BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
08089-B11/01/200808089-C10027804General motors corp: special coverage adjustment; analog onstar deactivation. *pe updated 2/17/09. *pe02/09/2009
0203801/01/200410006946Diagnostic trouble code b1000. *mr05/20/2004
00149D01/01/200400149C10005439Malfunction indicator lamp on with a p0300 set and a misfire. various models including 1996 - 1999 p32 models. sit bulletin 1416475. *tt02/27/2004
00149C11/18/200310004223Malfunction indicator lamp on with a p0300 set and a misfire. various models including the 1996-1999 p32 and the 1996-2002 gmc c/k truck. *tt11/21/2003
03052500203/01/200310001265Intermittent traction off lamp illuminated and diagnostic trouble code c0287 set. *tt04/25/2003
08089-B11/01/200808089-C10027804General motors corp: special coverage adjustment; analog onstar deactivation. *pe updated 2/17/09. *pe02/09/2009

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 When the a/c fan is turned on..it begins to make a fluttering noise the whole time you are driving.( very loud). i have had to a/c belts to break because of this fluttering. the compressor must be locking up. *tr
 When the a/c fan is turned on..it begins to make a fluttering noise the whole time you are driving.( very loud). i have had to a/c belts to break because of this fluttering. the compressor must be locking up.
 Due to the error in the fuel gauge(indicating more fuel than the vehicle had) the vehicle ran out of fuel on the interstate with my entire familty on board. this could have been a serious accident as i was unable to exit the freeway and was not given a low fuel indicator light. this error in fuel level could have resulted in serious injury and i request a oem recall to correct gauge or sensor errors, our fuel gauge is still not displaying accurate readings, we do not trust the gaure anylonger. we have also seen wild gauge swings/listings at random intervals
 2002 chevrolet tahoe drivers seat heater shocking driver and burning holes through the seat and leather. this occurs whether the heater is turned off or on.
 Turned a/c on and heard a rattle then a thumping sound. a/c still worked for two days then the a/c belt broke. this was a brand new belt. mechanic replaced belt, drove across the street....compressor locks up and breaks the belt. mechanic contacts gm and finds out that the fan clutch could go out, send a signal to a/c compressor causing to lock up. replace fan clutch, replaced belt....again noise then belt breakage. the compressor is working then locks up for no reason. putting in a new compressor, new belt, and the new fan clutch remains.
 Chevrolet tahoe 2002, transmission failure. *bf the consumer purchased a vehicle that once had a transmission problem, the consumer was told the transmission problem had been fully corrected. the consumer then found out that the transmission was never fixed and the vehicle has been in the shop for a total of 3 times. not only was the vehicle slipping, slow to shift and exhibiting a noise when shifting from park to drive, there were other problems such as not being able to turn the key in the ignition, the seat warmed light illuminated when the button was pushed, the speakers were cracking loudly, the a/c light came on by itself, the moon roof rattled and was leaking, the cargo power switch did lock the doors within 5 seconds of the cargo door being closed, the handle on the third row seat fell off, the cigarette lighter was missing, and the rubber stripping on the cargo door was loose. *jb
 Went to start car so i could pick daughter up from a basketball game (11:30 p.m. on a friday night) and the truck would not start. it would turn but got no fire to it. the following morning it did the same thing to include the monday morning. had it towed to dealer, it started on the first try when the tow truck let it down. they check it out, told me it was my fuel pump. charged me $645. the following week (sunday, the same thing occured again and i took it to another dealer on monday and they checked it out, put it on the machine and no problem was noted by the machine. service manager suggested that it could be the sensors because about every 300 miles or full tank of gas, it has started doing this. suggested i bring it in next time when it does not start to see if they can detect the problem. christmas day, it did not start as we were on our way out of town for a family christmas in another state. it did start the next day (sunday) and was fine for the week until today (new year's eve). again, had it towed to the last dealer and they checked it. it did not start the first time but it did the second try. asked if i pumped the gas while trying to start it. i did not and they checked the vehicle out and again put it on the machine and it did not detect anything wrong. they asked that i make an appt. for thursday so they keep it over night and see if it will start for them. all dealers were chevrolet dealers. no additonal parts were placed on teh vehicle. have steady oil changes, tire rotations and any and all services done in a timely manner. since dec 6 (first incident) it has not cranked on me 3 separate times.*ak
