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050811000205/01/20070508110002A10015041Broken overhead storage compartment latch(es) (replace latch(es). *tt updated 07-23-07. *kb05/16/2005
PIT-485505/01/200910030246Buick/chevrolet/pontiac/saturn: power sliding door does not power or manual unlock. diagnostics may reveal that sliding lock button on inside door panel will not move from locked to unlocked position. *pe09/02/2009


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 Odi has received reports that the power sliding doors opened without command while the vehicle was in motion on model year 2005 and 2006 general motors minivans (chevrolet uplander/venture, pontiac montana sv6/montana, buick terraza, and saturn relay).some reports indicate that the door may not have been closed and latched before driving away causing the door to reverse (open) at low vehicle speeds.however, other reports indicate that the door was initially shut then opened after driving for several minutes and/or miles at vehicle speeds between 20 and 70 mph.odi has upgraded this preliminary evaluation to an engineering analysis (ea07-019) to further assess this issue.
 Odi evaluated general motors' (gm) data, conducted consumer interviews, inspected and tested my 2005-2007 gm minivans with regard to the alleged defect of a power sliding door (psd) opening while the vehicle is out of park.odi identified a high warranty claim rate.however, these claims are related to various problems associated with doors not properly opening or closing and not specifically to doors opening while driving.the condition of the psd reversing direction during the closing sequence is consistent with an obstruction of the door, or with improper alignment of the door, and this is addressed in gm technical service bulletin # 07-08-64-007 and bulletins # 07-08-64-007a through d.odi's evaluation of the psd system notes numerous safeguards to preclude both unintentional and intentional power opening of the psd while the vehicle is in motion.a safety-defect trend has not been identified at this time.accordingly, this investigation is closed.[see document file for additional information regarding this resume.]

Consumer Complaints

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 Tl* the contact owns a 2006 chevrolet uplander. the contact stated that the side door had opened independently on two occasions while the vehicle was in motion. the contact took the vehicle to a mechanic and was told that there was a relay problem that caused the door to open. the vin was not available. the failure and current mileages were 155,000.
 Both motors are out which is fine but know doors are locked and my doors will not open what am i suppose to do if i get in an accident and my children get stuck in the vehicle. this happened in 6 /2012 too i paid for the one to be opened and 1 week later it did it again so the right passenger door has been stuck since and i think this is ridiculous and a hazard to my children. *tr
 Tl* the contact owns a 2005 chevrolet uplander. the contact noticed that the passenger side sliding door opened while the vehicle was in motion, without warning. also, the failure was exhibited on the driver side sliding door while the vehicle was idle and locked. the dealer made twenty attempts to duplicate the failure but was unsuccessful. the manufacturer was made aware of the failure. the current mileage was 52,000 and the failure mileage was 40,162.
 Tl- the contact owns a 2005 chevrolet uplander. the contact noticed that the right passenger sliding door opened while the vehicle was in motion without warning. also, the driver side door opened suddenly while the vehicle was idled and locked. the failure began in march 2009. the dealer made twenty attempts to duplicate the failure. the manufacturer was aware of the failure. the current mileages were 52,000. the failure mileage was 40,162. bw
 I own a 2005 chevy uplander. the passenger rear door doesn't seem to want to close. on a few occasions the door has opened while driving down the road. other times the door randomly starts beeping and will not stop, even if you turn the van off and get out it still beeps. is there a recall on the doors of this type of van. i have found many complaints expressing concerns over this same issue.
 Tl - the contact owns a 2005 chevy uplander. the contact stated that while trying to close the sliding door of the vehicle his finger was amputated. the vehicle was not taken to the dealer. the manufacturer was not contacted. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure and current mileage were 51, 500. pm
 Abs light came on after brakes were replaced by chevrolet mechanic. took back and was told needed new front wheel hub. hub was replaced at our expense, and abs light was reset by chevrolet certified mechanic. abs light came back on before left the parking lot, but mechanic said it was okay and he wouldn't worry about it. left on vacation the next day. newly replaced brakes made horrible grinding noises all throughout trip. also began getting intermittent brake warning light, and service brake system and service abs system warnings. crawled under vehicle and found wires to the new wheel hub were broken at wheel hub. wires were for the wheel rotation sensor, as it was improperly installed. replaced wheel hub again at our expense, because chevrolet certified mechanic said first hub wasn't installed improperly, but also said the only way the wires could have become torn would be if it had been installed improperly. abs light and brake light were out for about one (1) week. second replacement hub and wiring are still intact, but still have continuous abs light and intermittent brake light as well as previously mentioned warnings. different chevrolet certified mechanic says there is nothing to worry about, only problem is that abs system will not function, but brakes will still work as if no abs system were on the vehicle. also had the same problem with the continuous abs light on a different chevrolet vehicle. if chevy can't make the abs system work after the brakes are worked on, why continue with the extra expense of putting them on? i now have two(2) chevrolet abs systems that their certified mechanics say are in tip top condition, only problem is neither system works. also, regarding the 2005 uplander, the driver's side sliding door will not shut properly, resulting in constant warning chimes every time the door is used. again, chevy mechanics say nothing is wrong with the door or the system. maybe chevy should get out of the car business!
