BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
01663A01/01/200401663B10006296Vibration noise from under hood, sounds like sheet metal vibrating. *tt04/27/2004
050811000404/01/200510017326Cargo cover handle broken. *tt11/03/2005
040811100306/01/200410012546Rear license plate pocket parts new available individually. *tt03/07/2005
02086200406/01/2004020862004A10012157Front fascia wavy. this service bulletin replaces 020862004. *eh02/15/2005
04086600110/01/2004040866001A10011141Rear license plate pocket gasket loose or out of position. *tt udate. *tt01/03/2005
04086401209/01/2004040864012A10011083Front or rear side door glass scratched. *tt12/29/2004
040844014A10/01/2004040844014B10011071Buzz type noise coming from rear speakers. *tt update. *tt12/28/2004
04085100204/01/2004040851002A10008693Incorrect paint code listed on service parts identification label. *mj08/16/2004
04084400405/01/2004040844004A10008685Pop noise heard from rear speakers when rear seat audio (rsa) is turned on or off (no fix at time, fix under development). *mj this service bulletin replaces 040844004. *eh08/16/2004
00731A01/01/200400731B10007578Noise from front of vehicle over bumps or under light acceleration. *tt07/01/2004
0308111002A10/01/20040308111002B10005189Paint chipping behind front wheels/front of rear wheels, damaged lower door/cladding and rocker panels. *tt this service bulletin replaces 0308111002. *eh update. *tt02/11/2004
03086300312/01/200310005188Rattle from front of vehicle. *tt02/11/2004
03085700406/01/2006030857004C10004735Wet front floor carpet. *tt update. *tt update. *kb01/05/2004
03086400604/01/2007030864006C10001264Doors hard to close. *tt updated 07-24-07. *kb04/25/2003
39993999A10021085Liftgate glass will not lock unless lock is press a second time. *kb03/01/2007
06086601108/01/200610020523Rear liftgate binds, improper fit. may be caused by broken welds or cracks formed around the two inner welds. *kb11/09/2006
06086600102/01/200610019506Revised liftgate lock cylinder replacement. *tt03/20/2006
313501/01/200410010175Chmsl applique contacts roof when opening rear gate/glass. (to include 2005 chevrolet trailblazer) (mt 370 only) *sc11/04/2004
04086600406/01/2004040866004A10012538Liftgate glass unlatches on rough/bumpy road surfaces. this bulletin replaces previous bulletin number 04-08-66-004. *tt03/07/2005
310801/01/200410010204Fastener missing on the rear chmsl applique. (to include 2005 chevrolet trailblazer and 2005 buick rainier) *sc11/04/2004
00949C01/01/200410007289The liftgate or liftgate glass binds when opening or does not open completely because the center high mounted stop lamp (chmsl) applique hits the roof of the vehicle. *tt06/09/2004
04086300506/01/200410012537Rattle noise under hood. *tt03/07/2005
PIT-3749D11/01/201010037570Gm: on some truck models there is some frame corrosion. *rm05/25/2011

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet trailblazer. while driving 60 mph the contact noticed that the rear spoiler had suddenly separated from the rear end of the vehicle. the dealership was contacted and informed the contact that the vehicle could not be serviced. prior to the recent failure the vehicle was taken to the dealership on 3 prior occasions where the spoiler was replaced each time. the failure mileage was 40,000 and the current mileage was 82,000. updated 05/10/10 *bf the first time, the dealer replaced the spoiler under warranty. the second time it blew off and the dealer stated they wouldn't replace it due to the mileage on the vehicle. updated 06/04/10.*jb
 I was just reading the complaints & thought i would submit a few of my own. gas fillling is always a task as tank always seems to overflow & gas sprays out everywhere. i was told it is because of the type of filler line that gm uses. headlights constantly going from normal to dim, to dimmer, then back to normal, regardless of driving conditions. saw the one from the person being shocked, this too has always happened to me since the first day i bought the trailblazer. if i touch the metal of the door upon exiting the vehicle theres a large jolt from static electricity i assume. the arc from this jolt is very visible & i estimate it to 2 inches in length at times (longer your in the vehilce...bigger the arc). all the rubber trim on the backhath has come off. plastic lining used on fenderwells constantly coming loose & must be reatached. carpet around pedals has all come loose. i bought this vehicle nov. 1 2004 & it is hardly been driven with only 6,000 miles yet seems to be falling apart already. *jb
