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SB-08-061-1211/29/201210050579Dodge: lost communication between drivers and passenger power door locks and windows are inoperative, and possibly need to be replace, if necessary, even though rear windows operate correctly. model 2005-2010 300, charger.02/04/2013

Consumer Complaints

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 Went to get into my car to drive home after work and i could not get it to shift out of park. i had no warnings, drove the car just fine to work that this morning, but went i went to leave work was when it happened. my husband came and took my center console apart around the shifter and he found the liitle pink part inside had broke. why would they use a pink plastic part for such an important part???? by the time we got home everything is closed and we can't get a price on the part yet.
 My 2007 chrysler 300 base model has a defect where i get stuck in park and cannot get out of this position on my shift panel. i contacted my dealership and they explained to me that its a small cheap plastic part that broken off and disengaged my shift controls. now i am very dissapointed in purchasing this vehicle and will never buy any dodge make ever because of this. i would like there to be a recall on all these kinds of makes so i would be stuck with a $200 problem that can just decide to come out of nowhere. i hope my voice is heard and if i am not regared after this complaint i will bevery dissapointed. regards customer
 We had purchased a chrsyler 300 in jan 20,2007 we got the car with only 42 miles on the car sence 2007 the car had been in the shop of the dealership four times.in may of 2007 we took the car in cause the a/c was not cooling at all.the dealership told us that we needed a brand new a/c compresser so we said ok but when they fixed it we had to pay 650 dollars cause our warranty would not cover it so we said what about the factory warranty they said no also so that one was time.second one was in 2008 shifter cable busted and the dealer ship told us that the cable got hot and it busted ok we didnt pay for that but we had to pay for the new shifter they installed cause they said that the shifter was broken i think they broke it cause it was find when we had it.third one was in 2009 the cars computer went out and the dealership doesnt know why but that it had caught on fire so we just payed our deductible so i was ok with that.so i remember telling my wife lets see what goes wrong with the car in 2010.but this was the worst comimg home from driving about 50 mph and the car shuts off and the braks lock in place but lucky i was alone and not with my family.so i called a wrecker to give me a boost but they couldnt start the car so we took it back to the dealership comes to find out we have a blown motor and they said it was caused by not doing oil changes how an that be if we bring it here to get the oil changes so he didnt know what to say but im already 61000 miles and my warranty people old republic dont want to fix so we saw the motor and it was cracked in half so our family mechanic said that the metal shavings was due to the oil pump went bad so nobody wants to fix but it would cost about 8000 dolllors for a new motor so people careful on what u buy.