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 Alleged that a fault within the steering wheel speed sensor sends false signals to the variable effort steering (ves) control electronics, causing unanticipated steering wheel movement at moderate to high speeds.

Consumer Complaints

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 Power steering input/effort had became erratic causing increased effort or worse, oversteering midway through turns. first noticed this problem last fall at winter tire changeover. i initially blamed it on icy roads but then noticed it on obviously non icy roads as well. occurred just occasionally at first. i kept blaming tires but this spring when i changed back over to my summer tires the problem did not go away. dealership had indicated some worn front end parts needing replacement so i had that done along with a front end alignment following. didn't help. found many discussions with similar experiences on the internet and most indicated replacing the steering evo sensor as the cure. i replaced that part and it seems to have fixed the problem. the sensation of the loss of steering midcorner is at the least a little disconcerting and at the most could lead to an over-reaction and a severe crash! with as many complaints online as i found i don't understand how this could have been let go and not called to my attention by the company. the company knows about this problem as the parts clerk told me they even have a retro kit available to replace this assisted steering system period! *tr
 Noticed erratic steering during right turn. became more severe over time, to the point it was difficult to maintain control of vehicle. had vehicle inspected by local mechanic. failed evo (electronic variable orifice) sensor in steering was replaced.
 While driving vehicle steering wheel suddenly slips or jerks to the right. this problem is intermittent, but has increased over time. on january 28, 2003 the vehicle was taken in for this problem, and the dealership replaced the steering sensor. the problem has recurred 22 months later, causing driver to lose control of the vehicle at 35 mph. this resulted in lose of control of this vehicle and accident followed. chevrolet customer care service was contacted and said that they would pay for inspection of said vehicle. they responded that if no problem was detected during inpsection, that customer would have to pay for repair. inspection is still pending.*ak
 While turning the steering wheel, the consumer noticed that the steering wheel jumped. the technician serviced the vehicle and a replaced the sensor. *ak this problem occurred many times over the past three years and would fail while turning at low, medium and high speeds. *sc *jb
 The steering in my 1997 chevy tahoe has recently started to jerk while i am driving. *la
 Steering briefly and suddenly goes light in sweeping right turns at 40+ mph. feels like you hit a patch of ice. sounds related to other complaints on your site i found while researching possible causes. have not taken to dealer yet - appointment next week. *jb
 1997 chevrolet tahoe steering at 83,000 miles. at 45-55 mph when turning left steering has a momentarily twitch/hang-up/resistance/jerk. after many attempts i finally found a dealership to diagnose that the steering wheel position sensor was failing & needed replacing. after searching the nhtsa i see several complaints of the same problem. it is hard to believe with a serious problem that impacts steering ability for chevrolet tahoe owners & others driving safety that there has not been a recall. hopefully something is done before there are injuries/accidents/fatalities. *jb
 1997 chevrolet tahoe steering problem in curves. very dangerous. when making a turn in a curve or a lane change you experience a temporary loss of steering followed by a release causing a oversteer condition a very hazzardous situation. *ak
 Steering wheel jerks to left or right on cold days when driving at moderate to high speeds. after reading the number of complaints for same exact problem it appears the gvt is waiting for a fatality before taking action. nhtsa action number ea 99011 was closed 02/27/2001 with no action taken.
