BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
PIP-4138K01/01/201110037933Gm: the service engine soon light is on, there is also a misfire or engine noise. there are multiple possible causes. *rm06/08/2011
06060200302/01/200610019510Operating characteristics of the electro-viscous (ev) fan clutch and diagnostic tips for cooling fan noise, delayed transmission shifts and/or engine revving too high. *tt03/20/2006
05060103411/01/200510018733Engine oil leak at rear cover assembly area. *tt01/12/2006
36143614A10018577P0300 due to random misfires not felt - possible accessory pulley. *tt01/06/2006
05060102609/01/200510017818Information on use of bolt extractor tool kit part number en-47702 for removing broken cylinder head or main bearing cap bolts on inline truck engines. *tt12/02/2005
33303330A10014881Service engine soon (ses) light due to a p0171 diagnostic trouble code. *tt05/11/2005
0708200407/08/200410013185Higher that perceived normal engine coolant temperature gauge readings when operating the vehicle in very high out side ambient temperatures and in stop and go or slow moving traffic conditions. *eh04/12/2005
0506200405/06/200410013212S engine possible false code dtc p0172. *eh04/12/2005
04060300202/01/200410012703Diagnostic information for intermittent vehicle no crank dead battery. *eh03/10/2005
315010010547Cylinder liner replacement information - inline truck engines. *eh12/01/2004
0101200401/01/200410009584High coolant temperature gauge readings during low rpm operation. *tt10/07/2004
385710019211Supplement to bulletin 05-01-37-002a, poor rear heat performance . *ak02/21/2006
30773077A10009677Tick noise at idle. *tt10/15/2004
0167601/01/2004100071884.2 4l60e engine cooling fan contacts shroud after replacing radiator. *mr06/03/2004
0157801/01/200410005421Cooling fan operation. sit bulletin 1413381. *tt02/25/2004
0810B01/01/200400810C10005383Tick noise at idle. *tt02/24/2004
PIP-4492P09/01/2010PIP-4492Q10036464Buick/cadillac/chevrolet/gmc/hummer/pontiac/saab: oil consumption and/or exhaust smoke-possible pcv baffle or lifter concern. upon inspection, obvious oil will be found in the intake manifold and/or pcv vacuum tube. *pe updated 3/21/03/16/2011
PIP-4492P08/01/201010036464Buick/cadillac/chevrolet/gmc/hummer/pontiac/saab: oil consumption and/or exhaust smoke-possible pcv baffle or lifter concern. upon inspection, obvious oil will be found in the intake manifold and/or pcv vacuum tube. *pe03/16/2011
06013900204/01/2007060139002B10022260Front blower motor inoperative or may not shut off in extremely low ambient temperature conditions. *kb07/24/2007
06060404809/01/2006100208794.2l ll8 engine flashing and/or mil/ses light. rough idle, misfire. dtc p0300, p0301, p0302, p0303, p0304, p0305, and p0306. *kb01/25/2007
3659A10019182Ses light after internal engine repairs due dtc p0016 or p1345. *tt02/16/2006
05060201210/01/2006050602012B10018986Service engine soon (ses) or check engine light on, dtc p0526, p0480, p1481, and p1484 set. *tt updated. *kb01/26/2006
05060101405/01/200510017409Oil leak under extreme cold temperatures (-34 degrees c) (-30 degrees f) or colder). *tt11/07/2005
3164A10017230Service engine soon light due a diagnostic trouble code p0606 diagnostic trouble code, operate in reduced engine power mode, and potentially stall. *tt10/28/2005
340510017130Engine is hard to start after filling the fuel tank. *tt10/25/2005
32323232A100148701999 - 2005 gen ii cold engine misfire at idle with possible p0171 and/or p0174. *tt05/10/2005
04060404306/01/200410012163Unable to reset engine oil life monitor. *tt02/16/2005
04060403806/01/200410012153Service engine soon light on, p1680. *tt02/15/2005
04060405307/01/200410012114Service engine soon light on p0133, p0172. *tt02/14/2005
04060102207/01/200410012109New cylinder bore liner/piston sleeve replacement procedure. *tt02/14/2005
04060200508/01/200410011205Higher than normal engine coolant temperature gauge readings. *tt01/10/2005
305610010364Check engine light with a p0300 due to 2-4 cylinders misfiring on the same bank of the engine. *tt11/17/2004
