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07187A09/01/200807187B10026542Gmc: some vehicles could develop a condition where one or more of the instrument panel gauge needles may stick, flutter, or become inoperative. csc letter received. updated 11/6/08. *pe11/06/2008
0718709/01/200807187B10023585Instrument panel cluster gauge needle function may cause inaccurate readings on some 2003-2004 cadillac, chevrolet, and gmc vehicles. *nj updated 2/5/08. *nj updated 9/5/08. *pe updated 11/4/08. *pe01/10/2008
448610022914One of the following concerns when programming the mileage or the hours into an exchange instrument panel cluster that is received from an electronic service center (esc). *nj10/04/2007

Consumer Complaints

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 Tl* the contact owns a 2003 chevrolet tahoe. while traveling at speeds of 60 mph, the contact noticed that the instrument panel had become inoperable. the vehicle was taken to a local mechanic where the contact was informed that the dashboard would need to be replaced. the failure mileage was 8,000 and the current mileage was 12,000.
 Gm models 2003-2007 light pick-ups and sport utility. consumer states defective dash clusters. *tgw the consumer owns a 2003 chevrolet tahoe. she stated she experienced a problem with the instrument cluster reading 70 mph also, the water pump failed. *jb
 Tl* the contact owns a 2003 chevrolet tahoe. all of the gauges on the instrument control panel have failed. the vehicle was taken to the dealer for inspection. the technician stated that since the warranty expired, he was ineligible for a free remedy. the failure mileage was 110,000.
 2003 tahoe speedometer displays inaccurate value. do not know at what speed vehicle is traveling. doesn't seem to be any common denominator as to what speed it displays and you don't know when it is accurate or not. this is scary! internet search reports a on going problem. what does it take to make this addressed and corrected? *tr
 Approx. every other time i drive my 2003 chevy tahoe the speedometer misreads. it is usually off by around 20-30 mph under the actual speed of the vehicle. the oil pressure is also affected by dropping to almost zero. i have heard there is a recall for 2005 silverado with similar problems however i have not found a recall for my vehicle. thank you. *tr
 Speedometer on 2003 chevy tahoe defective - while driving the other day at 55mph speedometer jumped to over 100 mph. this caught me off-guard and i stepped on the brakes, almost getting rear-ended in moderate traffic. a major safety issue, in my opinion!! now when vehicle is stopped speedometer reading 50 mph. reading on the web it is evident this is a known problem for many years. dealer wants to charge over $800 to fix this safety problem! *tr
 ~6 months ago, my speedometer on my 2003 chevy tahoe went to 120mph and stayed there. i am unable to tell how fast i'm going and now my oil pressure gauge has maxed out. i had 105k miles on it at the start of the issue. *tr
 2003 chevy tahoe, under 80k miles, speedometer sticks. currently registering 120 mph while sitting still. takes several days for speedometer to return to zero or show correct speed. have found multiple descriptions of same issue on many internet forums. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2003 chevrolet tahoe. while driving approximately 57 mph on normal road conditions the speed odometer displayed inaccurate readings. the vehicle has not been repaired for the failure. the failure mileage was 114,000. the current mileage was 116,671. bl updated 10/5/09 *cn updated 10/07/09
 Speedometer registers inaccurate and erratic readings (70 mph at complete stop; 120 mph with movement, sometimes 0 mph with driving). this occurs suddenly and without warning, intermittently, but is becoming more frequent. it has not been repaired at this time due to expense quoted by dealership. also noted are inaccurate oil pressure readings (pegged pressure readings in high zone). it is not reliably affected by stopping/restarting the vehicle. *tr
 Ihave a 2003 chevy tahoewith less than 41,000 miles on it. speedometer doesnt work ,stock to 120 mph. i heard that some people who have the same problem about their instrument panel called chevy/gmc and admit that certain vins had defective cluster(including mine)yet they will not recall or replace unless the vehicle has less than 70,000 miles on it,but i called chevy and they dont admit about this but instead they suggest to bring my truck to a dealer to diagnose what the problem is with my own expenses.right now ive been laid off from my job,cant even pay my mortgage,bills.he.........llppppppp. *tr
 I own a 2003 chevy tahoe. about a year ago my speedometer and fuel gauge stopped working. i received a speeding ticket because the officer said i was going 5 miles over speed limit. i ran out of gas twice. i called alocal gm dealer who gave me an estimate of 500 dollars. he said he knew what it was but wouldn't tell me the problem. i know of at least 4 other gm owners with same problem. i have been unemployed for 8 months and cannot afford this repair. gm needs to fix this problem. *tr
 My speedometer will become jerky and show various random speeds (commonly 0 mph and 30 mph) while i am driving. this can be very dangerous when the speedometer reads a speed that is nowhere close to the actual speed that the vehicle is moving. (additionally, my fuel gauge sticks at various times.) initially, this occurred only a couple of times, but has now become more frequent. i have contacted my local dealer to discuss the repair of this defect and i was told that because my vehicle now has over 70,000 miles that i must pay the full cost of repair. as i believe that this is a critical safety issue, i feel that chevrolet should repair my safety defect regardless of mileage. *tr
 My speedometer randomly quits working. sometimes it says my car is going 0 mph when it is clearly in motion. other times it says it is going 70 mph when it is in park. the trouble is i have to guess what speed i really am going and hope i am correct. this has been happening since october of 2008. currently i've not had it fixed because my mechanic was unable to diagnose the problem because it didn't happen when it was in the shop. *tr
