BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
39283928A10020914Bind or shudder on turns. *kb01/29/2007
04023200712/01/2004040232007A10017440Steering system moan, groan, shudder and/or vibration type noise during low speed turning maneuvers. *tt11/08/2005
05023500608/01/200510017371Hiss/rush noise from steering (strg) column area. *tt11/04/2005
04023200108/01/2007040232001C10012694Release of steering gear stub shaft bearing kit for service. *tt updated 08-15-07. *kb updated 10/09/07. *nj03/10/2005
327410011719Installation of a power steering hose to a new steering gear. *eh01/31/2005

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Instrument cluster failure on 2004 chevrolet trailblazer. oil pressure and amps guage malfunction. mechanic quoted price $650 to replace cluster. emissions failure paid dealer approximately $375 to replace emissions pump. air conditioning mode motor accuator out; blower doesn't operate on high setting. dealer quoted price $750 to fix air conditioner. sperratic electrical issues-service engine soon light on-first time code read faulty thermostat cooling sensor, next it read faulty air mass sensor, another time it read faulty emissions sensor. mechanic quoted price $40 per hour plus parts to isolate problem. a person could go broke before fixing possible problems, considering no accident occured due to all these possibilities. front suspension prolems, hard to isolate. paid mechanic $135 to replace right side inner tie rod end. did not fix problem. problem occurs when returning steering wheel from a right turn, front right side makes a single pop sound. had to replace burnt headlight pigtails on front, and park light pigtail on right rear. property damage is considered damage to vehicle due to the complaints listed.
 Power steering went out during a turn. *tr
 While driving approximately 10 mph, the driver's seat suddenly lowered to the right while making a right turn. the consumer broke one of his right ribs in the process of the seat collapsing. the steering wheel did not return to the normal position after making the turn. the cause of the failure had not been determined. *ak *sc
 While traveling at a speed of 55 mph or more, car sways left to right, steering is extremely loose and at time it is hard to control the vehicle from veering. almost as if you are trying to control the car in a wind storm. i purchased this vehicle dec 31, 2003, in the first 45 days i had it to the dealer 3 times, it's now june 2004 and the vehicle has been in 8 times. i am getting absolutely nowhere. they keep telling me there is nothing wrong. but i know better,when i'm driving down the road and the car goes off on it's own. i am very fearful for my safety and the safety of my 22 month old child. some days i can't even bring myself to put him in this car. so what it comes down to is i'm paying for a car i can't even drive because they don't want to do anything about it. something has to be done about all this. *la
 Dt*: the contact stated while driving at all speeds a grinding noise was heard coming from the steering column. the dealership was unable to duplicate the problem. the manufacturer was alerted.
 Shortly after i purchased a 2004 chevy trailblazer i began to have problems with a loud vibration from the undercarriage. it has been to the shop numerous times but is still not fixed. recently the vehicle began stalling out at any given time. dealer could not replicate. still does it!!! around the same time my transmission would slip. dealer could not replicate. still does it!!! now i am feeling a lot of vibration in the steering wheel when i turn. talked to other tb owners and i thinking i will need to replace the struts. what next!! *nm
 While slowing for a stoplight the vehicle completly shut off including the steering. the car swerved into another car's lane. after i started it again, and immediately drove to mccomb chevrolet. they said it had something to do with the electronic computer, and reset the computer. the second time i was slowing to go around a curve and it shut off again, and the vehicle went into a ditch. my daughter bumbed her head on the side door. this time mccomb said they couldn't find anything wrong ,but maybe it was water in the fuel line. the third time i was slowing again around a curve and it shut off, and veered off the road. i have not called mccomb as of yet. this was very alarming and dangerous. i am now scared to drive it especially with my children.*ak
 I've taken my trailblazer to the shop to check out the power steering unit. my power steering makes a grinding sound when cutting your wheels to park are if you are pulling out of a parking spot. i've talk to shop manager and they check it out and stated that they didn't find anything wrong with my power steering ,and as of today my power steering unit continue to make that grinding sound. *nm
 The vehicle was 2 months old. it has not even had so much as an oil change or a flat tire. while driving the vehicle, the tie rod broke and forced me into a tree. i was going approximately 5-10 miles per hour. i was injured. gm is saying that the tie rod broke when i hit the tree, however the state trooper at the scene documented that the tie rod definately broke before hand and caused the accident. there are scrape marks in the roadway showing the tire dragging me to the tree. to date gm will not acknowledge a problem. if i had been going faster i could have been killed. *ak
 While driving at 70 mph driver swerved to left to avoid hitting a motorist. when the driver attempted to straighten back the steering wheel by turning it to the right it overcorrected severely. this resulted in the driver losing control of the vehicle and crashing into a tree. uponimpact, air bags did not deploy. driver died, and front passenger sustained a broken neck, severe laceration to their scull, and bruises. the passenger in the rear sustained a broken angle , a dislocated hip, and two broken ribs. *ak
 When getting inside of the vehicle, the consumer noticed that the steering wheel was placed towards the left of the vehicle and not in the center of the driver's side seat. the consumer contacted the dealership, however, the manufacturer had not contacted the consumer. *ak the consumer suggested there was a difference in the leather versus fabric. the manufacturer confirmed that the alignment between the steering wheel and the drivers seat was not straight. *sc *jb