 2002 suburban with a 5.3l flex fuel equiped vehicle just would stall with out warning and cause me to lose all power steering and other item related to the engine running. i have to wait for the vehicle to cool down before being able to restart it. no code would show on the on board computer and after looking at other recalls it pointed to the crankshft position sensor going bad. i am going to change it out in the morning. i have read others having this same issue in this year model and think chevy should do something about it.
 While driving at highway speeds with my 2002 chevrolet suburban ls with 45,000 miles on it, i encountered a complete engine failure. the vehicle would coast until i reached a speed of 30mph., i would place the vehicle in neutral and attempt to re-start the engine. after several attempts, the vehicle would re-start, accelerate to 70 mps. this would occur intermittent over and over through my two driving trip. the actual number of time the engine failed was 14. this caused a very serious situation, because without engine power, i had no power brakes, steering or the ability to maintain speed, which resulted in me locating the road shoulder immediately! i contacted the dealer i use regularly and they informed me this is the first time they have ever heard of this. however, after researching the internet i discovered through forums this is a problem that many people are experiencing. i contacted the local dealership at my destination at 1000 us highway 1 ph: (772) 567-8371 , vero beach, fl 32960 made an appointment for monday july 14, 2008 at 8:30am. again i was told by the service writer they have never heard of this problem. i also located a document called,nhtsa defect investigation # pe06016 closed. i am the original owner of the 2002 vehicle and have not moved from 1997-2008. how do i get this resolved and at no cost to me? just maybe the dealership will fix the problem without any problems, however from my many past experiences with dealerships, the last is not the usual. please feel free to contact me to help assist me in fixing the vehicle and the cost terms if need. thank you. mark deehl *tr
 #5 cylinder 1164 misfires. collapsed lifter, broken rings. the dealership went on fishing expedition, charging me $271.82 for unnecessary work (new spark plug and wires). went for second diagnoses, correctly diagnosed this time indicating the above. mechanic contacted gmpp (extended warranty),told gmpp that the engine should be replaced. the mechanic was advised to tell me to return to dealership for service. *nm