BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
050846006A09/01/2005050846006B10015018Information on upgrading certain onstar generation 5 analog/digital-ready systems to onstar generation 6 dual-mode (analog/digital). *tt05/13/2005
0309200403/09/200410013019Popping noise heard through the speaker systems when the rear seat audio is turned on or off. *tt04/06/2005
304410010363Generation 5 onstar steering wheel control function. *tt11/17/2004
3050A01/01/20041000962302-05 onstar equipped vehicles emitting beeping noise before connecting to onstar. *tt10/13/2004
304701/01/20041000960799 through 05 year vehicles, equipped with three-button onstar systems. *tt10/08/2004
301101/01/200410008898When using voice recognition dialing, some numbers or commands may not be understood by the system especially the number two (2). *tt08/25/2004
08210308/21/200310003825Accessories brush guard package on vehicles with the north face edition. *tt11/04/2003
08-08906/01/200810026586Gm: special coverage adjustment-analog onstar deactivation. fcc ruled in 2002 wireless carriers would no longer re required to support analog wireless network starting in 2008. *pe csc letter was received. updated 12/1/08. *pe11/14/2008
04013900203/01/2004040139002A10008648Poor heater performance - 2nd and 3rd row seats. *tt08/12/2004
00372D01/01/200410007287Onstar system is attempting and/or completing phone calls which the operator of the vehicle did not initiate. *tt06/09/2004
PI-514101/01/201210043536Buick/cadillac/chevrolet/gmc/oldsmobile: if blower motor is set to any speed position and when key is off, it becomes inoperative and may still be inoperative after key is turned on. *pe04/09/2012
05013801211/01/2006050138012C10017373Ei05082 - loss of blower motor speeds except for high speed or inoperative. *tt updated. *kb updated *kb11/04/2005
0212200402/12/200410012992Inadequate hvac for passengers seated in the second and third row. *tt04/05/2005
317901/01/200410010266Automatic dual zone hvac battery draw supplement to 02-01-39-007a. *tt11/08/2004
310401/01/200410010225Only replacement of evaporator core or pipes for rear hvac. (to include 2005 chevrolet trailblazer) *sc11/04/2004
315212/01/200410009989Blower speed changes on its own. *tc update. *tt11/03/2004
307601/01/200410009603Repeat hvac blower motor failure. *tt10/08/2004
153101801/01/200410008771Hvac mode actuator cam gear alignment is incorrect after replacement. *mj08/23/2004
04013800503/01/200410008647Hvac control module memory functions - elimination of climate control personalization feature. *tt08/12/2004
08089-B11/01/200808089-C10027804General motors corp: special coverage adjustment; analog onstar deactivation. *pe updated 2/17/09. *pe02/09/2009
70202/01/200510016375Navigation radio system does not have complete coverage. gm tech links. *tt09/09/2005
309001/01/200410010236Unable to perform set up new onstar on vehicles with gen 6.05 hardware. *sc11/05/2004
312001/01/200410010109Onstar center unable to perform remote diagnostic. (2004-2005 chevrolet yukon, 2005 chevrolet trailblazer, 2002, 2003, 2005 buick rainier, 2005 chevrolet express van, and 2005 cadillac seville) *sc11/04/2004
311301/01/200410010199Gen 6 vehicles in mount airy, nc cannot connect to onstar or emergency services. *sc11/04/2004
0166101/01/200410007232Xm channel zero not available on certain vehicles equipped with navigation style radios. also including gmc denali 2004. *tt06/04/2004
315001/01/200410009982Missing codes from cd changer. *tc11/03/2004
0206001/01/200410007760No audio and radio display inoperative or clock resets. *tt07/09/2004
0204401/01/200410007757No sound from radio or radio will not program. *tt07/09/2004
00686B01/01/200410007292Automatic volume feature diagnosis on the uqa bose radio. *tt06/09/2004
0166201/01/200410007248Xm error on a radio display. *tt06/04/2004
0195801/01/200410006948Product information regarding radio personalization. *mr05/20/2004
0175901/01/200410006302Xm rapid activation utilization. *mr04/28/2004
