BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
04060402404/01/200410012634Powertrain control module will not properly communicate on board diagnostic freeze frame information to nontech2 service or test equipment. *eh03/09/2005
03060101003/01/200310001282Engine oil or coolant leak. *tt04/25/2003
0214301/01/20043033A10008866Awd 2,100-2,400 engine rpm moan/body boom noise. service vme. *tt08/24/2004
0135301/01/200401353A10007937Engine misfire due to injector fretting corrosion. *tt07/16/2004
0152701/01/200410005464A whistle type noise coming from the engine. sit bulletin 1406534. *tt02/27/2004
0155601/01/200401556A10005396Engine cranks but does not run. *tt02/24/2004
03-06-01-01004/01/2008030601010C10004768Engine oil or coolant leak. *tt gm reminder. *tt install new lower intake manifold gasket. updated 7/18/08 *pe01/06/2004
03060403003/01/2007030604030C10002166Multiple driveability symptoms of long or hard starts, chuggle, rough idle and light or intermittent misfire due to clogged fuel injectors. *tt08/14/2003
010604018A09/01/200201060401810000056Intermittent malfunction indicator lamp (mil) and power train control module (pcm) diagnostic trouble code (dtc) p1404. *tt02/10/2003
0113008/31/2001625447Subject regarding customer satisfaction campaign bulletin #01060 - valve springs replacement. *tt11/28/2001
0106008/22/2001625083Subject regarding customer satisfaction campaign valve spring replacement. *jg11/16/2001
0106001/01/2001625021Subject regarding replacement valve springs. *jg11/16/2001
02060101404/01/2002634708Subject regarding revised lower intake manifold installation. *tt10/07/2002
02060401403/01/2002632322Subject regarding the elimination of the service bay test procedure. *tt07/12/2002
043010201/04/2002629659Customer complaints regarding lack of power. *tt04/04/2002
01084500509/01/2006010845005E627671Hard start, no start, stall, and/or fuel gauge inoperative or fluctuates. *yh updated *eh02/13/2002
01060A08/28/2001624657Information regarding customer satisfaction with the replacement of valve springs. *jg11/08/2001
010601010A06/01/20010106010101620810Subject regarding polymer service pistons. *tt08/30/2001
20090009/20/2000619051Some customers may have experienced intermittent no start or hard start conditions. *tt05/11/2001
03060500302/01/200310001132Rattle or buzz type noise from exhaust system. *tt04/15/2003

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Heater suddenly stopped functioning on very cold day was initial indication there was a problem. after having extensive diagnostics done and many repairs later temperature gauge still goes into red and no heat coming into cabin when heater turns on. this seems to be a widespread problem as i have done much research, and people seem to be stuck with high repair bills just like me because they made the unfortunate decision to purchase a vehicle that came off the assemble with a flawed design in the cooling system/ head gaskets.
 2001 chevy venture with 150k miles. car gets hot very quickly...within few mins of driving the hot temp coolant light goes on and the needle in the red zone. replaced temp sensor, thermostat, radiator cap and hose. took to three mechanics and chevy dealer for a diagnostic test. head gaskets needed to be replaced. researched year, make and model and many listed for same issue.