 Instrument cluster failure on 2003 chevy tahoe. speedometer failure. speed registers 60-80 mph faster than actual speed. chevrolet is aware of problem and has a program to replace on vehicles up to 80k miles only (increased from previous 70k miles). this replacement should apply to all affected tahoes, regardless of mileage, as it could present a safety hazard and certainly presents a vehicle inspection problem. the speed reading problem occurs daily, with each drive. *tr
 Around mid october of 2008 i financed the vehicle through a lot called auto concepts in jacksonville north carolina and the speedometer started raising to 30 mph sitting still around late january of 2009 and it will go all over the meter accept where it is supposed to. i will refuse to make any payments for speeding tickets as long as i am following with surrounding vehicles until my speedometer gets fixed. *tr
 At the beginning of the year, my 2003 chevy tahoe lt truck, experienced different speeds according to the speedometer. at one point it said i was going 130 mph when i was parked. then the speedometer stopped working all together. i also started to notice the other gauges, fluctuate. i was told by gm to get it fixed by a authorized dealer. i got the repair done for 491.00. i then called gm back, and they refused to pay for the fix, because i was over the 70000 mile limit. i explained that this was a safety issue, as for a while i had no speedometer at all or engine temp or tach. chevy refused to talk to me and simply told me it was my problem. i spoke to several people at gm and they all told me different stories and refused to listen and call me back. i am now stuck with the bill and gm doesn't care about the serious safety concern one bit. *tr
 Speedometer stopped working completely - serious safety concern with defect. contacted dealership, was advised that they have had too many complaints about this issue and have had to start turning people away. they want $500.00 to fix problem but admit that this is defect. *tr
 I have a 2003 chevy tahoe and the gas gauge stopped working. the dealership says i have to change the cluster which is bad, this will cost $500. it is well known that there are problems with the cluster on these vehicles, i even received a letter from gm offering a replacement if it failed before 70k miles, at the time i had 80k miles and had no problem with the cluster, however it did fail at 98k miles. if they know there is a problem shouldn't they fix it without limitations on mileage. i also have a steering column shaft that needs to be changed, this will cost $250. i have already changed it, the dealership says that there were many issues with this part. the first fix was to change the shaft, which they did, then the second answer to the problem was to grease the shaft and then when that did not resolve their issues the current answer is to change the shaft again. keep in mind this was their series of solutions to this issue on multiple vehicles, it is a known problem and now i have to pay to fix it. *tr
 I have a 2003 chevy tahoe. speedometer went out at 94,000 miles. gm is aware of faulty instrument panel. won't replace part, at their cost, due to 7 year/70,000 mile limitation. *tr
 My speedometer is pinned at 120 mph, i called the dealer and they said i have to pay to fix it, it is a known problem with so many people complaining about this. *tr
 Received recall notice on instrument cluster. fuel gauge had been inaccurate since day one - thought this was my solution to the problem. joe holland chevrolet replaced cluster on 1-21-08. did not fix problem with fuel gauge. on or near 12-31-08, engine hour meter zeroed itself and started over. went to joe holland on 1-6-09 - explained problem and was told the person i needed to talk to was not there. they would have him call me. no one called. when back to dealership on 1-14-09. same story - person i needed to talk to not there. they will have him call. jim barnhart called later that day. he said the cost to check this out is $75.00. if problem is in cluster, they may be able to get the fix repaired under warranty. if problem is in any other component, i must pay for the diagnostic check and for any other repairs that might be needed. *tr
 I have a 2003 chevy tahoe, the speedometer does not work, from what i have been reading this seems to be a common problem with this vehicle, also it's my understanding that gm is fully aware of the problem but is not will to do anything about it, like many others i fell this could be a safety issue, any help would be appreciated. thank you! *tr
 2003 chevy tahoe speedometer stopped working. *tr
 Speedometer works erratically, false speed reading or completely stops working. *tr
 Speedometer doesn't work properly. will show any thing from 60 to 120 when going 10 mph. will work for short periods of time. this is a safety hazard. i am a fraid to use cruise. it will get some one killed. gm needs to do a recall on this . they think they have financial problems now just wait till all the law suites start coming in. the manufacture who made the faulty parts need to be held accountable. please help 1000's of us consumers. *tr
 I bought a 2003 chevy tahoe in aug 2003. the speedometer started going haywire in the past month around 60-65000 miles. it sticks, jumps, and reads sometimes 30 mph off. it will even erad 10mph when stopped. i called chevy and they want to charge me 400+ to have it fixed. this is dangerous and gmc should take care of the problem. i received a speeding ticket a few months ago, saying i was speeding and i explained to the officer i was not and of course i still lost this conversation. so now i have to gauge myself with traffic to know how fast i am going. i will take it in to get fixed this week, since i have 2 small children, i cant afford an accident or any more tickets. i hope chevy will reimburse me. *tr