 Steering is erratic at medium speeds. you will be going around the corner and then the wheel will give and the truck pulls very quickly, as if you oversteered, but then it will stop. *la
 Erratic steering. *ak
 1997 chevy tahoe - after making a u-turn, power steering failed. in addition, while driving curved roads, an abrupt jerking would occur in the steering. *jb
 Vehicle steering loses control. i have complained about this several times to the dealer while it was in warranty and nothing was done about it. i see that others had the same problem. i told the dealer this is a serious safety issue that could cause serious injuries and even fatalities. note: i took it to the dealer and this is what they said vehicle experienced a tsb (76-30-01) failure of the electronic variable orifice (evo) system as a result of low voltage condition of the steering wheel position sensor, which resulted in accident due to loss of control. *jb
 Consumer states that while driving and no warning they will have erratic steering control and it will be hard for the consumer to control the vehicle. dealer notified ts
 Steering loses resistance, changes lanes if not counter steered. dealer replaced evo sensor on 9 april 2002.*ak *tt
 Vehicle is very difficult to steer, it wanders all over the road, dealer replaced tires, serpentine belt and tensioner and performed front end alignment, this did not remedy problem. *ak *tt
 When turning left or right steering wheel will jerk in that direction and cause vehicle to turn more than intended, like someone is jerking it out of consumer's hand. consumer stated this wa svery dangerous. dealer said it was a sensor that needed to be reeplaced. please provide any further information.*ak
 Steering position sensor failed, causing the power steering system to lose resistance at speed. incident occurred while driving on a sweeping left hand turn. i was applying constant light left hand pressure on the steering wheel when the power steering system lost resistance and the wheel turned freely and quickly to the left. before i regained control i had moved 1/2 lane to the left. the problem was very intermittent at first but grew increasingly more regular. the steering would seem to twitch and cause momentary loss of feel. i*ak finally replaced the steering position sensor and the problem was fixed. when i purchased the replacement part at the chevrolet dealership, the parts counterman new exactly what i was talking about and commented that it must be a big problem because they had a whole bin of steering position sensors. it is my contention that this should be a recall item. the sudden loss of steering control can be very un-nerving.
 Steering was like on ice, had to replace steering sensor, front disc rotors warped twice, had to replace. *ak
 When negotiating curves (while driver is turning steering wheel and holding fairly consistant pressure on the wheel to maintain the turn), the steering wheel will suddenly turn (twitch) in the direction you are turning. this sometimes causes an oversteer to correct . problem is worse when veh. is cold and does it mostly around 35 mph although regularly does it at all speeds also. my sense of the problem is not that the vehicle is steering itself , but that there is a sudden change in boost to the steering (defective speed sensitive pwr steering?) and since the driver is holding pressure on the wheel in a curve, the sudden change in steering boost causes the driver to oversteer and than overcorrection in steering, which to some complainants apparently is perceived as a loss of steering. my wife perceives it as a loss of steering and i drive the veh as much as her and can tell you the loss of steering is in the mind due to pucker factor! i can tell you without a doubt that the problem is very real and i have had 1 or 2 near misses with a car and jersey barricade as i oversteered with the sudden change of boost. what you need to understand is that the sudden change in boost probably occurs regularly at the appropriate speed, ( as designed into the speed sensitive steering system), but when the driver has turning pressure on the steering wheel, and the normal steering wheel back-pressure is suddenly released (or signifigantly reduced)the 1st action is a sudden oversteer (as though someone quickly jerked the wheel loose from your hands in the same direction you are already turning). i see many similiar complaints in the complaints database and a nhtsa action # ea99011 open investigation since may 12, 1999, seems that this is a definite widespread problem. is there a fix on the horizon? i see that some dealers have replaced the steering speed sensor, but it is not clear if that is the cure. any suggestions?*ak
 Power steering over-assist, bad evo sensor. *ak
 While making turns steering sensor goes out intermittently, and steering becomes very loose, no resistance. consumer checked our complaints database, and on january 3 found 40 complaints with same problem. *ak
 Ea99011, intermittently while driving, steering system malfunctioned, causing vehicle to wander which could result in a crash. dealer could not determine cause. *ak *slc
 Power steering sensor has been replaced twice at 34000 miles and again at 60000 miles. when making a turn steering wheel will jerk away from turn.*ak
 Steering eov sensor failure caused steering twitches or jerks when changing lanes. yh