 Tl- the contact owns a 2005 chevrolet uplander. the contact stated that the two seat belts on the middle row are starting to split and the rear seat belts at stuck and not moving. the vehicle was taking to are car seat inspection station and the contact was told that these seat belts cannot be used because they were a safety hazard. the vehicle was then taking to the dealer and was told that since the vehicle was not under warranty, there was nothing that can be done. the contact also stated that the side sliding door on the left will not close all the way automatically. if the door is not closed by hand, the door will pop open at any time. the contact also stated that the side rails have been replaced twcie on the vehicle because of rust. the failure mileage and current mileages was 109000.rl
 Power sliding doors open / close by themselves at times (usually right door, but sometimes left). sometimes, when the door has been closed it will reopen & have to be closed manually. at times the door will stay closed, but the 'dinging' noise will continue for the entire time i am driving. there have been occasions when it continued dinging well after the ignition was turned off. we have had it in the shop and 'fixed' a few times. the fix sometimes lasted a week or two. sometimes, it only lasted a couple of days. we were never able to pinpoint or predict when the malfunction would occur. finally, we have removed the fuse permanently and only operate the doors manually to prevent a serious injury from occurring to the children. in the rear (3rd) seat, the right seat belt has also retracted & will not release. this happened one day when i was trying to remove a child from the vehicle. he was in a booster seat and strapped in by the seat belt. when i unlatched the belt, it retracted slightly, but would not pull back out. now it is too tight to place a car seat, booster, or have someone sit there. i have not made the trip to the service department for this situation. no one is allowed to sit it that seat because the safety restraint is not-usable. *tr
 In 2005 chevy uplander lt awd automatic sliding doors open and do not close properly while vehicle is in motion. this also causes the audible alarm indicating the doors are unlatched to ding or ring. even after the vehicle is stopped and doors are re-closed this issue persists. this is a huge safety issue in a van that is fairly new with 34,000 miles and used to carry children between activities in local area. *tr
 Since purchasing this 2005 uplander the right passenger automatic sliding door has been a problem. it is being repaired again now for the 11th time!! the door will not close or if it does it doesn't latch and juts open at the back. the service dept, either cannot duplicate the problem or cannot fix it, replaced most of the parts and still doesn't work. contacted gm and now have a case number. last visit mechanic supposedly tried the door 50/60 times and it worked every time! hasn't worked 90% of the time since 2005. currently replacing latches for the second time?? rotors have been replaced twice in 4 years, due to defect. still no recall though.... *tr
 Yes my 2005 chevy uplander ls automatic door opened up while driving. took it to the shop and they put lubrication on the sensors and ever since then they don't close/open properly (it takes atleast 20 min to close 1 door) or when they do they lock my children in the vehicle. i'm unable to open the door and have to get my children through the driver side door or hatchback. *tr
 The passenger side sliding door does not close properly. the problem began soon after we purchased the vehicle in jan 2006 but was not serious. the door would close and then reopen and need to be shut again. in november 2008 the door was stuck in the open position causing the motor to break. after paying for a new motor, not a week later did the motor break again. after this second motor, the door continued to not shut properly, often taking 10 -15 attempts to shut the door. you would push the button and the door would seem like it was closing but not close fully and reopen on its own. another trip to the dealership, they adjusted the sensor, but the problem continued. we just purchased a new sensor and door latch to try to solve the problem. thus far the door continues to be a safety risk as it opens when you shut it and does not close properly. reporting the problem to customer care at gm did not help as they would not take the complaint. the failure to close properly does not happen each and every time, but 4 out of 10 times and then it takes often 10 -15 minutes to get the door to shut securely. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 chevrolet uplander. when the contact closes the driver's side sliding doors with her key, the doors automatically reopen. she took the vehicle to the dealer on numerous occasions and they replaced the latches, electrical wiring, and motor; however, the failure still persists. she called the manufacturer and they attempted to provide her with some assistance. the failure mileage was 52,000 and current mileage was 61,000.