 The speedometer on my 2003 chevy tahoe had been sticking. i took it to the dealership and was informed that there was a class action suit against gm motors. i was also told that my vehicle was not under the since my vehicle fell outside of the approved mileage. i was told by another owner of a similar vehicles, was told to make a complain because the suite should cover the part for the life of the vehicle, which i hope is not 70k miles, because that is a lot of money to pay for a vehicle that only has a life span of 70k miles. *tr
 The speedometer does not work. gm states that there is a defect and they will repair the speedometer motor, but only if the vehicle has less than 70k miles. mine did not break until 95k miles and i was not even aware that there was a widespread problem with these speedometers until it broke. *tr
 2003 chevy tahoe, speedometer stopped working properly. it gets stuck in you spot or on 0. i haven't call to get service cause it would cost to much. i received a legal letter regarding a lawsuit filed in california. no accident has occurred as of yet due to the problem. *tr
 At 75,000 miles of normal driving the speedometer is not correctly registering present speed. most often excessively high. however an un reliable speedometer is un safe for driving in the mountains as speed entering curves needs to be register correctly for safety. i nearly had a bad accident! form the numerous complaints and law suites at the following site chevrolet needs to do something! please, please do something. thanks! http://townhall-talk.edmunds.com/direct/view/.f11f710/11. *tr
 Speedometer quick working properly. it registers at 120 mph at all times, even when in park. *tr
 I own a 2003 chevy tahoe. i noticed in the fall of 2004 that my speedometer was beginning to be wrong - i would be running at 1,900 rpm, which for my vehicle is about 65 mph, but the speedometer would only be showing 40 mph. i took the tahoe into my dealers service dept where they told me that the speedometer cluster was bad and would have to be replaced. i had an extended warranty, so this was not a problem. a new cluster was replaced on 12/6/04 when the tahoe had 40,000. i now have over 108,000 miles on it and the replacement speedometer is now doing the same things the old one did. the other night (3/29/08) i was driving home at 1,900 rpm on the tach and the speedometer needle was sitting on 0 mph - now i know i wasn't standing still on the highway! i have heard about many many other chevy owners with vehicles around the same year as mine having the exact same problem with their speedometers. when is gm going to admit there is a problem and issue a recall so people aren't required to pay $300-$700 (depending upon dealer info) to replace their faulty speedometers. this is a very dangerous problem. *tr
 Instrument panel gauges where going out around 60,000 miles. was quoted around $500.00 at that time but could not afford it. now 30,000 miles later i get this recall letter and they will not replace at no charge. *tr
 The oil pressure gauge on my 2003 tahoe recently started climbing and reading extremely excessive oil pressure and not resetting after the key is turned off. i have found the same problem to be recurring on my same model vehicle with other consumers. after conversations with my local dealer and with gm's customer service they reluctantly replaced my instrument cluster free of charge. thankfully it saved me hundreds of dollars as i was considered out of their warranty being i have 93,000 + miles on my truck and they state they will only honor it for 75000 miles. thanks gm. *tr
 The speedometer/gauge on my 2003 chevy tahoe is malfunctioning. chevy is aware of the problem and issued a recall. i went to a chevy dealer today for repair and the service person explained that my vin is a part of the recall, but i do not qualify because the recall is for 8 years or 70,000 miles. i have 74,000 miles and i'm expected to pay $650 for this defect. it is my understanding that malfunctioning gauges can be a safety issue, and safety issues are not to be limited to time and mileage parameters. i should not have to pay $650 for chevy's defective product, when the defect is a safety issue for my vehicle. *tr
 Today my instrument panel on my 2003 tahoe did not work when i turned on the truck. i did not know how fast i was going nor if i had any gas in the vehicle. i looked up on the internet and found a quick fix for it. someone had suggested pulling out the dic (driver instrument cluster) fuse, start the truck, turn truck off, then put the fuse back in and restart the truck again. it reset everything. thank goodness it worked, however it seems to be a bogus fix that appears to happening to many vehicles of this make and model. according to the chats it seems that many people are spending lots of money to fix this problem, luckily i found the cheap fix...i hope it works. *tr
 My 2003 chevy tahoe has 100, 100 miles. the speedometer has suddenly been acting up. the needle jerks up/down instead of smooth movement. occasionally i will be on interstate driving over 50 mph but needle is at 20-30 mph. just today my needle won't go below 15mph when i am fully stopped & in park. researching the problem has led me to find many more people are experiencing the same thing with their gmc vehicles from 2003/2004. *tr
 For the past few years our speedometer on our 2003 chevy tahoe, has been fluctuating incorrect speeds. some days it would say we were doing 120 mph while driving and even when we were in park. some days the speedometer would say 0 all the time. in the summer of 2007 in total stopped working, it does not move at all. since we never know what speed we are driving, we feel this is a safety issue. chevy feels it is not and will only replace this defective part in vehicles that have less than 70,000. ours has more than this mileage on it so they said they don't care it is not a safety issue. i have spoken with numerous people who have chevy's other than tahoes and are younger that our vehicle and their speedometers do not work either. that is too many people on the roads that have faulty speedometers that do not qualify under there rules. *tr
