BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
3170E10019186Ipc, interior lights and/or headlamps flicker. *ak fb202/16/2006
01086600709/01/2007010866007C10010430Center high-mount stop lamp (chmsl) applique loose (re-tape applique) *tt updated 11/02/07 *nj11/22/2004

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 -dashboard lights, speed-gas-rpm gauges stopped working. -i can't track my speed or see my gauges at night. *tr
 Headlights flicker on vehicle, interior lights come on, voltage drops to 10v. dealers state nothing wrong i been living with this issue since truck was new in 05. please ck website trailvoy.com common issue. *tr
 Driving on dry pavement, clear day. took freeway offramp, when i reached 40mph, the brakes locked up, went past stop sign into other highway missing other vehicle passing in front of offramp. happened twice at same speed, brakes lock up, and i pass through the stop sign. loud grinding noise coming from wheel well area, brakes recently changed about 3 months ago, noise occurs at 25-30 mph, sounds like dragging something underneath. service man checked, nothing visible. has occurred 5 times in less than 2 months. interior lights dim on vehicle then brighten constantly. door ajar light constantly coming on, back hatch window constantly opening on own driving down road. instrument panel knobs, panel itself and window and door buttons on doors extremely hot to touch. various lights on instrument panel quit working and then resume on their own. reported tach/odometer not working already. both units registering offline while driving. where are the fixes to these problems? *tr
 Major electrical problems inside the vehicle. i have owned it less than a year.the vehicle has been in the shop twice in the past two weeks. exiting the freeway the i had a complete power failure. the vehicle completely stopped and locked up and there was a semi truck behind me! my vehicle was moving and in drive when this happened. i had two of my toddlers in the car with me! the vehicle was taken into a local dealer and unfortunately they could not find anything wrong with it. apparently, when the vehicle is restarted it erases the codes in the engine as to what caused the problem. well, it happened to me again this evening. same problem. this will be my 5th time of bringing this vehicle in for electrical problems in less than a year. i only have 9400 miles on the vehicle and bought it brand new. i do not feel safe driving this vehicle with my 5 children as passengers. is there a way gm can get me a better running vehicle? i paid a lot for this vehicle and am very unsatisfied with it's performace. there always seems to be something wrong with it. the connell chevrolet service here in killeen has been very helpful. i feel sorry for them because they did not sell me this vehicle but they are the ones nice enough to try and fix the multiple problems.*ak