 The electrical system has shorted out the fuel pump 3 times, dealer replaced fuel pump after every incident. please provide additional information. ts
 Dt*: the contact stated the windshield washer fluid reservoir had been recently filled. while driving 70 mph in rainy conditions it failed to dispense any fluid. the vehicle was taken to the dealership who determined that battery acid had leaked onto the reservoir and caused a hole which allowed the fluid to leak out. the dealer replaced the reservoir, washer pump and hoses, but did not replace the battery. the same problem occurred with the vehicle previously and dealer replaced only the washer hoses and the pump. updated 6/16/2006- *nm
 My 2002 chevrolet tahoe started giving me trouble on 9/23/05. the message center never came on to show that the battery was weak. on 9/24/05, it wouldn't start, i got a boost, i went to yazoo motor's to check the battery, i was told since their electricity was off (lights were off at the time), they couldn't check it. i was told to bring the truck back monday. i explained to them that i had to get it jump-started to get here. i asked if i go and purchase another battery from another place, could i bring it back monday and have it adjusted. i was asked how many miles were on my truck, i told them 53,000 i was told by mark, that the warranty was off. he told me that the battery was only covered with a 3 year or 36,000 miles. he stated that if i had purchased the battery myself, he could adjust, but since it came at the time of purchase, there was nothing he could do. i left going to auto zone and had the battery tested, he (the salesman), stated that it showed the battery was good. the dot on top of the battery was green, but when i went to leave, my truck wouldn't start. so i purchased a new battery and my truck started right up. two weeks ago my husband, who owns a 2002 cadillac, his car cut off without a warning. he carried it to yazoo motors and he was told that it would cost him $115.00 for the battery and $35.00 to install, this was due to the battery being located under the back seat. his battery was also a delco with a 6 year warranty. no light never came on his message center to advise him that the battery was going out. my question: have there been any complaints on the delco batteries put in to the 2002 general motors products? this is very unusual that the batteries in two different vehicles, in the same household, made the same year would have to be replaced within a two week period. both were delco battery with a 6 year warranty. please advise me if you have had any problems with this product. *jb
 For the battery, the positive post (side post battery) came completely out of the battery. when i tried to replace the battery, the positive terminal sparked which could have casued a fire. the washer container is under the battery, when the battery leaked battery acid, it started to corrode the container. dt
 I am a paramedic in st. charles county missouri, a suburb of st. louis. in the months of november and december 2002 i responded to three crashes involving full size gm trucks. all the vehicles caught fire in the left side of the engine compartment after a moderate to high speed impact. the vehicles were involved in driver side off set impacts that lead to intrusion into the engine compartment. the vehicles were a 2002 4x4 avalanche, 2001 ext. cab 4x4 silverado, and a 2002 4x4 tahoe. the fire started near the battery and the fuel lines that run along the fram on that side of the vehicle. they also, all had the 5.3l v-8. i was not able to look closely at the avalanche or silverado due to taking care of the injured occupants. i did look at the tahoe engine and it appered that the battery cable had been severed in the crash. all victims were not trapped in the vehicles and the fire was extinguished by the fire departments quickly.i am very concerned due to having three fires in such a short time fram. i run probally 500 vehicle crashes a year and very few result in fires even when the fuel system has obvious leaks. i am very concerned due to having three in about a 2 month time frame. please contact me if you need more info.
 Battery died, replaced. battery lights coming on while driving the vehicle, unable to start vehicle, vehicle stalling. unable to operate vehicle due to loss of power. this happened while driving 30 mph in the rain. barely able to pull vehicle off roadway. no power at all including lights and hazard lights. took to chevrolet dealer - found no problem, nothing done to correct. was told that after market alarm system (installed at chevrolet dealer) could be the cause of the problem. took to audio installer and had alarm removed. was told by different chevy dealer that they had the same problem right now with a tahoe in their shop. they removed alarm and have had no problems since (2 days). would need to drive my vehicle to see if it happens again. this is a severe safety issue as it could easily result in an accident because oncoming vehicles can not see you without hazard lights. old part is available. i have kept the alarm system if needed to review.*ak
 While driving instrumental panel didn't work properly. dealer has been notified. please feel free to add additional information. *ak