 Speedometer is very sporadic it does not tell the right speeds it will jump to 120mph when im going 25 or 30 mph in my subdivision sometimes it just stop at 40 mph when im sitting at a light or stop sign also i've noticed a large amount of complaints online about this wandering why there is no recall. *tr
 I own a 2003 chevy tahoe and the oil pressure gauge started to malfunction. sometimes it goes way past the numbers that are on the gauge. also just recently, my speedometer began to malfunction as well. i was at a complete stop and it read 25 mph. i had to turn the truck on and off several times to reset it. i have spoken to several tahoe owners and apparently this has also happened to them. apparently this is not just a single case. i would like gm to rectify the problem since it is expensive if i pay for the repairs out of my pocket. *tr
 2003 chevrolet tahoe instrument cluster failure causing speedometer to not function properly. *tr
 2003 tahoe, approx. 86,600 miles. the speedometer needle no longer moves when i drive, it is stuck in the fully down position. i am going over 120mph sitting in my driveway. dealer wanted $300-350 to fix this problem because it is over the 70,000 miles that they are supposedly warranting this through now. even though it is not even a 5 year old vehicle. *tr
 The speedometer on my 2003 tahoe acts erratically. the vehicle has approx. 76000 miles on it. i understand this is a widespread problem with many models that chevy has produced. *tr
 The speedometer on the vehicle instrument panel malfunctions and causes inaccurate readings. *tr
 At first, the fuel gage on our 2003 tahoe, would only read from 1/2 - entirely full and then would drop into the red when almost empty. this began about a 1 1/2 years after purchasing the car. then the speedometer would register that the car was going 40 mph while we were at a complete stop or at 0 while we were driving on the freeway. this began happening when the car was about 2 1/2 yrs old. it got progressively worse within 6 mos. we would need to stop, turn off the car and restart it for it to reset itself. however, this would only be temporary and it would begin to read incorrectly within a few minutes. this was a tremendous safety hazard so we took it to our dealership, who called gm and said since the mileage was over 70,000 miles, they would do nothing to fix it. however, we were told that if we had purchased a maintenance agreement in the first place, we would have been covered. this was an unacceptable response to me since we bought the chevy brand because of its reliability and wouldn't expect a speedometer to problem to begin shortly after purchasing the car. *tr
 The instrument cluster on my 2003 tahoe is going bad. the cost of repair is arounf ~400.00. i received a letter form gm saying they would extend the warranty for 70k miles. they have known of this issue for a couple of years and are just now offering to cover it after most vehicles are over the 70 k mile limit. i called gm to see if they could work with me on this. they instructed me to get a diagnostic ($60) and then i called to verify problem with them. then they told me they would not cover any costs.*cn
 The speedometer in my 2003 chevy tahoe is faulty. stopped in park reads 40mhp. hwy speed reads 120mph. as far as i know, there is no recall as of yet. this needs to be addressed as there has been alot of complaints regarding this issue. *tr
 We own a 2003 chevrolet tahoe with approximately 85,00 miles. for at least a year we have been having problems with our cruise control. on several occasions following the disengagement of the cruise control, the speedometer will either continue to rise (up to 120 mph+) or fall down to 0 no matter how fast the vehicle is moving. the only way to get the speedometer working properly again is to pull over, put the car in park and then turn off the engine. on several occasions, this has taken 2 or 3 tries to get the speedometer to reset. we recently received a notification from chevrolet that if this condition was occurring we should bring the vehicle to the dealer for repair. the repair would be free if the mileage was below 75,000. we also called the chevrolet contact and were told that this repair would not be free since we were over 75,000 miles. my contention is that this is a huge safety issue that chevrolet should be wholly responsible for regardless of the mileage on the vehicle. here is an example of the potential danger: i was recently driving my wife and children (ages 2, 4 and 8) in our tahoe to a baptism in lynchburg. i had the cruise control engaged at 60 mph. i disengaged the cruise control and the speedometer continued to climb to 100+ mph. i carefully pulled over and turned the car off. it took me 3 tries for the speedometer to return to close to 0. i started the vehicle and reentered the highway. the speedometer was reading 60 mph and the other cars on the road were flying by me. i quickly realized that the speedometer was again not working properly. we could easily have been plowed into by an oncoming vehicle. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2003 chevrolet tahoe. the speedometer displays the incorrect speed. when the vehicle was started, the speedometer read 90 mph. the cruise control was activated at 65 mph. the vehicle was pulled over by a police officer, who informed her that she was driving 75 mph. the dealer stated that the instrument cluster needed to be replaced. no repairs were made because the vehicle exceeded 70,000 miles. the failure mileage was 56,000 and current mileage was 84,000.
 Speedometer and oil pressure gauge failure on my 2003 chev tahoe. chev has issued a limited scope recall with limitations to mileage or years. if there is a problem with this part, especially a speedometer it should be recalled and replaced. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2003 chevrolet tahoe. the contact stated that the speedometer dial sticks and displays inaccurate speed while driving 35 mph. the speedometer dial also sticks during deceleration and acceleration. the contact received a letter from gm that stated the gauges will flutter, stick, or become inoperable. the contact spoke with gm and they would not repair the vehicle due to the mileage. the current mileage was 110,603 and failure mileage was 76,000.