315410/06/20063154B10010285Misfire, bump or multiple bumps after a 1-2 upshift. *tt11/09/2004
314201/01/20043142A10010194Broken head bolt repair. *tc11/04/2004
307601/01/200410009626Replacement goodwrench engines - parts which must be swapped from original engine. *tt10/13/2004
308601/01/200410009512Whistle noise from the throttle body area on light throttle acceleration on vehicles with gen iii engines and electronic throttle. *tt10/04/2004
301801/01/200410008804Engine cylinder head cup plug coolant leak. *mj08/23/2004
04060100303/01/200410008663Information on 2nd design balancer hub. *tt08/13/2004
04060101505/01/200410008501New design oil pick up tube and front cover. *mj08/03/2004
0135301/01/200401353A10007937Engine misfire due to injector fretting corrosion. *tt07/16/2004
02064A01/01/200410007866A dim service engine soon (ses) light may be noted with the ignition key in the accessory position. *tt07/13/2004
0212901/01/200410007805Rough idle or idle shake at times. *tt07/12/2004
00156A01/01/200400156B100076564.2l ll8 engine rough idle - run possible p1345 or p0016. *mj *tt07/07/2004
0167201/01/200410007247Oil pan drain plug threads - information. *tt06/04/2004
0202301/01/200410007212Intermittent no crank no start. security light may be on or off. 4.2 ll8 engine. *nm06/03/2004
00411D01/01/200410007209Lack of power and engine light on (03-04 gmt 800,820 and 830). *nm06/03/2004
0176201/01/2004100063094.2 ll8 engine electronic powertrain control module (pcm) restriction. *mr04/28/2004
0174601/01/2004100062894.2 5.3 ll8 lm4 engine with diagnostic trouble code p2120 or p2122 or p2123 or p2127 or p2128. *mr04/27/2004
0174501/01/2004100062524.2l ll8 engine- no crank, no start. *mr04/27/2004
00810A01/01/200400810C10005468Tick noise at idle. *tt02/27/2004
0157901/01/200410005422Oil pan baffles deleted. sit bulletin 1413402. *tt02/25/2004
00540B01/01/200410005417Engine oil leak at intake gasket. sit bulletin 1412496. *tt02/25/2004
03060406010/01/200310004733Information on new spark plugs and gapping. various models including pontiac gto 2004. *tt01/02/2004
03060405510/01/200310004317Service engine soon/check engine light illuminated, misfire or roughness, diagnostic trouble code (dtc) p0300 set. *tt12/02/2003
0141611/18/200310004220Engine oil leak after crank shaft balancer replacement. *tt11/21/2003
0131411/17/200310004094Engine misfire possible diagnostic trouble codes (dtcs) p0300 - p0306. *tt11/18/2003
03060403303/01/2004030604033A10002860Revised diagnostic trouble code p0336. *tt update. to include 2004 isuzu nqr commercial models. *tt09/29/2003
03060403003/01/2007030604030C10002166Multiple driveability symptoms of long or hard starts, chuggle, rough idle and light or intermittent misfire due to clogged fuel injectors. *tt08/14/2003
0152601/01/200410005463Belt squeal. sit bulletin 1406354. *tt02/27/2004
01526A01/01/200401526B10005413Belt noise squeal or squeak. *mn *mj02/25/2004
320910011817Exhaust moan at idle or parking lot maneuvers. *eh02/01/2005
51010/01/2003100162202004 secondary air injection system- in 6 cylinder engine incorporates a new air pump and an electronic air shut off valve. *sc09/02/2005
05060401403/01/2005050604014A10014993Diagnostic aids for diagnostic trouble codes p0440, p0455 and/or p0442 - evaporative emission (evap) system leak. *tt05/13/2005
05060402103/01/200510015005Revised inspection/maintenance (i/m) evaporative emission (evap) system set procedure. *tt05/13/2005
PIP-4492P08/01/201010036464Buick/cadillac/chevrolet/gmc/hummer/pontiac/saab: oil consumption and/or exhaust smoke-possible pcv baffle or lifter concern. upon inspection, obvious oil will be found in the intake manifold and/or pcv vacuum tube. *pe03/16/2011
PIP-4492P09/01/2010PIP-4492Q10036464Buick/cadillac/chevrolet/gmc/hummer/pontiac/saab: oil consumption and/or exhaust smoke-possible pcv baffle or lifter concern. upon inspection, obvious oil will be found in the intake manifold and/or pcv vacuum tube. *pe updated 3/21/03/16/2011

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Other drivers notified owner/driver that vehicle was on fire.