 Unexpected opening of passenger power sliding door. multiple non-latching and spontaneous opening of passenger power sliding door. front driver side sway bar replaced twice. dealership has attempted to fix door on three separate occasions without success. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 chevrolet uplander. the contact noticed that the rear driver's side electronic sliding door does not properly latch. she must make repeated attempts before the door would lock and, as a result, the door spontaneously opened. she took the vehicle to the dealer on numerous occasions and they reprogrammed the psdm, replaced the motor in the door, and realigned the door. immediately after the repair, the failure recurred. the failure mileage was 52,000 and current mileage was 58,000.
 2005 chevrolet uplander: automatic doors on driver and passenger side open without warning while parked and while in motion. there are times where i close the door and it pops back open instantly (20 times in a row). other times the door does not completely lock closed, then while driving the interior lights come on as if the door is open, the ding alarm sounds and sometimes the door opens while the vehicle is in motion. this is a safety hazard as i have small children. they are always in seatbelts, but a open door while the vehicle is moving is very alarming. i have taken it to a dealership 2 times and will again take it tomorrow for evaluation. *tr
 This complaint covers many components of the chevy uplander that has spanned over the three years that we have owned the van. all problems are unable to be diagnosed by dealerships and chevy refuses to help us. i have been in contact with chevy from about the second time that the van went to the shop for electrical problems. we have had electrical problems that vary from the lights flickering to the fans output changing to the radio not allowing you to program in a station on one preset button, we are also currently having an abs issue and have had a non gm mechanic look at the van and said it is ok. the passenger side auto sliding door does not always automatically open and sometimes does not close either, when you manually shut it will open by itself several times before it stays shut. we are currently and have for some time had a problem with starting the van this is also something that can't be diagnosed it has been looked at many times. the problems happens about 15-20 times a week. we did purchase the extended warranty on the van and it is now about up and i am at a loss as to what to do because nobody wants to help even though it is clear i am not the only one . please let me know if there is any other way to fight this. the drivers sliding door doesn't always unlock either unless done by hand. *tr
 Rear electronic sliding door, primarily the left side, occasionally goes almost closed then just before it latches it goes back open. usually happens once or twice per week. i cannot depend on it going shut so i have to stand there and watch it until it shuts completely and latches. before i realized the extent of the problem i came back to the vehicle twice to find the door wide open with several hundred dollars worth of photo equipment on the seat and floorboard. i took it to the dealer numerous times but it never malfunctioned in the shop so they would not do repairs on the doors. i contacted chevrolet division of general motors. the chevrolet representative confirmed that they have to recreate the problem in the shop before they will work on it. chevrolet gave me a problem number for future reference and said if it ever malfunctions in the shop they will work on it. i got the van because of my granddaughters, however, i cannot allow them to open and close the door alone because they forget to watch it close all the way and latch. i can see from the internet that this is a frequent problem with the uplander, most of the time remaining unresolved. i figure some day there will probably be a class action lawsuit against chevrolet. if there is i want to be a part of it. i told chevrolet that if anything is ever stolen out of the van because the door came back open, there will be a lawsuit from me. it happens all the time and last happened this week. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 chevrolet uplander. the contact stated the driver and passenger side sliding doors continue opening when the vehicle was shut off. she also experienced vibration in the steering wheel. the dealer is currently repairing the vehicle. the manufacturer was unable to offer any assistance. the failure has occurred intermittently. the vin was unavailable. the failure mileage was 58,000.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 chevrolet uplander. shortly after the vehicle was purchased, the rear passenger side door opens and/or cracks partially. the dealer stated that the door latch does not fully release; therefore, they replaced the actuator. the failure recurred after the repair was performed and has worsened. the powertrain was unknown. the failure mileage was 27,776 and current mileage was 27,876.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 chevrolet up lander. while driving (mph unknown) the rear door opened without warning. the dealer stated that the bcm could have caused the failure. they repaired the bcm; however, the failure continued to occur. the dealer stated the connectors needed to be cleaned. they cleaned the connectors; however, the failure continued to occur. the failure mileage was 43,000 and current mileage was 46,000.