 Tachometer and fuel gauge are inoperative. *tr
 Speedometer malfunction stuck and erratic when driving. have no idea how fast we are driving. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2003 chevrolet tahoe. the components on the instrument panel work intermittently. there is a special warranty on the instrument panel for 100,000 miles or seven years. the vehicle is within the year requirement, but has exceeded the mileage. the purchase date was unknown. the current mileage was 107,241 and failure mileage was 102,000.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2003 chevrolet tahoe. the gauges on the instrument panel malfunctioned. the speedometer would display high speeds when the vehicle was stopped. the vehicle ran out of fuel because the gauge indicated that fuel was present. the manufacturer sent the contact a letter to have the vehicle inspected concerning these failures. she stated that it was not a recall repair, just an improvement. the vehicle exceeded the 70,000 mile limit that was referenced in the letter, therefore the adjustment was not free. the failure mileage was 60,000 and current mileage was 77,000. updated 12-13-07. *kb the air bag light had illuminated as well.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2003 chevrolet tahoe. the contact stated that the fuel gauge worked intermittently and displayed false readings. as of november 26, 2007, the dealer had not inspected the vehicle. the failure mileage was 17,527 and current mileage was 78,000. the consumer stated the problem didn't warrant further inspection. updated 12/07/07
 We own a 2003 chevrolet tahoe that was purchased in december 2002. as of november 2007, it has 82000 miles. a few days ago the speedometer suddenly stopped working while driving on highway. about 45 minutes later, after a stop, it began to work again. at the same time, voltage gauge on instrument cluster was pegged all the way to the right giving false reading of 19 v. later, that gauge corrected itself only to act erratically again. very unnerving to drive at night when the speedometer went out. in addition, we thought we were having alternator problems due to the faulty voltage reading. i have since taken the tahoe to my chevy dealership for inspection and they mentioned the recent letter from general motors detailing that this instrument panel cluster problem is rather common. we are now waiting to hear back from the dealership to see if gm will pay for the replacement since we are technically over the mileage allowed (70k) by gm. *tr
 The odometer on my 2003 chevy tahoe is acting erratically, especially on cold days it will stick to 40 mph even while standing still. it has this week been stuck at the 120 mph mark. even while using the cruise control, the needle would bounce around. i have seen hundreds of complaints online for this same issue. it is dangerous to not know the speed limit that you are doing, i believe that since there are so many complaints for the same issue with the same exact symptoms, that it is a manufacturers defect. i have 4 months left on the dealerships warranty, so i had them asses it, they said i would need to have the cluster replaced, which they did so today with a used cluster that has 124,000 miles on it, which my vehicle will now show permanently. i dropped it of yesterday with 72,000 miles, needless to say ii am very upset about the whole thing. *tr
 While driving my speedometer is registering erratic mphs. sometimes going well over 120 mph while i am actually only doing maybe 65. and other times will be doing 65 and only shows 40. *tr
 I own a 2003 tahoe and my speedometer just stop working. *jb
 Speedometer quit working. spoke to dealer and they advised there is a bulletin for vehicles under 7 yrs old and less than 70k miles which my vehicles does fall under the mileage requirement. *tr
 2003 chevy tahoe. since about 50,000 miles my speedometer and gas gauge have not worked properly. i have 90k miles now and i've been hoping for a recall. *tr
 My vehicle is a 2003 chevrolet tahoe with 60,000 miles. the speedometer and other gauges on the instrument panel do not function properly. they move to places which are completely off the chart. as an example, the speedometer suddenly began to read that the vehicle was traveling 120 mph when it was going about 30 mph. the oil gauge also reads higher than the numbers go and the gas gauge has begun to give the improper reading; when i fill it up with a full tank it says i only have half. i have not taken the vehicle in for repair due to the potential cost. it seems that it would be an extremely expensive repair and it's probably a defect anyway. *jb
 Speedometer started just started to stick at certain speeds, occasionally come down, or stay a one speed until acceleration, and then continue to climb. had the cluster replaced, at a substantial cost. now my oil pressure gage doesn't work. *jb
 2003 chevy tahoe speedometer has stopped working, needle is stuck past 120 mph, even when vehicle is stopped or off! call gm customer service, but haven't received any help. have been called on 2 different days, that they would call the next day with info, but only called and told they will call tomorrow.