 Tl- the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet trailer blazer. the contact stated the service engine light illuminated while driving. the contact wife drives the vehicle. the vehicle was taken to the garage diagnosed located a failure code at the thermostat, a few days later all lights on the instrumental panel illuminated. the vehicle was taken back to the garage didn't receive a diagnostic code, for the instrumental panel failure, but believes the failure was due to a filed switch. the contact stated the failure occurred intermittently. the vehicle wasn't repaired. the failure and the current mileage were 74,393. li
 Service engine soon light was on after completing a diagnostic test at a local dealer they said the malfunction was the secondary air injection(air pump) code p0410. they said the reason these go out is because of an engineering defect and the way they routed the hoses instead of air flowing through it causes water to accumulate therefore making the motor in the air pump to go bad. so while changing out this bad air pump there was so much water that had accumulated it actually caused the light to blow which could have caused the mechanic to be electrocuted! *tr
 2004 chevrolet trailblazer engine compartment caught fire while driving on the ohio turnpike. *kb ohio traffic crash report# 10-0001-91 updated 04/15/10 *bf
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet trailblazer. the contact started the ignition and suddenly, there was a loud noise outside of the vehicle. the vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer for diagnostic testing. the failure was contributed to the secondary air injection system. the contact repaired the vehicle. the component failed three months after the vehicle was repaired. the vehicle has not been repaired at this time. the vin was unavailable. the failure mileage was 100.
 I was traveling on the highway when i herd a rattling sound coming from the engine, got off the highway and pull into a station. call the tow company to tow it to my mechanic he said the water pump bearings broke and the fan stop turning since both are connected together, he said the engine might be damage possible due to overheating. there was no warning of over heating on the gage, water did not leak from the pump. i call gm and they told me to tow it to the dealer for diagnose and they were consider my claim after the diagnose check; they knew my warranty just expired in july. i told them there was know warning of any kind everything was find water pump bearings just broke along with the fan clutch this sample problem cause the whole engine to go bad. if there is going to be a problem with bearings broken on the water pump there should be a warning of this potential problem. right know i need help to get my truck fix gm denied my case to fix the engine. i believe gm knows there is a problem with these water pumps and serious damage it can cause if they fail. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet trailblazer. the check engine light illuminated on the instrument panel and the contact took the vehicle to the dealer; however, they could not determine the cause of the failure. the light has been illuminating ever since the vehicle was purchased, but the failure cannot be located or repaired. through online research, the contact discovered numerous complaints regarding the vehicle. the failure mileage was 52,000 and current mileage was 56,000. updated 06/08/09 *bf updated 06/18/09.*jb
 We have had a problem with our service engine light coming on within the past 2 weeks in our 2004 trailblazer. after getting it diagnosed it is being caused by the fan speed being too high. after doing some research this vehicle has had numerous repairs for the same issue. why has gm not warranted this!? we have gotten crappy service from the dealership and while our vehicle is out of warranty now it is paid for our we would have gotten rid of it already. *tr
 My 2004 trailblazer has been hesitating and stalling for about a year and a half. this occurs daily sometimes several times a day. there are times the vehicle stalls and dies. no one has been able to determine the cause. about six months ago the headlights quit. since has been repaired. last week the dash board instruments quit working, fuel guage as well. *tr
