Consumer Complaints

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 I have a 2004 chevy trailblazer and the cluster is going bad . finding out that i'm not the only one that has this problem . i had the same problem with my chevy avalanche and it was recalled . i think that this a problem while driving . i think someone should do something before someone gets hurt. because the gauges go out the on and while driving. it could hurt a young driver that doesn't what to do. gm knows the promblem but will not do anything about it . it the same problem that they did a recall on with the trucks. so i think they should fixs this problem. so could you please help before someone gets hurt bad over this problem. thank you please help
 All gauges on control panel not working, but all service lights come on check engine, abs seat belt, reduce power, battery lights. now suv not cranking, it will spin but not turning over. will crank up after letting it sit for a while. i received a ticket for speeding, already.
 While driving along my tachometer and speedometer on my 2004 chevy trailblazer dip below zero. i took it to my mechanic who said the electrical is shot in the dashboard area. my vehicle has to be running for 30 min or more for it to act up. if i leave cruise control on the needle stays ,once cruise is turned off i'm doing (hopefully) 70 while my speedometer says i'm doing 20. searching on the internet i'm not the first to complain about this. has chevy recalled the dashboard unit in the 2004 trailblazer yet? *tr