 2003 tahoe lt instrument panel - intermittent all indicators on 0 reading... *tr
 Very well documented via internet: speedometer and fuel gauges failed to work. the speedometer will stick at a random point and then add the speed traveling , and this results in the speed not being accurately displayed. the problem has been ongoing for over 2 years starting with the gas gauge showing fuel remaining but the tank being empty. very unsafe and costly known problem by gm and most owners. *ak
 Speedometer on 2003 chevrolet tahoe gives incorrect reading. rpm gauge also fails to provide accurate readings. contacted local chevrolet dealership who told me they weren't aware of the issue and wanted hundreds of dollars to repair even though this is a known issue with gmac and obviously a very dangerous issue. *tr
 Tachometer and speedometer failed. speedometer did not display proper speed on highway. it read 0 when going 65 mph. *ak
 We purchased our 2003 chevrolet tahoe lt on june 17, 2007. on june 19, 2007 the speedometer began reading 120 mph when the truck was parked. the speedometer failed to return to zero. additionally, with the onset of this problem, the fuel gauge and oil pressure gauge were reading inaccurately. parkland chevrolet was made aware of the problem and immediately diagnosed this as a defect in the instrument cluster that they informed me was quite common on gm vehicles of this year. additionally, i have found over 1000 posts on the internet where this same problem has occurred to other gm vehicles model years 2001 to 2006. we are currently awaiting repair parts for this vehicle. *ak
 I purchased the 2003 chevrolet tahoe in february 2004 at about 60000 miles the speedometer stopped working, later the rpms, and the fuel gauge stopped working. the dealership told me that they would have to send these components out and it would take a week or two, and the cost would be around $1,100. i have not had it repaired, yet, i am in the process of buying a second vehicle so that i would be able to let the vehicle go for that long. i have noticed on the internet a number of this same complains . one website had 622 emails of complains about this same problem. this was a manufacturers defect ,and general motors needed to take care of it. this could be a potentially dangerous problem.*ak
 Tl*the contact owns a 2003 chevrolet tahoe. the contact stated that the vehicle's speedometer has been displaying the incorrect speed for the past three months. the indicator fluctuates from 120 to 80 mph, even while the vehicle is not in motion. the dealer advised her to get a repair estimate. she was informed that the repair alone would cost approximately $700. the contact conducted research to determine if there were any recalls for her vehicle, but none were found. through an internet search, she discovered over 600 complaints for similar failures from other tahoe, denali, and yukon owners. the vin, engine size, purchase date, powertrain, and # of cylinders were unavailable. the vehicle was purchased from a private owner. the current mileage is 79,000 and failure mileage was 74,000. the consumer provided copies of online complaints pertaining to the same defect. updated 09/05/07 *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2003 chevrolet tahoe. the contact stated that the vehicle's speedometer is malfunctioning. regardless of the speed, the speedometer will rest at zero or get stuck at 40 mph, regardless of the driving speed. the speedometer also makes a ticking sound. the current mileage is 65,000 and failure mileage was 61,000. updated 05/23/07. *jb
 Speedometer and/or tachometer quit working after about an hour's driving time. this is a safety issue and should be a recall. *tr
 We purchased this vehicle new in dec. 2002. starting in february, the speedometer acts erratically, sometimes reading higher than speed traveled, sometimes reading slower than speed traveled or being stuck all together. the vehicle only had around 43,000 miles on it when this started and only has 46,200 now. right now the speedometer is stuck on 52 whether i am sitting still or traveling 70 mph. *tr
 My wife and i purchased a new 2003 chevy tahoe on march 17, 2003 from a chevrolet dealer in novato, california. approximately 10 months ago the speedometer began registering 60 mph while the car was not moving. this eventually changed to 120 mph despite the fact that the car was not moving and the engine was turned off. the speedometer never registered anything below 120 mph thereafter. we finally had to get it repaired as we never had any idea at what speed the automobile was actually traveling. we took it to the same dealership where the car was purchased to have it repaired. we were advised that the instrument cluster panel had to be replaced as there was no other way to fix the problem. this cost $359.88. when i asked to see the broken speedometer i was told it was not available as it had to be exchanged for the replacement. this car had only 53,600 miles on it when the speedometer was replaced. *ak i have the invoice and would be willing to provide a copy at your request. i have never seen a speedometer stick in this manner in 35 years of driving. this is a dangerous condition as drivers of vehicles with this problem have no idea what their true rate of speed is.
 Have had this tahoe since 2003, bought new. this past winter 2006 at approximately 51,000 miles the speedometer started acting very erratic. sometimes registering the correct speed, other times not. as time went on it appeared that the temperature would effect it. would work on warm days, wouldn't work on colder days. it is now april, 2007 and it is not working at all. sitting still in my driveway it registers 60 mph. as of now it appears to be stuck at over 60 mph, and is not returning to zero under any circumstances. after reading the numerous complaints with regards to the same issue, it would appear that this is a factory defect.*ak
 I have a 2003 chevrolet tahoe with 58,000 miles and the speedometer has started malfunctioning. it will appear to be jumping at times and also not moving at all. i could be traveling at 60 mph and the speedometer will say i'm going 25 mph, making the situation a safety hazard and needless to say a speeding ticket waiting to happen.*jb
 My concerns are the speedometer failure on my 203 tahoe. i searched this same problem on many web sites and there are thousands of reports on gm autos with the same problem. the cost to fix this failure is $300-$500. i believe this should be classified as a major recall by gm motors. *jb
 The speedometer on my 2003 chevy tahoe begun working erraticly at aroun 43,000 miles and since quit working all together. my dealer said the problem is common bet not a recall. this seems odd being that this is directly related to the safety of the passengers of this vehicle as well as other drivers.
