BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
39283928A10020914Bind or shudder on turns. *kb01/29/2007
04023200712/01/2004040232007A10017440Steering system moan, groan, shudder and/or vibration type noise during low speed turning maneuvers. *tt11/08/2005
05023500608/01/200510017371Hiss/rush noise from steering (strg) column area. *tt11/04/2005

Consumer Complaints

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 My gas gauge has stayed on empty for a month or so with the gas light on. i have not had the money to fix it and i put gas in it the night before the incident happened. i was driving home from a family members house a few blocks away from my house and my 2005 trailblazer died and everything locked up on me. the brakes would not work what so ever. and i just had brand new brakes put on a couple months ago and my steering wheel locked up. my vehicle would not stop. it kept going. i am so happy that i didn't have my three small children with me. it took me three turns onto three different streets before it finally stopped. it was very hard to turn. and my back wheels were making a horrible noise and smelled really bad when i got out. i always keep a gas can in the back in case i ever run out of gas due to the gauge not working. and mind you i have only had this vehicle a year. gm should have to pay to get this fixed. this is very dangerous. thankfully someone was watching over me and there was no other cars headed toward me. it was on a main roads that has a 45 mile an hour speed limit. i will never buy a chevy again.
 Due to a faulty gas gauge the car engine stopped on a highway three miiles away from fuel with children in the vehicle. *tr
 Due to a faulty gas gauge the car engine stopped on a highway three miiles away from fuel with children in the vehicle.
 Power steering unit leakage. *tr
 My son was backing out of his girlfriend's driveway and he turned the wheel sharp and the shaft inside the steering column broke. luckily he was not on the highway when it happened. i haven't made any repairs yet but will today or tomorrow. the steering column and clock spring will have to be replaced. i am going to save the steering column in case you need to inspect it. *tr
 2005 chevrolet trailblazer had problems with power steering. upon inspection mechanic determined the rack and pinion needed to be replaced. *kb the rack and pinion were replaced but the vehicle began making humming noises again. the vehicle was taken back to the dealer who believed the problem was again with the power steering. the noise returned and this time the technician though it was the power steering pump. *nm
 New trailblazer has an inherent problem with the steering. the steering is ultra sensitive at highway speeds and minor corrections ten to cause oversteering and swaying of the vehicle. i believe in an emergency highway situation the steerings sensitivity could result in loss of control and a possible rollover situation. i have been to the dealer twice since the car was delivered and they said the tires and alignment are all withing specs. the manager did comment after driving my car that he thought the steering was very responsive and that chevy makes changes from year to year and this seems to be the most sensitive. he said nothing could be done. i called chevy customer service and filed a report. they contacted the dealer and said all was within specs and they could not do anything. i think this is a potentially major issue and someone should review the saftey aspecs of this steering.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 chevrolet trailblazer. since purchasing the vehicle, the headlamps flicker or dim while driving, similar to a power surge. the dealer was initially unable to duplicate the failure. when the failure was able to be duplicated, the dealer was unable to make a repair. at the end of september of 2007, the steering column made a sparking sound and the dealer could not duplicate the failure once more. on september 20, 2007, the radio and all the components on the instrument panel failed intermittently. the vehicle had to be turned off and restarted for them to eventually operate again. in addition, the dome lights would remain illuminated. the driver's side door latches were replaced twice. the rear hatchback latch was replaced twice. when the key was removed from the ignition, the key buzzer would continue to sound. on january 25, 2008, the rear wiper motor was replaced and failed again on march 4, 2008. the current mileage was 36,182 and failure mileage was 70. updated 4/2/08 *cn the consumer stated the emblem on the rear tailgate loosing color, brake pads and rotors are worn. updated 04/02/08 *tr
 Dt: the contact stated while driving on a slightly wet paved road another vehicle pulled out in front of contact's vehicle who maneuvered this vehicle to keep from hitting the other vehicle. the vehicle stalled, causing loss of control of the vehicle and sliding off the road. the vehicle was then driven to the dealership to investigate what caused the vehicle to stall. they were unable to duplicate the problem. vehicle is still under warranty.*ak