 Our 2004 chevrolet trailblazer with approx 40,000 miles caught fire while driving approximately 40 mph. we noted smoke behind the car and before we could pull over other drivers were yelling to us that the car was on fire. we immediately got to side of road, turned off engine and a large fire was coming from the hood. a good samaritan ran up with a fire extinguisher and put out the fire that was approx 4 feet high from the hood. all passengers safely exited the car as soon as stopping and due to the fire being extinguished quickly no other damage was done. this vehicle was running fine with no recent issues or service on the vehicle prior to this event. we have never had the car serviced by anyone other then chevrolet dealerships. we were informed by the tow truck company that they have many 2004 chevy trailblazers towed that have caught fire. i have seen similar experiences described online but have not found if there is a technical service bulletin related to this. *tr
 After coming to a stop the 2004 chevrolet trailblazer ext stalled. i brought it to the santa maria home motors twice. the first time they addressed the problem with the 30,000 mile service and said see if it happens again. the trailblazer stalled again so they reprogramed the computer and charged me $85 to do this. today my wife was driving the trailblazer and it stalled again. like i have told the service agent at home motors i wa s afraid that this will happen when my wife and children were crossing the train track, and they could be killed by an oncoming train. i will bring the trailblazer back to the dealer tomorrow. *ak
 I have had my trail blazer for 1 yr and 1 month. in that time i have had to replace front and back pads and rotors, ball joints, catalytic (sp) converter, and now they just told me i have to replace the head gasket on the manifold. what the hell is going on with this vehicle. i no longer feel safe driving it. the other day the radio just stopped playing and then the service 4 wheel drive light came on. *nm
 My 2004 chevrolet trailblazer intermittently stalls out in traffic. it has been to the dealership 5 times for repair, with no results. the dealer has actually been able to reproduce it, and has replaced items, but gm is unable to isolate the problem. *jb
 On 5 separate occasions, the engine on my 2004 trailblazer has stalled while in traffic. 1 time, the engine stalled when i applied the brakes; every other time, the engine stalls while at idle. i have taken it into the dealership repeatedly, and they have been unable to duplicate but not fix the problem. they have replaced the manifold pressure valve and cleaned the throttle plates, but the problem still persists. *jb
 Dt: the contact state while driving the vehicle stalled without warning. she was able to restart the vehicle. the contact took the vehicle to the dealership for inspection. the dealership informed her it was the crank shaft sensor. she contacted the manufacturer, and they informed her that it was due to a defective sensor. no repairs have been made at this time.*ak
 Dt: 2004 chevrolet trailblazer. in january, the consumer was on the freeway and the vehicle it lost power. the consumer pulled over and restarted it after sitting for a few minutes. the engine light was still on, so the vehicle was taken to a dealership and it had a defective chip. the problem happened again in may and this past july 4, the consumer was going out of town. the check engine light came on again and the engine was losing power. they called the toll free number and were informed that they would have to wait until after the holiday. when the vehicle was taken in, it was found the oxygen sensor was responding slowly. *jb
 While driving 40 mph abs light and the brake light came on. this caused the vehicle to stall. the vehicle was towed to the consumer's daughter house. *ak *sc
 Major electrical problems inside the vehicle. i have owned it less than a year.the vehicle has been in the shop twice in the past two weeks. exiting the freeway the i had a complete power failure. the vehicle completely stopped and locked up and there was a semi truck behind me! my vehicle was moving and in drive when this happened. i had two of my toddlers in the car with me! the vehicle was taken into a local dealer and unfortunately they could not find anything wrong with it. apparently, when the vehicle is restarted it erases the codes in the engine as to what caused the problem. well, it happened to me again this evening. same problem. this will be my 5th time of bringing this vehicle in for electrical problems in less than a year. i only have 9400 miles on the vehicle and bought it brand new. i do not feel safe driving this vehicle with my 5 children as passengers. is there a way gm can get me a better running vehicle? i paid a lot for this vehicle and am very unsatisfied with it's performace. there always seems to be something wrong with it. the connell chevrolet service here in killeen has been very helpful. i feel sorry for them because they did not sell me this vehicle but they are the ones nice enough to try and fix the multiple problems.*ak