0179901/01/200401799A10006327No volume from radio in cold ambient temperatures for 20-30 minutes. *mr04/28/2004
0157701/01/200401577A10005437Radio displays calibration error after replacing radio. *mn02/25/2004
0155201/01/200410005391Accessing xm radio identification number. sit bulletin 1410305. gmc denali 2004 included. *tt02/24/2004
03084402012/01/200310005154Bose radio may have poor fidelity. *tt02/09/2004
0139011/18/200310004195Xm radio must be tuned to channel 1 through 66 during activation attempt. 2004 chevrolet canyon, gmc denali, gmc colorado also included. *tt11/21/2003
04086700609/01/200410011086Proper positioning of luggage carrier cross rails to avoid windrush. *tt12/29/2004
08-089B09/01/200810026805Gmc: special coverage adjustment-analog onstar deactivation. csc letter was received. *pe12/19/2008
385710019212Supplement to bulletin 05-01-37-002a, poor heat performance. *ak02/21/2006
0701200407/01/200410014251Oil life system reset procedures-trucks. buick terazza 2005, gmc sierra denali 2002-2003, gmc b7 chassis medium duty 2003-2005 and gmc 560 c-series 2003-2005 *sc04/29/2005
03008901807/01/200310012548Vehicle content changes for the 2004 model year. *eh03/07/2005

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 On june 23, 2011, i cranked my 2004 chevrolet trailblazer lt and the guages (speedomter, tacometer, etc.) began to fluctuate at a rapid speed. the suv cut off and i attempted to crank it again. the same thing happened again while i was driving the car. the speedometer went to zero as i was driving 70 miles per hour on the highway. i slowed down, but i had no idea how fast nor slow i was going. i pulled off of the highway, turned the suv off and restarted it. the speedometer went to 70 miles per hour while it was parked. the speedometer stayed at 70 mph as i made my way back to the highway. i have read several, literally hundreds, of similar situations online about chevy trailblazers. i researched and found there are no recalls regarding this malfunction. the first time my guages fluctuated was about 3 years after i purchased the suv. i turned the vehicle off, restarted it and had no more problems, so i thought it may have been a glitch and thought nothing else about it. after reading other consumers' concerns about the problem, i discovered most of them had problems with their speedometers during the second year after the suv was purchased. it's a very dangerous situatuon when one cannot guage his or her speed while driving because the speedometer stops working all of a sudden. it's dangerous at crosswalks, schools zones, and every road and highway we travel on. consumers have complained to their chevrolet service mechanics and customer service, but many are told the part has to be replaced or the entire console has to be replaced and reprogrammed. i am persuaded that there is a problem with the electrical system which has an adverse effect on the speedomter. hopefully this matter can be resolved without any tragic endings.
 The speedometer/odometer in my 2004 chevy trailblazer is malfuncitoning. at some points it seems to work correctly, then it will stick, or drop to zero. sometimes i can be traveling approximately 30-35 mph and the reading will be at 110+. i am reading that others are having this same problem, that it is widespread, but as far as i can tell there is no recall. the first time it occurred was on the freeway - going 55mph - i looked at the speedometer and it said i was going 110! no other cars around - very hard to judge speed.
 Windshield wipers will not turn off.
 My car has only 54000 miles on it and the instrument panel is shot. the dealer wants $600 to fix it. my speedometer, oil pressure , and gas gauge only work maybe 10% of the time. it is just terrible that i have to pay for this out of my own pocket when this is obviously a detective part. if this would have happened at 120,000miles i would not have been upset. that's normal wear and tear. outrageous. i feel taken advantage of.
 Cluster not working in 2004 chevy trailblazer. chevy recalled clusters in other chevy vehicles but not trailblazer.