 Dt: the vehicle is a 2004 chevrolet trailblazer ls. while shutting the door or touching the vehicle the consumer would be shock so badly that she sees colors. she tried touching the plastic handle to the door but if her finger comes within an inch of the metal it would still shock her, even through clothes. dealership was going to fix the problem sometime this week. they have tried products for humidity and used static guard but none of this stuff solved the problem. mechanic said they had a lot of problems with people getting shocked. after the vehicle started shocking her the computer chip was replaced, and since they replaced computer it shocked even harder. *ak *nm
 Dt: the consumer was able to hear wind noise even with the windows up. the consumer discovered the rubber seals were loose. the dealer told the consumer it was normal for this car. showed the manufacturer the problem of the seals coming loose and they said it was an engineering problem. *ak
 Driver seat does not align properly with steering wheel. *bf the seat belt could cut into the driver's neck. *sc *jb
 The consumer felt the vehicle handling was very poor. the front suspension was unsteady when being passed by another vehicle of any size. the dealer examined the vehicle five times and was not able to find the problem. *jb windy conditions added to the vehicle's poor handling. the dealer claimed that this condition was normal for suv's. the manufacturer was contacted and agreed with the dealer therefore they took no further action. *nm
 Low beam headlight connection shorts out and burns, and heater and a/c controls don't work anymore when you try to turn on heat or a/c kills engine. i have already replaced the liftgate module, that fixed the problem of not being able to lock the vehicle and sometimes starting it. this all started at about 92,000 miles. estimated repair cost for heat and a/c around $600.00. *tr
 I purchased this vehicle in feb 2008. i opened the hatch for the first time and when i lifted the hatch, i began to hear a lot of breaking and bolts flying. i got it to close securely and didn't have any problems. then one day, i was driving my truck and the back hatch began to shake. i continue to drive the vehicle. after driving for another few minutes the hatch began to fall backward. i never reach the ground, it was held on by the lights that connect the top light. i went to a dealer that repaired it supposedly. a few days later it done the same thing. i attempted to get it repair a second time. it wasn't successful either. this time i couldn't get it closed. i was told it was a problem amongst a few trailblazer by my insurance company. nothing has been done as of yet. the only solution that i was told that may help the problem is paying $1,100 to buy another. according to a local dealer the window doesn't belong in the vehicle. the whole set up is not the way it should be set up. my vehicle has a bracket holding the window up but there isn't a bracket on any website. *tr
 While my vehicle was parked, the rear hatch window self exploded. it was witnessed by many general motors employees. checking on the web, i found that this is more common than expected. happens mostly in chevy trailblazers and ford escapes. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet trailblazer. the contact stated that the adhesive that held the rear glass lift gate on the hinge failed. the dealer stated that they would be unable to re-bond the adhesive. they further stated that the window and the hinge should be replaced as a unit. as of september 13, 2007, the dealer had not repaired the vehicle. the failure mileage was 63,000 and current mileage was 65,400.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet trailblazer. on june 20, 2007, while driving 60 mph, the hood of the vehicle flew open and smashed the windshield. the contact could not see, but was able to pull off the road safely. he drove approximately 10 mph to a mechanic who inspected the vehicle. the mechanic could not find anything wrong with the vehicle. the vehicle is under warranty and service has been denied. the vin was unknown. the current and failure mileages were 31,662.
 Tl- the contact owns a 2004 chevrolet trail blazer. while parked the contact noticed the front driver side frame was cracked near the front lower control arm. the vehicle was not taken to a dealer for diagnostics. the vehicle was not repaired. the vin was not available. the approximate failure mileage was 80,000. ds