 On the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts there is a rattling sound (or light knocking) sound coming from the engine. it sounds like noisy lifters. it occurs most of the time, but not all of the time.*ak
 Engine stalled in traffic and idles rough on startup. dealer reprogrammed idle control module. engine surges and shakes under a load from power steering or alterantor. dealer cleaned throttle body (only 4800 miles) and found large leak at evap vapor pipe. continued to have problem. dealership contact gm for help. gm replied that 4.2 liter motors have an inherent vibration at that speed. gm technical assistance also stated engine surge under is normal under load by design. car is ticking time bomb for another stall in traffic and daily endangers my family. *la
 While driving vehicle stalled. the consumer restarted vehicle,and had the vehicle towed to the dealer for inspection. the mechanic could not duplicate the problem. the consumer informed the mechanic that this problem occurred more than once. *ak there was no warning. sc
 Vehicle looses power and the engine will not go above 2000 rpm. this is not fast enough to go through an intersection without being hit or side swiped. provide further details. *la
 Instrument cluster failure on 2004 chevrolet trailblazer. oil pressure and amps guage malfunction. mechanic quoted price $650 to replace cluster. emissions failure paid dealer approximately $375 to replace emissions pump. air conditioning mode motor accuator out; blower doesn't operate on high setting. dealer quoted price $750 to fix air conditioner. sperratic electrical issues-service engine soon light on-first time code read faulty thermostat cooling sensor, next it read faulty air mass sensor, another time it read faulty emissions sensor. mechanic quoted price $40 per hour plus parts to isolate problem. a person could go broke before fixing possible problems, considering no accident occured due to all these possibilities. front suspension prolems, hard to isolate. paid mechanic $135 to replace right side inner tie rod end. did not fix problem. problem occurs when returning steering wheel from a right turn, front right side makes a single pop sound. had to replace burnt headlight pigtails on front, and park light pigtail on right rear. property damage is considered damage to vehicle due to the complaints listed.
 Air conditioner controller will not work on the #1 setting. *tr
 I purchased a used 2004 chevy trailblazer in february 08. it only had 23,000 miles on it. with in the first 2 weeks i had it my gauges started going crazy. they were jumping around all over the place. i took it back to the dealer to have it fixed and they tried to charge me. fortunately i must have complained enough and to the right person because it was replaced at no charge to my self. i now am having major problems with it stalling and trying to stall. after searching the internet i see that i am not alone there are hundreds of complaints about this problem. everyday upon start up it idles very rough and it tries to stall for a good 10 minutes. if i don't let it sit and idle before i drive it tends to stall. my check engine light will flicker at least once a day and every few days my reduced engine power light will flicker. i do not feel safe anymore. what if i am traveling and my car stalls and i lose control and from reading the other complaints i am at risk for my air bags not deploying. if it is a problem with the pcm, i don't have the money to fix it!!!!! why should i have too? i see that i am not alone with this problem. why is their nothing being done about it? why should us as consumer already paying enough for these vehicles be responsible for their mistakes? *tr
 Tl* - sometime in late september 2006, while driving at 65 mph the transmission began to slip. the vehicle sounded as if it wanted to accelerate, but couldn't. the contact's vehicle continued to have the failure for about 10 seconds. the vehicle also had the same type of failure while at a stop light. while trying to accelerate the vehicle's speed decreased to 5 mph for about 20-30 seconds. on 10/11/06 contact took the vehicle to the dealership. dealership replaced the exhaust check valve. on 10/17/06 vehicle continued to have the same failure and the engine light was turning on,. the contact took the vehicle to the dealership where they replaced the oxygen sensor. the contact continued to have the same incident with the transmission slipping and the check engine light coming on. contact took the vehicle to the dealership on 10/3106, and they replaced the valve body. it continued to have the same incident with the transmission slipping, but this time the engine light was not showing. he took the vehicle to the dealership on 12/20/06, and they stated that there wasn't anything wrong with the vehicle. the contact currently has the vehicle parked at home and does not plan to drive it because he doesn't feel safe in vehicle. *ak updated 2/26/2007 - *nm