 Failure of the gauge cluster on a 2004 chevy trailblazer currently with 59,300 miles. about june 2009 the tach continually read incorrectly. dealer tried to mislead me to bring it in for a diagnosis at a cost of approx. $100 i told them its broke why should i pay for a diagnosis. i had read about the problem on -line at edmunds,com.,my suv had 41,000 to 42,000 miles on it. in july 2010 my gas gauge started to occasionally malfunction, now jan. 2011 it is incorrect. in nov. 2010 my charging gauge started malfunctioning. i also have since read online of the same problem on other similar year gm trucks ans suv and they have recalls on them. its just a matter of time for the speedometer gauge to read incorrectly. please help, these malfunctions are not safe..
 Instrument cluster has quit working
 Driving 70 mph on the freeway. the speedometer on my 2004 chevrolet trailblazer jumped up to 100 mph, then to 120 mph, then past 120 mph. when i came to a stopped and turned off the engine the speedometer reads 110 mph.
 Oil pressure gauge became unreliable and had different reading each time the car was driven. most recently the gauge needle moves past the upper limits of the gauge and points straight down at the fuel gauge. two days ago, the speedometer began acting in the same erratic manner and will give various readings including exceeding 120 mph and will point straight down at the steering column. it may read anywhere from 30 mph to 75 mph at various time when the vehicle is parked and the ignition is off. bottom line is that i am no longer to check my speed in comparison to speed limits or speed warning signs when in mountainous terrain.
 The speed metter gos off most of the time you can turn of vehicle then just keep clicking and it will go back to 0 sometimes you star tdriving and it will go start acting up again and sometimes it stays the way it should be. i think this is a safety hazard you dont know if it is working properly or not and you really dont know the speed which you are traveling. i have request at many places to fix the problem but have been told over and over again that i may spend the money to replace the cluster which is what is causeing this problem but it would probally do the same thing. from there knowlege of this problem there are many of these with this problem and i am told if i replace it the other that i replace it with would probally do the same thing. so i am just wondering how can this company get away with letting this problem exist. this is a very unsafe issue and if i cant resolve this i am going to have to trade in for another form of transportation. please help me with this issue i have kids and a grandchild that depend on this car for transportation and i want them to be safe all the time not just sometimes when the cluster wants to work.
 Cracked exhaust manifold . nothithg caused this event , it just failed out of nowhere, now it has to be replced , this is an uncommon event for this particular part to just crack or fail , and after reading researching this event i found it to be more commonplace in this from this particular car manufacturer.the fumes from the exhaust manifold is the safety issue , not to mention the unbearable noise
 My wife owns a 2004 chevy trailblazer and the instrument cluster is going haywire. we have already spent hundreds of dollars taking it to the dealership to have it fixed with no success. i am a pretty good mechanic, but not when it comes to all the electronics on cars these days. i refuse to take it back and get screwed out of more money. i guess this is how chevrolet is making up for their loss. i still can't believe that there is not a recall on this as of yet. the internet is loaded with complaints with this issue. i have always been a chevy man, but it looks like i may end up changing my loyality to another company. with as much as we have to pay for vehicles these days we should be receiving better service on them. i will be buying a used cluster off the internet and installing it myself. the dealership even wants a fortune to replace a part they should have a recall on anyway.
 Our 2004 chevy trailblazer has had a failure of it's instrument cluster and the fuel gague, speedometer, voltometer, oil pressure gague and tachometer have failed and now that we can not know how fast we are going we have had 3 speeding tickets and the officers have said that's not an excuse but we think it's a good excuse. i have researched this issue and and many people (at least a hundred on each site) have had this complaint about the trailblazer and chevy just doesnt seem to care about the problem. nothing happened leading up to this event it just started failing one after the other.