 Ea99011, due to a defective steering speed sensor, steering system malfunctioned, causing erratic steering while driving in high speeds. this could result in a crash. dealer was aware of problem, and would extend the warranty only if the he could duplicate the problem. common problem. please provide further information. *ak
 Consumer was traveling 55mph on the highway went to make a slight turn, and the steering wheel was fighting with him. after turning the ignition off at a rest area, the problem went away for awhile. after it reoccured, owner had faulty evo sensor replaced, no problems since. *ak*ml
 The vehicle's power steering is over sensitive and will react to the slightest movement of the steering wheel. dealer says it needed a new steering box. problem still exist. the steering sensor has been replaced to correct problem. *yc
 Over steering occured because of sensor failure. yh
 While driving and attempting to make a turn, the vehicle over turned, causing loss of control.driver has had to drive off the road. *ak
 When making a left hand turn,and then straightening vehicle out, steering will push to the right. *ak
 Ea99011, while driving on the left lane, the vehicle moved to the right lane unexpectedly which could have caused a crash. incidents happened twice. please provide further information. *ak
 Intermittently when driving at various speeds steering wheel will turn to the left, sharp and fast. dealer has not been notified. the slip yolk went dry, causing vehicle to lurch forward after stopping. *slc
 The play in the steering increases and becomes loose with high speeds. the ves system is working the opposite of what it is suppose to do. truck will be checked by the dealership on jan.25-1999. *
 While driving there is tension on the wheel . when slowing down to to turn, the tension loosens and jerks to the left. the dealer has ordered the parts to repair vehicle. *ak
 During vehicle operation the steering is loose, and vehicle pulls to left when making a left turn. *ak
 This vehicle experiences a failure in the steering position sensor mounted in the bottom of the steering column that makes you severely oversteer. i have complained to my local chevy dealer and they are aware of the issue, however, they are unwilling to do anything about this. as a certified auto technician,, i feel that this is a extreme safety issue that should cause a recall for repair. i also feel that gm should be liable for any accidents this definately would have caused as they are not correcting this safety issue!*ak
 Due to a leak in steering gear box steering system malfunctioned and vehicle turned to the left. vehicle lost control and resulted in collision. *ak
 Ea99011-erratic power steering assist. while driiving vehicle goes down a straight road, hits a slight bump, causing the tension in the steering column to release, which results in loss of control. however, the same problem is more intensified when going around curves. within the past month, the vehicle has been at the dealership 3 times for this problem. the steering sensor / steering box have been replaced. consumer is still experiencing similar problems. *yc
 Steering and front supension getting very loose .dealer says normal but is not
 Steering gets loose when warm, maybe somthing wrong with variable assit system, can cause dangerous lane changes. *ak
 While driving steering would actually jump & vehicle would go into oncoming traffic. took vehicle to dealership & informed by service manager that steering shaft was the cause of jumping. it can be repaired.*ak
 While driving could switch lanes with oversensitive power steering, consumer believed that powering steering pump and brakes booster faile d at 43000 miles. *ak
 The steering appears to over compensate during cornering. it feels as if there is a sudden boost in power steering pump pressure to the steering box. this causes the driver's existing turning pressure on the steering wheel to turn the truck to abruptly during cornering. *ak
 When slowing up to make a turn power steering goes out. mechanic thinks the power steering pump is defective. consumer has not repaired vehicle at this time. there is an open investigation at this time, ea-99-011. *ak
 Vehicle experiencing severe steering problems, bulletin issued however parts not available (steering pumps), gear box replaced however did not rectify problem, condition causes tires to cup.
 Had come to a stop, was making left turn, steering failed to operate & could not make turn. vehicle could go straight. battery light came on. vehicle towed to mechanic. noticed tensioner belt had broken. had no warning that it broke. *ak
 The driver's side seatback bends to the right, causing the seat to be in a cocked position. the dealer has replaced the seat twice prior to this. also replaced leaking master cylinder/leaking power steering pump. *ak
 Steering on my 97 tahoe has for many years 'twitched' when driving at a slow right turn such as on ramp to freeway or slow curve in the road. it never does it on left turns, only right. the steering wheel suddenly pops to the right and only for a second. it then repeats that if the turn on the road is continually to the right. if anyone other than me drives the tahoe, it will surprise them and cause and accident. ive read about this problem in many forums online as well as here at the nhtsa site. gm should be recalling this dangerous steering problem immediately.
