BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
3334A10017127B3606 heated seat(s) inoperative and/or adjustable pedals do not recall. *tt10/25/2005
335110013503Heated seat operation clarification. *tt04/20/2005
00877A01/01/200410007972Intermittent lack of heat in 2nd and 3rd row seating positions. *tt07/19/2004

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Drivers seat ,left side cover with power seat control, has broken off 3 times. when getting in truck you must sit on cover. this causes the cover to break. the wiring is the only thing holding the cover on. this could cause a fire or accident.
 The driver's power seat control panel has broken off three times. i replaced it two times. this time, i have simply taken a plastic tie and fastened it more or less in place. it looks junky, but at least it is usable for a while.
 I was rear ended by a guy doing 40 mph. my truck was lifted in the air and pushed into the rear end of another vehicle. my airbags never deployed and my seat broke!! possible defect in the seat? i was stopped at a red light when the accident happened. the spare tire holder was ripped off my truck. *tr
 Driver seat does not align properly with steering wheel. *bf the seat belt could cut into the driver's neck. *sc *jb
 The driver seat didn't align with the steering wheel. *ph the consumer believed it was a manufacturer defect. *jb
 When getting inside of the vehicle, the consumer noticed that the steering wheel was placed towards the left of the vehicle and not in the center of the driver's side seat. the consumer contacted the dealership, however, the manufacturer had not contacted the consumer. *ak the consumer suggested there was a difference in the leather versus fabric. the manufacturer confirmed that the alignment between the steering wheel and the drivers seat was not straight. *sc *jb
 The panel for the power seat controls on the driver's seat is designed such that it is broken loose easily by simply entering and exiting the vehicle. it's design and mounting location causes it to have to support the weight of the driver as he enters or exits the vehicle. once the mounting supports break, the controls are only supported by the wiring. *nm
 While driving approximately 10 mph, the driver's seat suddenly lowered to the right while making a right turn. the consumer broke one of his right ribs in the process of the seat collapsing. the steering wheel did not return to the normal position after making the turn. the cause of the failure had not been determined. *ak *sc