 My gas tank always reads empty and the fuel light is always on. occasionally after a fill up, it will appear that i have a small amount of gas, but soon returns to empty. for the last 6 months or more i have had to reset my milage trip gauge every time i fill up and watch the milage so i don't run out of gas. this is extremely inconvenient. also, one night about 2 weeks ago, my speedometer was reading 20 miles an hour more than the speed we were travelling. even after we stopped completely, the gauge read 20 mph. the next day it was once again normal and has been since, but this was very strange.
 All of my gauges on my dashboard completely turn off and then randomly turn back on. it is very dangerous to drive around with no speedometer, gas gauge, olil, battery, tachometer or odometer on. then it all of a sudden will turn on. it needs to be recalled. i took it to a repair shop and they said it would cost around $500 if not more to have them take apart my dash and look and then possibly send it out to seeif it can be fi.xed there are numerous people i have found online with this same problem with the same vehicle.
 Horn has intermittent issues of working - we have taken to the dealership on several occasions and then it works. they do not want to take apart the steering wheel assembly to research the problem regardless of the number of times we have had the vehicle to the dealership. now that the warranty is expiring, i am sure the problem will be researched since it will be at our cost. the horn only seems to work when the car is first started and the steering wheel is moved shapely. since it is under the air bag, the dealership doesn't want to deal with it. *tr
 2004 chevrolet trailblazer. the vehicle's a/c air output works fine, but when you switch it to heat, the output for this is diminished considerably. the vehicle heats up fine, but even when the airflow is entirely at the dash (none directed to the floorboard) the output of air for the heat is very low; so low it can't even be felt unless the hand is placed directly in front of the vent no matter how high the setting is. veh has been taken back to the dealer (under warranty), and was told no diagnostic problem was detected; everything is working properly. compared my vehicle to others of similar make/model/year, and dealer says all work the same. this is not true because last year, i could not stand the heat on setting of more than two because the output was very good. now, it can be put at a higher setting, but with little heat output. i communicated with an internet service technician who says it is the air flow door that is not sealing properly. the internet service technician also said it is difficult/tedious to fix this problem. i think the dealer just doesn't want to mess with it as it is under warranty. *nm
 Turn signals inoperatable at times. brought truck to the dealer they replace a faulty hazard flasher.
 Major electrical problems inside the vehicle. i have owned it less than a year.the vehicle has been in the shop twice in the past two weeks. exiting the freeway the i had a complete power failure. the vehicle completely stopped and locked up and there was a semi truck behind me! my vehicle was moving and in drive when this happened. i had two of my toddlers in the car with me! the vehicle was taken into a local dealer and unfortunately they could not find anything wrong with it. apparently, when the vehicle is restarted it erases the codes in the engine as to what caused the problem. well, it happened to me again this evening. same problem. this will be my 5th time of bringing this vehicle in for electrical problems in less than a year. i only have 9400 miles on the vehicle and bought it brand new. i do not feel safe driving this vehicle with my 5 children as passengers. is there a way gm can get me a better running vehicle? i paid a lot for this vehicle and am very unsatisfied with it's performace. there always seems to be something wrong with it. the connell chevrolet service here in killeen has been very helpful. i feel sorry for them because they did not sell me this vehicle but they are the ones nice enough to try and fix the multiple problems.*ak
 I have had my trail blazer for 1 yr and 1 month. in that time i have had to replace front and back pads and rotors, ball joints, catalytic (sp) converter, and now they just told me i have to replace the head gasket on the manifold. what the hell is going on with this vehicle. i no longer feel safe driving it. the other day the radio just stopped playing and then the service 4 wheel drive light came on. *nm
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet trailblazer. the contact stated that the speedometer stopped working and registers 65 mph while the vehicle is parked. the failure prevents him from knowing how fast he is traveling. the dealer has not been notified. when the contact bought the vehicle, the spare tire wrench under the rear bumper was stripped so that it could not be lowered. he had a mechanic examine the spare tire wrench and was advised to take the vehicle to the dealer. the current mileage was 66,000 and failure mileage was 62,000.