 The steering assist on the tahoe suddenly goes away and the steering goes completly loose, and then suddenly it gets firm again. this causes erratic steering and over/under adjustment which can lead to a serious crash. i took it in 2 times and the problem still comes and goes, esspecially while in a turn. this should be a recall because of the seriousness of the problem. if the pwer steering fails it should fail to a firm steering condition not a total loss of steering!!*ak
 When turning wheel either left or right, a momentary loss of control causes the vehicle to oversteer. feels like the steering wheel has become disconnected or the power steering has surged.
 This is to confirm that ea99011 concerning the steering on the 1997 tahoe, 350 5.7 assembled in mexico. the jurking in the steering is not a constant problem. i t does not happen all the time. however, there have been instances where the vehicle was travelling at high speed and this uncommanded imput was enough to induce the vehicle to lurch to the next lane.this sever action only happened once, however as the vehicle ages, the severity seems to get worse when it does happen. yje vehicle has done this since i purchased it new in 1997. i also have confirmed this same thing with a friend who owned a 1997 saburban, he sold the vehicle as a result of this condition.
 Loss of steering control in cold weather conditions on snow and ice covered roads on my 1997 chevrolet tahoe. the variable assist steeriing would make a rapid and unexpected over adjustment when making small steering corrections. i lost control and started a fish tail when traveling in new york. i live in virginia and found this to be a minor problem in this climate, however, it is unsafe on slippery roads.
 When making a slight right turn in a curve or a lane change you experience a temporary loss of steering followed by a release causing a oversteer condition a very hazzardous situation. i contacted the dealer and asked about a recall on this. the person in the service department said it was only a problem with the 1997 models. this problem needs to be checked out before someone gets killed. please contact me with reply ts
 Fuel pump has failed 4 times previously. fixed it myself this time after chevrolet refused to pay for it. no problems since. power steering assist is very jerky. goes in and out without warning. saw other complaints and decided i should report this one as well.
 Erratic power steering assist while driving, see nhtsa action number: ea99011. *ak
 When you start turning it will pull you real fast in that direction everyone i talk to has the same problem with this model veh. it is very dangerous. *ak
 Second time to replaced fuel pump&module,steering gives out on corners with no warning. *ak
 Steering becomes spastic at times. it felt like i was driving on ice. the steering has also become unusually loose making driving difficult.*ak
 Steering becomes over sensitive causing vehicle to over steer. vehicles with the same problems are as follows. 1997-1999 chevrolet tahoe, 1997-1999 gmc yukon, 1997-1999 chevrolet 1500 trucks, 1997-1999 gmc trucks. any gm vehicle with at v8 gasoline powered engine will have this failure. there are 1000s of complaints in your database and this adds to them only now you are aware that additional models are affected as well. if there is a fatality resulting from this defect then all corporations and agencies aware of the defect time of the death will be liable for civil damages. it is in the best interest of the consumer to see this defect is repaired before someone is killed due to bureaucratic red tape.*ak
 Car has erratic steering responsiveness, especially when changing lanes or negotiating a curve. it feels like the steering wheel skips. it could easily cause an accident.
 My problem seems to be summarized by nhtsa action number: ea99011. the resistance on steering wheel is erratic, especially at highway speeds. *ak
 Steering jerks left or right without warning -intermittent problem. seems to be worse going around corners,but can happen going straight. *ak
 Erratic power steering operation. becomes extremely loose while driving.shutting off the truck and restarting will resolve the problem for a short period. feels like the slightest touch to the steering wheel could turn the vehicle over. also has begun an erratic twitch.*ak
 When making a turn power steering boosts the turn, causing the turn to be further that expected. dealer has inspected vehicle, and the manufacturer has been notified.*ak the cause for power steering boosting is found to be failure in electronic varialbe orifice system (evo). *yh
 Both times the steering sensor failed was at highway speeds. the first time i was switching lanes and all of a sudden it over corrected and almost sent me into the ditch at 65 mph. the second time my wife was traveling on the interstate at 65 mph and turned the wheel a little and it sent her into the next lane cutting off another vehicle. the first time i had it fixed the guy said oh yeah we have been having problems with these. the next time i had it fixed i figured they would just replace it since they know there is a problem with them, but they charged my $150 parts and labor. i am going to contact the manufacturer next. it was very dangerous and i cannot believe something like this isn't being corrected.