 The rear sliding door on the drivers side opens when vehicle is parked and engine is off. it also opens when i enter the drivers side as i close the drivers door. yesterday it opened about 4 times within seconds before i finally got it to stop. if i leave the vehicle in the garage unlocked it will open sometime later after i have gone into the house. the only way i can keep it from opening is to make sure it is locked. i am afraid it is going to open while i am in motion. *tr
 One day i got into my vehicle and the driver side rear sliding door wouldn't latch all of the way. after about 10 attempts to get the door to latch completely, it finally did. but while on the road, i heard the warning sound letting me know that my driver side rear sliding door was ajar. the door didn't completely open, but was cracked as i was driving. i had taken my vehicle to get another repair done under warranty and i asked them if they could fix the sliding door problem as well. they had decided that it was the seals and replaced all of them, but the problem has occurred since then and now my warranty has expired and i don't know why this is still occurring. *tr
 Since purchasing this vehicle in january of 2006 we have been required to make extensive repairs on an on going basis. the vehicle has to be aligned & balanced almost monthly which has resulted in us replacing the tires on 3 different occasions. the brakes have been replaced twice and the rotors have been turned twice in the past year. the most recent incident occurred 3 wks ago when my wife was driving home on a 55 mph 2 lane road when suddenly the check engine & check oil light came on. the vehicle just stopped. upon towing it to a local auto repair shop we were informed the timing belt broke which warped the cam shaft. gm would do nothing until we towed it again, this time to a gm dealership. the vehicle was found to have extensive problems from the engine, to the timing belt, camp shaft, pistons, plugs and much more. *tr
 I would like to make a report about my chevy uplander. i have taken my vehicle at least 5 times to the gm dealer about my automatic sliding doors being fixed. i can lock the doors and go into a store and come out and the door will be wide open. i will close the doors and it will close and then it will ding and open back up. recently we went on a trip to orlando, fl. and we stopped to use the restroom when we came back out the door would not close. my husband physically had to shut it and it wouldn't stop dinging. my husband called our dealership again and they sent us to a place in gainesville, fl. they told us it was a relay switch gone bad they unplugged it , our dealership asked if we would bring it back to them and they would fix it. when we brought it back they stated that all it was the keyless entry pad was not working. i don't want to be riding down the road with my 4 year old and 7 year and have my doors open and something happen to them. please help! *jb
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 chevrolet uplander. the sliding door on the rear driver side would not stay latched. the contact called the dealer and manufacturer and they stated that she was responsible for having the door repaired. the vehicle has been in the shop six times now for the latch failure and the door opening on its own. each time the vehicle was retrieved from the dealer, they stated that it was repaired when it was not. when the button was pressed to close the door, it would begin to shut and an alarm would sound; however, it would not shut and flew open while driving. the instrument panel does not indicate that the door is ajar. the rear passenger side door is beginning to experience the same failure. neither the weather nor the speed were factors. the current mileage was 51,800 and failure mileage was 49,043. the dealer stated the vehicle would not start, check brake condition, and humming noise left front hub area. updated 12/12/07 *tr
 The right rear power sliding door on my 2006 chevrolet uplander will not shut properly. it will start to latch, then pop back open. it has also popped open while driving, causing me to have to pull over and attempt to close it. *tr
 Both passenger sliding doors have malfunctioned on numerous times. problems include failure to close properly. on one occasion the left passenger sliding door opened while driving through town. other times the door will not open, may open but will not shut at all. the most common problem involves the sliding doors starting to close then stopping and opening back. often several tries are needed to get the door closed. on other occasions the beeping alarm associated with the doors will go off and not stop for more than 10 minutes - even after the car has been turned off. the van has been in the shop about 9 or 10 times over the past year. each time a different remedy is offered (replacing door latches, weather stripping, etc) to no avail. now chevrolet will not work on it unless the problem is presenting itself at the time we take it. *jb
 The car intermittently tries to start the crank keeps turning but does not start. as well as i was traveling on freeway with a big rig on the side of me and the car stalled and steering locked. thank god i managed to glide over to the exit lane. i was terrified as was my passenger. when i looked at the gauges i noticed i was out of gas, but i had just put in $20 . chevy sent out tow truck to give me gas, but car still would not start. finally hours later car was taken to chevy. when uplander was finished they said it was electrical short due to water in lines. weather was great no rain or puddles anywhere. uplander almost stalled on another night lights dimmed and tires stopped ,but then it worked fine. strange very!!! driver side sliding door opens or shuts when it wants. my daughter was in her car seat and i pushed button to close door she put her foot up towards door and it shut and locked. luckily her tennis shoes were a little big so only minor bruising occurred. however my daughter is terrified of car. also i have already put 6 new tires on car because they were bald at 13,000 miles first time. tires in front are bald again. uplander is not stable to drive on highway. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 chevrolet uplander. the contact stated that the electronic sliding doors on both sides of the vehicle were closed and locked, but opened without force or prior warning. the contact stated that the doors were difficult to close once they were opened. the dealer stated that the failure was unidentifiable. the vin, engine size, powertrain, and number of cylinders were unavailable. the current mileage was 20,000 and failure mileage was 7,000.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 chevrolet uplander. the contact stated that the power sliding door opens while the vehicle is being driven. the failure occurs while driving between 5 and 45 mph. the vehicle has been to the dealer three times while it was still under warranty. the dealer claims that the vehicle is repaired after each visit, but the failure continues to occur. occasionally, the door opens by itself and when the button is pressed to close it, the door begins to close and then reopens. the current mileage was 43,000 and failure mileage was 2,000.