 At 35,000 miles, intake gasket failure, coolant leaked into intake, repair covered by warranty. at 68,000 miles intake gasket failure along with head gasket failure, coolant leaked into crankcase contaminating oil. was recommended by mechanic at the repair shop to replace engine and did. the new used engine had a intake gasket failure along with a head gasket failure 36,000 miles after installation. informed by mechanic that a new gasket kit came out for this engine to fix the gasket failures with the 3.4 liter. both engines had the same problem. it is obvious to me that this is a engineering flaw by gm. i feel gm should cover the cost of this gasket failure. *nm
 Fax from consumer (oh) re the problem he and his wife had with the head gaskets in their 2001 chevrolet malibu and 2001 chevrolet venture. *nm the head gasket was leaking coolant into the oil system. *jb
 Fax fm (oh) re the problem he and his wife had w/the head gaskets in their 2001 chevrolet malibu & 2001 chevrolet venture. *ts ***reference 10154062*** the head gasket was leaking coolant into the oil system. *jb
 Similar problems with cooling system as reported by other posts. purchased vehicle new. serviced at shop regularly. at 60,000 miles the supposed 100,000 mile cooling system suddenly developed leak in lower intake. as the temperature gauge rose into the hot, i turned the engine off to let it cool off. when i drove it to the shop (maybe driving a total of 10 miles after problem started), shop diagnosed it as lower intake gasket leak. the manual says it has a engine safety feature to alternately fire the cylinders to keep heads from blowing. didn't work for me. both head gaskets blown. warped heads. had to have heads shaved. $2000 repair bill during a vacation at a gm shop. the shop put on newer gaskets this isn't right! *jb
 Dt: the contact stated temperature gauge was going up and down. the dealer told him the thermometer was not working. he picked up the car and in 3 three days later the car blew up. he had it towed a week later they told him a new engine was needed. it has been 5 weeks since he took the vehicle to the dealer, they still have not fixed it. on the 2nd day after he bought the car the air conditioner was not working.*ak *jb
 The lower intake gaskets leak fluid, which could cause the engine to overheat and stall. manufacturer will be contacted by consumer.*ak
 Coolant loss, and temperature problems led me to mechanic, assuming it was a thermostat. he traced problem to leaking intake gaskets. vehicle only has 47,000 miles on it! cost $532 for 6+ hour job to replace faulty intake gaskets. gm should have issued a recall for this; they obviously know about their faulty gaskets, because the set now offered is a new and improved set. *ak
 As the vehicle idled in traffic, the temperature gauge crept into the hot zone, then slowly went back to normal when 50 mph or more was achieved. *nm the fuel gauge began to fluctuate from e to f. the consumer ran out of gas not knowing how much gasoline was in the vehicle. the consumer is outraged by the problems she faced with her new car'; return true; onmouseout=window.status=''; return true;>new car and the service she received. *tc
 I purchased the vehicle brand new in 2001. since then, my vcr that is installed in the venture was defective and repaired four times. each time under warranty but it was inconvienent for me. the brakes went out on me twice that i repaired at a mechanic, then the a/c wouldn't cool (this is recently), now the oxygen sensor is causing the "service engine" message on my dash board to light up. this car is only 2 years old!!! i maintain my car well, the manager of the chevrolet dealership tried to accomodate me (once) so that i won't make a fuss and call the media on them. i was not aware of the lemon law until recently.
 Temperature gauge fluctuated up and down. engine took long to warm up. consumer took vehicle to the dealer, and dealer determined lower intake gaskets leaked. *ak dealer replaced intake gaskets. *la
 Car was bought new, serviced as per manufacturer's recommendations. the lower intake gasket was leaking antifreeze. had to replace intake gaskets and seals, replace oil pump drive seal, flushed crank case. *jb
 Transmission slips after sitting when first starting out;horn honks occasionally while driving; power sliding door on driver's side won't open/close when activated by button or remote switches; hard starts after driving and sitting briefly (especially after highway driving--tried different gas stations gasses). taken to two different dealers mostly about transmission and they claim unless the check engine light comes on, they can't do anything about it. going to take back and have it stay there until they reproduce this week. *ak