 No summary listed for above vehicle. *ak
 At highway speeds, steering wheel jerks left on its own. without a strong grip on the wheel could cause loss of control.
 The steering develops play and feels loose after the vehicle warms up. the steering problem is especially noticeable at 30 mph, but the steering is also feels loose at higher speeds . the vehicle was at the dealer, wilton motors 6 times for the steering problem. another dealer also had it 1 time for this problem. the problem is not resolved. the trailer hitch receiver bent during normal trailer towing. the trailer being towed is 5475 lbs. dry. the vehicle is rated to tow 6500lbs. the hitch receiver has a rating of 1000 tongue wt. and 10,000 lbs. trailer wt. for an equalized hitch. this receiver is bent or twisted up, causing the ball mount and ball to rise approximately 1 inch. the receiver was installed on the new vehicle as part of the trailer towing package. the trailer or the tahoe may have a design flaw that causes this problem. *ak
 Vehicle will oversteer when changing lanes to the left or turning left, steering will pull to left. *ak
 Ea99oii/erratic power steering operation: vehicle would jerk while traveling at highway speed . dealer/maanufcturer were not contacted at this time. *ak
 No summary listed for above vehicle. *ak( dot number: tire size: 265/75/r16 )
 The speed sensor for the power steering was defective; causing eratic steering responsiveness....quite dangerous. *ak
 Problem with steering..momentary loss of steering,seems to slip then catch.service dept advised known problem with speed factory recall.cost $250.00 to replace. *ak
 Erratic power steering assist while driving - this is already being investigated by you. *ak
 Power assist seems to be erratic - happens often at various speeds
 Erratic power steering assist while driving . nhtsa action number ea99011. i have been expereincing this same problem with my tahoe. any suggestions on how i may approach my local chevrolet dealer with this problem. do you know if chevrolet is addressing this problem? any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated. i can be contacted at thank you!
 The vehicle's power steering is over sensitive and will react to the slightest movement of the steering wheel. dealer says it needed a new steering box. problem still exist. the steering sensor has been replaced to correct problem. *yc
 While driving the steering occasionally pulls to the right without warning. i read in usa today a recall was being considered and was wondering about the status.
 Steering is real loose. it fells as though consumer is driving over oil when making a left or right turn. when consumer contacted dealer about the problem, consumer was told that the problem was with the steering assist sensor. the problem has not been corrected. please provide any further information. report given by husband, robert wisemore. *ak
 The steering occasional appears to be very light, like it was floating in the air. and the steering appears to over compensate during the steering pulls by itself. dealer replaced the idler arm , and did front wheel alignment but the problem did not go away
 Steering erratic at all speeds when turning or changing lanes, feels like lose control of steering. this was reported several times to jack wilson chevrolet in st augustine fl, who told me there was no problem.i
 While driving along a road at about 25 mph my power steering failed and never returned. the dealer indicated that a sensor became loose and caused the power steering pump to fail. they suggested that i call the gm hot line. gm was not very nice or helpful. they asked how much mileage. they indicated that anything that they would do would be under their good will program. they then asked me how much i was willing to pay. when i indicated gm=80% and me 20% of a $462 repair bill they asked me to hold on and then came back and said that they were not willing to pay anything. i asked them why they even bothered to ask me how much i would be willing to pay--and they indicated that the truck had a lot of mileage and that i should have taken the extended waranty program. i feel the dealer was trying to inform me that this power steering pump should not have gone in the mileage that i had. i believe that a bad accident could have resulted had i been driving on a curvey road. gm appears to be disinterested in my welfare. i thought that beonka jones was very rude in handling the matter.