 We have had several issues with the doors not closing and have taken the vehicle in several times. the service dept. couldn't duplicate the problem. apparently gm knows about the problem because the last time we were in there they told us there was an internal service bulletin about re-routing wires and possible module replacement, all of which was done to our vehicle. it is going back in again 7-27-07 for the same problem. our uplander also has a problem of the door locks rapidly locking and unlocking at various times while driving, and all of the lights will flicker and dim. one instance while driving at night all lights went out briefly and came back on, extremely dangerous! something has to be done. we live in michigan, you'd think there wouldn't be a problem in the motor city. *jb
 Power sliding passenger door does not function properly. erratic opening and closing causing van to say door is open when it is not. door has opened on it's own when the vehicle was in motion; backing out of the driveway. van currently not in use because door continuously inoperable. *jb
 2005 chevrolet uplander. ordered directly from gm new. automatic sliding doors inadvertently slide open, repeatedly close and re-open, oftentimes will not close at all, automatic system fails, most importantly, we were told when we bought the vehicle that it was made with a device that would prevent it from opening while driving. this is false - this door opens while the car is in motion!!!! i have repeatedly had the vehicle in for service regarding this problem and they continue to tell me that they cannot see where the failure is occurring, they say, well, we've cleaned the sensors, lubed the track and it should be fine now. however it will continue to malfunction the minute i leave the service area. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 chevrolet uplander. the contact stated that the vehicle's doors open and close by themselves. the failure has occurred approximately three to four times since the vehicle was purchased. the dealer advised her to take an emory board and file the contacts down. on occasion, the open door indicator will chime when she shuts the doors. the contact must re-open and close the doors numerous times in order for the indicator to deactivate. the vin and engine size were unknown. the current mileage is 36,000 and failure mileage was 15.
 Automatic door on 2005 chevrolet uplander malfunctionede. the door poppe d back open when closed. i have taken it in for repairs 3 times. filed with with fl lemon law in june 06. the company reported to by attorney that itwas not a safety issue. *ak
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 chevrolet uplander. the contact stated that the automatic passenger side rear door opens on its own after it has been closed. she took the vehicle to the dealer, but they were unable to duplicate the failure. the current mileage is 16,000 and failure mileage was 12,000. the dealer did witness the problem. updated 09/26/07
 In purchasing the uplander the salesman demonstrated the safety feature of the blocking of sliding side doors by sticking his arm in the path of the door (well before it shut) and the door stopping and retracting. in demonstrating this feature to my grandchildren i placed my hand in the way of the driver side sliding rear door and allowed it to close on my hand, the door did not retract and trapped me there with my hand in the door. it was painful to say the least and my grandchildren were the only ones that could push the button to open the door. i reported the mishap to the salesman at the chevy dealers but nothing was ever done. the problem as i see it is that any small child trying to keep the door from closing would reach for the door and in doing so would place his hand in the door in the same position i was in when i demonstrated this safety feature to my grand children. this feature apparently works only when the door is sliding forward and not when it is closing. *jb
 Tl* - the contact called regarding the 2005 chevrolet uplander. the contact stated that the power sliding door opened and closed unexpectedly. the contact took the vehicle in to the dealer five times. the deale advised the contact that either they could not duplicate the failure or that they had repaired it. on one occasion, the dealer reinstalled a loose lock rod. on another occasion, the dealer reprogrammed the sliding door module. the failure mileage was 24,000. when the door malfunctioned the warning indicator was a bell alerting her the door opened, there were no other warning indicators. the front two tires were replaced at 14,000 miles due to excessive wear. the back two tires were replaced at 24,000 due to excessive wear. the contact stated at 37,000 miles, the vehicle needed four new tires due to wear. the dealer said the cause was due to the tires not having been aligned when the tires were replaced. the contact stated that the brakes have had to be resurfaced twice. she heard a knocking noise in the front end of the vehicle. the contact took the vehicle to dealer four times. the dealer replaced two steering gears in the steering column. the dealer replaced struts and the stabilizer bar, however the knocking noise continued. the contact had the repair. invoices. the current mileage was 37000.*ak