 Our 2001 chevrolet venture's intake manifold gasket has failed, allowing coolant into the engine oil. we started having trouble with it in january 2007. the check engine light came on and we took it in to our mechanic. he checked the cooling system and found the thermostat was not working properly. it was replaced. in june 2008, we noticed a loss of coolant. we took it in to our mechanic again. he did a coolant system check and found nothing wrong, replaced possible leaking hose. once again we were losing coolant. we took into our mechanic again (third times a charm). could fine nothing wrong with cooling system, did diagnostic and found a leak in the intake manifold gasket. we had no warning, no check engine light, no over heating since earlier time. the main problem is the coolant was going inside the engine, no outside leaking to warn us. the car stalled and died on us, luckily it was at a stop light. it could have caused a major accident if i was driving on freeway going 65. it has been parked at my house, non-op with dmv. gm has admitted to me during more than one call that they have known about this problem for some time, but refuse to fix it. they say they are waiting for the nhtsa to put out a mandatory recall before they will fix any problems. there are thousands of people with this same problem. the 3.1ll and 3.4l v-6 engines were put in all body types and different gm makes and models. now some v-8's and newer models are coming down with the same problem. according to internal memo's from gm, they have known about this problem since 2000. dex-cool seems to be the culprit. it is a known plasticizer (softens plastic) and is corrosive to aluminum. the gasket on the intake manifold is made of plastic and the some of the manifolds and or parts are made of aluminum. dex-cool degrades hoses, gaskets and also rusts aluminum, causing a sludge to build up into the engine. why would any one put this corrosive material into an engine on purpose? *tr
 Bad/leaking manifold gasket...... coolant leaks....causing water pump to burn out...replaced twice already....and coolant to get in with oil. *tr estimated repair cost > $700
 Our vehicle is a 2001. has 62,000 miles. the condenser went on the vehicle. we were told that alot of the condenser are going in the 2001 chevrolet venture. have you done any investigating or recalls, or reimbursement ? thank you *tr
 Vehicle cooling system is faulty. my research and experience proves this point and chevy needs to be held accountable! at approx 120k, the engine overheats and the vehicle cannot be driven like that. mechanical replaced intake gasket for $1100 and recomended changing the head gasket for an additional $1000 but could not afford that. 1 year later, same problem, overheating and cannot drive with that, mechanic tests and finds faulty head gasket, $2000+ estimate, will not pay that for a faulty cooling system. legal resolve to be sought, please contact me if you can to assist or join a potential class-action suit! *tr
 Intake manifold leaks, causes engine to overheat which resulted heads were warping. my family and i were traveling eastbound on i-10 coming home from our family vacation from disneyland and heading back to phoenix az when the engine overheated on the 2001 chevrolet venture minivan. we waited on the side of the road in the desert for the engine to cool to add water into the radiator. 45 minutes later the engine cooled enough to add the water and for some reason it would not draw the water out of the reservoir. the engine would not start. we called the state police and a highway patrolman came out and could not do anything for us. he called a tow truck and we were charged $250.00 to be towed 25 miles from where we were to the truck stop at tonapah. he wanted $700.00 to tow us home to chandler, az. however, a friend came to our rescue by towing us home with a strap from his truck. by the time we got to the 101 freeway in the east valley the battery died, adding to the drama and stress of the evening. we finally got home after 1 am , we were expected at 5 pm. i was told by the mechanic at the chevrolet dealer that the heads were on national back order because of faulty intake manifold, and it was a well known problem in engines over 75,000 miles , we have 77000 miles, causing the engine to over heat and damaging it. *ak
 When our van (2001 chevy venture) reached about 75000 miles, we noticed the temperature on the gauge rising. i contacted our mechanic and he recommended flushing the cooling line and changing the thermostat. i took the van in and had the cooling system flushed and the thermostat changed. at that time he noticed a coolant leak below the intake. now that the cooling system has been flushed and the thermostat changed i was hoping to not see a fluctuation in the temperature. i was wrong, the temperature is still fluctuating and now i notice when it gets hot the car shifts very rough. he recommended i contact a gm dealer and have them look at it, due to the venture van being known for this issue and hopefully gm would cover the cost. i have contacted the local gm dealer and have an appointment this week. i searched the internet and found several others with this same issue and i hope that gm steps up to fix the problem. *ak
 A/c quit working. took it to the dealership and they said there was a crack in the condencer. on several different occasions the horn has honked while driving down the road. when the van is in drive you let off the brake and it rolls forward and the same in reverse, it rolls. ak
 I have a 2001 chevrolet venture. the end of last summer the rear air conditioner needed to be fixed. now the condenser needs to be replaced which is a $500.00 part a few months after the warranty expired. a co-worker owns a 2002 venture. she had to replace the condenser last week and while she was there there were other ventures there with the same problem. i called my dealership and was informed that they have had several in with the same problem. when i contacted general motors, i was notified that there is no recall. abviously there's a problem. there's no reason why a three year old vehicle needs to have the air conditioning repaired.