 No summary
 When driving the speed sensitive steering has full boost at all times which makes the steering very sensitive and dangerous, overstear and lane changes happens everyday. *ak
 Power steering operats intermittently. consumer contacted dealer and manufacturer. *ak *yc
 Power steering failed caused loss of control of the vehicle. yh
 Ea99011-erratic power steering assist. while driiving vehicle goes down a straight road, hits a slight bump, causing the tension in the steering column to release, which results in loss of control. however, the same problem is more intensified when going around curves. within the past month, the vehicle has been at the dealership 3 times for this problem. the steering sensor / steering box have been replaced. consumer is still experiencing similar problems. *yc
 I experience a very noticable twitching in the steering in a turn at high speeds greater than 50 mph while towing a small trailer. this is noticable only when the vehicle has downshifted into 2nd going up a steep grade. *ak
 Steering problem at all speeds will not drive straight. *ak
 The steering problem felt like i was driving on ice. it seems to slide for a second and then the steering comes back. the problem happened last week and i just had the truck back to a chevy dealership to change the sensor as warranty work. i got the truck back yesterday and did not notice the sliding action any more, but it has been just one day. i'm sending this complaint because i heard about the investigation and wanted to submit my information. *ak
 My steering has locked on me while driving, my car would not start due to crack in the battery and acid leak, my car had to be towed to repair shop due to starter cable popping off. currently, i am stranded due to my brakes losing power somehow. *ak
 The variable effort steering intermittently and very sporadically goes from normal steering effort to almost zero steering effort causing an oversteer and near loss of control situation. this usually occurs (but not always and not the only situation) during a long continued turn such as found on entrance and exit ramps of a freeway or highway. sometimes the opposite problem occurs where instead of an oversteer situation, it is difficult to get back out of a turn. this is a tremendous safety problem especially at highway speeds where a normal lane change can suddenly turn into a s-turn. this is difficult to duplicate on a test drive since it is sporadic and comes suddenly without notice.
 Idler arm failed. *yc
 Windshield wipers work occasionally on high, but most of the time not when it is e fuel pump has had to be replaced two times and does not give a warning that it is going to to quit. the steering has a bad place in it a approx. 50mph going around a curve and will pull harder in to the curve, either there something wrong with parts to this truck or i have a lemon. i have spoke with others and their wipes do the same thing.*ak
 No summary listed for above vehicle. *ak
 The evo valve in steering wheel failed, causing wheel to become very loose.*ak
 While traveling on highway consumer noticed that steering wheel was moving all over the place. *ak
 While traveling at all speeds steering wheel & column gave in & became very loose. could cause an accident. dealer hasn't looked at the vehicle, he was only assuming what the problem was. *ak *ml
 Consumer was traveling 55mph on the highway went to make a slight turn, and the steering wheel was fighting with him. after turning the ignition off at a rest area, the problem went away for awhile. after it reoccured, owner had faulty evo sensor replaced, no problems since. *ak*ml
 While driving steering wheel felt as if vehicle was on ice. there was no control. when vehicle hit bumps vehicle could not be controlled. took to dealership. was test driven. the problem was felt, but dealer could not locate steering problem for repairs. steering was weird, but nothing was wrong. new tires put on & vehicle realigned. problem still exists. *ak
 Steering wheel is defective. steering wheel will turn on its own. problem started three years ago, and it has happened every two months. took vehicle to the dearlership, and mechanic told consumer that they couldn't find the cause of the problem. *ak
 Steering wheel develops excessive play when vehicle warms up. especially noticeable at 30 mph. dealer has failed to fix the problem in 4 attempts. *ak
 Steering wheel unexpectedly moves slightly at moderate and high speeds. dealer has replaced various parts of the steering column. *ak
 I read about the investagation in the steering problems as described as sudden oversteering or jerks. i wanted to inform you that i had similiar experience. i took mine tahoe back to the dealer and they replaced the steering sensor. i also have previously owned a 1997 k1500 pickup that did the same thing.
 At high speeds steering wheel will jump 2to 3 feet. the dealer has been notified. *ak
 When making a left turn the vehicle is easy to turn, causing the vehicle to pull. please describe in more details. *ak