 Tl* - the contact owns a 2005 chevrolet uplander. the transmission failed at 11,000 miles. the mechanic repaired it instead of replacing, it and it continued to leak. the dealer replaced the transmission, and the new one from the manufacturer was also leaking. the vehicle was in the repair shop for 16 days, and the new transmission had to be resealed. when starting the vehicle the ignition was sticking in the start mode for 2 minutes after releasing the key. the passenger automatic sliding door did not latch shut, no warning indicator light appeared nor did it register with onstar as the door was being un latched. when attempting to open the door it will not open because the latch did not engage. the dealer was unable to diagnose the failure. the contact was concerned about the safety risk involved. the contact filed a complaint with the bbb, and spoken to gm about all of the failures. the gear shiftws very difficult to move from park to reverse. all of the above listed failures occurred frequently. the most recent was the door and the starter. the starter failure occurred 15 to 20 times. the gear shift failed every time the vehicle was driven. the door failed 20 times. the current and failure mileage was 13,000. *ak the engine would crank, but it wouldn't start, the drivers heated seat was inoperative, there was an oil leak from the crankshaft seal, the power sliding door was inoperative. updated 03/30/07. *jb
 We purchased a 2005 chevy uplander when it was 1 yr old with 10,000 miles on it directly from a chevy dealer. one month later, the rear passenger sliding door started automatically reopening it after both the shut buttons by the driver seat and the button on the door itself were pushed to close. this van has now been back to the chevy dealer 6 times for this problem within the 7 months we own it. the dealer has made it pretty clear to us that they can not find or fix the problem. they have now taken the stand of, let's see if it works this time. i have a toddler and i am scared to drive this car. the door opens by itself. also - there is not a safety mechanism on the door to reopen if something, like my daughter's arm or leg get in the way. i have parked the car, and gone into a store and watched the door close, to only cone out and find the door wide open. my inital fear is that the car was broken into. i will not drive this van any longer since it is an accident waiting to happen. *nm
 Vehicle rear sliding door will not open or close. *jb
 The doors both voluntarily & involuntarily open/close. they may open while going down the road. they will also open when not prompted in the middle of the night, when everyone is asleep. they also will not close on some occasions. they start to close, then give a warning bell & re-open. we bought this vehicle because i have a 24 yr. old son with cerebral palsy. i cannot, in good concience, put him in this vehicle..due to the major safety issues. would you put your child in this vehicle & wonder whether the doors would decide to come open while going 75 down the interstate?
 Dt: caller said automatic sliding door was defective. caller had it fixed twice already, and has an appointment for a third time. the cable broke, and she was waiting for the part. the bell that signaled door ajar sounded constantly. also, the motor for the sliding door was replaced twice, and currently was waiting for another one. this will be the third motor in three months.*ak
 Passenger power sliding door was stuck in the open position. pressed the power button and the door closed 30% and jammed. i checked for any blockages and did not see any. i pushed the power button again and the motor sounded abnormal. i removed the key from the ignition took the door handle and tried to manually close the door. at that point the bracket ,bearings and cable came off with the back of the door. the back of the van is now damaged along the bracket.*ak
 I own a 2005 chevy uplander minivan and experienced several instances of the outside rear door latch pinching the inside of your finger when you squeeze the latch to open the rear hatch. so far it happened to myself, my son, my neighbor, and my grandson. it has caused anywhere from small skin lacerations to blood blisters. once you engage the latch to open the hatch and start to squeeze it you have no choice but to cycle the latch as it pinches your finger skin until the latch opens and sets you free. *nm
 2005 uplander horn did not operate when the steering wheel pad was depressed at the horn symbols or below. *ts ***nar*** the horn problem was addressed, but not completed because parts had to be ordered. the consumer was shown that the horn did work, but only when the steering wheel pad was depressed in the upper 126 degree section above the horn symbols. the liftgate lock/latch was replaced. *jb