 I own a 2003 chevy tahoe z71 and purchased the vehicle in 07/2005 with roughly 25,000 miles. as of 10/2006 my speedometer started acting erratic wherein it wasn't giving the correct speed of my vehicle. it has since completely stopped working and am seeking assistance in replacing the part to remedy this problem as i see while being on a forum (http://www.topix.net/forum/autos/chevrolet-tahoe) that amongst the hundreds and possibly thousands on this website are indicating their dissatisfaction with chevrolet/gm and their lack of assistance in remedying this problem. it's not just one specific make, but apparently will all makes ranging from 2002 to 2007. i would strongly suggest that chevrolet/gm listen to their consumers and remedy this problem immediately or they will surely receive a thrashing from the consumer by no longer purchasing their vehicles. the price to remedy this problem ranges from $550 to $600 depending on which dealer you contact to repair your vehicle. this is surely a nominal amount to a multi-million dollar company, yet would mean a great deal to their consumers. *jb
 The instrument cluster is not operating oil pressure intermitent along with speedometer. 2003 tahoe has less then 28000 miles and out of warranty. *jb
 My speedometer in my 2003 chevy tahoe started failing at 65000 miles. i will be stopped and the speedometer says i'm going 45 mph. *jb
 Speedometer failure in our families 2003 chevy tahoe, i seen over 500 people on one website alone with the same problem. at over $500 the dealer wants to fix their lack of engineering i am sure there have been a few unneeded traffic tickets or at worst any accidents over this issue. *jb
 Speedometer failure on a 2003 chevrolet tahoe: with approximately 50,000 miles, the speedometer became highly erratic and eventually quit working all together, but not before i had been pulled over for speeding. luckily, the office dismissed the event after explaining the situation. i was told this is a common issue with this generation of tahoes, suburbans, and trucks, and would like to include my complaint about the gauge motor failure with the other one. *jb
 2003 tahoe, speedometer will not register. *jb
 My 2003 chevrolet tahoe has a speedometer which exhibits jumping around, going 120+mph when sitting still and fluctuates erratically. it will not reset to 0 mph unless you start the vehicle's ignition repeatedly. most of the time, it still doesn't work after that. this problem has been sporadic since approximately 41,000 miles and now it doesn't work hardly at all (84,000 miles). i have had numerous electronic and computer issues since owning this vehicle with no help or concern from the local chevrolet dealers or gm. approximately $2,500 has been paid to them for these repairs thus far. the speedometer/instrument cluster repair estimate from a chevrolet dealership is another $1,000. many of the same complaints have been registered about the speedometer problem. obviously, there's a trend. *jb
 Speedometer does not work, readings of 120 constantly. according to the web site topix.net there are about 450 persons who wrote about this problem. mechanics are asking $500 - $600 to fix this item. i believe gm should take care of this defect they created. *nm
 I currently drive a 2003 chevy tahoe and while going down the highway today, i noticed that my speedometer was suddenly reading 0...while i was at cruising speed. i pulled off the road and then all of a sudden my tachometer raced up to 6000 rpm's. i was at a complete stop and my speed was now 0 but my rpm's were showing almost 5000. after turning off my ignition for a few minutes, the speedometer started working again but it was very jumpy. the tach is now reading 3500 when the ignition is turned off. this is a safety issue and therefore should be treated as such by gm and chevrolet. i've literally read over 400 online postings in the last hour from people experiencing similar problems with the instrument cluster on gm and chevrolet trucks and sport utilities. *jb
 2003 tahoe speedometer failure. *nm
 Speedometer failed on my 2003 chevy tahoe at about 56k miles making it impossible to tell how fast i was going. *jb
 Speedometer on 2003 tahoe stopped working @ 32,000 miles. *jb
 I own a 2003 chevrolet tahoe with 57,000 miles. last week my speedometer started acting erotically. i was traveling down the highway at 50 mph, seconds later i checked my speedometer and it was reading 94 mph. at first i was shocked, but i realized i was still following the same cars in rush-hour traffic and it would have been impossible to be traveling over 90. by the time i got home the speedometer was stuck at 0 mph. since then it has been erotic. the speedometer will register 30 when i'm traveling at highway speeds, or not register at all. i am not as concerned when i am driving the vehicle, because i can gauge my speed off the tachometer. my sixteen-year old daughter or my wife however is another story. if they are on the highway going 55 or 60 and the speedometer is only registering 30, they might increase their speed in error and travel much faster which could be very dangerous. this can have grave consequences if on a two lane highway with speed limited curves. i cannot believe with all the complaints logged about this chevrolet is not recalling, or repairing the defective gauge. i have been driving for over 35-years and have never had a speedometer malfunction. *nm
 I own a 2003 chevy tahoe. i visited the dealer in november 2005 with a failing speedometer. it seemed to stick on cold mornings and resulted in high readings. the movement was very jerky and there also seemed to be a rhythmic clicking sound coming from the cluster. the vehicle was still under warranty at this time. the dealer was unable to find a problem, but 'reset' the cluster at no charge. after a few weeks, the speedometer seemed to be working again except under very cold conditions. it is now 2/13/2007 and the speedometer is sticking again. it reads about 70 mph when the vehicle is parked. i took the vehicle to the dealership and they state that the cluster needs to be replaced (at a cost of $500+). the vehicle is no longer under warranty, so i am checking with the service manager since this is a proven, pre-existing condition per my visit in 2005. i should have an answer on that on 2/16/2007. i searched the internet and on a single site, topix.net, i found over 400 entries of customers experiencing the same problem on gmc and chevy trucks and suvs. this is a very unsafe condition (not being able to gauge speed)!*jb