 I parked and turned off my car and it burst into flames. i had absolutely no warning, no warning light came on and i had no problems with the car at all until the fire. *nm
 Our family was driving from columbus, ohio to louisville, ky. we had just crossed the state line going up i-75 hill near florance. when my wife said she seen smoke out her side mirror. i looked in rear view mirror and seen a little myself. i was in fast lane running speed limit, all gauges showed all was ok. i put turn signal on to begin finding a place to stop. other cars near us began blowing horns and pointing at front right side of car. once we got pulled off side of road, we turned vehicle off. i pulled the hood release of our 2004 chevy trailblazer. the fire was already flaming out the front of the hood where you could not touch it to open the hood up. flames were also very bad on the front wheel area. my family exited the vehicle and got safely away. it is now being investigated by gm. was suppose to hear a update by august 31st on investigation. they moved date to september 2 with no response. i contacted them on september 6 and they said they are awaiting pictures of vehicle to be reviewed. they said they would update me on september 7. this vehicle was purchased new and had just turned 20k miles. *nm
 While driving 72 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning. the driver tried to restart the vehicle and was able to do. the vehicle was taken to the dealer five times for inspection. the mechanic was unable to duplicate the problem. please provide further details. *jb
 On 4 separate occasions vehicle stalled. when this occurred consumer tried to restart vehicle, but it wouldn't restart. also, keys were stuck in the ignition. as a result, battery was drained. dealership has replaced automatic transmission shift lock control, battery fuses , programmed the calibration for the engine control module, the starter, and its relay switch. *ak
 This car has had problems before cutting off for no reason. the dealer where i bought it from said that they could not find anything wrong with it. now the car gauges and dashboard lights do not work properly. they sometimes do not work at all and after a while turn on. *jb
 Cracked exhaust manifold . nothithg caused this event , it just failed out of nowhere, now it has to be replced , this is an uncommon event for this particular part to just crack or fail , and after reading researching this event i found it to be more commonplace in this from this particular car manufacturer.the fumes from the exhaust manifold is the safety issue , not to mention the unbearable noise
 2004 trailblazer ,ses light on ..code..secondary air pump failure. i repaired $600.00 + needed to do so to pass emissions and get new plates. 2 yrs later ,same code,same action required to re-new plates. *tr
 The consumer had the sensor code p0171 replaced on the 2004 chevrolet trailblazer but the check engine light still illuminates on the dashboard. *mr the consumer also felt a loss of power and the vehicle would not accelerate properly. bucking and hesitation was current as well. *sc the consumer was told an oxygen sensor was needed. *jb
 Dt: the caller said that when she would be at a light the vehicle would stall. she would hit the gas pedal and the vehicle would hesitate before taking off. engine service light came on/off. on july 25, 2005 dealer checked and reprogrammed automatic transmission control module( pcm). on july 29, 2005 dealer checked and replaced the pcm again , and on august 1, 2005 dealer replaced a 02 sensor. dealer said they could keep and drive vehicle to see if that fixed the problem . dealer would not give her a temporary vehicle to drive while she waited for her vehicle to be worked on. dealer said the 02 sensor was the problem. would not offer an extended warranty. dealer will not give her enough money for it as a trade in. *ak
 Spark knock noise on passenger side of car ,not in the engine along side of car, been to dealer 5 times they told me its normal noise and to get over it !! poor gas mialage dealer told me that its normal, the sticker says 15 mpg i am getting 10 to 11, again get over it... can you help please !!!*ak