 I have been trying to get my a/c condenser fixed with gm. i have gone through many different representatives and all they say is that there is nothing wrong with the vehicle that are no recalls or nothing, but would like to give me a $2000 gm certificate to the next purchase of a gm vehicle. i have been researching my 2001 chevrolet venture van and have found that there are many others with the same problem as mine. the condenser is cracked on the right side. a faulty part. the service bulletin that i found on this part, that gm states that there is no such thing, states that there is an updated part for this condenser. would you not think if there is an updated part there might be something wrong??? also it states that it takes 2 hours to fix, the dealership states it takes 5 hours pretty big difference. i like my van and have no other problems with it. the a/c went out after only having the van 2 years, in which my warranty had already expired like most peoples do. i travel extensively, so warranties do not last long. i enjoy my van. the only thing i'm asking is for a replaced condenser. i think if gm knew there was a problem they should recall this part and be honest when you try to contact them.*ak
 There are no events leading up to the failure, the fans do not operate in the van nor does the a/c. this is my second venture and it is the second time it has happened. the car overheats without the fans running.
 The gas line was under pressure at all times. connector cracked and shot gas beneath vehicle and upon the hood. driver felt lucky the vehicle didn't blow up. *ak
 Leaking intake gasket, in the process of having it repaired. *ak
 2001 chevy venture 12 months old approx 14,000 miles, radiator seam split right lower corner leaking antifreeze. ac also stopped working, condenser seam split, right lower corner. replaced by dealer. vehicle now 18 months old approx 21,000 miles, ac stopped working. condenser seam split lower right front corner. dealer replaced. appears to be a structural defect in design stressing the radiator and condenser via the mounting scheme. vehicle is a lemon. first time repaired dealer had to order condenser. this time repaired he had 3 in stock! *jb
 The chevy venture fails to maintain fuel levels at appropriate intervals. this constitutes frequent stops and panicking over when and where to get the next tank of gas, resulting in loss of income and causing wide spread hunger. *tr
 Dt*: the contact stated the check engine light illuminated, the temperature gauge failed, and the vehicle was running slow. the dealership determined there was a blown head gasket.
 Coolant loss, and temperature problems led me to mechanic, assuming it was a thermostat. he traced problem to leaking intake gaskets. vehicle only has 47,000 miles on it! cost $532 for 6+ hour job to replace faulty intake gaskets. gm should have issued a recall for this; they obviously know about their faulty gaskets, because the set now offered is a new and improved set. *ak
 The service engine light illuminated. the vehicle was taken to a repair shop where a mechanic determined nothing was wrong. the manufacturer is aware of the problem. please provide further details. *nlm
 Consumer states that after starting the vehicle, consumer heard a wierd noise. took to dealer and they stated that the lifters and rods needed replacing. nlm
 Headlights flick on/off at different times. on one occssion, headlights flicked off, and the engine shutdown with no warning. also, owner had a situation where brake pedal descended to the floor with poor braking ability. *ak jlg
 Vehicle has stalled 3 times at 60 mph. dealer has replaced computer twice.but it did not solve problem.*ak
 I am currently trying to get gm to honor my warranty for catalytic converter that is bad. i made the original request for a part to be ordered on march 15, 2006. on june 29, 2006, i contacted my insurance company geico because i had a mechanical breakdown insurance on my vehicle and they basically said that there is nothing that they can do at this time because gm will have to replace the part under warranty. it is now 5 1/2 months later and i still do not have a catalytic converter for my vehicle. i have contacted gm on two separate occasions. i could not get an inspection sticker due to the fact that it would fail the emissions test required by east baton rouge parish, louisiana. my sticker is now expired and has been since june 30, 2006. i have contacted mr. ted trimble, epa emissions and warranty dept, on two separate occasions but i can not get a return phone call concerning my problem. who do i speak to now! my van is emitting trash into the air. does anybody there care? gm is telling me that the manufacturer of the part is asking too much money for the part and gm doesn't want to pay it. that is flat out not honoring a warranty. *jb