 Gauges in instrument cluster are failing. speedometer is jerky if it works at all. oil pressure is pegged all the way to the right. engine temp is max. dealership wants to charge over $500 to fix. checked internet many others have the same problem. *jb
 I own a 2003 chevy tahoe. when driving the speedometer ceases to work, leaving me unable to determine my true speed. at times the speedometer shows no speed when i am driving, sometimes excessive speed when i am not moving. this occurs at least once daily, lasts from 10 minutes to all day. *nm
 Speedometer and tach on my 2003 chevy tahoe quit working. *nm
 Speedometer was jumping back and forth. it would not get off 0 mph while i was clearly going faster. it would not register any speed. my tahoe has 47,475 miles on it. *nm
 I have a 2003 chevy tahoe. the speedometer started reading false speeds and now does not work at all. this is a safety issue. dealers have told me this is a problem with 2003 tahoes. *jb
 I have a 2003 chevy tahoe. the speedometer started reading false speeds and now does not work at all. this is a safety issue as it was when it went out on interstate 70 near denver while my wife was driving with our 2 young daughters in the vehicle. dealers have told me this is a problem with the 03 tahoes. *jb
 Speedometer started performing erratically and inaccurately, and then failed altogether at just over 60,000 miles. dealer is reporting entire cluster needs to be replaced, and it is a fairly common occurrence. *nm
 My speedometer starting reading incorrectly. over a couple of days it completely stopped working. in reading the owners forum for this model, it is very common. the instrument panel needs to be replaced. it is very costly. anywhere from $500 to $1000. it is not an isolated incident. very widespread problem. *jb
 I have a 2003 chevy tahoe (33k miles) and the speedometer just broke this weekend. it now rests in peace to the extreme right of the gauge. in my opinion, this is an obvious danger to the driver because i cannot accurately judge speed. for the past couple weeks, when starting the truck i noticed an odd clicking noise that stopped once the engine was at optimum temperature. the speedometer had also been a little jerky during this time too. when i called the local dealership, they said the solution would be to replace the entire instrument cluster, which would be $400. i'm taking the truck into the dealership tomorrow to have it fixed and hope gm will refund the money i spent to have the item fixed in the future. this truck is only three years old and having this kind of problem is frankly purely defective in nature. *jb
 Speedometer will not reset to zero. continues to increase speed reading even when vehicle is stopped. cannot tell how fast vehicle is actually traveling. *nm
 (1) speedometer reads excessive or diminished speed (2) unable to safely operate vehicle - unable to safely gauge speed (3) no parts have been replaced to date concerning this complaint. *jb
 I have two gm vehicles, a 2003 tahoe & a 2004 denali. both vehicles started having speedometer problems this week. standing still the speedometer reads 30+ mph, start moving & they are reading well over 120 mph. i no longer have any idea how fast i am traveling in either of my vehicles. this is unsafe & gm should immediately recall all affected vehicles & fix this problem quickly. i have 8 children & would like to know that i am driving at a safe speed at all times. *nm
 2003 chevrolet tahoe, 37,000 miles; speedometer stuck at 70-120 mph. i note for this complaint that an online website currently lists more than 16 pages, hundreds of similar complaints for the vehicle. all instances cited note refusal of dealerships to provide repair of this alarming and dangerous problem. i have two small children that i transport daily. i am printing a copy of this complaint and will contact an attorney if there is no remedy provided by the manufacturer. how much risk is acceptable prior to recall? this is an extremely serious problem!!! must there be an entry in the deaths and injury column before a recall is initiated? *jb
 Gauge cluster has failed in the vehicle, does not read speed correctly, oil pressure or engine coolant temp. *jb
 2003 chevrolet tahoe- speedometer began erratic jerking, finally began reading either faster or slower than actual, errors ranging from 5 to 90 mph!
 Speedometer began to fail by fading to zero while driving. *nm
 Dt*: the contact stated while driving various speeds, the speedometer gauge displayed an incorrect reading of 120 mph. the vehicle was inspected by an independent repair shop, who determined the instrument cluster panel needed to be replaced. the manufacturer was alerted. updated 12/28/2006 - the tachometer as well as the trip meter displayed incorrect reading. the consumer contacted the manufacturer to see if the part could be replaced under goodwill warranty. the consumer request was denied. *nm
 2003 chevrolet z71 tahoe. speedometer gauge working erratic. will read for example 70 mph sitting still or 120 mph moving very slow. *jb
 I purchased new and still own a 2003 chevy tahoe. for the last year and a half the airbag light comes on from time to time. i have had the truck at the dealer numerous times and they tell me they cannot fix the problem. what i have been told is that this light means that the airbag will not deploy if the vehicle gets into an accident. i am very frustrated that this safety issue cannot be corrected. *jb
 The cluster in my 2003 chevy tahoe has failed. it started failing at approximately 80,000 miles. none of the gauges work properly. it is a safety hazard. dealer says it will cost approx. $600 to fix. i feel that gm should recall and fix this at no cost. *jb
 Wife was driving our 2003 chevy tahoe, which only has 51k miles. came to a stop at an intersection and the speedometer suddenly registered her as going 100 mph. the engine wasn't revving. she proceeded to drive and it registered her doing 120 mph, when she was really only doing about 35 mph. took it to local dealer and had the instrument cluster replaced at a cost to me of $500. *nm