 Possible safety defect in the way vent line is attached in the gas tank and possible deficiency in the way emission service was performed. this is because consumer noticed odor of gas in vehicle. (nar) *la *cb
 Egr valve failure. *ak
 Tl*the contact owns a 2001 chevrolet venture. the contact stated that the brake pedal extended to the floor when depressed. the vehicle was taken to a brake shop (all tune and lube) and they replaced the brake pads, cylinder, and rotors. the contact also stated that the temperature gauge would move to hot. the contact had the vehicle inspected and was informed that the manifold gasket needed to be replaced. the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic and the repair was performed. the transmission was also slipping gears. the contact had the transmission fluid flushed, but that did not correct the failure. the current and failure mileages were 96,000.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2001 chevrolet venture. the contact stated that the check engine light illuminated. a mechanic stated that the intake manifold gasket malfunctioned and there was also a coolant leak. gm advised her to take the vehicle to the dealer for inspection. the contact has not yet been to the dealer. the purchase date was unknown. the current and failure mileages were 98,978. updated 01/17/08 *bf updated 01/17/08 *tr
 3.4 v6 gasket for intake manifold failure,coolant leaking at 25,000 miles.took to dealer and fixed it but had to have engine flushed for 300.00,they didnt charge me to fix gasket.dealer knows this is a problem with this engine,his hands are tied.i will get rid of this van[venture 2001].please check all other cars vans with this engine,alero,impala,montecarlo,venture ect.... they all have this same problem!!! gm wake up!!! stop selling us junk!!*ak
 Consumer complained about an abs brake system problem. the rear brake cylinder broke, and vehicle leaked brake fluid. also, intake manifold leaked coolant into the engine. in addition, delco battery broke, and leaked acid. the battery was replaced twice, but problem recurred. *ak march 2002 computer malfunctioned. july 2002 vcr failed and required replacement. dec 2, 2002 defective battery, dec 10, 2003 electrical controls for outside mirrors. jan 10, 2003 true;>automatic transmission replaced. july 7, 2003both rear brake cylinders failed. aug 12, 2004 gasket leaks on water pump'; return true; onmouseout=window.status=''; return true;>water pump'; return true; onmouseout=window.status=''; return true;>water pump'; return true; onmouseout=window.status=''; return true;>water pump/intake manifold. aug battery replaced due to being cracked. the consumer stated that this will be battery number three for this vehicle. *tc
 Vehicle stalled intermittently without warning while driving. vehicle was taken to the dealer and they founded that the intake manifold was cracked and caused coolant to leaks inside the engine. also has problem whit the alternator. *ak
 The intake manifold leaked anti freeze inside the engine. as a result, the vehicle overheated while driving. dealer stated the intake manifold gasket failed. *ak
 Lower intake gasket leeking at approx 63000 miles.*ak
 Consumer noticed an oil puddle in the driveway after having an oil change performed. this occurred because of a defective intake manifold gasket. the dealership replaced the intake manifold gasket twice with a new designed intake manifold gasket. *ak after three successful oil changes, the oil began to leak from the engine. the mechanic at the dealer stated that the this was a common problem for this model because the original gasket had a defect and it had been replaced by the newly designed gasket. *sc *jb